I49 Seed Bank Reviews In 2022 – Is it Legit?

I49 Seed Bank Reviews

The I49 seed bank is relatively new to the market but promises the best marijuana seeds and brilliant services.

However, many controversial reviews are also there that contradict the I49 promises.

So, is it a legit seed bank? Or Should you buy cannabis seeds from I49 in 2022?

I will be sharing my experience, and you will get to know everything about the I49 seed bank in today’s review.

With that being said, in the end, you will come to know if I49 is the right seed bank for your next grow project.

Let’s go:


Is I49 Seed Bank Legit And Safe?

When it comes to the legitimacy of the I49 seed bank, then yes, they are legit.

The I49 seed bank has been in the cannabis seeds industry for a few years now and has established a well-known brand among the growers’ community.

With 6000+ reviews on Trustpilot, the I49 seed bank has earned an excellent 4.1 out of 5.0 rating, which is impressive.

However, some bad reviews have been about the inconsistent quality, germination issues, and the customer support team.

(I will be digging deep about their services later.)

The good part is that I49 approaches the negative reviews and tries to provide an appropriate solution to unsatisfied customers.

That shows that they care for their buyers’ concerns.

Most customers are pretty happy with I49 seeds and their services. The seeds germinate to produce great results they have bought from I49.

So, in a nutshell, the I49 seed bank is a 100% safe and legit seed bank in 2022.

Whether this seed bank stands out on the standard of best seed banks of 2022 and can be your perfect seed bank, we will find it next.

I49 Seed Bank Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

Have a quick sneak peek before diving deep into the I49 seed bank review:

Established: in the USA.

Seeds Available: auto-flower, feminized seeds, CBD, beginner-friendly seeds, wholesale seeds.

Services: free and fast shipping, multiple payment options, excellent customer service team.

Customer Rating: excellent 4.1/5.0 from 6000+ reviews on Trustpilot.

Review: I49 has a great seeds selection, germination guarantee, faster shipping and delivery to the USA, and decent customer support.

Therefore, I 100% recommend this seed bank to buy cannabis seeds in the USA.

The better alternatives for I49 are ILGM and Herbies Head Shop.

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History Of I49 Seed Bank

There is significantly less information available about the history of the I49 seed bank.

Cannabis enthusiasts started I49 seed bank, and they are based in California, USA.

The company operates as an online seed bank and is a supplier of high-quality seeds across the country.

All of the seeds at I49 seed bank are in-house genetics of the company in collaboration with Blimburn Seeds.

Almost every marijuana strain you will find at I49 is produced independently.

With that being said, I49 seed bank promises the “100% authentic genetics guarantee.”

Therefore, growers looking for pure and naturally produced in-house genetics will find the I49 seed bank the perfect place to buy cannabis seeds.

Further, the I49 seed bank has been in the cannabis industry for a while now, and with consistently high-quality seeds, they have earned an excellent market reputation.

However, there have been various negative reviews as well, doubting their services and consistency for quality, leaving some space for the I49 seed bank to improve.

I49 Seed Bank: A Definitive Review Before Buying Seeds

It is time now to dig deep and find out everything about the I49 seed bank:

Seed Selection

The I49 seed bank has a vast seed selection.

It has got 400+ cannabis seeds, including mostly feminized seeds.

Also, with coverage over various strains, the I49 seed bank has been a one-stop destination for the growers.

Apart from auto-flowering and feminized cannabis seeds, you will find Indica, Sativa, THC, CBD, beginner, and seeds according to the flowering time.

That means you can find your perfect strain as per your need.

Further, you can also get your seeds according to the growing environment, such as Indoor or Outdoor.

The company produces in-house genetics; therefore, they give a 100% authentic genetics guarantee.

So in terms of having marijuana seeds in stock, I49 is one of the best cannabis seed banks for having overwhelming numbers of strains with pure in-house produced genetics.

Seed Quality

The average seed quality at I49 is excellent.

