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The Most Cost-Effective Cannabis Strains to Grow At Home


If you want to cultivate your own cannabis at home, you should consider a few things to ensure you get the most bang for your dollars. Cannabis strains may vary significantly in terms of cost, productivity, and complexity of cultivation; therefore, choosing the right strain for your purposes is critical.

Indica strains are generally less expensive to grow than Sativa strains, with hybrids falling somewhere in the middle. Indicas are shorter and bushier, making them simpler to cultivate indoors. They also have a larger yield, which means you’ll receive more bang for your cash.

Sativas, on the other hand, are taller and thinner, making them more challenging to cultivate indoors. They also have a lower yield, which means you’ll have to grow more plants to produce the same quantity of product.

The Most Cost-Effective Cannabis Strains to Grow

Hybrids are a happy medium between Indicas and Sativas, and their price varies depending on the strain. Here are some of the most affordable cannabis strains to produce at home:

Top 8 Cannabis Strains to Grow At Home

Obama Runtz

For various reasons, home growers should consider Obama Runtz strain a viable option. It is a strain that is pretty simple to cultivate and does not need much care or attention. Moreover, it is a high-yielding variety, producing several buds per plant.

Obama Runtz is a potent strain, making it an excellent choice for medical cannabis patients. If you’re looking to get the same effect with less powerful cannabis, you’ll need a lot less of it. Anyone wishing to save money by growing their cannabis in their backyard will find Obama Runtz an ideal alternative.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a popular, high-yielding Sativa strain derived from ancient Haze genetics. It is easy to grow, doesn’t need much area, and has an uplifting effect. The auto-flowering nature of the strain means that it can be grown indoors with less light and space requirements.

In both indoor and outdoor contexts, Amnesia Haze reaches medium height. It’s a breed that can produce a lot of fruit in a bit of space, but it is also quite prolific.

The plant may grow to 80–140 cm when grown indoors. Low-stress training methods are best for minimizing the size of the plant.

This strain will produce between 600–650g/m2 after a blooming period of 9–11 weeks. Waiting longer than other strains does not provide many additional advantages regarding taste, potency, or effects.

The variety favors a temperate environment when grown outside in the open. It may grow up to 210 cm tall in big pots or garden beds. It may generate up to 700 grams per plant.

Georgia Pie

Known as one of the cheapest strains to produce at home, the Georgia Pie strain is an Indica-dominant cannabis variety. Because it is simple to cultivate and brings in a substantial harvest, this strain is an excellent option for cannabis growers interested in minimizing their financial outlay.

Georgia Pie may also generate an entire body high with high potency. This one’s for you, a robust Indica-dominant strain that’s simple to cultivate and doesn’t cost the earth.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a tried-and-true favorite, one of the most popular strains for both consumers and farmers. Due to its Sativa-dominant genetics, this Blueberry/Haze hybrid originated in Northern California and is an absolute delight to cultivate.

It often grows large and robust and produces large amounts of high-quality buds. If you want the best results, try the SCROG technique.

If you fail to water, feed, or give it too many nutrients, it has a significant margin of error regarding growth. Blue Dream can withstand chilly nights and thrive in a variety of settings.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk’s famous hybrid will give your garden a lemony aroma. Sativa-dominant Super Lemon Haze prefers warmer areas with higher humidity levels, yet it can still grow in a wide range of conditions.

Unlike its parent, the Lemon Skunk, this is a hardy plant that doesn’t need much care. However, allow it plenty of room to spread out since it gets rather tall.

However, even if you don’t use scrubbing, you’ll still be able to achieve good results. As a result of its Sativa heritage, SLH often takes nine weeks or more to blossom, so expect to wait a bit longer to harvest this one.

Mac 1

Because Mac 1 strain is one of the most cost-effective cannabis strains to produce at home, it is a good choice for beginners. It is a mold and pest-resistant plant that can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. In addition to producing a significant volume of fruit, Mac 1’s buds are enormous and thick.

This bud’s scent is sweet yet tart; its flavor is zesty and delicious. Mac 1 has an elevating and euphoric impact for daytime usage, making it an excellent choice. Mac 1 is a short plant, further reducing its growing area requirements.

Durban Poison

Outside, Durban Poison is a potent and straightforward cannabis kind. As long as it isn’t exposed to freezing temperatures, this cannabis plant thrives in sunny or warm areas. Mold and bugs have little chance of growing on them.

When completely grown, the Durban Poison plant may reach a height of 90 inches, making it more suitable for outdoor cultivation than indoor. A typical harvest timeframe for Durban Poison is between late September and early October. It may produce up to 16 ounces per plant when grown in the open.

Critical Kush

Critical Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid between the well-known OG Kush and the well-balanced Critical strains. The plant’s typical size permits it to be grown in a tiny, restricted location. Indoors, this strain may grow to 60–100 cm. It may grow to 100–140cm when exposed to outside elements.

This strain’s large number of flowering plants results in excellent yields, even though it is small in size—around seven to eight weeks of blossoming before harvest in late September.

Yields of 500–550 g/m2 are typical for Critical Kush crops. Because of its potency, it is an excellent choice for unwinding the mind and body.

It’s hard to find anything more gratifying than cultivating your cannabis. A wide variety of sophisticated strains will challenge even the most seasoned and skilled growers.

Choose seeds that can withstand cold weather, bug infestations, illness, and mold while growing marijuana.

Is Sativa Or Indica Better For Back Pain?


Is Sativa or Indica better for back pain?

In short, I would say:

Whether you choose Sativa or Indica strains, you need to determine which strain works for your body and instantly gives you pain-relieving effects.

I understand; back pain is terrible.

And now you need a perfect cannabis strain that can vanish your back pain instantly.

Don’t worry! Your back pain will almost vanish now!

My team and I have narrowed down the marijuana strains recommended by medical patients who have gotten relief from severe pain symptoms.

However, it is your responsibility to determine which strain works for your body and gives you favorable effects, eventually finding the right strain for yourself: Sativa or Indica strains.

Sativa Or Indica Better For Back Pain

Let’s find out:

What Is Back Pain?

Back pain arises in the lower, middle, or upper back.

And it can occur due to any reason.

Whether you lifted a weight in the gym more than you can tolerate or you have fallen from somewhere and got hit in the back, back pain can occur due to any reason.

However, you don’t need to be worried as you are not the one who is experiencing this.

It happens with every other person.

The catch with back pain is that knowing the exact cause can be tricky. Also, the back pain can stay for some hours to some days or weeks for each individual.

Therefore, you need to get rid of back pain as soon as possible.

Role Of Marijuana In Relieving Back Pain

Medical marijuana has been immensely helpful in relieving pain and even other medical symptoms.

Since the early 90s, medical marijuana has been known among people for a good reason.

It is why medical marijuana got legalized way back before recreational marijuana.

Therefore, cannabis strains can be helpful for the effective treatment of back pain, as many people have reported that the marijuana strain can help give them pain relief to some extent.

Additionally, apart from back pain, marijuana can help with muscle spasms, treat the pain of the whole body, chronic back pain, and even decrease stress.

Hence, medical marijuana has several benefits.

Therefore, today, you will have some of the best cannabis strains that can help you relieve back pain instantly.

What Strain Work For Back Pain?

For back pain, there are many medications available.

However, the traditional medications may have side effects such as stomach upset, kidney issues, and even gastric bleeding instead of making your well-being.

On the other hand, there are thousands of medical marijuana strains available for chronic pain relief, muscle spasms, and relieving stress without any complex side effects.

However, each strain works differently for different individuals.

Depending on your THC tolerance, some potent cannabis strains can get intense head high and couch-locking effects.

Therefore, you need to get a strain according to your tolerance level.

