Top 10 Best Seed Banks that ships to USA 2022 – Reliable & Reputable

Imagine this:

You are puffing your favorite buds with your homies, chilling in your room while listening to your favorite track.

Isn’t it sound wonderful?


Right now, you are struggling to find the best place to buy seeds online for yourself to start growing your buds.

But, now, you don’t have to!

Today, you will find the secret of every other successful grower. The top-notch seed banks from where the professional growers buy seeds and make buds rain!

These seed banks ship to the USA and to all the countries where weed lovers stay.

And, believe me, buying weed seeds from these online seed banks has sky-shot the chances of success in weed gardening by 100%.

Excited to know the list?

Let’s find out:

Best Seed Banks that ships to USA 2022 – Reliable & Reputable

Here are the most voted and most reputable seed banks in the USA that will help you achieve desired output from your weed garden this year:

ILGM – Best Online Seed Bank That Ship To the USA in 2022

I Love Growing Marijuaan Homepage

ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana.

It is the very first choice when it comes to looking for the best online seed banks that ship to the USA.


Because ILGM is the best seed bank for feminized and auto-flowering seeds with 100+ top-quality cannabis strains to choose from.

Blue Dream, White Widow, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and Super Skunk are some of the best seed strains at ILGM, which you can’t miss at all.

Further, you will get a germination guarantee of your seeds on specific strains. That means, if your seeds fail to germinate, ILGM has got your back!

And, that is why you can rest assured of successful cultivation after buying the best marijuana seeds from ILGM.

Further, at ILGM you don’t have to pay for your seeds to reach you. As ILGM ships for free in all of the U.S states.

While cherry on the top is their stealth shipping guarantee.

That means, if the order fails to arrive at you, this online seed bank will re-ship your seeds for free without asking any questions. Isn’t that amazing?

Further, you will get ample payment methods to place your orders quickly unlike other seed banks.

You get credit cards, bank transfers, and cash as the main options.

Even this is one of the rare places to buy weed seeds online through cash.

And, for privacy-oriented buyers, ILGM has started accepting orders through cryptocurrency as well. Therefore, you can buy weed seeds on ILGM with bitcoin, too.

For offers, ILGM gives you a buy 10 and get 10 seeds for free, which is one of the best perks of buying marijuana seeds from here.

  • 10+ years of establishment      
  • 24/7 customer support
  • One of the best seed banks that ship to the USA
  • 9.1 out of 10 rating from 14,000+ reviews
  • Faster and guaranteed delivery
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Highly trustworthy
  • Limited variety of best seeds
What we loved the most:


At ILGM, from their high-quality seeds to their services, everything is just beyond your expectations. And, no doubt, why they have one of the best ratings on the web.

However, the best part of buying weed seeds online from ILGM is that they have given you a guarantee on the seeds and delivery. Which other seed banks don’t.

That means, even if you are a novice grower, you can be assured that your investment will surely be worth it at ILGM and backed with the company’s guarantee!

Click Here And Visit ILGM

Seedsman – USA Seed Bank with Best Customer Service

If you want an extensive seed selection, Seedsman is for you!

Established in 2002, Seedsman has got over 1200+ seed strains to choose from, with 100+ best seed banks across the world.

And, therefore, you will have plenty of options to buy cannabis seeds in one place.

Well, don’t worry, you will not sink in those lot of numbers. Thanks to the easy website interface!

You can quickly put your favorite strain on the search bar to buy on Seedsman or if you are not sure yet then you can sort out the strains you are looking for with the help of filters.

Further, doesn’t matter you are finding regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, or feminized seeds, you can find everything at Seedsman.

Apart from the extensive cannabis seeds range, Seedsman gives you a discreet buying experience by keeping your information private.

They deliver cannabis seeds worldwide in such a manner that no one can get to know except you that the package possesses weed seeds or hemp seeds.

With a lot of easy payment options, Seedsman gives you a hassle-free interface for buying cannabis seeds online across the globe.

Orders for the USA are shipped within 3 working days from the day of the order placed and then arrive at your doorstep within 18 working days.

The high-quality seeds and better customer services have made Seedsman one of the most reliable and reputable seed banks in 2022.

  • Large seed selection           
  • Established in 2002
  • Worldwide service
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Best customer service
  • Stealth shipping
  • One of the most reputed marijuana seed bank
  • No true germination guarantees
What we loved the most:

There are very few of many seed banks that provide quality with quantity. And, Seedsman is one of them.

At Seedsman you will find a lot of cannabis seeds.

But you will even love more their super-fast customer service. Doesn’t matter what is the issue, their backend team is always there to help you out in a friendly manner.

