How To Smoke Moonrocks? [Everything you need to KNOW]

How To Smoke Moonrocks

Do you want to smoke moon rocks?

If yes, you’ve come to the perfect place.

If you want to smoke moon rocks, you are probably bored with the regular weed stuff.

You might need a powerful punch of cannabis buds to send you to the moon and beyond.

So, let’s find moon rocks for you and how you can make them on your own.

Let’s begin:


What Are Moon Rocks?

If you are entirely a newbie, then, in short, Moon Rocks is an extremely potent cannabis experience that is famous mainly among experienced stoners.

Practically, Moon Rocks are the cannabis flower covered in hash oil and coated in kief separately.

Kief is referred to as the remnants of resinous trichomes that form on cannabis buds.

So, with a combination of these ingredients, you get an exceptionally high THC cannabis that is different from the traditional flower.

However, the origin of the Moon Rocks is not clear, but most cannabis connoisseurs say that the Starbudz760 dispensary has first invented this.

The moon rocks got popular with the help of West Coast rapper Kurupt. The Kurupt Moon Rock is also a version of it if you want to try it.

The Moon Rock high is very powerful and built for people with high tolerance levels to THC.

As the Moon Rock consists of THC up to 50%, that is more than double the average marijuana for cannabis consumers or medical patients.

It is why Moon Rocks can give you a smoking session that will be the best of your life. However, you need to be physically ready for this.

Why Smoke Moon Rocks?

In terms of experience, Moon Rocks is a flower beneath extreme potency capable of giving you stuck-mode high hits.

Also, you want a high-quality cannabis smoking experience and a drug effect without actually having a drug.

And most importantly, the high you might have never had before this.

Moon Rocks have been named perfectly – to give you a high that can throw you to the moon and beyond space.

Moon Rocks’ high is even more potent than the highest THC marijuana strains or potent nugs of your stoning experience.

Within 20 to 30 minutes of puffing Moon Rocks, you will be covered with super-strong marijuana effects, feeling relaxed and chilled from head to toe.

It is why Moon Rocks can also be helpful for the medicinal world for the medicinal patients to give them relaxing effects in various medical conditions.

However, you need a doctor’s prescription or recommendation before taking any step further, as Moon Rocks is not for everybody.

Only stoners with a high THC tolerance level can handle this level of the highness of cannabis.

Further, the Moon Rocks experience wholly depends on the quality of ingredients.

Everything should be top-notch for the flower you use, the hash oil, or the kief. However it can cost you a premium price for a premium experience.

However, some shady individuals might trap you for bad versions of the name of the original moon rocks, which you have to avoid.

The best way to get the moon rocks is to make your moon rocks at home. Just read along to know how you can make your moon rocks.

How Much Potent Are Moon Rocks?

In short, they are highly potent!

If and only if it is made with 100% original ingredients.

With original moon rocks, as you will puff it once, your body will melt away in high, and you will be launched into space and beyond while you might want to get back to the earth.

However, the potency of moon rocks depends on the quality of buds, flowers, marijuana oil, and kief.

Therefore, the producer of Moon Rocks is responsible for getting you an original version of moon rocks.

Generally, the moon rocks consist of THC concentrate up to 50%, more than two times an average marijuana strain.

Hence, you can understand how potent the one hit of moon rocks can be.

Therefore, it is a game for experienced marijuana users who can tolerate a high dose of THC without getting down.

Further, some people have also reported that moon rocks have made them sleep for more than 12 hours.

You need to get all of your work done before indulging in it to smoke moon rocks.

How High Can You Get With Moon Rocks?

As the name suggests, you can get as high as to touch the moon and still go beyond that on a euphoric journey.

An original or own version of moon rock consists of around 50% THC, which is way higher than other cannabis products.

Even the highest-THC strain also doesn’t possess this much THC.

Therefore, with this much high, you will not be able to do any other work or follow the responsibilities you might have.