These marijuana strains are also known for having better chemicals to alleviate pain and muscle spasms and even relieve anxiety.

Therefore, a strain that perfectly matches your body’s tolerance level and gives the desired medicinal effects will work perfectly to reduce pain and other symptoms.

Additionally, the cerebral and physical relaxation from a marijuana strain can help you treat pain, decrease stress, and alleviate nausea and other chronic conditions.

Best 5 Sativa Strains For Back Pain Relief

By narrowing down, here’s the list of the 5 best Sativa strains for back pain relief:

ACDC – #1 Medical Marijuana Strain For Back Pain

THC: ~1%

CBD: 15% to 20%

ACDC is one of the best medical marijuana strains in the cannabis world.

It possesses up to 20% CBD content, and therefore, it has the most negligible psychoactive side effects compared to strains enriched in THC.

With ACDC, you are less likely to get a numbing body high or couch-locked.

It is why it is a popular Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain among patients suffering from various illnesses.

ACDC works as a fantastic pain killer, thanks to its 1:20 ratio of THC and CBD content.

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Harlequin – Popular Medical Marijuana Strain

THC: ~0.5%

CBD: 15% to 17%

In CBD dominant strains, Harlequin is one of the most demanded strains among medical marijuana patients.

It has around 17% CBD content. Therefore, it is one of the non-psychoactive strains in the market.

Harlequin produces medicinal benefits to help alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, nerve pain, and other forms of acute pain.

Therefore, it is popular medical cannabis that many medical marijuana dispensaries sell, and you can access it with the help of a medical marijuana card.

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Sour Diesel – Potent Cannabis Strain For Pain Relief

THC: Up to 25%

Sour Diesel is a Sativa marijuana strain that is highly potent.

With up to 25% THC, you can feel an uplifting high, couch lock, and stimulating effect.

Therefore, it is a strain that can be used for treating pain, muscle spasms, and decreasing stress.

Also, prefer using Sour Diesel around bedtime as it is a high THC strain and can lead to deep sleep.

Many patients have reported better effects in insomnia symptoms and anxiety.

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Green Crack – A Powerful Marijuana For Muscle Spasms

THC: Around 20%

Green Crack is the strain that has a THC level in the upper 20s and produces medicinal effects like most strains in this list.

Green Crack’s effects are strong and can help relieve pain with its psychoactive effects.

Also, it can help you in pain management, reducing inflammation, and feeling relaxed at the end of a euphoric ride.

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Great White Shark – High THC Marijuana Strain

THC: 15% to 20%

If you want to enjoy the THC effects and get the pain-relieving effects, the Great White Shark is here to help you.

Around 20% THC is enough to punch you down with intense euphoria, while the effects will instantly make your back pain fade away and the anxiety and stress issues.

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Best 5 Indica Strains For Back Pain Relief

Northern Lights – Best Indica Strain For Back Pain Relief

THC: 20%

Northern Lights is one of the legendary and popular Indica strains.

It has around 20% THC to produce mind-blowing effects that will ultimately help you relieve pain, insomnia, and other symptoms.

This nearly pure Indica strain has various medicinal benefits and impressive growing capabilities.

Therefore, when looking out for the best Indica strain for back pain, Northern Lights is the first choice.

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Purple Punch – Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 18%

Purple Punch is a beautiful Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain with purple hues and a sweet, mouth-blessing taste.

The effects are strong enough to make your worries, stress, and pain fade away.

Its effects can also help manage nausea, stress, and sleeplessness.

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Gorilla Glue – Powerful Indica Medical Marijuana

THC: Up to 25%

You don’t have to look for more psychoactive strains once you get the Gorilla Glue.

This award-winner strain has high potency to give you relieving effects from back pain. However, it would help if you were capable enough to handle the hard-hit of euphoria that it delivers.

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OG Kush – Potent Marijuana For Pain Relief

THC: Up to 26%

Originated in Florida, OG Kush is an Indica dominant marijuana strain known for relieving back pain, easing stress, and giving you intense euphoric effects.

This marijuana is a potent Indica having up to 26% THC. Therefore, stoners with a high tolerance should go with this medical marijuana.

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Blue Cheese – Flavorful Marijuana Strain For Back Pain Relief

THC: Up to 20%

Blue Cheese is the marijuana strain with a mouth-watering blueberry taste with hints of a cheesy blend.

The effects of Blue Cheese are helpful in muscle spasms, pain, and stress.

Go with the Blue Cheese strain if you want to have tasty medical marijuana in your stash.

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Is Sativa Or Indica Better For Back Pain: Conclusion

When you suffer from back pain, you need an instant remedy to get over it. Hopefully, these different strains can help you get some relief.

Also, these marijuana strains are not likely to have severe side effects like other drugs.

However, if you suffer for a long time and can’t get a solution, you can always seek a doctor to seek professional help.

The Best Canadian Seed Banks in 2023


There have been hundreds of Canadian seed banks in the market after the legalization of marijuana in 2018.

And therefore, it becomes tough to find the best one among them, especially when you are a newbie digging the web for the perfect online store for your first harvest.

So, what is the solution, then?

Here it is:

I will take you through the ten best Canadian seed banks of 2023 that will make sure you get the finest weed seeds for the best harvest till time.

Now, sounds good?

Moreover, in the end, you will come up with your perfect seed bank from where you will pave your path as a successful grower.

So, let’s get started:

10 Best Canadian Seed Banks of 2023

Here is the list of the top 10 seedbanks that I personally use!

Crop King Seeds – Overall Best Canadian Seed Bank

Striving to provide the best cannabis seeds to the growers for the best harvest every time, Crop King Seeds has got one of the finest seeds backed with an 80% germination rate.

Doesn’t matter whether you are looking for feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular marijuana seeds, or CBD seeds. CKS has got everything on its menu.

To get beautiful female plants and zero male plants, don’t forget to check CKS’ feminized section, which ensures the highest yield every time.

On top of that, the release of 500 new seeds frequently ensures that you get most of the cannabis strains of the market here.

While the company manually checks and inspects its seeds for quality before sending them out to you.

That means you can rest assured of a 100% successful harvest after buying cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds.

Furthermore, placing an order on the CKS website is very easy. Thanks to their informative website interface.

However, you can quickly make payments with a Credit card (VISA, MasterCard) and Interac E-transfer.

Moreover, you also get the bitcoin payment method for ordering discreetly.

After successful payment, the company ships your order quickly within 1 to 2 business days, and therefore, it takes around 2 to 7 working days to deliver your order.

You can also be eligible for free stealth shipping for orders above $200. Whereas standard shipping charges of $20 and $40 are imposed on your cart.

For any queries or doubts related to your order, you can reach their customer service, which is quite friendly, supportive, and fast.

A 24/7 online chat is also available.


  • Best Canadian seed store
  • 500 new seeds
  • 80% germination rate
  • Large selection
  • Fast stealth shipping
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free seeds over $420 order


  • This seed store does not accept bank drafts

What’s the best:

Established in 2005, Crop King Seeds has been one of the best Canadian seed banks operating for over 15 years.

And throughout their journey, the best part about this seed store remains the quality of seeds.

Crop King Seeds always maintain the quality of their seed strains for the perfect harvest every time.

And that is why CKS is one of the favorite seed stores of growers in 2023.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Buy Feminized Seeds At Low Price

In Quebec, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the popular online cannabis seed banks to buy quality seeds in 2023.

Founded in 2013, this online store takes pride in keeping one of the top-notch cannabis seeds for medical and recreational purposes.

After years of experience in breeding cannabis seeds, QCS has got the strains with consistent THC and CBD.

And that is why they give you an 80% germination guarantee.

