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Imagine this:

You are puffing one of your favorite cannabis buds and diving deep into the ocean of pleasure with the euphoric rush cutting down all the stress and worries of your mind and body.

Sounds exciting?

But now:

You are just muddled up with many seed banks and seed strains floating on the web and don’t know which perfect one to select for your next grow?

This is where the Marijuana Investor Summit comes to help you!

We will take you through step-by-step with cannabis 101 definitive guides on selecting your perfect seed bank for the best cannabis seeds to make weed buds rain in the garden.

Doesn’t matter if you are unsure about selecting a marijuana strain or want to level up your gardening standards by growing premium cannabis seeds. Our A-Z guide will help you to achieve your desired gardening goals.


Selecting The Right Cannabis Seed Bank

Before I take you through the definitive guide on marijuana cultivation and everything you need to know as a grower, you must understand how you can select the right seed bank for yourself.

This is the most important step towards a successful harvest.

Also, only the right source of your weed seeds decides if your hard work will pay off in the end.

Therefore, before you buy cannabis seeds online from a random seed bank and eventually fall for a scam, get to know this expert guide on selecting your first-ever seed bank:

Ratings And Reviews

This is one of the obvious points, but most online scrollers take this for granted or skim through that part.

However, checking online ratings and reviews before selecting your seed bank is most important.

And, you should always check for reviews on trustworthy sources like Trustpilot. You can preferably check some grow forums for honest reviews from the previous buyers.

These online ratings and reviews will give you a hint if this is the perfect seed bank standing on your requirement before investing your money there.

In addition, you can also get to know the buyers’ complaints, if there are any, that can help you understand if the seed bank provides the solution to any issues arising during the purchase.

This part will tell you about their customer services.

Strain Selection & Quality

What if a seed bank has one of the best services but doesn’t have stock of the seed strain you are looking for?

That cannot be your ideal seed bank. Right?

Therefore, a weed seed store with a large strain selection will have more chances to have your required strains.

Auto-flowering, feminized, and regular are essential seeds categories that every online seed bank keeps.

In addition to that, some seed banks also possess strains according to the growing environment like indoor and outdoor, high yield, high CBD, and high THC.

An ideal seed bank maintains the consistent quality of seeds that can further lead to a better gardening result during the cultivation.

Ideally, prefer a seed bank that can promise the germination guarantee.

A germination guarantee will work like insurance for your seeds. The breeder will replace the seeds which got failed to germinate.


With the finest quality weed seeds, you also need faster shipping, delivery to your location, and better customer support when needed.

That ensures your overall better experience of buying cannabis seeds online.

Fast and reliable customer support gives you help whenever needed, especially regarding your orders, delivery queries, and other doubts.

A discreet shipping method keeps your privacy intact with the company and lets you get the order without letting anyone else know.

Therefore, along with a vast marijuana selection and better-quality seeds, you also need better services from the seed bank you choose.

5 Best Seed Banks of 2022

After standing out on all the factors, here are the top 5 seed banks of 2022, from where you can get the best quality seeds right now:

ILGM– has the best quality feminized and auto-flowering seeds, germination guarantee, ships FREE to the USA, multiple payment methods, and outstanding customer service.
  • Crop King Seeds – large seed selection, 80% germination rate, top-notch breeders, 24/7 online chat support, ships worldwide, stealth packaging.
  • Seedsman – 1500+ strains to choose from, cup-winner seeds, faster and stealth shipping worldwide, affordable pricing, highly rated online seed bank.
  • MSNL – Netherlands-based premium marijuana seeds seller since 1999, reasonable pricing, shipping worldwide, network with multiple breeders across the globe.
  • Herbies Seeds – Almost every variety of cannabis is available, rare and hard-to-find strains, multiple payment methods, discreet shipping, and excellent customer support.

    Choosing The Right Marijuana Seeds

    Doesn’t matter whether you are growing for the first time or nth times. You need to figure out which is the right cannabis strain aligning with your harvest goals.

    You can start with any feminized and auto-flowering cannabis strains for the first time.

    However, you will need to select a specific variety for your future growing projects accordingly.

    Let’s have a look at all the strains and to which grower-type they will suit to:

    Feminized Seeds – Best For Beginner And Experienced Growers

    Feminized seeds are the most popular and most grown seeds worldwide for obvious reasons.

    As these seeds produce female cannabis plants, they will have more weed buds. That is why growers mostly prefer to grow feminized seeds.

    Also, if you are growing for the first time and want to grow weed quickly, then choose feminized seeds.

    You will have more chances for a better yield.

    Additionally, among the various seed banks on the market, you will find primarily feminized seeds. That means you can get a wide variety to select your strains.

    All in all, for the first-grow, feminized seeds are the best to start.

    Even experienced cultivators only prefer growing feminized marijuana seeds.

    Because due to the availability of multiple varieties in the feminized category, you will find various types of strains according to your growing needs.

    For instance, Sativa feminized seeds grow taller and broader; therefore, they require more space to thrive and ideally suit outdoor cultivation.

