Attitude Seed Bank Review in 2024 – Is it legit?


When you decide to buy seeds via online seed banks, you need a seed store where you can find most of your favorite strains.

And the Attitude seed bank is one of those seed banks where you will get your most of the seeds.

Because this seed bank claims for one of the largest seed superstores in the cannabis industry as it has got thousands of seeds from hundreds of prominent breeders worldwide.

However, the company has no germination guarantee, and very few online reviews are available on the Trustpilot.

So, is Attitude seed bank safe?

Or should you buy marijuana seeds online from Attitude seed bank?

Let’s find out in this detailed Attitude seed bank review.


Is Attitude Seed Bank Legit And Safe?

Yes, the Attitude seed bank is a 100% safe and legit seed bank.

The Attitude seed bank has a 7.01 rating out of 10.0 from 135 user reviews at Seedfinder.

Also, this seed bank has been termed “Green,” making this seed bank a reliable and trustworthy source for buying high-quality seeds.

The company is established in the United Kingdom and operates online as a seed supplier across the globe.

Therefore, the Attitude seed bank is a legit company that sells high-quality marijuana seeds.

Further, the Attitude seed bank has built a loyal customer base within the past few years, and therefore, it has earned an excellent market reputation.

There are numerous positive reviews about the Attitude seed bank on various forums, Reddit, and review websites.

However, there are very few reviews on Trustpilot about the Attitude seed bank, which might be a concern.

Still, the company has made it a “Green” seed bank on Seedfinder, making it a reputable seed bank to be considered for buying cannabis seeds online.

Attitude Seed Bank Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

Let’s have a quick sneak peek at the Attitude seed bank:

Established: in the United Kingdom.

Seeds Available: 2000+ strains, feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, regular seeds, bulk seeds, pick and mix, etc.

Services: worldwide shipping, faster delivery to the U.K., USA orders, and excellent customer service team.

Customers Rating: 7.01/10.0 from 130+ reviews at Seedfinder, the “Green” online seed bank.

Review: This seed bank is 100% recommended to buy cannabis seeds.

The Attitude seed bank has a large seed stock, affordable price, accepts multiple payment options, ships worldwide discreetly, and has brilliant customer support.

However, if you need a germination guarantee and faster delivery to the U.S., ILoveGrowingMarijuana and Herbies Seeds better alternatives.

Click Here And Buy From Attitude Seed Bank

About Attitude Seed Bank

There is significantly less information available about the Attitude seed bank.

However, the company has been in the industry for a few years, and the Attitude seed bank takes pride in calling itself “the world’s largest cannabis seeds superstore.”

The Attitude seed bank has one of the most extensive seed strains in its stock, and therefore, they are indeed a seed superstore for the growers.

The company is based in the U.K. and operates as one of the online seed banks that sell seeds worldwide.

A Detailed Attitude Seed Bank Review [Updated 2024]

Time to have a deep insight into every section of the Attitude seed bank:

Seed Selection

Seed selection is one of the factors where the Attitude seed bank shines the most.

Attitude seeds have thousands of strains in stock that might overwhelm you when you check their inventory.

Whether you look for feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Award-winner, or something else, the Attitude seed bank has covered you.

Their inventory is so full of seeds that you can spend the whole day looking for seeds.

If you are finding a particular strain elsewhere and unable to get there, try to search on the Attitude seed bank.

Here, you will find your strain with a 2000+ strain selection at the Attitude seed bank.

Also, you can even buy cannabis seeds by choosing a breeder name specifically. With that being said, the Attitude seed bank has A to Z breeders.

Some of the best breeders at the Attitude seeds are:

  • Barney’s Farm
  • DNA Genetics
  • Dutch Passion
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds
  • Dank Genetics
  • G13 Lab Seeds

Moreover, if you are a commercial grower and want to grow cannabis on a large scale, you must check the ‘bulk’ section of the Attitude seed bank.

There you will find top-notch cannabis seeds at a meager price.

Also, even if you want to try out some specific strains, you can go for the ‘Pick n Mix’ section.

You can choose seed banks or breeders working with the Attitude seed bank and buy from hundreds of options.

As the company has hundreds of quality breeders around the globe working with them. Therefore, they claim to be one of the largest seed superstores.

Seed Quality

The seed quality at the Attitude seed bank varies.

It is because the Attitude seed bank does not sell its own seeds. It sells only the imported cannabis seeds from hundreds of breeders worldwide.

You get high-quality seeds with every purchase from Attitude seeds.

Although some growers also have reported low-quality seeds.

Therefore, sometimes getting the best seeds becomes a game of either hit or miss.

