How To Roll Backwood? – [Don’t Miss THIS]


Do you want to roll a Backwoods blunt and don’t know how to do that?

Don’t worry. Here’s the expert guidance that you were missing before!

Only an experienced toker indeed knows how to put cannabis flower in a Backwoods blunt wrap so well that it can give smoother smoke.

Therefore, here’s the step-by-step guide from the expert toker that will easily make you an expert on how to roll a Backwoods blunt.

Let’s start unrolling:


What Is A Backwoods Blunt?

In short, a Backwoods blunt is a blunt that has your favorite cannabis flower with a Backwoods cigar wrap.

That means tokers use it for smoking weed inside a tobacco leaf wrap.

However, this tobacco leaf wrap is made of all-natural raw tobacco leaves instead of other methods that companies use.

Therefore, Backwoods wrap is a better option for experienced marijuana lovers.

The Backwoods Cigars are different from other brands in the market, as they make blunt wraps from all-natural tobacco leaves.

Additionally, the Backwoods leaf contains some flavors (Honeyberry, honey bourbon, sweetly aromatic, swisher sweet, banana, and Russian cream), enhancing the smoking experience.

Russian cream remains one of the popular choices among stoners.

However, having many flavors allows you to get your choice of smoking experience with it, which is an edge for smokers here.

Therefore, so many features make it different from other blunt wraps and cigar brands.

Therefore, Backwoods blunt is the natural solution for the tokers looking for a clean and all-natural smoke session, free from chemicals, heavy metals, or pesticides.

It is why the Backwoods blunts are popular among the stoners.

How To Roll A Backwoods Blunt Perfectly?

Let me be honest with you here:

It is easy and hard at the same time to roll a Backwoods blunt.

Easy for the experienced tokers who have been rolling joints and cigarettes before.

A bit harder for those who have never rolled even a joint before. Therefore, it may need more practice to make a perfect blunt with Backwoods wrap.

Here is the expert guidance and step-by-step (that you can follow along) process on how you can roll a perfect Backwoods blunt:

Step 1: Get Your Supplies First

Wait, wait…!

Did you get your supplies before starting with this guide to roll a Backwoods blunt?

First, gather these stuff to move further:

  1. Backwoods Cigar
  2. Your favorite weed strain
  3. Grinder (To crush the weed)
  4. Lighter
  5. Tips or Filter (Optional)

Well, you can choose any cannabis flower of your choice.

However, some stoners report that the Backwoods cigar has energizing properties as it is made of pure tobacco leaf.

Therefore, you can consider a light strain (like of Indica variety) that can make you have the perfect smoke session with it.

So once you gather everything, it’s time to get started with the leading guide.

Step 2: Grind Your Weed

Once you have got your favorite strain, you need to crush it by hand or grind it using a grinder.

Don’t hurry up in the grinding process, as you will further make one of the best blunts.

Therefore, break the strain nugs with the help of a grinder that you have got. Further, you can also use your hands if needed.

Once you have crushed your weed, move to the next step.

Step 3: Unravel The Backwoods Cigar

The Backwoods blunt wrap comes with pre-filled tobacco leaf stuff.

Therefore, unlike other cigars, you need to deal with this one attentively.

Carefully unravel the cigar and do it slowly first.

One side of the cigar will have a tight seal in most cases. You can start from the tightly wrapped end and proceed further.

Try to be as gentle as possible, as even a single mistake can tear the cigar apart (thanks to their fragility).

Step 4: Load Out The Filled Tobacco

Once you have got the blunt wrap opened. You need to unload the pre-filled Backwoods tobacco in the seal wrap.

Make sure to get the whole tobacco leaf out of the cigar before you begin rolling.

You can also peel off the tobacco from the wrap just a little bit.

Further, you can either throw the tobacco or keep it in a bowl if you want to use it again.

Step 5: Identifying Position Of Backwoods Wrapper

Most Backwoods wraps have one sharp edge and one rounded edge, making them irregular in shape.