And, this is what we loved the most.

Also, even if you are an amateur grower or even an experienced cultivator who wants to explore a variety of seed strains before picking the right one, Seedsman has got your back.

And, above all, affordable pricing, discounts, and loyalty programs are cherries on the cake.

Click Here And Visit Seedsman

Crop King Seeds – Best Canadian Based Seed Bank

With more than 15 years of cannabis market experience, Crop King Seeds is one of the most reliable marijuana seed banks in 2022.

Doesn’t matter what your need is for auto flower seeds, high CBD, fast version, regular seeds or feminized seeds CKS has got all the varieties with an 80% germination rate.

Green Crack, Crown Royale and Blueberry strains are some of the must-try marijuana strains that you can start growing marijuana.

Even there is a special section of mix and match seeds, which will allow you to get a mixed pack of cannabis seeds instead of a single strain.

Coming to their services then it is quite impressive. Also, they offer free seeds as well.

You will have an overall better experience of shopping cannabis seeds online at CKS. Thanks to their friendly and responsive customer support.

While this seed bank always keeps its stock updated and therefore, they release 500 new and the best marijuana seeds frequently.

CKS ships seeds quickly within a week of payment received while they deliver within 15 to 30 working days depending upon your location.

You will get free stealth shipping if the order will be worth $200 otherwise, a nominal shipping charge will be included.

Overall, Crop King Seeds is the marijuana seed bank that is more into giving a better experience to their customers.

  • 80% germination rate           
  • Highly reputed seed bank
  • Wide selection of seeds
  • Faster and stealth shipping worldwide
  • Multiple payment methods are accepted
  • Website interface can be better
What we loved the most:

At CKS, you will get premium cannabis seeds with varieties. Whether you are a novice or experienced cultivator, you will surely find your favorite seeds here.

While all of the Crop King Seeds are imported from top breeders and the best seed banks of the market.

And, even before sending them to you marijuana seeds are manually checked for quality.

Even if you will be having any queries regarding your purchase, the super-quick supportive team will be one ring away at a toll-free number. So, no complaints about their services, too.

Click Here And Visit Crop King Seeds

MSNL – One Of The Best Cannabis Seed Banks for Sales

Who doesn’t love sales and discounts?

And, MSNL or marijuana seeds nl has got a lot of them!

This is why it is one of the most popular marijuana seed banks to buy marijuana seeds online in 2022.

Based in the Netherlands, MSNL was started in 1999 by two friends who were into marijuana as a hobby.

Somehow, within time, their hobby and passion for cannabis allowed them to build an empire that is now one of the best cannabis seed banks for purchasing feminized seeds all around the globe.

MSNL has got all the basic seeds category (regular seeds, auto-flowering, and feminized seeds) but they also have medicinal seeds, high yield, and high THC seeds for specific growers.

While the best part is their regular sales and discounts. Right now, they are offering up to 30% sales which goes sometimes even up to 50% off.

And, their 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry and seed banks have made their all of cannabis seeds of premium quality by importing seeds from the world’s finest breeders.

Once you found your favorite seeds at marijuana seeds nl, you can quickly order them by your convenient payment option, as this seed bank has available ample.

While MSNL doubles up your free seeds by giving you 15% additional off on payment through bank transfers.

So, all in all, you will be saving a lot of money if you’ll buy marijuana seeds online from MSNL.

  • Huge offers and regular discounts           
  • Over 20 years of experience in the cannabis market
  • 100% discreet and guaranteed delivery
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Easy to use website
  • 5-star rating from 1200+ reviews on the website            
  • One of the most reputed online seed banks
  • US deliveries slightly take more time
What we loved the most:

MSNL gives you a lot of discounts, and this is something that every online buyer loves the most.

Even apart from its discounts and all other offers, the store has also got impressive services in which you can get free shipping for orders above a certain value.

While their customer support is also something that buyers appreciate the most.

Overall, if you are buying marijuana seeds for the first time and want to save a few bucks then go for MSNL.

Click Here And Visit MSNL

Gorilla Seed Bank – Best UK Based Seed Bank

This seed bank’s goal is to provide nothing but “the best of best” seeds. And, this seed bank stands on its words excellently.

This is one of the best seed banks online which is pocket-friendly yet provides high-quality seed genetics.

Relatively young but known for its supreme quality seeds, Gorilla Seed Bank offers you mainstream seed varieties.

From autos, high yield, high THC, high CBD, regular, beginner, and feminized seeds, you will get almost every variety here.  

And, here you get cheap cannabis seeds with high-quality genetics, therefore, most beginner cultivators opt for this seed bank as their first online seed bank for growing projects.