Further, manually maintaining and checking the quality of every cannabis seeds strain becomes difficult with having hundreds of breeders to work with.

It is why the company does not provide any germination guarantee as well.

However, the seed bank still makes sure that the cannabis seeds they are importing must stand out on their quality standards.

The good part is that you have access to the direct inventory of the breeder.

If you know a quality breeder name, you can directly purchase from their inventory at Attitude seeds, ensuring you got the best seeds from that breeder.

In a nutshell, the Attitude seeds quality is top-notch. However, you can increase your chances of having only the best seeds by buying from reputable seed breeders.

Pricing Of Seeds

The Attitude seed bank is one of the affordable seed banks that sells cannabis seeds at a very reasonable price. It is because the company imports seeds in huge quantities.

Therefore, they have affordable cannabis seeds prices compared to other seed banks.

However, the price can vary from low to high depending on the seed breeder. For premium seeds, you need to pay the premium price.

If you are a large-scale grower, you can directly visit the bulk section of the Attitude seeds containing marijuana seeds in bulk at a meager price.

Apart from this, the price per seed at the Attitude seed bank starts from as low as 5 Euros and can go as high as you want, depending upon the breeder and strain type.

For better understanding, let’s have a quick look at the price comparison:

Attitude seed bank 10 Black Skull Seeds Gelato – 39 Euros

Attitude seeds 10 Auto Runtz Seeds – 105 Euros

Here you can observe the drastic change in the price segment depending upon the strain type and breeder type.

Therefore, the pricing of seeds at the Attitude seeds varies; however, the good part is that, mostly, it is kept in such a way to fit every grower’s budget.

Further, if you want only the premium seeds selection at a very reasonable price, check ILGM. You can get 10 free seeds on purchase of 10 seeds.

Shipping Service

Shipping service is one of the sections where the Attitude seed bank excels.

The Attitude seed bank ships worldwide. Also, it has a unique shipping process to ensure it can deliver orders discreetly.

Also, the company offers multiple ways to ship the seeds. You can choose as per your location and how discreet you want.


Before shipping out your package, the Attitude seeds pack your seeds in a very discreet manner.

They pack your seeds in double padded crush-proof packaging to ensure the higher safety of seeds during transportation.

However, if you need the extra layer of privacy and security, the Attitude cannabis seed bank also offers stealth packaging.

Under that, your seeds can be packed into random objects like toys, t-shirts, mugs, wallets, or anything else. But, of course, the company cannot share the exact process due to obvious reasons.

Attitude seeds can also take out your seeds from the original packaging and pack them manually into random objects to keep the customs far away from your seeds for an extra layer of privacy and discreet shipping.

Also, the international order might contain the customs letter.

However, ideally, Attitude seeds offer this type of packaging for international customers.

Shipping Charges

The charges at the Attitude seeds for speedy and stealth shipping are pretty inexpensive.

They offer a flat rate on their shipping services:

  • Within the U.K.: 4.5o Euros
  • International orders: 9.99 Euros

These are the flat rate charges for standard shipping.

Guaranteed Shipping

If you want guaranteed shipping, you can ask for the same during checkout.

The Attitude seeds offer guaranteed shipping without any extra shipping charges. However, they need to ship an extra gift along with your seeds.

And for the extra gift, you need to pay a few more bucks so they can pack your seeds.

You can check out the website to opt for any random gift option like a purse, t-shirt, coffee cups, accessories, etc.

Under the guaranteed shipping option, if your order gets lost during transit, the company will resend you the package without asking any questions.

Shipping Time

Therefore, as Attitude seeds offer worldwide shipping, they regularly dispatch the orders.

The order process time is Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (In U.K. time), and the company takes 3 business days to ship your package after processing orders.

You get the mail of confirmation once your order gets dispatched from the company.

Delivery Time

Once your order is shipped, it might take around 7 to 25 working days to reach you.

However, depending upon your location, the delivery time can vary.

USA Delivery Time

For the USA orders, the company sends you an email confirming the dispatch of your order. However, you get the tracking I.D. for the same within a week after dispatch.

Ideally, the company should send the tracking I.D. along with the dispatch of seeds.

Further, the average delivery time for USA orders is 7 to 15 working days.

Remember that remote locations, bad weather, and other factors can also impact the delivery time.

U.K. Delivery Time

U.K. orders use Royal Mail First Class mail service. The U.K. delivery time is around 1 to 4 business days.

Also, every order comes with the tracking I.D. to know where your order has reached. Additionally, all U.K. deliveries require a signature.

Rest Of The World

The Attitude seeds use the national or local mail service for international delivery.

