Mike Roberts

Hi! I’m Mike, the founder, author, reviewer, and pretty much everything for MarijuanaInvestorSummit.

I have been a passionate marijuana grower for the past 10+ years who turned out to be a blogger now. I share my knowledge, experience, and reviews on MarijuanaInvestorSummit.

From growing cannabis in your home, farm, or closet to getting high, making joints, and even passing a drug test, you will find everything here!

With over a decade of experience with cannabis and trying out multiple products, I am now helping new weed enthusiasts find the right resources, guides, and cultivation tips to help them become better marijuana gardeners and users.

Need to pass a drug test for your next job?

Read my How To Pass A Drug Test For Weed guide!

Due to a lack of right information on the web, MarijuanaInvestorSummit was started as a magazine aiming to provide new marijuana enthusiasts with 100% genuine, reliable, and trustworthy guides on how to grow weed, find the best seed banks, find dispensaries for medical weed, and almost everything that you can ask for!

With that aim, hopefully, my knowledge and experience can help you avoid the mistakes I made when I started, saving you a lot of time and effort and thus helping you become a better marijuana grower and user.

Medical Reviewer

Barbara Conner

Barbara Conner is a licensed pharmacist, completing her Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Houston. In addition to writing and reviewing medical articles, she also reviews cannabis content. In addition.

she has contributed to many research papers. Her interests include traveling and exploring craft breweries and distilleries.