Cropkingseeds Review In 2022 – Is it Legit?


This review is for you if you plan to buy online cannabis seeds via Crop King Seeds!

I will be sharing my honest experience with the Crop King Seed so that you can get to know if it is worth your investment.

However, Crop King Seeds claim as one of the best seed banks of 2022. Also, many review forums and sites consider this seed bank as the top seed bank of the year.

How much the “fact” is there, we will find in today’s review!

Let’s go:


Is Crop King Seeds A Legit Seed Bank?

Yes, let me clear it very first – Crop King Seeds is a 100% legit and genuine seed bank.

The company is Vancouver, Canada-based seed bank that operates online. It sells cannabis seeds around the globe.

Also, the company has been in the cannabis industry for several years, making itself a reliable seed bank for cannabis cultivation among the community.

Further, Crop King Seeds is one of the fewest seed banks in the market with over 100+ official retail sellers – adding reputation to the company.

Moreover, the company sells high-quality seeds at affordable rates to growers. Also, their fantastic range of seeds selection makes them stand out from the other seed banks.

Crop King Seeds is a 100% trustworthy seed bank in 2022 from where growers find high-quality marijuana seeds, a high germination rate, and better services.

With over lacs of customers around the world, no doubt why this Canadian seed bank comes under one of the best seed banks of 2022.

Crop King Seeds Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

In a hurry? Have a quick review of Crop King Seeds:

Established: Launched in the early 2000s in Vancouver, Canada.

Strains Available: Feminized seeds, auto-flowering, CBD, regular, fast version, USA seeds, etc.

Services: 24/7 chat support, free shipping (on orders above $200), multiple payment methods, friendly and instant customer support.

Customer Reviews: Highly positive reviews, top seed company under Canadian Cannabis Award 2017.

Review: 100% recommended and can be relied upon for quality seeds purchase; still, there’s a little work company needed to work on its website.

Official Website Of Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds Review 2022

Now, it’s time to dive deeper into the review.

Join me in this journey and get to know everything about this Canadian seed bank:

History Of Crop King Seeds

If Crop King Seeds is now selling the world’s finest marijuana seeds, then the credit goes to the team’s consistent hard work since the very start of this company.

The company was established in the early 2000s to fulfill the demand of cannabis enthusiasts for high-quality seeds.

However, at that time, marijuana laws were quite strict in Canada as weed cultivation remained illegal, and usage of cannabis was also prohibited in the country.

Well, at that time, most countries were against marijuana.

And that led Crop King Seed to shut their doors soon, in 2005.

However, time passed, and things changed around different countries for the weed.

The USA legalized cannabis in a few of its states, initializing for the allowance of cannabis worldwide.

However, the Canadian government had already allowed the use of cannabis for medicinal cannabis users in 2001.

It was the time of around 2013 when the Crop King Seeds bounced back with a bang and came back again into the market.

CKS had big plans at this time, and they’d executed them well.

The company established one of the first physical branches in Calgary. Since then, Crop King seed bank has never looked back again.

It now has over 100+ physical retail sellers across Canada, fulfilling the company’s goal – to provide high-quality seeds.

Further, throughout the journey of Crop King Seeds, Canada, the company has kept its goal its priority – to sell seeds online of the best quality and provide growers with the finest genetics of weed.

From having a few strains to launching now 500 new marijuana strains frequently, CKS has come a far way.

From the finest feminized cannabis seeds to short versions, CBD, auto-flower seeds, and many more varieties are available at the store today.

Whether you are a beginner grower or advanced, you will find every marijuana strain of your need at Crop King Seeds.

Overall, the Crop King Seeds has started tiny but now has become an empire for cannabis seeds in the world of seed banks.

Strains Selection And Quality

Crop King Seeds has a vast selection of cannabis seeds.

Whether it is about Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or CBD, it has covered almost every strain that you can look for in the market.

Also, feminized marijuana seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular, fast version, cannabis seeds, the USA, or new marijuana seeds, CKS has got your back in every manner.