The company not only breeds top-notch seeds but also maintains the quality of its seeds by taking every precautionary measure.

The company keeps its seeds in an ideal environment where they are entirely free from moisture and sunlight.

Additionally, I49 also packs your seeds gently during the shipment, ensuring you receive the freshest seeds to give you a high termination rate.

Therefore, I49 is so confident in their quality that they provide you with an 80% germination guarantee.

If your total ordered seeds could not make it to germinate up to 80%, then they will get you more bonus seeds to make the germination guarantee 80%.

However, there are various factors you need to keep in mind regarding the I49 germination guarantee.

The very first thing is that the germination guarantee applies to the ordered quantity of seeds and not to the bonus seeds that you receive.

Second, you must follow the I49 seeds germination guide on the website to qualify for the germination guarantee.

With all of that, you will have 90 days to report to the customer service team of I49 to claim for germination failure.

And don’t forget to keep the visual proofs before reaching out to the customer service team.

Pricing Of Seeds

Well, the pricing of seeds at I49 is compartively higher than some other seed banks.

Ordering 10 seeds (with 2 free seeds) at I49 costs you $121, which is relatively higher than even premium seed banks.

However, you get a germination guarantee, 100% authentic genetics, and excellent coverage on various strains.

Additionally, the regular deals in the store can get you to avail some fabulous discounts.

However, if your budget is low, you can check Seedsman seed bank. It is an Amazon of marijuana seeds and still has an affordable price to fit your budget.

And if you want to try out the most premium experience of buying cannabis seeds in the USA, try ILoveGrowingMarijuana. You get 10 free seeds on the purchase of 10 seeds.

Shipping Services And Delivery Time

I49 seed bank only ships to the USA.

This seed bank doesn’t ship to other countries.

Therefore, you need to go for another seed bank if you order from a different location.

Herbies Head Shop and Crop King Seeds are among the best seed banks that deliver seeds worldwide.

Further, I49 ships order every two weeks.

Therefore, the delivery time of your order can take time from a few days to several weeks depending upon the shipping time from the company.

However, the average delivery time from the I49 stays around 7 working days to 14 working days in the standard option.

You can get your order faster within 5-7 business days by opting “quicker” option. The quicker option costs you an additional $15.

If you are roaming on the web only to buy marijuana seeds online for faster shipping and delivery in the USA, check ILGM.

ILGM directly ships from the California headquarters, and therefore, it delivers orders instantly to the USA growers.

Further, the best part about I49 seed bank is their shipping services.

The company offers you stealth shipping even if you are in a legal state. For example, your seeds get packed in a double layer of padded packaging to ensure safety during transportation.

If you receive seeds inside crushed, you can contact the customer service department and ask for a claim.

Additionally, you get tracked shipping service with a flat rate of $10 for shipment. However, you can also get free shipping if you order 2 or more products from I49.

It is worth to be mentioned here that I49 never leaves any mark or information about the content or customer detail on the package, ensuring the privacy and discreetness of the order.

Customer Service At I49 Seed Bank

There are a concerning number of numerous complaints about the customer service department of I49 seed store.

Some customers have reported late responses from the backend team, while others are completely disappointed because of no response.

However, the company has provided you with various ways to approach their backend team. For example, you can reach the backend team of I49 by call, e-mail, and through the website.

Further, some satisfied customers have got a great experience with the customer service team of I49.

The backend team has responded within 24 working hours to complaints.

The backend team has provided an appropriate solution regarding missing seeds or concerns about unused seeds to return.

So, in a nutshell, the customer service at the I49 seed store is not consistent, although there are many ways to reach their backend team.

Customer service is the section where I49 has to work more.

Accepted Payment Options

I49 accepts a lot of payment methods.

It is one of the edge points where I49 leads from the other popular seed banks.