Multiple payment options allow you to place your order instantly. While you are also assured to get additional free seeds according to the size of your order.

Further, customer support is good. The team is available at a phone call and their responsive behavior makes your purchasing experience at Gorilla Seeds much better.

Shipping is done discreetly and in a simple package to avoid any suspicion during the transit. This seed bank provides you a 7-day return policy too, just in case you want to.

Most seed banks don’t offer this as a hassle-free service.

However, you have to follow certain conditions for a successful return. Keep in mind that the orders which are lost in transit are not refunded.

Well, 99% of the orders from here get successfully delivered worldwide.

  • One of the affordable cannabis seed banks
  • High-quality marijuana seeds
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Best seed bank for novices
  • Multiple payment methods
  • A lot of seed varieties
  • Better customer support
  • No germination guarantees
  • No refund for lost orders
What we loved the most:

If you are low on budget and want the best cannabis seeds for growing your own cannabis plants, this seed bank is the right choice for you.

Even this store provides you with huge offers for newbie buyers. As of now, the store is offering you up to 65% off on their cannabis seeds.

That is why it is one of the best online seed banks to buy high-quality seeds with pure genetics.

Click Here And Visit Gorilla Seed Bank

Seed City Seed Bank – Affordable Seed Bank

For the past 12 years, Seed City is one of the few online cannabis seed banks which can make you grow rare weed genetics.

Thanks to some of their limited but best cannabis seeds!

Because Seed City claims to be one of the biggest marijuana seed banks online and has a wide seed strain in stock from the breeders across the world.

Apart from the main strain categories (auto-flowering, regular, and feminized seeds), Seed City has stock available according to the yield, environment, indoor, and outdoor specific.

And, that allows a specific grower to access their need of seeds instantly.

Also, Seed City has A to Z breeders in contact to sell cannabis seeds. Therefore, you will find all of your favorite breeders here at a very affordable price.

Though the website interface is poor. The greenery theme may or may not be appealing to you but their seeds will be for sure!

Placing orders at Seed City is easy. You can pay via your card or bitcoin.

Additionally, the company gives you a regular discount. As of now, 15% off sale is going on their seeds.

And, somehow, if you are puzzled with lots of options then you can reach to their customer support which is available via email and telephonic call.

Though it takes 24 working hours to resolve any issue. Unlike most seed banks which respond faster.

Stealth shipping and delivery services at Seed City are decent. Orders are delivered within 2-3 weeks.

  • Around 7000 products are available at the store
  • Cheap marijuana seeds are available
  • A to Z breeders across the world
  • Wide cannabis seed selection
  • Marijuana seed on sale available
  • Very poor website
  • No bank transfer
  • No guaranteed delivery
  • No germination guarantee
What we loved the most:

A wide stock of seeds along with a very affordable price range is something that a novice enthusiast with a low budget cannot miss, and this is what Seed City is known for.

They have a very wide selection which will allow you to get the most popular seeds here.

And, the availability of those seeds at a cheap price is what attracts the most budget growers for growing marijuana.

Though there are some improvements needed, however, if you are looking for a budget seed bank to start with, Seed City is the choice for you.

Click Here And Visit Seed City

Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank – Seed Bank for Faster Shipping

Based in Canada, Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank is breeding the seeds from 2013 to produce and meet the expectations of true growers.

And, within the journey of this seed bank, it has got an amazing collection of cannabis seeds.

Whether you are looking for autos, feminized, regular, CBD, mixed, bulk, or bulk, QCS has got your back! As their premium marijuana seeds are sure to make your weed cultivation successful for sure.

While if you are an experienced grower then you shouldn’t miss their ‘Limited Edition’ seeds.

Additionally, you get an 80% germination rate on all of their marijuana seeds.

Somehow, if the germination guarantee fails to make up 80% the company will replace the seeds for free! Isn’t this amazing?

And, on top of that, their pricing range is very affordable. Per seed, the price starts from as low as less than $10. Therefore, it is one of the best seed banks for beginners or experienced growers out there.

Further, if you are residing within Canada then you can get your seeds as fast as within 3 business days. Whereas USA orders might take up to 7 days.

However, most of the time, deliveries by Quebec Cannabis Seeds remain faster comparatively other online seed banks. A flat shipping cost of $10 is applied for the regular shipping of your order.

Stealth shipping can cost a bit higher, though.

  • Faster delivery of orders to Canada and the USA
  • 80% germination guarantee (backed with replacement)
  • Affordable price
  • Wide seed categories
  • Limited edition for experienced growers
  • Faster delivery is only for USA and Canada
  • Not free shipping
What we loved the most:

At Quebec Cannabis Seeds, you will find a premium range of best seeds along with the regular ones at no hiked price.