    Auto-flowering Seeds – Best For Beginners And Experienced Growers

    Auto-flowering seeds are also one of the fast strains in the cannabis world as they flower rapidly without depending upon the environment or surroundings.

    All thanks to the Ruderalis genetics in them.

    Auto-flowering seeds can be Indica, Sativa, or both and have a quick flowering time of around 6 to 12 weeks.

    Keep in mind that their growth process also depends on providing the optimal environmental conditions.

    Auto-flowering seeds usually have a compact size, and they can perfectly fit in the limited space.

    Therefore, indoor or hydroponic growers need to put less effort into growing auto-flowering seeds.

    Beginner growers can also start with growing auto-flowering seeds.

    Regular Seeds – Not Recommended to Beginners

    Regular seeds have a 50-50 probability of producing male and female plants.

    And therefore, growing regular seeds is a risk that no one wants to take when you get a better option of growing female plants through feminized seeds.

    Also, maintaining regular seed strains is complex and challenging, so only experienced growers play with regular seeds.

    Beginner growers are not recommended to start cultivation with regular seeds.

    Here are the top 5 cannabis strains in demand:

    Charlotte’s Web – Best medicinal weed seeds (Click to buy)
  • Zkittlez Seeds – Best feminized seeds for beginners (Click to buy)
  • Gorilla Glue Seeds – Easy to grow strain (Click to buy)
  • THC Bomb Seeds – High THC seeds (Click to buy)
  • Purple Haze Seeds – Beautiful purple seeds (Click to buy)

    How To Grow Your First Cannabis Plant?

    Got your best seeds and tools? Ready for growing your very first lady?

    Make sure you follow the cultivation basics to pave your paths as a successful grower.

    Let me explain:

    Growing Indoors Vs. Outdoors

    Most first-time growers get confused between growing indoors or outdoors.

    Well, to be clear, that doesn’t matter at all if you are dedicated as a grower.

    However, growing cannabis plants indoors requires more maintenance, care, and skill. At the same time, you get an impressive yield, too, with that.

    Whereas growing marijuana outdoors is affordable and requires less indoor growers-like maintenance.

    However, here you will not control the climate conditions, unlike indoors. So you have to be dependent upon the weather conditions of your region.

    Additionally, you can expect a larger yield in outdoor cultivation than indoor gardening.

    So, all in all, indoor and outdoor weed cultivation have their pros and cons.

    Depending upon your skills and requirement, you can choose anyone.

    However, if you are growing the first time and want to test at a small scale, you can produce a few cannabis plants first in your backyard while growing outdoors.

    Outdoor cultivation will save your massive investment for growing tents, tools, nutrients, and much more, like in the case of indoor gardening.

    Moreover, you will have less plant maintenance.

    On the other hand, if you know your regional climate will not favor you and need some privacy for your ladies, you can invest in indoor gardening.

    Overall, you will get tasty weed buds in both cases, and that’s what matters the most.

    Optimal Environment Conditions 

    Optimal environmental condition is most important for your plants to thrive.

    Whether growing indoors or outdoors, you need to keep the temperature and relative humidity in your garden’s favor for better results.

    Like, ideally, you should keep the temperature for cannabis plants in the 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit range.

    Also, relative humidity levels must be kept under control in different growth stages.

    For instance, the R.H. level can be decreased by 5% every week as the plant starts taking root in the vegetative stage.

    Therefore, keeping the required environmental conditions, you can grow your cannabis plants faster and get the most out of your weed garden.


    Curing is the final step of your marijuana cultivation journey.

    And it is an essential part of the growing phase to retain your hard-grown weed buds’ potency, flavor, and freshness for a long time.

    First of all, you have to harvest in the right way with the right tools to ensure you get the weed buds in the best possible manner.

    After that, curing is the next step before you just put your weed buds into jars.

    Curing is a process where you dry your weed buds to tune the moisture content accordingly. This process keeps the terpenes, cannabinoids, and freshness of weed buds for a longer time.

    After curing your marijuana flowers, buds will get ready to be burnt to give you a high. And after the curing process, you can put your marijuana into your stash.

    Bonus Part: Tips To Grow Cannabis Plants Better

    To grow your cannabis, you have to keep many things right.

    Along with that, these tips will help you achieve your gardening goals faster:

    (i) To produce more flowers and buds, prune your cannabis plant.

    (ii) Use nutrients to boost the growth of your garden (do it with complete knowledge of nutrients, avoid as a beginner).

    (iii) Prepare beforehand to deal with pests; get some sprays available to you from the market.

    (iv) Use the traditional soil method to germinate seeds as a beginner or until you are not entirely aware of other practices.

    (v) Don’t overdo things; over-nutrient supplements, overwatering, or over-fertilizing can also cause damage to your plants. Most beginner growers do this for instant results, but this can affect the growth of your garden instead.

    (vi) Last but not least, confirm and follow the local laws of your region before growing marijuana.

    Cannabis Legalization:

    Well, everything apart, keep in mind that marijuana is still not legalized entirely across the world.