It is why the ideal time for smoking moon rock is after your whole day’s work when you don’t have anything to do except chilling and watching your favorite show.

So the better way is to plan all of your next day’s work and schedule before getting deep down in extreme high euphoria with moon rock.

How To Make Your Own Moon Rocks?

Historically, moon rock is made with GSC flower concentrate for special occasions.

However, you can also make this highly potent own moon rock with simple steps.

Before you proceed with the following simple steps, make sure to prepare this:

  • Buds of your favorite strain
  • Your favorite concentrate or hash oil
  • A bowl of kief from your grinder
  • Tongs or similar objects for pinching out stuff
  • Liquid dropper

Once you have prepared this stuff, instantly follow the following steps to make your own moon rock.

Step 1:

First of all, prepare your favorite weed buds. Using a thick flower be better to hold the final cannabis cocktail.

Step 2:

Now, it is time to get your sticky concentrate. So you need to heat the concentrate to make it more volatile.

Once your thick concentrate is a little liquidy, use a liquid dropper to completely cover the buds till they have a layer of concentrate.

Remember that you don’t have actually to dip into that completely. You can also use a regular bowl for the process.

Dipping can lead to more requirements of heat and time to dry, while it will also lead to a slow burn.

Step 3:

It’s time to use the tongs and kief.

You need to use the tongs to grab the weed bud and roll that into kief.

Roll the weed until it gets completely covered with kief.

Once you’ve done enough, it’s time to light it up to smoke.

So, you have prepared your moon rocks in these three simple steps.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks?

First of all, let me make it clear:

Moon Rocks is made for experienced smokers only. The beginner should stay away from it.

So, once you are ready for this high roller coaster ride, you can smoke your moon rock in several ways.

However, a desktop vaporizer is always good to start with.

Still, you can follow more popular ways:

As A Joint

Before using your moon rock in a joint, make sure that you throw it on top of some flower while keeping it in a cool place.

It is because the greasy texture will lead to slow burn up the weed stuff that you created.

You can surely add some ground bud to your moon rock (to break moon rock into smaller pieces, you can use a knife for sure but don’t use a grinder).

However, you need to keep in mind that it will lead to more potency of your weed.

Using In A Glass Bong Or Pipe

Smoking this way can be tricky as the greasy texture and thickness will make you use glassware.

You need to break the weed in a normal bowl into smaller pieces before you put that into a pipe or bong to start getting a hit.

So, whether using a bong or to roll a joint remains the traditional way to enjoy moon rocks.

Pros And Cons Of Smoking Moon Rocks


  1. Moon rocks are an extremely high experience. Experienced stoners will love it.
  2. Excellent for medical patients looking for a high dose of THC
  3. Easy to make at home and cost-effective
  4. Get instantly out of this world with highly high euphoria


  1. The extreme high is not for everyone. Only experienced stoners can handle this amount of THC.
  2. You need to control the temperature and keep them in a cold environment not to let them melt away.

So, these are the pros and cons you can have while smoking moon rocks.

However, the extreme experience of a high dose of THC is an incredible experience for marijuana users.

Tips For Smoking Moon Rocks

  • First of all, make sure you follow the federal law, and you are at least 18 or adult years of age according to your region.
  • Moonrock is for experienced weed users, and people with low tolerance should avoid it.
  • To prepare your moon rock, use the right quality of strain, concentrate, and other ingredients are required. In addition, you can look for a reputable website for buying them online.
  • Stay hydrated while smoking moon rock or any weed. Staying hydrated will avoid harsh effects like dry mouth, dry lips, or dry eyes.

Smoking Moon Rocks: Conclusion

Marijuana aficionados love smoking moon rocks.

However, an original moon rock is too potent to handle, and it is why only preferred by experienced stoners.

Also, as you smoke moon rock, you need to take some safety measures like staying hydrated and staying in a comfortable environment for a better experience.

Moreover, you also learned how to make a perfect own moon rock within simple steps.

However, you need high-quality marijuana buds that you can buy from the ILGM website.


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