That means if 8 out of 10 seeds do not germinate, they will replace with another pack of seeds to make a difference of 80%. Sounds amazing?

Well, yes, you got the back of this store every time!

Whether you need regular marijuana seed, autos, CBD, or feminized cannabis seeds, QCS has got every seed strain of the best quality possible.

Moreover, the pricing at QCS is very affordable.

The pricing starts from less than $10. However, you will be charged in Canadian dollars at the store.

However, bulk weed seeds have even more low rates.

The seeds per price for the bulk order goes as low as just $4.5.

And, you get quick payment methods of Credit card and E-transfer to place your orders.

While after successful payment, your order will be shipped within just 1-2 working days. You can get free stealth shipping if your order amount exceeds $200.

Additionally, you get free seeds with $150+ orders.


  • One of the most popular marijuana seed stores
  • High-quality marijuana seeds
  • 80% germination guarantee (with replacement)
  • Bulk seeds available
  • Faster delivery in Canada
  • Multiple payment options
  • A trustworthy source


  • Delivery of USA orders sometimes get delayed

What’s the best:

Their top-notch cannabis strains at low prices are what make QCS one of the best Canadian seed banks.

While 80% germination guarantee makes sure, every weed grower gets for what he’s paying for.

And that is why to grow cannabis, Canadian growers prefer to buy cannabis seeds from QCS.

ILGM – Premium Cannabis Seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM, is one of the most popular seed stores in 2023.

Founded by a passionate marijuana lover with over 25 years of experience, ILGM has one of the most premium cannabis seeds in its stock that can guarantee successful cultivation.

The seed store possesses one of the finest feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds for beginners to experienced growers.

Additionally, their seeds come with a germination guarantee that can make you have the most out of your investment when purchasing seeds from ILGM.

However, if you are a new grower, then ILGM has a special section of ‘beginner’ seeds, where newbie growers can get the best marijuana seeds for a better harvest for the first time.

Moreover, you can also get the grow kits at this Canadian seed bank.

For the first-time purchase at ILGM, you can get $5 off.

Also, the company gives you a ‘buy ten seeds and get ten free seeds’ offer that leads to a 100% discount.

Discreet shipping is free for the USA and Australia. However, international shipping, including Canada, gets charged a nominal amount.

Further, their shipping is top-notch and ensures complete privacy. Thanks to the discrete packaging.

ILGM is one of the few Canadian seed banks that accept cash as a payment method. However, you can also pay with bitcoin, bank transfer, and via cards.


  • Best quality weed seeds
  • Highly reputed cannabis brand
  • Germination guarantee
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Discreet packaging
  • 9.1/10.0 rating from 14,500+ reviews at Kiyoh


  • Free shipping is available for U.S orders only

What’s the best:

Premium seeds of ILGM.

If you are one of those experienced growers looking to buy cannabis seeds of premium quality for leveling up your standard as a grower, then ILGM is the best choice.

This seed store has one of the finest cannabis seeds backed with a germination guarantee.

Therefore, whether you buy seeds in Canada or elsewhere, you are sure to get the most out of your investment at ILGM.

Herbies Seeds – Buy Best Seeds

Herbies Seeds is a team of own cannabis experts working for over ten years in the industry.

With a mission to better health and wellbeing, Herbies Seeds provide one of the finest seeds genetics.

This seed bank has a broad category of cannabis seeds.

The primary category includes auto-flowering, regular, photoperiod, and feminized seeds.

While for the budget growers, Herbies Seeds also has a section for cheap seeds where you can get the lowest price.

And, for medical patients as well, you will have low-THC strains.

All in all, Herbies Seeds has one of the most extensive cannabis stocks that ensure you can get your favorite seeds that are not available anywhere else.

Further, this seed brand has also made available strains from other seed banks like Royal Queen Seeds, Pyramid Seeds, and more.

That means you can access most of the strains in one place.

Complete customer satisfaction is the priority of this seed store, and therefore, they give you 24/7 customer service.

Doesn’t matter you are confused with strain options or have queries regarding orders. Herbies Seeds’ backend team is always there to help you out.

While shipping is done immediately after receiving payment. Delivery of the order from Herbies Seeds is usually done within 7 to 15 working days.

Further, you get multiple payment options to place orders.

Further, regular offers and discounts are also available in the store. As of now, Herbies Seeds is offering up to 22% off on its premium selection.


  • One of the largest seed categories
  • Finest quality marijuana genetics
  • Serving over 10 years in the market
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Cheap marijuana seeds are available
  • Discreet packaging
  • Guaranteed delivery option available


  • No refund policy

What’s the best:

Their vast seed selection.

At Herbies Seeds, you will get all kinds of marijuana strains.

From newbie to expert, and from the premium range to cheap weed seeds, Herbies Seeds is a one-stop store for all of your seed requirements.

True North Seed Bank – One Of The Best Cannabis Seed Banks

True North Seed Bank is a trustworthy vendor that promises the best premium weed seeds.

With 100% fresh cannabis seeds, TNSB has contacts with one of the finest breeders around the world.

Some of their quality seed breeders are Royal Queen Seeds, Serious Seeds, Barneys Farm, Moxie Seeds, DNA Genetics, Delicious Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Dinafem, and Dutch Passion.

Although the seeds imported at TNSB are of top quality, the quality also depends on your selected brand.

Further, the company has one of the fastest shipping services in Canada.

They ship within 2-3 business days and deliver your order in under seven days. However, remote locations usually take a longer time than that.

Returns and refund policies are also available if you are not satisfied with the product. However, you will be eligible for the return within seven days only after receiving the order.

Keep in mind that this seed bank will accept only damaged or unused orders for return.

Further, TNSB has made multiple payment options available for ordering online. E-transfer and Bitcoin are the main options. Additionally, you will be charged in Canadian dollars at the store.

You can also avail 25% off with free seeds while paying through bitcoin.

The store also has bulk offers available under which you can buy seeds in bulk at relatively low prices than the market.


  • High-quality cannabis seeds at a low price
  • Faster worldwide shipping
  • 25% off on bitcoin payment
  • Network with multiple seed breeders
  • Return and refund policy available
  • Free cannabis seeds with every order
  • Regular promotions


  • Few discount offers

What’s the best:

TNSB is one of the Canadian seed stores with a large seed variety. At the same time, all of their marijuana seeds are imported from the world’s finest breeders.

And therefore, TNSB weed seeds lead to the best harvest every time.

That is why if you are planning to buy cannabis seeds on a budget, then TNSB is the best option.

Seedsman – Online Seed Store With Large Selection

Want one of the largest seed selections?

Seedsman has got you covered!

Established in 2002, Seedsman is one of the most experienced seed breeders in the market, holding over thousands of cannabis strains in stock.

And, with experience of more than two decades, Seedsman knows what an ideal grower can look for.

That is why it doesn’t matter which seed variety you are looking for. So you will get that on Seedsman.

With a mission to provide the finest genetics of marijuana seeds to growers worldwide, Seedsman has got one of the largest seed selections.

Every strain is available for feminine seeds, autos, and award winners.

If you cannot find your favorite strain elsewhere, search that once on Seedsman.com, you are sure to get that here.

However, the best part is that they have affordable rates on their seeds.

Starting from as low as $10, you can get your hands-on their top-shelf marijuana seeds for a fantastic harvest.

That is why from newbie grower to expert, every weed grower prefers Seedsman to get their seeds.

Moreover, services at Seedsman are far better than any other average seed store.

They have got one of the quick, friendly, and supportive teams at the backend, making your online purchase at the shop more accessible and better.

Coming to the shipping and delivery services then they are excellent. Shipping is done within 2-3 days of receiving payment, whereas delivery can take 2 to 3 weeks, excluding bank holidays.