While their services including customer support are top-notch. And, their years of market experience have made them available what an ideal grower can expect from their store.

Overall, QCS is one of the best marijuana seed banks if you want a budget-friendly yet premium online seed store.

Click Here And Visit Quebec Cannabis Seed

Rocket Seeds – Best Marijuana Reseller

If you are unable to get the seeds of your favorite breeder, Rocket Seeds can help you with that.

Limited but from top-notch breeders, Rocket Seeds has a decent cannabis seed selection. And, with its top-notch cannabis seeds, Rocket Seeds can surely sky-rocket your weed cultivation journey.

Apart from the regular selection, Rocket Seeds has a premium inventory of some rare genetics (Sunwest genetics, Herbies seeds, etc) as well from different breeders.

Although there are not many discounts and offers in the store, however, Rocket Seeds provides free seeds offer with its combo pack, which can surely add value to your investment.

Further, shipping and delivery services are quite impressive at Rocket Seeds.

Most of their USA orders are delivered successfully and they have a nominal shipping charge, too.

Additionally, most of the people at different forums and review sites are quite happy with the services of Rocket Seeds, which is an edge for this online seed store.

  • High-quality cannabis seeds
  • Availability of worldwide breeders
  • Average services
  • Growing guide available
  • Decent customer support
  • Website maintenance is poor
  • Lack of right information on the website
What we loved the most:

The availability of hard-to-find breeders and their premium seeds is something that can be easily found at Rocket Seeds.

And, if you are an adventurous grower looking for a high-quality seed of some hard-to-find breeders then, Rocket Seeds can surely help you in that.

Overall, the services are decent and pricing is good, which makes this seed bank to be listed in the top seed banks of 2022.

Click Here And Visit Rocket Seeds

MJ Seeds Canada – Purchase Cannabis Seeds In Bulk

Established in 2009 MJ Seeds Canada is a Canadian seed bank that ships worldwide. They have a wide seed stock available at affordable pricing.

While you can get auto-flowering, feminized, fast version, regular, high CBD, indoor, outdoor, and most popular seed strains here.

Though professional growers love to buy bulk marijuana seeds from here as it provides additional discounts on them. While there are not many offers on other seed categories.

Placing orders at MJ Seeds Canada is possible via bitcoin, e-transfer, bitcoin, and cards. Even you can also pay through cash.

And, shipping services are good. They ship within 2-3 working days of the order being placed. While the delivery might take up to 21 business days (except bank holidays) to arrive at you.

If you are buying cannabis seeds from a prone and suspicious location then you can pay the additional $30 fee for the guaranteed shipping, which will ensure the tracking and insurance of your seeds.

Further, if you somehow get any concern about your order then you can drop your query to the company at mail or can ring their backend team, which is available to you instantly.

However, their website interface can be improved. It is simple and has an old-school theme. While the website navigation is easy.

  • Free shipping over $200
  • 10 free marijuana seeds on orders above $420
  • Bulk offers available
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • High-quality cannabis seeds
  • Poor website
  • No germination guarantee
What we loved the most:

At MJ Seeds Canada, you can get affordable pricing for bulk marijuana seeds. While their large seed selection makes sure you get your favorite seeds here.

Additionally, their backend team is quite helpful, which makes you choose the best pack of cannabis seeds and can also help you regarding the delivery of your order, which makes the overall buying experience better.

Click Here And Visit MJ Seeds Canada

Growers Choice Seeds – High-Quality Marijuana Seed Store

Growers Choice Seeds is one of the top USA seed banks for its reliability, services, and premium quality seeds.

All of your seeds will be backed up with a 90% germination guarantee at Growers Choice Seeds. That means, if your 9 out of 10 seeds didn’t germinate then they will replace it for free.

This is how much this online seed company is confident at their seeds!

You can find feminized marijuana seeds, auto-flowering, and high CBD seeds here. You can also buy cannabis seeds in the sale section, where you can get a decent discount.

Although they don’t have one of the largest seed stocks. They have limited but only-premium cannabis seeds that can add value to your garden.

Therefore, if you are a grower who wants to take your cultivation journey to the next level, Growers Choice Seeds is for you.

Along with their high-quality marijuana seeds, this online seed brand is known for its discreet deliveries as well.

The company re-packs cannabis seeds from original packaging to ensure supreme safety from the eyes of customs.

Whereas the shipping charges are flat-rate and quite nominal.

You will get a better shopping experience here throughout your purchase. Thanks to the friendly, supportive, and instantly available customer support team.

