How To Use A Raw Joint Roller?


You have got one of the best joint rollers and now wondering how to roll joints with it?

Look no further!

Read this complete guide on using a raw joint roller machine and be the expert for rolling joints independently.

Let’s get started:

How To Use A Raw Joint Roller


Step By Step Guide On How To Use Rolling Machine

Get Your Materials

Before you get into the step-by-step guide on using the rolling machine, you need to prepare the beforehand stuff.

So, get your:

  • Joint Roller
  • Rolling Papers
  • Grinder
  • Joint Filter
  • Weed, and
  • A Lighter, too

Once you have made these things ready, follow the easy steps below to learn and make your joints with a joint roller.

Step 1: Crush Your Herb And Load Raw Rolling Machine

Get your herb and grind it with the grinder.

Make sure to grind so fine that it can roll to make a perfect joint.

Also, it will help you to smoke evenly and smoothly.

Now, place the joint-rolling machine in front of you stably.

Open the joint roller machine by sliding the top over.

You can set the rolling machine accordingly to make smaller or bigger joints.

After that, place the filter you have got on one side.

Now, load the machine with the herb that you just have crushed. Make sure not to fill too much and leave some space for the air.

Also, you can use your fingers to place the weed evenly and not let it fall as you begin rolling your device.

You can move to the next step as you have now loaded the rolling machine.

Step 2: Using The Joint Roller To Make The Perfect Joints

After loading, it’s time to get the joint rolled.

However, before proceeding with the rolling paper, you need to roll the machine as it is toward you.

It will help the taut plastic get inside, and the guts will get tight. You can use your fingers to roll about a half turn.

After rolling for a while, get a sheet of rolling paper.

It’s time to insert it into the rolling machine.

Could you place it in between cigarette rollers? Make sure that the sticking side is toward you.

You can now start rolling. Remember, you need to roll towards you.

To roll the joint, place your two index fingers in from the ends of the roller farther from you.

Make sure to slide the roller. You can also use the tip of your fingers.

If you rolled well, the rolling machine would pack your weed perfectly. However, if you are a newbie, you can get the perfect result within two rolls.

Remember that you don’t need to roll farther as you have to leave some sticky side to lick.

You can roll nearest to the point where you want to lick.

After licking, you can continue rolling and give it one full rotation. You can also rotate multiple times to ensure to get a good joint.

You need to finish rolling, pull the rolling machine out, and get your joint.

Boom! You just rolled a joint.

Now, you have just got to know how to use a joint roller and roll a perfect cigarette or joint.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it a perfect joint or mistook it somewhere.

You can use the rolling machine multiple times and make a quality joint to smoke.

Step 3: Light Up Your Joint And Enjoy!

You just have rolled one of your cigarettes. Just light it up and start smoking!

Which Joint Roller Works The Best?

In a joint, you need your weed to be packed perfectly.

Your roller needs to make an even roll so that you can smoke smoothly.

If these two things work fine, you have a quality joint roller.

However, nowadays, there are tons of joint roller machines available. The part that will satisfy you is that you don’t need to seek a tutorial for every different roller.

Instead, generally, all the rolling machine works similarly.

But the catch is how to decide which joint roller works the best?

Well, there are many joint rollers. Some are expensive, too.

However, I suggest you not put a heavy amount in just a roller. Instead, invest in premium weed and get a standard roller machine available for around $5.

So, in a nutshell, any standard joint roller will work fine. You can grab any of the quality machines from the internet.

My suggested machine will be Raw Roller on Amazon. It is one of the best joint rollers in the market.

What Kind Of Paper Can You Roll A Joint With?

You cannot insert a standard paper to get your weed packed as a joint in the rollers.

There are several reasons for that.

One of the most important factors is that it burns faster when smoking; therefore, it will not give you an efficient puff.

Hence, you need to grab a hemp-made paper for a great smoke session.

It lasts longer and makes you get a great smoking session every time. Further, it is also a safe way rather than using regular paper.

Zig-Zag damp proof rolling papers are pretty popular.

Automatic Rolling Machines Vs. Standard Ones

There are two rollers in the market available: Automatic ones and manual ones.

Depending upon how frequently you puff and how fastly you want, you can go for either one.

However, I suggest that normal or manual ones are better.

They are cheap, fast, and last long without any device error.

Also, the automatic ones are pretty expensive compared to the manual ones.

On the other hand, if standard ones get out of working mode, you can easily buy another one as they cost less than $10.

However, automatic devices are expensive and can also bear some pressure on your budget.

Tips For Making Good Rolls

  1. Make it smooth. Don’t make your joint too tight that it can get ripped off easily.
  2. Although you can make a perfect joint with easy steps, still, you need to mark the tip and the bottom of your joint, especially when you are starting as a beginner.
  3. Keep the sticky end or glue side towards you while inserting it into the roller.
  4. Get a good roller. You can read reviews and ratings online before choosing your roller. If you are privacy concerned, you can ask for without sign delivery, too from the shop.
  5. You can go for any roller depending upon your need. However, king-size is quite popular among stoners nowadays and a great choice if you smoke frequently.

FAQs About Rolling A Joint

Can we use regular paper for weed joints?

Ideally, it would help if you did not use it as it will burn faster and will not give you an efficient smoke session. Also, hemp-made papers are safer to puff.

What to do if I don’t have any rolling papers to use a joint roller?

You can keep a backup of rolling papers or use a bong for your weed session. However, if you want to use a joint roller, you can use any regular paper without ink or anything else on it.
Though it will not give you perfect joint fun.

How much does a joint roller cost?

You can go for a standard joint roller which can cost you from $5 to $20. You can avoid the rest of the expensive rollers, which cost you around $50 for premium devices.


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