  • One of the largest seed selections
  • High-quality weed seeds
  • Network with hundreds of breeders around the world
  • Worldwide shipping and delivery
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Outstanding customer service
  • One of the most trustworthy and experienced store


  • No germination guarantee

What’s the best:

Their seed selection and quality of seeds.

Seedsman has almost every seed variety available. The best part is that they have the best version of it.

You can pick your seeds according to grow environment, goals, and even according to your breeder.

A cannabis community is also there to help you if you are a newbie.

Sonoma Seeds – Rare Marijuana Seeds

Sonoma Seeds can be your next favorite Canadian seed bank with more than 500+ strains in feminized, auto-flowering, and CBD seeds.

This West Coast-based seed bank believes in “growing organically,” Therefore, they keep only the hand-picked marijuana seeds that ensure the best harvest.

You can pick from Indica, Sativa, CBD, or hybrid categories.

All seeds of this seed bank ensure an 80% germination rate.

Further, all of their seeds are priced reasonably.

One of the best parts of this online seed bank is that they have given you multiple payment methods, unlike most other seed vendors.

Money transfer, Interac e-transfer, Cash, Bitcoin, and a Credit card are the options available to you for placing orders.

Once you place your order, Sonoma Seeds ships within 3-5 working days for Canadian buyers.

However, a flat rate of $20 is charged for express shipping.

However, you can be eligible for free shipping for orders above $200.

Packaging is done very discreetly to maintain privacy, which is an edge for the buyers of this seed bank.

Moreover, customer support at Sonoma Seeds is decent.

A fast, reliable, and engaging customer support team will help you answer your queries.

Though there are very few offers and discounts available in the store, the good thing is that pricing of the premium seeds is reasonable.


  • Free shipping over $200
  • 500+ marijuana strains to choose from
  • 80% germination rate
  • Excellent support team available
  • Multiple payment options are available


  • No reviews of this online store are available

What’s the best:

At Sonoma seeds, their seed selection is very impressive.

If you want to get your hands on some of the finest weed genetics to level up your cultivation journey, then Sonoma Seeds can surely help you with it.

Another thing that makes ordering seeds online easy is the availability of multiple payment options.

All in all, Sonoma Seeds can get you one of the best marijuana cultivation experiences with their seeds.

Mary Jane’s Garden – One Of The Best Local Seed Banks

Mary Jane’s Garden is one of the hubs for unique cannabis strains.

With a limited stock of top-notch unique cannabis seeds, this Vancouver seed bank can get your weed garden one of the incredible plants you might be growing for the first time.

Although this Canadian seed bank stocks weed seeds of all wide varieties.

From auto, feminized, regular, Indica, Sativa, indoor, outdoor to medical cannabis seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden has got everything in one place.

You can also get some rare strains here, which you might have never heard before.

And therefore, for the adventure growers, Mary Jane’s Garden is undoubtedly a seed bank to buy marijuana seeds from.

Available worldwide, this seed bank ships around the globe and makes sure every weed grower gets the highest quality of cannabis seeds possible.

Also, this is one of the few seedbanks that ships the same day if ordered before 14:00 (CET).

The company is located in Vancouver, Canada, and therefore delivers orders instantly throughout the nation.

Further, their unique strain packaging is done discreetly to ensure the user privacy remains maintained, and that is why the company has over a 90% delivery success rate.

In case of any issue or query, the company’s customer support executives are there to help you. You can call on the given number available on the website.


  • A premium selection of rare strains
  • Faster delivery in Canada
  • Same-day shipping
  • Faster customer support
  • Stealth shipping and delivery


  • Average website
  • Orders outside Canada can take a longer time

What’s the best:

At Mary Jane’s Garden, you can find some rare cannabis strains which are hard to find elsewhere.

A large variety allows you to select your favorite seeds from the vast strain selection.

And, the affordable pricing makes it easier for every weed grower to afford some hard-to-find strains.

If you want to grow some premium cannabis plants, check out the menu of Mary Jane’s Garden.

Sensi Seeds – Most Experienced Seed Bank

Sensi Seeds is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks globally, with one of the largest selections of marijuana strains in inventory, having more than 500 seed varieties.

With a 4/5 shop rating, Sensi Seeds is the online seed bank that can ensure you discreet packaging and fast delivery, making one of the highest successful deliveries of cannabis orders worldwide.

Apart from the essential catalog of cannabis seeds (auto-flowering, feminized, and CBD), the store also possesses one of the best hemp foods and vaporizers.

Therefore, Sensi Seeds can be your one-stop destination for all of your smoking needs.

Further, the store gives you ample payment options for placing orders. For example, bank transfer, Credit card, and cash are the accepted methods.

And after the successful payment, the company ships the order within 24 working hours.

Though shipping for bank transfer payment method can take more time as bank transfer transactions can take up to 5 business days for showing up in the account.

Orders, once shipped, can take up to 15 days to be delivered to your location.

Further, the customer support at Sensi Seeds is excellent.

Their backend team is friendly, supportive, and fast making your online shopping experience much better at Sensi Seeds.


  • One of the most experienced online seed banks
  • Highly reputed store
  • Large varieties
  • Top-notch weed seeds
  • Discreet packaging and faster delivery
  • Multiple payment options
  • Excellent customer support


  • Few discounts and offers

What’s the best:

At Sensi Seeds, you get one of the finest bred cannabis seeds with over 30 years of experience in cannabis breeding.

Therefore, you can be assured of the best quality weed seeds, leading you to have one of the best marijuana cultivations.

Doesn’t matter you are a newbie or an experienced grower. Sensi Seeds has got the best seeds.

Montreal Seed Bank – Buy Marijuana Seeds At Affordable Rate

Relatively new but one of the most affordable and quality online seed banks worldwide, Montreal Cannabis Seeds has been operating now for over five years in the industry.

With consistent THC and CBD content in its strains, Montreal Cannabis seed bank promises the premium marijuana seeds that lead to one of the best harvests.

The store has multiple seed varieties, including autos, feminized, and regular seeds.

Additionally, their mixed packs of seeds will allow you to get your hands on multiple strains with single time purchase.

And, for medical weed enthusiasts, the seed bank has one of the best CBD and medical cannabis seeds in stock.

Even if you are growing outdoors, you can still choose your strains according to the harvest months in the category.

While if you need a fast strain to grow, you can check their fast version section.

If you are a commercial grower, don’t forget to check their bulk deals.

Therefore, irrespective of your cultivation skills and purpose, Montreal Cannabis Seeds has got everything for you.

Further, you can place your order quickly. Thanks to the easy website interface.

And, shipping is done within 2 to 3 business days after successful payment. However, delivery time can vary from 5 to 10 working days depending upon your location.


  • Variety of cannabis seeds
  • Top-notch seeds
  • Excellent customer support
  • Faster shipping
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Limited payment methods
  • No regular offers and discounts

What’s the best:

If you are stepping into growing marijuana as a beginner, then Montreal Cannabis Seeds can pave your path for a successful harvest.

Their budget pricing makes them one of the best Canadian seed banks in the market.

And the combination of the best quality and the perfect pricing makes this online store an ideal choice for a newbie.

What are the most reputable and the best seed banks?

There are a lot of reputed and best seed banks. However, ILGM, Crop King Seeds, and Seedsman are some of the most reputable and trustworthy seed banks in the market, trusted by millions of growers worldwide.

Are seed banks legal in Canada?

As 2018’s cannabis act legalized cannabis, seed banks also got legalized to fulfill the increased demand for marijuana cultivation and products.

Therefore, you can now legally buy seeds in Canada and grow cannabis plants.

What seed bank has the best genetics?

All the seed banks store the finest genetics of marijuana. However, Crop King Seeds, ILGM, Seedsman, and Quebec Cannabis Seeds have some of the best weed genetics in their inventory.