The sharp edge is the end where you will be applying the flame, while the rounded edge will be for your mouth.

If you keep the sharp edge away from your dominant hand, you can quickly learn to make Backwoods blunts.

For example, you can turn the sharp edge on your right-hand side if left-handed.

Step 6: Fill ‘er Up!

Take your ground flower and start filling up the wrap.

Keep your ground flower centered while sprinkling over the cigar wrap.

You can draw a valley shape curve with the help of a grinder on the wrap to keep that in mind while pouring.

Also, as you will fill the center more and start rolling, the ends will automatically get filled up.

Moreover, you can also use your fingers to slightly fill the cannabis flower into the cigar wrap.

Once filled, it’s time to roll!

Step 7: Roll Backwoods Blunt

Filled evenly?

Time to start rolling!

However, it is the trickiest part of making a perfect blunt, unlike other blunts.

Keep in mind that you will need patience, practice, and slow speed.

Start with the rounded end and gently tuck and roll the wrapper as you pull the cigar wrap towards your side with the help of your fingers and thumb.

Do it slowly and roll until you get a closed tube-like structure with weed-filled inside.

Remember, you don’t have to make the perfect cylindrical shape, especially when it’s your first time.

Doing more than required can lead to messing up things.

Also, the original Backwoods Cigar was not perfectly cylindrical. However, you can mimic the original one.

Pro Tip: If you are new to rolling Backwoods blunt, you can practice with the help of paper first, and you can use the unloaded tobacco from the Backwoods roller.

It will help you get the perfect rolled blunts when you start doing with the original one and with weed.

Once you have filled the grounded weed, you can also put the filter or tip of your cigar in that, if needed.

It is how you roll a Backwoods blunt.

Step 8: Seal The Backwoods Blunt

To seal the Backwoods blunt, you need to slightly lick the space left on the blunt when a quarter of an inch space is left.

You can also wet the top edge with water to seal it as Backwoods blunt takes more moisture than other blunt wraps.

Once licked and packed, you can roll once more to ensure a perfect Backwoods blunt.

Further, use the lighter towards the edge where you have just licked it to thoroughly “bake” one of the best cigars you just created.

Pro Tip: If you want an additional kick during the smoke session, you can use cannabis oil instead of saliva or water to seal the Backwoods blunt.

Step 9: It’s Time To Light Up Life!

It’s time to light up the roll that you have created.

If you have followed the steps carefully and correctly, then you will have one of the beautifully rolled cannabis Backwoods blunts in your hand.

It is how you roll a Backwoods blunt.

Just light it up and start puffing!

Step 10: Share The Joy!

Don’t forget to share the role you have created with your friends. Puff and pass.

Also, don’t get upset if you couldn’t create a perfect roll in your first attempt.

You can practice it continuously and be the expert roller in your circle.

FAQs About Rolling Backwoods Cigars

Are Backwoods Cigars good enough to roll a blunt in?

If you are an experienced toker, you will love the Backwoods cigars. They have multiple flavors available with “all-natural” tobacco leaf cigars.

Also, if rolled good, they will have a slow burn to give you one of the best cannabis smoking experiences.

How do I roll a backwoods blunt perfectly on the first attempt?

It is trickier to roll a Backwoods blunt ideally the first time. However, with consistent practice, you can make a perfect cylindrical roll.

Are Backwoods cigars made for tobacco leaf only?

You can use either tobacco or cannabis in the cigar. The natural build quality and flavors make the smoking experience much better.

It is why stoners love to use weed for Backwoods wrappers.

Rolling Backwoods Blunt: Conclusion

If you are using weed for Backwoods wrap, you must be looking for an advanced and quality puffing session.

From this guide, you must have learned how to roll a Backwoods blunt perfectly and instantly.

However, for a quality experience, you also need high-quality marijuana, and to get that, ILGM can help you.


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