The average delivery time for the rest of the world is 7 to 15 business days, even 21 days.

Therefore, the company recommends that you keep regular tracking of your order.

The tracking information is updated every 24 to 48 hours.

If you cannot fetch the details of your order or your parcel has got stuck at one place for more than the mentioned period, you need to contact the Attitude seeds.

Payment Options

The Attitude seed bank accepts multiple payment options.

All payment methods are secure, fast, discreet, and safe from hackers.

Also, the company doesn’t store any customer information on its website. Therefore, the Attitude seeds website has all those features for privacy-centered buyers.

For the U.K. based customers, the Attitude seeds accept these payment methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Debit cards/Credit cards
  • Cheques (With two week holding period)
  • Postal Order
  • Money Order
  • Cash Order
  • Wire Transfer
  • Other Cryptocurrencies
  • Gift Cards
  • Bank Transfer

And for international buyers, the Attitude seedbank accepts these payment methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Cash
  • Other Cryptocurrencies
  • International-registered Gift Cards
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bank Transfer

For the U.K.-based buyers, the available payment options are slightly more than the international buyers.

However, the company has provided many payment methods that even top seed banks don’t provide. So, that is an edge for this seed bank.

Therefore, you will have convenient ways to place your order at the Attitude seeds.

The company even provides you with another payment option via phone if you don’t find your convenient method.

All orders by phone are put via a secure VSP terminal online, ensuring security and privacy.

Note: The Attitude seeds do not accept MasterCard and MasteroCard.

For UK-based buyers, there are a lot of payment options available. However, ideally, you should go with a bitcoin or credit card.

These payment options are instant, and processing credit card transactions take much less time than bank transfer; therefore, your order will be immediately processed.

However, payment methods like bank transfer, cash, and check need to wait for 5 to 7 working days to get your payment reflected on the merchant side.

Only after that will your order be processed.

Therefore, prefer a payment option that can reflect instantly and lead to faster processing of your order.

Overall, various options are available for paying at Attitude seeds that make your shopping experience easy.

The best part is that all payment options are 3D secure and 256 encrypted for the safety and privacy of the user on the website.

Additionally, no user data is saved on the website once the payment gets succeeded.

Attitude Seed Bank Customer Service

Attitude is one of the cannabis seed banks with a fantastic customer service team.

Whatever your query is, the fast, friendly, and responsive backend team will get your query solved.

Whether it is about bad seeds, an order, package shipment, or anything else, the Attitude seed bank has a fantastic back-end team that will help you instantly.

Also, the company has given multiple ways to reach out to its customer service team.

  • Call

For UK based customers, you can call the Attitude seeds at 01473-724-698

For international customers, the calling number is: 0044-1473-724-698 or 011-44-1473-724

  • E-mail

Also, you can drop the company e-mail at or

If you have contacted Attitude seeds via e-mail, you can generally expect a reply within 24 working hours.

  • Contact Form

Another way to reach the Attitude seeds is their contact form. You can directly fill out the form on the website and ask your query.

The expected response time is 24 to 48 working hours.

The backend team is quite friendly and helpful, and they have even got a lot of positive reviews.

However, keep in mind that the company will not be responsible for the queries and concerns related to the growing marijuana or germination problems.

It is because the Attitude seed bank sells seeds for souvenir purposes only.

Therefore, there is no germination guarantee, and the company does not take any queries related to growing cannabis.

Also, the company does not promote the germination of seeds as they sell seeds only for novelty purposes.

Moreover, if you want one of the best seed banks to give you a germination guarantee and super fast delivery, check ILGM.

They have a premium range of seeds with a germination guarantee, faster delivery, and 24/7 customer support.

Website Review

At first glance, the official website of Attitude seeds looks very aesthetic, decent, and eye-catchy.

However, as you go through the selection of the seeds, you will be overwhelmed by a lot of options flashing in front of you.

Additionally, several ads and banners will be flashing on the homepage. In addition, you will observe a very variety of deals, offers, and promotions.

In short, the Attitude seeds have got a lot to say.

Further, scrolling down the page will take you through some of the best strains available at the Attitude seeds.

You will find various UFOs with top-notch cannabis seeds at the store.

Moreover, the website of the Attitude seed bank has all the information that a first-time visitor might need.

Also, whether it is about the shipping cost, delivery time, contacting the company, or anything else, the website is filled with every information.

And this is one of the best parts of the Attitude seed store because many online seed banks lack this.

One thing where the website needs improvement is its organization.

Having many breeders and cannabis seeds has made it an overwhelming experience to use the website.

A brilliant approach will be to organize the virtual store’s information more subtly.