Further, their website is quite impressive. It is easy to navigate, search, and buy your favorite cannabis seeds at the virtual store. While the colorful theme keeps your eyes engaged.

  • Premium cannabis seeds
  • 90% germination guarantee
  • Quick and reliable customer support
  • Faster delivery of seeds
  • Wholesale seeds available
  • Limited payment options available
  • Limited seed stock
What we loved the most:

Their premium cannabis seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds is for those growers who love quality over quantity as the company believes. Along with a 90% germination guarantee, they give premium seeds at a very affordable price.

Whereas their customer service, website interface, and overall buying experience are something that makes your trust over online seed stores much stronger and better.

Click Here And Visit Growers Choice Seeds

The Attitude Seed Bank – Safe Online Seed Company

The Attitude Seed Bank claims itself as “the world’s largest cannabis seed superstore”, which is true as well to some extent.

Because this online seed store has A to Z brands in its selection. And, there is also a pack and mix section for the growers looking to get some mixed cannabis seeds.

While all of their seeds are reasonably priced, which means whether you are a newbie or experienced weed enthusiast, you are sure to find something as per your budget.

The store has also got a smoking accessory section where they sell everything related to smoking.

All in all, from buying cannabis seeds to smoking, The Attitude Seed Bank has got your back in every manner.

When it comes to services then this seed bank doesn’t compromise with the user’s experience. And, that is why it ships all of your seeds in a stealth manner by sending them in random objects.

However, you can opt for additional stealth if you are more concerned about your region’s privacy issues.

Additionally, if you get stuck anywhere concerning your order then their backend team is always there to help you out. They are quite friendly and fast.

However, their website interface requires some improvement. The interface is quite an old-school type which can be improved.

  • One of the largest seed stocks
  • Affordable pricing
  • Faster and discreet shipping
  • Multiple payment options
  • Better customer support
  • Average delivery time
  • Poor website
What we loved the most:

Their seed selection!

The Attitude Seed Bank consists of one of the largest weed seed brands in their inventory. While all of their seeds are priced reasonably so that anyone can afford them.

No doubt, why most of the newbie buyers have reported The Attitude Seed Bank as their first online seed store in their gardening journey.

Click Here And Visit The Attitude Seed Bank

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online: Guide

Purchasing marijuana seeds online is tough when you don’t know the right steps to buy or even where to start with? Especially when you are a complete newbie.

So, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind while buying marijuana seeds online. These things will surely help you choose the right quality of cannabis seeds for you.

  • Quality

Quality > Quantity.

Most of the eyes capture huge numbers on an online store. But, having a large selection doesn’t mean the quality will also be premium.

Rather, prefer those stores which have limited strains but all of them are of supreme quality.

  • Strain Type

Indica plants are compact and short compared to most Sativa seeds or hybrid seeds.

While the marijuana strains’ cannabinoid profile matters the most which can give you a hint if it is right for your recreational or medicinal use.

Tip: If you are completely a new grower then prefer growing popular cannabis strains such as Northern Lights, White Widow, Green Crack, Wedding Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, etc.

These strains are easy to grow and you can even find helpful forums on the web as you will find people have already grown these strains before.

  • Right Source

Don’t go for a store that offers unexpectedly cheap prices (that might be a scam or trap).

Go for reputed online seed stores like ILGM, MSNL seed bank, Crop King Seeds, which are trustworthy, reliable, and serving in the market for years.

Also, these are the seed banks that ship to the USA and all other countries. That means, irrespective of your location, you can get weed seeds at your doorstep.

So, keeping these 3 factors in mind, you can surely get the right quality of marijuana seeds for yourself and from the right source.


1. Is Buying Marijuana Seeds Legal?

Buying marijuana seeds is legal in most countries and regions. However, growing cannabis seeds is regulated according to the local laws in the USA.

2. What Happens if the Cannabis Seeds Get Seized?

Buying marijuana seeds or selling them is legal in most regions. However, if it is intended to germinate in regions where cultivation is illegal then it can lead to legal penalties as well.

3. Is Growing Marijuana Seeds Legal?

In different states of the USA, marijuana cultivation is regulated under state law. In some places, medical marijuana is legal for medical patients only while in some regions it is legal for recreational purposes as well.

Therefore, you better confirm with your local authorities before growing marijuana.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online: Final Words

Finally, now you are aware of the world’s top 11 seed banks of 2022 from where you can buy cannabis seeds online.

Though ILGM stays at top of our list due to its fantastic services and quality seeds.

Make sure you stay under the local laws before starting your growing journey. And, don’t forget to tell us your experience after that.

We would love to hear you!