Is it legal to buy seeds online in Canada?

If you are an adult aged 19 or above, you can buy seeds online in Canada. You can also indulge in any cannabis activity as you reach the adult age.

Why are seed banks important?

Seed banks are stores that maintain the quality of cannabis seeds and stock a large variety in one place to buy and start cultivation. Therefore, they are essential.

Buy Cannabis Seeds In Canada: Conclusion

Finally, you must come up with your favorite seed bank for buying cannabis seeds.

If you are unsure yet, you can start your journey with Crop King Seeds or ILGM.

These are the all-time best Canadian seedbanks that will ensure you get premium quality cannabis seeds for a perfect harvest.

Before you step into the garden to grow a cannabis plant, make sure you have permission from your local laws and authorities because the cultivation of cannabis is still regulated according to different regions.

However, once you are comfortable with the laws, get ready to rock in the garden with the above Canadian seed banks.

Top 10+ Best Online Dispensary Canada


After 2018’s law reformation in Canada, recreational cannabis products have become quite common.

Therefore, due to the increase in demand, there has been a surge in online dispensaries in Canada.

Many online dispensaries in the country sell mail-order marijuana throughout the nation.

However, the question is:

Which shop will be the best for you when many Canadian online dispensaries are there in the market?

Sounds tough?

Well, here I am to help:

Today, I will take you through the top 10, and the best online dispensaries in Canada approved and appreciated by cannabis connoisseurs and lovers.

In the end, you will come up with the perfect online mail-order marijuana dispensary for yourself to get the best weed deals.

Excited? Let’s get straight into it:

11 Best Online Dispensaries In Canada

There are hundreds of online stores claiming as one of the best online dispensaries to buy weed online.

And, hence it becomes hard to choose the best one.

Well, now, it will not be!

Here are the 11 best online dispensaries in Canada chosen by the weed lovers themselves that will surely make your online cannabis purchase highly successful:

West Coast Cannabis – #1 Online Dispensary Canada

Established in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, West Coast Cannabis is currently one of Canada’s best mail-order marijuana dispensaries.

This cannabis brand takes pride in having one premium and high-quality cannabis product for various diseases. And that is why weed enthusiasts prefer to buy weed products from WCC.

From AAAA+ grade cannabis to the best concentrates, edibles, CBDs, oils, vape, pre-rolls, and topicals, this online dispensary has got everything at their online store.

Even the accessories section is there to get your required tools and weed products.

WCC takes 24/7 online cannabis orders.

Further, you get the e-mail transfer and bitcoin as the payment methods.

Once your order gets placed successfully, the company ships instantly within 24 working hours. However, you get charged a flat rate of $20 for shipping.

The company strives to give its customers the best experience of online shopping.

And that is why they have one of the reliable, friendly, and supportive teams available instantly for all of your queries.

While for the online shoppers who love to buy weed on offers, coupon codes, and discount codes, West Coast Cannabis is heaven!

This store has multiple offers, coupon codes, and cannabis deals every time. As of now, WCC is offering five pre-rolls and 5k cash prizes in their contest.

Moreover, a reward program is there for every order.


  • One of the top-notch mail-order marijuana shops
  • Large selection and varieties
  • Free express shipping on $150+ orders
  • Great customer service
  • Huge offers, coupon codes, and discounts
  • Reputed online dispensary in Canada
  • 4.7/5.0 rating on Trustpilot from 2700+ reviews online


  • Limited payment options

What we loved the most:

Their best quality products are at affordable rates.

At West Coast Cannabis, their products are fantastic. And they have an extensive selection of it.

So, on top of that, their pricing makes it easy for every weed lover to afford.

Therefore, WCC has become one of the top online dispensaries in Canada from where you can get all of your weed needs while staying within your planned budget.

Now, you know why WCC is at #1 in our online dispensary Canada list.

Click Here To Buy Weed From West Coast Cannabis

Cannablossom – Best Rated Online Dispensary

Cannablossom is the weed dispensary that will surely level up your marijuana experience with a mission to provide the best weed products.

From medicinal weed products to pro-level recreational cannabis products, Cannablossom has everything that you need.

This weed dispensary stocks hash, concentrates, baked edibles, vape, mushroom, and flowers in its menu.

Though the catch is Cannablosssom’s marijuana products are highly potent, ideally made for ‘upliftment.’

This Canadian online dispensary has expertise in having one of the potent marijuana flowers that possess up to 33% THC. The high of such flowers can easily sky-rocket anyone into space!

That is why if you want to go to an advanced level of weed, Cannablossom has got some fantastic stuff.

Further, the store offers up to 50% off with coupon codes during the sales, while their wholesale products are way more affordable than other online dispensaries.

You will get one of the fastest shipping here. Because Cannablossom ships every day from 2 to 4 PM PST.

Well, you can even be eligible for free shipping if you order above $150. Otherwise, a $15 flat rate is charged for shipping.


  • Highly potent weed
  • Weed products on sale and wholesale
  • Faster weed delivery
  • Up to 50% off on sales
  • 4.9 rating on Trustpilot
  • Trustworthy online dispensary
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Average customer service

What we loved the most:

Cannablossom has all weed stuff that an enthusiast can look for, but when it comes to edibles, flowers, and concentrates, there is no match for this cannabis brand.

They stock one of the finest quality products that weed connoisseurs highly appreciate.

Further, the sky-level potency of some impressive range of products at Cannablossom will surely level up your journey with cannabis.

Click Here To Buy Weed From Cannablossom

Haute Health – One of the Best Mail Order Dispensaries

What will be better than starting your day with the slight crunch of weed cookies that can elevate your whole day?

Sounds amazing?

And, for that, Haute Health is the best online dispensary.

Further, you will also be able to access high-quality concentrates, vape, mushrooms, and CBD.

However, the best part is that they have one of the most affordable rates on each weed product.

They have a special section for budget weed lovers to access $2-gram, $5 gram, and $10-gram weed.

Therefore, even though you will have a meager budget, this online dispensary in Canada will still make you blaze every day.

And the cherry on the top is their 47% off on storewide products.

Further, the company also provides you loyalty program on each purchase.

As you will place your order with successful E-transfer, your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days, which can arrive at you within a maximum of 5 business days.

And customer support is there to help you with your queries instantly within only a few clicks. So you need to approach them during working hours to get a faster response.


  • One of the most affordable MOM dispensaries in Canada
  • Highly reputed store
  • Faster shipping
  • Up to 47% off storewide              
  • Decent customer support
  • Large selection
  • 60% off on premium products with VIP access  


  • No refund policy

What we loved the most:

With a mission to provide the highest quality cannabis products at the best price possible, Haute Health has done a fantastic job in making weed accessible to every budget enthusiast.

And this is what people love the most about this online dispensary in Canada.

At Haute Health, you can even buy weed edibles for as low a price as just $2. So what else do you need more?

Click Here To Buy Weed From Haute Health

Green Society – Best Weed Deals Online

Green Society is the perfect dispensary.

The store has all kinds of products available for different medicinal symptoms.

Doesn’t matter you want to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, stress, or muscle spasm. Green Society has some of the best weed products available in its inventory.

While this dispensary, stocks from edibles concentrate to accessories making it a weed supermarket and giving you access to all of your needs in one place.

The dispensary also has a special sales section where you can get up to 50% off on their products. You can also check their ‘Inventory Blowout’ section for some fantastic deals.

The website interface of the virtual store is quite impressive. Navigation is easy, and finding out the favorite products is relatively easy with the help of filters.

Further, Green Society is available in most regions and has one of the best shipping services.

They ship from Canada Post’s Xpresspost service, leading to delivering your order within 2 to 3 business days.