Overall, the website interface is pretty great. It has all the information that a buyer might need, as well as it has got a lot of breeders and cannabis strains to show.

Promotions At Attitude Seed Bank

For promotions, the Attitude seed store is the best online seed bank.

It has got a lot of promotions in the store.

You can check the ongoing deals under the “Promotions” tab. You will find a lot of deals going on various cannabis seeds.

Most promotional deals offer you freebie seeds with the main deal.

For instance, if you will be paying via cryptocurrency, you will be eligible for some freebies.

Furthermore, if you buy seeds of strains on the promotional offer, you can get some more seeds of other strains.

So, buying cannabis seeds for growing marijuana gets lighter on budget when you have promotional deals, and Attitude has many.

Discounts And Offers

Attitude seed store is one of the seed banks that gives you more than you invest.

The company has a lot of discounts and offers to give you along with your purchase.

Apart from promotional deals on other seeds, you will always find some discounts and offers.

The bonus part will be the free seeds you get with every order.

Considering the promotions and offers, I have to say that the Attitude seed store is one of the best online seed banks that can get you more than you buy.

Market Reputation Of Attitude Seed Bank

Various online forums, review sites, and platforms are filled with many positive attitude seeds reviews.

Therefore, this seed bank is a reputable seed bank that most growers worldwide trust.

Seedfinder has termed the Attitude seeds store as “Green.”

The vast market reputation for this seed bank is due to its fresh seeds, consistent quality, and brilliant service that it provides.

Return And Refund Policy

The company has a return and refund policy for its buyers.

However, it is filled with quite a hassle.

Also, in most cases, you don’t need to return your seeds as the company makes sure you get the best quality seeds every time.

Somehow, if you want to return the package, you will have a 90 days window. After that, the company will not accept the returns.

Moreover, the package must be in the following condition to getting eligible to return:

  • The packing must be unopened and unused.
  • The package must be in the original packaging and approach the company within 3 months of receipt.

Also, the return shipping cost is bearable by the customer itself.

Further, if your case is genuine, the company will refund your money after the process.

Remember, pick and mix seeds are not eligible for the refund.

Top 5 Recommended Seed Strains At Attitude Seed Bank

  1. Paradise Seeds: Indica is the dominant new strain, 19% THC, best for indoor, high yield, and short flowering strains.
  2. Rare Dankness:Tasty and beautiful purple strain, high THC, medium yield, 58 days of flowering time.
  3. L.A. Confidential:100% Indica strain, highly energetic effects, 450g/meter square yield, best for indoor and outdoor cultivation.
  4. Gelato: Hybrid strain with high yield and intense THC (up to 27%), potent strain for experienced stoners.
  5. Wedding Cake: Happy and relaxing strain, high THC, mouth-watering taste, easy to grow cannabis strain.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Marijuana Seeds From Attitude Seed Bank


  • Huge strain selection
  • High-quality cannabis seeds
  • An excellent customer service team
  • Faster and worldwide shipping
  • Trustworthy and highly reputed online seed bank


  • No germination guarantee
  • Need website improvement
  • No regulation on the quality maintenance of the seeds

Attitude Seed Bank Better Alternatives

There are a lot of best seedbanks from which you can buy the best cannabis seeds for your growing projects.

These are the better alternatives for the Attitude seed store:

  1. ILGM: One of the best American seed banks, many cannabis strains, germination guarantee, faster shipping, and 9.1 rated out of 10.0 from 20,000 reviews.
  2. Crop King Seeds: One of the best Canadian seed banks, highly reputed, 80% germination rate, large seed stock, worldwide shipping, and one of the most reliable seed banks.
  3. Herbies Seeds:100% customer satisfaction guarantee, 5-star rated store, free cannabis seeds with every purchase, 2000 cannabis seeds for sale.

FAQs About Attitude Seed Bank

Does Attitude seed bank ship to the USA?

Yes, Attitude seed store ships to the USA and all other countries around the globe. It is a worldwide shipping company.

Where is the Attitude seed bank located?

The Attitude seed bank is located in the United Kingdom. This UK-based seed bank ships worldwide.

How can I reach email support at Attitude seed bank?

You can write your query at or The expected response time is 24 to 48 working hours.

Attitude Seed Bank Review: Conclusion

The Attitude seed bank is one of the top seed banks worldwide.

It has a vast cannabis strain selection, many breeders, faster shipping, offers free seeds, and has a brilliant customer support team, which is unmatchable.

Also, the company offers worldwide shipping at a meager cost along with discreet packaging ensuring your privacy.

So, all in all, the Attitude seeds store is one of the best options to buy seeds online.