Neptune Seed Bank Reviews In 2022- Is It Legit?


In this Neptune Seed Bank review, I’ll take you through my real experience with them.

Being one of the American seed banks, Neptune Seed Bank offers many high-quality seeds.

However, there is no germination guarantee like ILGM in the store.

Therefore, there are various pros and cons of buying cannabis seeds from Neptune Seed Bank, which you must know before buying seeds from here.

Let’s get started:


Is Neptune Seed Bank Legit?

Yes! Neptune Seed Bank is a 100% legit seed bank.

It is one of the safest seed banks to buy high-quality seeds like other seed banks.

Neptune seed bank is located in the United States and operates online as a seed bank to serve growers worldwide.

The company is a legitimate source of cannabis seeds with which many high-quality breeders are in contact.

Also, Neptune seed bank has a presence on Trustpilot with a 3.7 out of 5.0 rating. However, the numbers of reviews are not many.

The good part is that the company has approached all the negative reviews to solve the issue, which shows they care about their buyers.

Further, at various grow forums and publications, Neptune seed bank has come up as an excellent choice for top-notch weed seeds in the USA.

So, overall, Neptune seed bank is a 100% legit and safe seed bank to buy seeds from. They have reliable and trustworthy sources for top-notch quality seeds from worldwide breeders.

Neptune Seed Bank Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

I know sometimes you might be in a hurry. So, here’s my quick shot for this review:

Established: In 2016, in CA, USA.

Strains Available: Feminized, regular, autos, and more categories like clone, best-selling, and sale.

Services: Faster shipping within 24 to 48 business hours, new arrivals, clearance sales, etc.

User Rating: 3.7/5.0 at Trustpilot within 27 reviews, 10.0/10.0 at seed finder with 3 reviews.

Review: Neptune seed bank is a legit and reliable seed bank. The company has got a great package of high-quality seeds and services. You can surely buy seeds from here.

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About Neptune Seed Bank

There is not much information about Neptune Seed Bank is available as per their official website.

However, some sources claim that the company was established in 2016.

Throughout these years, the company has made excellent coverage over many strains.

Also, Neptune seed bank has made it to get over 100+ breeders worldwide, which are sources of their top-notch seeds.

Therefore, starting in the USA, the company has spread its arms worldwide with its premium seeds and services.

Neptune Seed Bank Review: In-Depth

It’s time to dive deep in!

Seed Selection And Quality

Neptune seed bank has a tremendous seed selection.

The company has a stock of over 1900+ options to choose from.

And all of their seeds are stocked from the finest quality breeders worldwide.

Whether it is about feminized, auto-flowering, or regular seeds, Neptune seed bank has got everything for you in their package.

Also, they work with 100+ finest quality breeders worldwide, so they get seeds in bulk to offer you at a low cost.

Overall, Neptune has one of the most extensive seed stocks and the finest quality genetics at their store.

Pricing Of Seeds

The pricing of seeds at Neptune seed bank is affordable and reasonable.

That is why growers opt for this seed bank for affordable deals and comparatively low prices.

Neptune imports marijuana seeds on a large scale, so they offer their buyers comparatively low prices per seed.

The price of their top-shelf strains starts from just $10 per seed, making this seed bank perfectly fit into most growers’ budgets.

Moreover, you can grab their premium cannabis seeds at even cheaper rates during the weekly sales, deals, and offers.

Therefore, considering the pricing of seeds, the company has done a brilliant job and made itself an online store fitting into every marijuana lovers’ budget.

Shipping Service And Delivery Time

Shipping and delivery services at Neptune seed bank are excellent.

Neptune seed bank is available worldwide and ships across the globe. Therefore, you can get their stuff in any corner of the world.

The company ships instantly within 24 to 48 working hours after receiving payment.

Therefore, its delivery time is faster for the USA.

Even the company has a full refund policy before shipping the order.

There are four types of shipping services that Neptune seed bank offers for the USA:

Standard shipping: This includes a flat rate to ship your order. And the company charges $10 for it. The company will pack your seeds in a standard package and send them to you.

This option is ideal for the regions where marijuana laws are relaxing.

The average delivery time is around 7 days.

Discreet shipping: Your seeds will be in a double pack for extra security, including $15 charges.

Also, the shipping is done priority discreetly.

You can opt for this shipping service if you want an extra layer of security for your order. You can expect your order to arrive within 3 to 7 business days.

Signature required: For theft-prone regions, signature delivery is the best option. However, it costs you $20, but the extra cost is worth making your order 100% securely delivered to you.

Guaranteed shipping: Opt for guaranteed shipping service if you order from a sensitive region for marijuana seeds.

The guaranteed shipping costs you $25; however, if your order gets lost in transit, the company will re-ship the new order for free.

Additionally, the company will pack your seeds into double-layer packaging and ship priority.

The average delivery time for guaranteed shipping is around 3-4 business days.

Apart from these, the international shipping at Neptune seed bank requires improvement as they don’t offer guaranteed shipping or delivery for your order like ILGM seed bank.