These are the payment methods accepted at i49 seed bank:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Pay By Mail
  • Pay By Telephone
  • Pay By Bank
  • ACH Payments
  • Mesh
  • Zelle
  • Apple Pay
  • Money order
  • Cashapp
  • Venmo

Apart from these, even if you want to pay via any other method, you can reach the backend team via call and ask for the same. The team will help you out pay accordingly.

With ample payment options on this online seedbank, you can quickly pay according to your convenient payment method.

Also, this helps you place orders during the intense sales when seeds get out of stock within a few minutes.

Further, the payment process and website of I49 are entirely secured.

However, you can always opt to pay online through bitcoin for an extra layer of security and privacy.

Payment options of credit cards or debit cards might get blocked by the bank for the transactions of cannabis-related contents.

Website Review

At first glance, the I49 website looks professional, eye-catchy, and organized.

The navigation through various sections of the website is easy and smooth. The best part of scrolling through their website is finding your favorite strains quickly.

The various sorting filters allow you to separate your favorite seeds quickly.

Apart from the seeds categories, you get nutrients, bundles, and wholesale offers at the virtual store.

Scrolling down the page will take you through various sections of the virtual store like seeds categories, ongoing sales, and their high gardening blog.

However, their blog is filled with specific keywords only, with little to no helpful information for experienced growers.

Overall, the website interface is excellent. It is user-friendly, has important information about the store and its services.

Sales, Discounts, And Loyalty Programs At I49 Seed Bank

I49 provides regular sales to their buyers.

They have BOGO (Buy One Get One) offer going on right now. You can also grab additional discounts by subscribing to their newsletters.

Additionally, if you buy wholesale seeds at I49, you can also get great deals. You can also find some cheap marijuana seeds in the wholesale section.

You can also escape the assessed sales tax by buying wholesale seeds.

Unfortunately, there is no loyalty program as of right now.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Seeds From I49 Seed Bank


  • 400+ seeds to buy from
  • High-quality and in-house produced seeds
  • Free shipping on ordering two products
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Excellent 4.1 rating from 6000+ reviews on Trustpilot
  • A lot of payment options
  • Authentic genetics guaranteed


  • Average customer support
  • High seed prices
  • Only ship to the USA
  • Slow delivery time

I49 Seed Bank Alternatives

  1. Herbies Head Shop: ships worldwide, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, a vast strain selection, and affordable price.
  2. ILGM: premium USA seed bank, faster shipping and delivery, 24/7 customer service, germination guarantee, one of the top-rated seed banks on Reddit, Trustpilot, and review platforms.
  3. MSNL Seed Bank: UK-based seed bank operating for more than 20 years. High-quality seeds, faster shipping, and excellent customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is I49 Seed Legit?

Yes, I49 seed is a legit seed store operating from the USA. They have been in the cannabis industry for a few years now.

The company has earned an excellent 4.1 rating on the Trustpilot.

Where is the I49 seed bank located?

The I49 seed bank is located in California, USA. However, they operate as an online seed bank.

What are some best cannabis seeds at the I49 seed bank?

Granddaddy Purple, Bruce Banner, and Blue Dream are some of the best-selling cannabis seeds at the I49 seed store.

Can I return the seeds?

If you have germination problems and your seeds have not germinated, then you can fill out the reshipment request form after the claim.

The I49 can send you more seeds under the substitutions guarantee if your case is genuine.

How much time does it take to deliver the order?

It takes around 7 to 14 working days after shipping from Los Angeles headquarters. However, seed reshipments can take more time after first completing the verification process.

I49 Seed Bank Reviews: In Conclusion

I49 is a good but not the perfect seed bank.

It does not provide worldwide delivery and has a space for improvement around the customer service department.

However, I49 is one of the recommended seed banks for US-based buyers to buy marijuana seeds online.

From an excellent strain selection to a germination guarantee, excellent market reputation, and 100% authentic genetics, you must give I49 a try.

However, to count in under the best seed banks, I49 has a long way to go.