Crop King Seeds has a separate selection of seeds with high CBD, even for medical patients.

The feminized and auto-flowering mix packs are among the most popular packs for budget growers. So you can get a mix of their top-shelf seeds at very affordable pricing.

Further, the quality management at CKS is terrific.

The company manually inspects the quality of seeds that it imports from various breeders worldwide.

The backend team imports only the high-quality cannabis seeds leading to an 80% germination rate.

Also, the imported marijuana seeds at the CKS seed bank are kept in ideal conditions to be fresh and maintain their potency until they get into the growing medium.

Every time you receive a seeds package from CKS, you will find your seeds fresh and healthy.

Therefore, in maintaining the quality of the seeds, Crop King Seeds never compromises with it.

Pricing Of Seeds

Pricing is one of the factors that every grower loves to buy seeds online from Crop King Seeds.

The company has priced its marijuana seeds reasonably affordable.

Therefore, you will find Crop King Seeds fitting your budget whether you are a commercial or budget grower with new hopes.

The price per seed for feminized marijuana strains starts as low as $10. All of them are backed with an 80% germination rate.

So, considering the price, CKS has scored full marks here!

Shipping And Delivery Time

Crop King Seeds ships worldwide.

As CKS is a Canadian seed store, shipping is comparatively faster in Canada.

However, the company ships within 24 to 48 hours after successful payment for the order.

Also, the company discreetly packs your seeds with original crop king packaging to keep the freshness of seeds the same.

After that, the delivery time might take up to 2 to 15 working days, depending upon your region and location.

The two different types of shipping services that CKS offers are:

  1. Free shipping – on orders above $200. The seed bank will bear all shipping charges, so you save a few bucks here.
  2. Express Shipping – another type of shipping is express one available with an additional cost of $20 or $40. It consists of tracking the order with guaranteed delivery.

If you are ordering from a suspicious location where cannabis orders usually get seized, you should ideally prefer express shipping.

Express Shipping guarantees the delivery of your order with a tracking facility, and also it is a shipped priority.

However, the delivery time of your order might vary from 2 working days to 7 working days, which also depends upon the weather, remote location, and other factors.

  • Delivery time in Canada: 1 to 7 working days
  • Delivery time in the USA: 2 to 7 working days
  • Delivery time in rest of the countries: 7 to 25 working days

The shipping and delivery services at Crop King Seeds are fast, reliable, and discreet.

That is why Crop King Seeds has been able to make millions of cannabis growers happy around the globe.

Accepted Payment Methods

Crop King Seeds is the cannabis seed bank that accepts multiple payment methods.

You can instantly place your order with these accepted payment options:

  1. Credit Card (Visa Or Mastercard)
  2. Interac E-transfer (For Canadian customers only)
  3. Bitcoin

The credit card is one of the private methods if it doesn’t show what you have bought on the statement.

Moreover, there is also the extra concern of processing fees for international transactions (if ordering from other countries).

Further, make sure your card is activated for the international purchase.

In the case of bitcoin, there is no concern. It is instant, reliable, and convenient.

The best part of ordering from bitcoin is that they are the safest online payment option. Therefore, we also recommend you for the bitcoin payment option.

Customer Support At Crop King Seeds

Having good customer support drastically increases the company’s reputation, and fortunately, Crop King Seeds has that!

The company has 24/7 online chat support apart from the Crop King team at the backend for you.

There are multiple ways by which you can get in touch with the company. For example, you can drop an e-mail to the Crop King Seeds or directly ring them on the given numbers.

Usually, the team responds to the mail within 24 working hours. However, for a faster response, you can dial the numbers given on the official website.

The backend team is friendly, fast, and helpful for support, making your online buying experience more beautiful.

Whether you need help regarding your order or you have concerns about any specific cannabis seed genetic, their team will help you instantly.

Overall, with the most exemplary customer support at CKS, your all in all experience of buying marijuana seeds online becomes fantastic.