They will not take any responsibility for your order if it gets seized.

However, the good part is that Neptune will offer an extra discreet option to you.

They will take out your seeds from the original packaging and pack them into T-shirts to keep your seeds protected from the cops.

However, you have to pay an additional $50 for that.

Overall, in terms of shipping and delivery services within the USA, Neptune has scored 10/10. However, they have to work more on their services for international orders.

Customer Service

Neptune seed bank prioritizes customer satisfaction, which is why they have maintained excellent customer service.

In case of any queries or issues related to your order confirmation, tracking, or package, you can reach out to the backend team of Neptune seed bank.

The team is responsive, friendly, and instantly available.

However, you will have the company’s e-mail as an option to raise any queries. So no call or chat support is available.

Also, the response time from mail is around 24 working hours, although you might expect replies earlier.

Overall, customer support at Neptune seed bank is decent, and you will have a great shopping experience for sure.

Payment Options

You can place your order at Neptune seed bank instantly. Thanks to ample payment options available.

You can pay with:

  • E-check
  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Crypto (Bitcoin or Ethereum)

The recommended payment options are cash or crypto. If you are ordering locally, you can prefer cash as it is more discreet and safe.

Also, you can get an additional 10% off by paying with the cash method.

However, for international orders or if you are concerned more about your privacy, you can also directly go for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

With that, you don’t have to give your ID proof as well, as you get the bonus of 10% off.

As of right now, the company site is not accepting payments via bank transfer or wire transfer.

However, there are other convenient options available by which you can pay instantly and effortlessly.

Website Review

At first glance, the Neptune seed bank website looks professional and eye-catching.

As you scroll down the homepage of the Neptune seed bank, you get to know their sections of services.

You can get your hands on the different categories of seeds available, breeders, and the weekly sales.

Also, a separate section of ‘upcoming drops’ will allow you to know the upcoming launches on the store. That can keep you updated with the latest strains in the market.

Further, you can find the company’s various sections at the bottom, including FAQs and policy pages.

The best part of the Neptune seed bank website is that it is easy to navigate. You can easily find what you are looking for.

Whether it is about a strain or breeder, you can find out either through categories or the search bar, making your search on the store easy and instant.

Summing up, the impression of the website is excellent.

It has all the information for a buyer, while the navigation, user interface, and easy-to-access features make the overall experience better.

Discounts And Offers

There are fantastic discounts and offers are available during the weekly sales on Neptune seed bank.

Every week you can find offers going on a specific breeder or strain, and you can even get up to 25% off in that sale.

So in terms of discounts, Neptune has never disappointed its customers.

You can also have an added discount of 10% by paying through cash or crypto.

Therefore, if you are looking for some great deals and offers, Neptune seed bank is what you have been missing till now!

Return And Refund Policy

Unfortunately, Neptune seed bank does not accept returns as of right now.

However, they do offer a full refund before shipping.

Once dispatched, orders will not be eligible for returns or refunds.

Best Seeds To Buy From Neptune Seed Bank

  1. Banana OG (On Sale!)
  2. Caramel Creme (F)
  3. West Coast OG

Pros And Cons Of Neptune Seed Bank


  • Large seeds selection
  • High-quality seeds
  • Faster shipping to the USA
  • Guaranteed shipping
  • Highly reputed USA seed bank
  • Multiple payment options
  • Great customer service


  • No guaranteed delivery to international orders
  • No germination guarantee

Neptune Seed Bank Alternatives

  1. Herbies Head Shop: with one of the largest seed selections, faster stealth shipping worldwide, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Herbies Head Shop has got 5-star customers rating for being one of the best seed banks.
  2. ILGM: one of the best USA seed banks for faster delivery, germination guarantee, and premium marijuana seeds.
  3. Crop King Seeds: it is the best Canadian seed bank with 100+ physical retail sellers, an 80% germination rate, and a highly reputed brand for top-notch weed seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Neptune Seed Bank located?

Neptune seed bank is located in CA, USA. However, it operates online and sells seeds around the globe.

What are Neptune Seed Bank payment options?

E-check, credit card, cash, and cryptocurrencies are the payment options available at Neptune seed bank. However, there is no option for a wire transfer or bank transfer as of right now.

Is it safe to buy from Neptune Seed Bank?

Yes, it is entirely safe to buy marijuana seeds from Neptune seed bank. Instead, the company sells seeds for novelty purposes and encourages its buyers to follow the local laws regarding cannabis.

Being in the industry for a few years, Neptune seed bank has established its name among the finest seed banks.

Neptune Seed Bank Review: In Conclusion

Neptune seed bank is a 100% reliable, trustworthy, and legit seed bank in the USA.

This seed bank has high-quality marijuana seeds, excellent services, multiple payment options, and a great website.

The overall buying experience from Neptune seed bank is excellent, and therefore, I 100% recommend this seed bank to you.

However, I would consider Herbies Head Shop and ILGM for a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and best customer service.