The customer support is fast, reliable, and friendly. That is available for help most of the time.


  • Highly reputed dispensary
  • 4.7 Google rating from 1300+ reviews
  • Excellent shipping service
  • Faster customer support
  • Up to 50% off sales
  • Large selection of cannabis products
  • Multiple payment options


  • No free shipping for orders below $149

What we loved the most:

Their extensive selection and offers.

Green Society is a weed supermarket that delivers one of the largest varieties while keeping the quality superior.

And the cherry on the top is the pricing they have kept for their very affordable products.

Therefore, doesn’t matter you are looking for medicinal weed or highly-potent cannabis concentrates; Green Society has covered all.

Click Here To Buy Weed From Green Society

The Grow House – Buy Weed Online At Low Price

Want to get your hands on one of the finest cannabis brands?

Buy from The Grow House.

From a variety of brands to selling the products at one of the lowest prices is what catches every weed lover’s eyes.

The store strives to provide top-quality concentrates, cookies, e-vape juices, edibles, topicals, mushrooms, oils, and almost every marijuana product directly from the farm.

Ordering at The Grow House online dispensary is relatively easy to register for an account. After that, you can also place your orders via phone call.

Orders shipped within 1 to 2 days of successful payment. At the same time, the discreet delivery gets completed within only a few days.

Top of that, this dispensary guarantees your order. That means, if your order gets lost in transit, they will reship for free.

The Grow House respects its user’s privacy; therefore, its packaging is discreet and remains smell-proof.

Further, the store has also got discounts and sales.

That allows you to get up to 50% off on premium products.

Moreover, The Grow House has decent customer service, making your overall online shopping experience better at the store.


  • Product quality is top-notch
  • One of the most famous brands
  • Coupons and discounts are available
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • 4.62 rating from 1500+ reviews


  • Sometimes delivery of orders gets delayed

What we loved the most:

The Grow House has a collection from one of the top brands in the Canadian market. Grandiflora, Green Genetics, SleeBD, High On Love, and Rising Moon Botanicals are some brands under The Grow House.

Further, all of their products are priced at one of the lowest rates.

Therefore, whether you are a newbie enthusiast or expert weed consumer, this weed dispensary has all of your marijuana needs from the world’s finest brands at a very budget price.

Click Here To Buy Weed From The Grow House

Herb Approach – One of the Best Online Dispensaries

Herb Approach has one of the best medical cannabis strains, edibles, concentrates, and CBD oils with a mission to serve medical patients.  

The store doesn’t require a medical card. Therefore, you can directly access their premium quality cannabis products without any formalities.

However, you have to order online for at least $100.

All of the weed products at Herb Approach are imported from one of the finest cannabis brands in the market.

Further, more than 15 years of market experience of this brand has helped them keep stock of the most demanded marijuana products with their best quality.

Additionally, customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Herb Approach, and therefore, this dispensary makes sure you get the best online weed shopping experience with them.

That is why they have one of the top-class customer support teams at the backend, always available for help.

Further, this dispensary in Canada ships to most locations through Canada post. And, their orders usually arrive within 3-5 working days.


  • More than 15 years of market experience
  • High-quality marijuana to order online
  • Affordable price and coupon codes discount
  • Excellent customer service
  • Faster and stealth shipping
  • Discrete delivery
  • No medical recommendation required


  • An order limit of $100 is required to buy from Herb Approach

What we loved the most:


If you are not concerned with the order limit, the Herb Approach has everything you can expect from an ideal dispensary.

They have got one of the finest marijuana products, varieties, and better services.

Additionally, the years of market experience and therefore they know what to deliver to a marijuana lover.

All in all, you can be assured of a better shopping experience at Herb Approach if you will buy cannabis online from here.

Click Here To Buy Weed From Herb Approach

BC Bud Supply – Best Online Dispensary For Quality Cannabis

BC Bud Supply is the best online dispensary in Canada established in British Columbia province. They sell mail-order marijuana throughout the country and are known for premium weed products.

The dispensary possesses an extensive catalog to choose CBD products.

The dispensary has collaborated with one of the finest weed brands.

91 Supreme, Elite Elevation, Milky Way Extracts are some of them.

Trusted by lakhs of weed lovers in Canada, BC Bud Supply has premium product qualities, ideal for various medicinal symptoms.

While their premium picks section is full of marijuana strains that can advance your standard as a weed lover.

Gelato 45 (AAAA) marijuana strain is one of the most demanded at this dispensary. While you can grab all of their premium strains at a massive discount as sales are going on.

Further, the company believes in providing a better customer experience, and therefore, they have one of the most friendly, supportive, and caring customer support.

Available instantly, their backend team is ready to help you with your questions anytime during business days and working hours.

Shipping is done instantly within 48 to 72 hours of successful payment. In comparison, orders usually arrive under seven days to any location.

You can be eligible for free shipping if you place an order above $100.

Also, BC Bud Supply is one of few cannabis dispensaries where you can buy cannabis online with a credit card payment method.

Otherwise, most online dispensaries give you Interac E-transfer as the primary payment method.

Also, the company makes sure your privacy remains secure as they pack weed in smell-proof, vacuum-sealed bags.


  • Top-quality weed bud
  • Extensive catalog and bulk weed
  • Fast and stealth shipping
  • Excellent customer service
  • Multiple payment options
  • Reward program
  • Highly trustworthy source


  • Free shipping is available for orders above $100 only

What we loved the most:

BC Bud Supply’s strains!

They have one of the most premium ranges of potent cannabis strains on their menu. From buying weed online for individual use to buying bulk weed, BC Bud Supply has the best price available at their store.

Their services are far better than any other average store, a cherry on the top!

Click Here To Buy Weed From BC Bud Supply

Pacific Green – Best Weed Deals To Buy Online

Pacific Green keeps its priority for providing the best quality weed products to help in better health and well-being.

Therefore, they have stocked the best craft cannabis flowers hand-picked by their growers, ensuring purity and safety.

The dispensary holds stock for high-quality vapes, concentrates, edibles, hash, and AAAA+ grade flowers, which you can buy at a very reasonable price here.

Their top-shelf cannabis starts from just $30 for AAAA+ grade weed flowers. At the same time, the mix and match section is there to help you get multiple strains with a single-time purchase.

Additionally, there will be a seasonal sale under which you can get up to 25% off for the mix and match section.

Also, you can refer your friend to get $50 off on the next purchase. You can even avail of 15% off as a first-time buyer on Pacific Greens Co.

All in all, you are sure to get one of the most affordable deals at Pacific Green.

Orders are packed discreetly, ensuring the highest-level privacy security, and sent via Canada Post Xpress service. Usually, orders arrive within 3-5 working days.

Remote locations can take more time, though.

Further, the years of market experience and the expert backend team know what to deliver to a weed enthusiast.


  • Hand-picked quality products
  • Affordable pricing
  • Discounts and sales available
  • Best cannabis deals
  • Faster shipping


  • Lack of information on the website
  • Average customer service

What we loved the most:

Pacific Greens Co. has a good reputation online, and this brand is known for pure and most delicate quality weed products ideal for medical marijuana patients.

And that is why this online Canada dispensary has earned 4.8 out of 5-star ratings from 450+ reviews.

Overall, you are sure to have one of the best online weed buying experiences at Pacific Greens Co.

Click Here To Buy Weed From Pacific Green

Get Kush – Affordable Online Dispensary Canada

Started by siblings with a passion for cannabis, Get Kush is one of the dispensaries where you will get the lowest price guarantee.

Selling over 200+ weed products, Get Kush is the best online dispensary in Canada if you are just stepping in for the first time to buy medical marijuana.