Website Review

The official website of Crop King Seeds is professional, informative, and engaging.

Their virtual store contains all the info that a first-time buyer might need, and therefore, you will be able to know what you can expect from here at first glance.

However, the website’s theme might look like an old-school type, but it justifies the appearance decently.

The best part is that navigating through various parts of the website is easy and smooth. It makes your experience better at the online store.

Further, marijuana seeds are categorized excellently. You can find your favorite strain instantly.

Also, you can sort your favorite strain out with different factors, either by name, popularity, and more options.

Moreover, scrolling down the website will get you through their best-selling strains while you can find every info related to the store at the very bottom of the page.

Summing up, the website of CKS gives a professional experience of using it and has adequate information about the product and store.

Discounts And Offers Available

There are no exaggerating offers and discounts on the website to attract marijuana enthusiasts.

Instead, the company believes in providing the right quality at the right price.

However, you will find some of the weekend, Black Friday, or stock clearance sales on the store during the seasonal sales.

You need to keep a regular eye on the website for the right deal to grab.

Return And Refund Policy

Unfortunately, there is no return or refund policy as per the website.

However, the backend team will help you out if your case is genuine and may replace the order for the wrong or damaged orders.

Even if you are not satisfied with the order, you can reach the backend team, which is quite helpful for any concerns.

Market Reputation Of Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds has a vast market reputation in the marijuana industry.

The seed bank stores the finest quality potent seeds in stock and gives a reliable and trustworthy service, which gives its customers an overall fantastic experience.

Also, the company has been in the industry for years and has made millions of cannabis growers happy.

The CKS brand is one of the most famous names among growers.

The previous buyers have given tons of positive reviews that also add to the trust in this brand.

You can also find Crop King Seeds in the list of finest seed banks in the world.

Best Strains To Buy At Crop King Seeds

Currently, these strains are the most popular ones among the growers:

Top 3 Feminized Seeds Of 2022

  1. Amnesia Haze – around 20% THC, stimulating, cheerful, and potent brain effects.
  2. Acapulco Gold– around 20% THC, high yield, short height, tasty flavors.
  3. Chemdog – potent strain, up to 25% THC, high yield, and intense flavors.

Top 3 Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

  1. Black Widow – around 20% THC, unique flavor, physical and mental buzz, medical benefits, including stress and anxiety relief.
  2. Gorilla Glue #4 – is a fan-favorite potent strain, intense high, best for experienced stoners.
  3. Trainwreck – THC around 20%, mouth-watering flavors, best for evening chill.

Pros And Cons Of Crop King Seeds


  • Highest quality marijuana seeds
  • Larger seed packs and selection
  • 500 new marijuana seeds released
  • 24/7 online chat support
  • Free shipping over orders above $200
  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple payment options
  • Free seeds
  • 100% reliable and trustworthy store


  • Average website
  • No loyalty program

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Crop King Seeds good genetics?

Crop King Seeds have the highest quality seeds with manual inspection of the genetics even before stocking them into the store.

The company checks the marijuana seeds for quality, genetic potency, and purity before sending them to you, ensuring a germination rate of 80%.

Does Crop King Seeds ship discreetly?

Yes, Crop King Seeds ship discreetly. They pack your seeds in random objects like toys (including sex and soft toys), CDs, T-shirts.
The company ensures that your seeds reach the destination you have mentioned.

Can I trust Crop King Seeds?

Yes, you can trust Crop King Seeds because – it has years of experience working in the industry, has high-quality seeds sold, has a reputation among cannabis growers, and has a brand name that comes under the world’s finest seed banks.

Crop King Seeds Review: In Conclusion

Well, my real experience with Crop King Seeds has been excellent. No other seed bank might provide such fantastic services and the highest quality of marijuana seeds.

Crop King Seeds has come a long way from having and maintaining the quality of seeds to providing the best services for the past 10 years.

I 100% recommend Crop King Seed bank for your purchase; you will be pleased with this decision as it will make every penny worth it.

Visit Crop King Seeds now!


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