    However, laws have been quite relaxed for cannabis and consumers across some countries in the past few years.

    Thanks to the different marijuana legalization movements.

    Countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia have relaxed cannabis laws somewhat while keeping it still a regulated substance in their country.

    However, marijuana can be availed from the nearest weed dispensaries in the USA and Canada for medical purposes.

    While in different states of the country, various regulations on marijuana have been implemented.

    With that said, you have to be aware of your local laws and guidelines before indulging in any cannabis activities.

    It is because we at Marijuana Investor Summit want you to be safe. We also want you to puff weed while chilling with your homies but without any fear of cops.

    Therefore, let’s have a brief look on what are the different marijuana laws that have currently in action in other countries:

    Marijuana Laws In the USA

    The USA has recently gone through some significant legal changes about cannabis.

    As of June 2021, eighteen U.S. states (Alaska, California, Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Colorado, NY, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington), then, the District of Columbia, and the Mariana Islands have officially legalized recreational use of marijuana in their region.

    Moreover, the other 13 U.S states have decriminalized marijuana.

    And this was one of the significant changes in the history of cannabis in the USA.

    Therefore, due to the legal acceptance of marijuana by the authorities, now, weed enthusiasts can discuss weed openly in the country. At the same time, people are also cultivating plants for medicinal and recreational purposes.

    However, keep in mind that the use, sale, and consumption of marijuana consisting of more than 0.3% THC is still illegal under federal law.

    Even though different states have legalized cannabis usage for private consumption now, medical marijuana was legalized before recreational legalization.

    Therefore, after permission from the authorities, even people grew cannabis for medical purposes way back before in the time.

    Therefore, the positive shift for cannabis allowance was seen from the last decade.

    Finally, as of 2022, you can access weed from the nearest dispensary for medical and recreational purposes.

    Of course, marijuana is a substance for adult consumption.

    And therefore, only people aged 21 and above can access recreational marijuana in the country. That means recreational weed is permitted to adult users only.

    However, there can be some exceptions in the case of medical patients.

    Can you grow cannabis in the USA?

    You can grow marijuana in the 18 states of the USA for recreational and medicinal purposes.

    However, the cultivation of cannabis is not allowed at the federal level.

    Also, different provinces have limitations on growing marijuana for personal usage (from 6 plants to 12 plants per household), which you must confirm once from your specific regional authority.

    Moreover, medical patients can either access weed from the nearest dispensary or grow their own or through a caregiver for personal usage.

    Marijuana Laws In Canada

    Marijuana in Canada got legalized in the year 2018.

    And therefore, it is also one of the countries where marijuana got legalized in the past few years. That means the cannabis industry and demand for cannabis products have increased since a few years back.

    As a grower, the excellent news for you is that you can cultivate, possess, and share marijuana with your friends in the country.

    However, like the U.S, Canada has different regulations in its various provinces.

    Whereas medical marijuana is now available to the patients, they can access cannabis and its by-products from the nearest dispensary.

    Legal age to buy cannabis in Canada:

    The legal age to buy or indulge in cannabis activity in Canada is set to 18 years. Therefore, if you are above 18 years, you can buy and smoke marijuana for recreational purposes.

    Can you cultivate marijuana plants in Canada?

    Yes. The cultivation of cannabis plants was legalized in Canada after the legislative change in 2018.

    Marijuana Laws Inthe United Kingdom:

    In the U.K., marijuana remains a Class B drug with penalties as cannabis is illegal for possession, cultivation, and distribution.

    However, buying cannabis seeds for souvenir purposes or collection purposes is allowed.

    In other words, laws and regulations don’t harm you until you start putting seeds in the ground for intention to grow in the U.K.  

    Medical use of cannabis after physician’s prescription is allowed in the country after 2018’s law update.

    Marijuana Laws in Australia:

    The attitude of Australia towards marijuana legalization has shifted a lot from the past few years.

    And that is why growing cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes has been allowed in the country since 2016.

    Buying Cannabis Products from Dispensaries:

    Suppose you are not able to grow cannabis. In that case, you can get your hands-on weed products for medicinal purposes.

    Thanks to medical cannabis legalization before recreational permission.

    Therefore, the usage of marijuana for medical purposes in the U.S is quite common now. And that is why people can now easily access marijuana by-products from the nearest dispensary in the country.

    All thanks to the legalization that has made it possible today for medical patients to get help from this powerful plant.

    Additionally, people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite, PTSD, ADHD, and many more symptoms report some betterment from cannabis products.

    And that led the authorities to relax laws for medical patients first.

    While before using any cannabis product for medical symptoms, a physician’s prescription is a must to access marijuana from the dispensary.

    Well, nowadays, medical cards are there for instant approval.

    Also, if there’s no marijuana dispensary near the medical patient’s residence, they can grow cannabis plants independently.

    However, as of 2022, most regions have cannabis dispensaries available.

    Top 5 Online Marijuana DispensariesTo Buy Weed Online in 2022

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