Get Kush has one of the best selections for top-shelf weed, concentrates, edibles, vapes, CBD, and mushrooms available at very reasonable pricing.

The company cares for its customers and gives a free weed gift with every order, which you can choose while checking out.

The company imports only the premium marijuana strains from the farmers who grow the best plants.

While they also perform lab tests to ensure every weed extract is of the highest quality possible.

That is why they can deliver one of Canada’s best craft cannabis products.

Also, the store claims to be one of the most voted online shops in Canada. No doubt, why Get Kush has earned a 4.7/5.0 rating from 4600+ reviews at Trustpilot.

Further, the company has contacts with multiple brands to ensure you get your favorite brands’ products.

Additionally, Get Kush has weekly deals under which you can buy weed on sale.

Moreover, top-notch services at this online dispensary Canada make your online weed shopping much smoother.

With guaranteed delivery and free express post shipping, you can expect this store to be one of the best mail-order marijuana dispensaries in 2023.


  • Natural and best quality cannabis buds
  • Multiple cannabis brands
  • Offer free shipping
  • Faster delivery
  • Free weed gift
  • Highly rated and reputed online dispensary
  • Best store for new customers


  • Orders get delayed sometimes

What we loved the most:

Get Kush is the best choice for one of the best quality weed products.

Because the store has one of the most refined marijuana derivatives imported from the highest quality weed plants.

And on top of that, the company has one of the finest services, making your online purchase experience even better.  

Click Here To Buy Weed From Get Kush

Canada MOM Dispensary- Best Product Quality

Ideally made for medical patients, Canada Mail Order Marijuana stocks one of the finest bred marijuana strains, concentrates, edibles, CBD products, and even marijuana accessories.

Canada Mail Order Marijuana promises 100% customer satisfaction.

That means, if you are not satisfied with the order, you can get a complete refund.

The same goes for the shipping services. If your order gets lost in transit, Canada Mail Order Marijuana will reship another package for free.

While the dispensary never compromises with the quality.

Instead, they have growers with over 20 years of experience.

And therefore, their products are made of one of the most delicate quality weed plants.

Additionally, their variety in products makes you able to get all of your favorite weed products in one place.

Shipping is done within 2 to 3 business days, while you can

be eligible for free shipment for orders above $100. While payment is accepted via

E-transfer only.

You can also place orders via telephone as well.

Moreover, the company makes it possible to give you the best price on the market and even a price match guarantee.

If you get any concerns regarding products or service issues, you can ring the backend team of the company. They are available to you instantly and respond within 24 working hours.


  • Price match guarantee
  • One of the finest weed buds
  • Excellent services
  • Faster shipping
  • Refund and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Trustworthy brand


  • Few offers, coupon codes, and discounts
  • Free shipping over $100 only

What we loved the most:

Canada Mail Order Marijuana has an impressive range of quality products that can be perfect for the usage of newbie users.

They offer the best price from the market.

Therefore, if you are limited on your budget and want a premium cannabis product, you can surely buy from Canada Mail Order Marijuana.

While cherry on the top is their service, making this store the best online dispensary in Canada.

Click Here To Buy Weed From Canada MOM

BMWO – Best MOM Dispensary Canada

Perfect for medical weed enthusiasts, Buy My Weed Online is the store that has weed for all of your medical symptoms.

It doesn’t matter if you have anxiety, stress, ADHD, depression, muscle spasms, or insomnia; the Buy My Weed Online dispensary has the finest craft cannabis products on its menu to help you overcome that.

While the dispensary offers you one of the most affordable rates on their top-shelf weed strains, their AAAA grade marijuana price starts from just $30. Isn’t it amazing?

Further, the company has one of the largest varieties in Vancouver, ensuring you get all of your marijuana needs in one place.

While all of their marijuana strains are cured, tested, and inspected for 100% purity safety before stocking them into the menu.

Most likely, orders are delivered within 3-5 business days. However, the time depends on your location as well.

However, you can reach their backend team, which is available instantly for all of your queries if there is an issue.


  • One of the finest quality weed shops
  • Lab-tested for purity and safety
  • Zero pesticides in products
  • Faster shipping
  • Affordable weed deals


  • Only email transfer is accepted as the payment method

What we loved the most:

At Buy My Weed Online dispensary, we loved their efforts to maintain quality.

The company manually ensures the highest grade of products and lab tests for purity to deliver one of the best weed products to you.

No doubt why this best online dispensary has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating at Trustpilot.

Click Here To Buy Weed From Buy My Weed Online

Which is the best online dispensary?

Besides, there are a lot of online dispensaries, West Coast Cannabis, Cannablossom, and Haute Health are some of the best online dispensaries in Canada.

How much can you buy from mom dispensaries at a time in Canada?

After the legalization of marijuana in Canada, weed is allowed to be carried up to 30 grams at a time in the country. In contrast, medical marijuana patients can keep even more after a medical card.

Are dispensaries illegal in Canada?

2018’s legal reformation of cannabis has allowed weed for medical and recreational users. Therefore, dispensaries in Canada are legal now.

Who has the most dispensaries in Canada?

As of 2021, Ontario has the most online dispensaries in its province, counting 1000+ in quantity.

Can anyone go to a dispensary in Canada?

People aged 19 years can go to a cannabis dispensary in Canada.

Who makes the best edibles in Canada?

Besides many brands, edibles of Haute Health, Green Society, and Herb Approach give the best experience.

Buy Weed Online In Canada: Conclusion

Ordering cannabis online in Canada is easy as the legalization has happened. However, you have to find the right and quality source for it.

And, hopefully, you might have found for yourself in this guide, till here.

Order weed online now and start enjoying it!

Also, check Seed banks, Autoflowering seed banks, Weed Dispensaries.

How To Use A Raw Joint Roller?


You have got one of the best joint rollers and now wondering how to roll joints with it?

Look no further!

Read this complete guide on using a raw joint roller machine and be the expert for rolling joints independently.

Let’s get started:

How To Use A Raw Joint Roller

Step By Step Guide On How To Use Rolling Machine

Get Your Materials

Before you get into the step-by-step guide on using the rolling machine, you need to prepare the beforehand stuff.

So, get your:

  • Joint Roller
  • Rolling Papers
  • Grinder
  • Joint Filter
  • Weed, and
  • A Lighter, too

Once you have made these things ready, follow the easy steps below to learn and make your joints with a joint roller.

Step 1: Crush Your Herb And Load Raw Rolling Machine

Get your herb and grind it with the grinder.

Make sure to grind so fine that it can roll to make a perfect joint.

Also, it will help you to smoke evenly and smoothly.

Now, place the joint-rolling machine in front of you stably.

Open the joint roller machine by sliding the top over.

You can set the rolling machine accordingly to make smaller or bigger joints.

After that, place the filter you have got on one side.

Now, load the machine with the herb that you just have crushed. Make sure not to fill too much and leave some space for the air.

Also, you can use your fingers to place the weed evenly and not let it fall as you begin rolling your device.

You can move to the next step as you have now loaded the rolling machine.

Step 2: Using The Joint Roller To Make The Perfect Joints

After loading, it’s time to get the joint rolled.

However, before proceeding with the rolling paper, you need to roll the machine as it is toward you.

It will help the taut plastic get inside, and the guts will get tight. You can use your fingers to roll about a half turn.

After rolling for a while, get a sheet of rolling paper.

It’s time to insert it into the rolling machine.

Could you place it in between cigarette rollers? Make sure that the sticking side is toward you.

You can now start rolling. Remember, you need to roll towards you.

To roll the joint, place your two index fingers in from the ends of the roller farther from you.

Make sure to slide the roller. You can also use the tip of your fingers.

If you rolled well, the rolling machine would pack your weed perfectly. However, if you are a newbie, you can get the perfect result within two rolls.

Remember that you don’t need to roll farther as you have to leave some sticky side to lick.

You can roll nearest to the point where you want to lick.

After licking, you can continue rolling and give it one full rotation. You can also rotate multiple times to ensure to get a good joint.

You need to finish rolling, pull the rolling machine out, and get your joint.

Boom! You just rolled a joint.

Now, you have just got to know how to use a joint roller and roll a perfect cigarette or joint.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it a perfect joint or mistook it somewhere.

You can use the rolling machine multiple times and make a quality joint to smoke.

Step 3: Light Up Your Joint And Enjoy!

You just have rolled one of your cigarettes. Just light it up and start smoking!

Which Joint Roller Works The Best?

In a joint, you need your weed to be packed perfectly.

Your roller needs to make an even roll so that you can smoke smoothly.

If these two things work fine, you have a quality joint roller.

However, nowadays, there are tons of joint roller machines available. The part that will satisfy you is that you don’t need to seek a tutorial for every different roller.

Instead, generally, all the rolling machine works similarly.

But the catch is how to decide which joint roller works the best?

Well, there are many joint rollers. Some are expensive, too.

However, I suggest you not put a heavy amount in just a roller. Instead, invest in premium weed and get a standard roller machine available for around $5.

So, in a nutshell, any standard joint roller will work fine. You can grab any of the quality machines from the internet.

My suggested machine will be Raw Roller on Amazon. It is one of the best joint rollers in the market.

What Kind Of Paper Can You Roll A Joint With?

You cannot insert a standard paper to get your weed packed as a joint in the rollers.

There are several reasons for that.

One of the most important factors is that it burns faster when smoking; therefore, it will not give you an efficient puff.

Hence, you need to grab a hemp-made paper for a great smoke session.

It lasts longer and makes you get a great smoking session every time. Further, it is also a safe way rather than using regular paper.

Zig-Zag damp proof rolling papers are pretty popular.

Automatic Rolling Machines Vs. Standard Ones

There are two rollers in the market available: Automatic ones and manual ones.

Depending upon how frequently you puff and how fastly you want, you can go for either one.

However, I suggest that normal or manual ones are better.

They are cheap, fast, and last long without any device error.

Also, the automatic ones are pretty expensive compared to the manual ones.

On the other hand, if standard ones get out of working mode, you can easily buy another one as they cost less than $10.

However, automatic devices are expensive and can also bear some pressure on your budget.

Tips For Making Good Rolls

  1. Make it smooth. Don’t make your joint too tight that it can get ripped off easily.
  2. Although you can make a perfect joint with easy steps, still, you need to mark the tip and the bottom of your joint, especially when you are starting as a beginner.
  3. Keep the sticky end or glue side towards you while inserting it into the roller.
  4. Get a good roller. You can read reviews and ratings online before choosing your roller. If you are privacy concerned, you can ask for without sign delivery, too from the shop.
  5. You can go for any roller depending upon your need. However, king-size is quite popular among stoners nowadays and a great choice if you smoke frequently.

FAQs About Rolling A Joint

Can we use regular paper for weed joints?

Ideally, it would help if you did not use it as it will burn faster and will not give you an efficient smoke session. Also, hemp-made papers are safer to puff.

What to do if I don’t have any rolling papers to use a joint roller?

You can keep a backup of rolling papers or use a bong for your weed session. However, if you want to use a joint roller, you can use any regular paper without ink or anything else on it.
Though it will not give you perfect joint fun.

How much does a joint roller cost?

You can go for a standard joint roller which can cost you from $5 to $20. You can avoid the rest of the expensive rollers, which cost you around $50 for premium devices.

Top 10+ Best Seed Banks That Ships To USA 2022 – Reliable & Reputed


Imagine this:

You are puffing your favorite buds with your homies, chilling in your room while listening to your favorite track.

Isn’t it sound wonderful?


Right now, you are struggling to find the best place to buy seeds online for yourself to start growing your buds. Right?

But, now, you don’t have to!

Today, you will find the secret of every other successful grower. The top-notch seedbanks from professional growers buy seeds and make buds rain!

These seed banks ship to the USA and all the countries where weed lovers stay.

And buying weed seeds from these online seed banks has sky-shot the chances of success in weed gardening by 100%.

Excited to know the list?

Let’s find out:

Best Seed Banks That Ships To USA

Here are the most voted and most reputable seed banks in the USA that will help you achieve desired output from your weed garden this year:

Herbies Head Shop – Editor’s Choice

In 2022, if you plan to start your new grow project, then Herbies Seeds is the seed bank you must go with first.

Based in Spain, this seed bank operates online and sells only premium quality marijuana seeds throughout the globe.

Top of that, Herbies Seeds has a stock of every marijuana variety that you can look for.

Whether you are searching for feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, high-THC, low-THC, photoperiod, regular, fast flowering, high CBD, beginners, outdoor, indoor, Indica, Sativa, or anything else, they have got everything covered.

You will have a selection of 3000 cannabis seeds for sale from 120 breeders across the globe at Herbies Seeds. Isn’t it amazing?

Further, Herbies Seeds maintains the quality and freshness by keeping seeds at low temperatures with expert care leading to high germination rates.

Also, being in the industry for over a decade, Herbies Seeds knows what an ideal grower can expect from a seed bank, and therefore, they deliver and stand out on growers’ expectations.

Moreover, the company also takes pride in giving the best customer experience. They provide 24/7 customer service.

That means their backend team is available whenever you need their support.

Besides, placing orders at Herbies Seeds is easy and fast. Thanks to multiple payment options.

You can quickly pay for your order with a bank transfer, credit or debit card, and bitcoin. Also, you will have Cash on delivery option, too.

Once your payment is received, Herbies Seeds will ship your order within 24 working hours, leading to a delivery time of 1-3 days in Europe with UPS Express delivery.

However, different locations take different times for the delivery of orders. For example, orders with certified mail take around 13-18 working days in the USA.

Similarly, you can opt for various delivery methods, or you can check beforehand on their website as well.


  • Premium quality cannabis seeds
  • Massive seeds varieties
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Faster shipping and delivery
  • Free seeds
  • Reputable seed bank
  • 5-star customer rating


  • Few offers and discounts on the whole selection

What we loved the most:

The whole seed bank is outstanding.

Herbies Seeds has covered every section – from premium seeds, 3000+ varieties, 120+ breeders, 24/7 customer support, and whatnot.

Above all, their fast shipping and delivery services are cherries on top.

That is why in 2022, Herbies Seeds is an ideal seed bank for every grower.

Click Here And Visit Herbies Head Shop

ILGM – Best Online Seed Bank That Ship To the USA in 2022

I Love Growing Marijuaan Homepage

ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana.

It is the first choice for looking for the best online seed banks that ship to the USA.



ILGM is the best seed bank for feminized and auto-flowering seeds with 100+ top-quality cannabis strains to choose from.

Blue Dream, White Widow, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and Super Skunk are some of the best seed strains at ILGM, which you can’t miss at all.

Further, you will get a germination guarantee of your seeds on specific strains. That means, if your seeds fail to germinate, ILGM has got your back!

And that is why you can rest assured of successful cultivation after buying the best marijuana seeds from ILGM.

Further, at ILGM, you don’t have to pay for your seeds to reach you. As ILGM ships for free in all of the U.S. states.

And the cherry on the top is their stealth shipping guarantee.

That means, if the order fails to arrive at you, this online seed bank will re-ship your seeds for free without asking any questions. Isn’t that amazing?

Further, you will get ample payment methods to place your orders quickly, unlike other seed banks.

You get credit cards, bank transfers, and cash as the main options.

Even this is one of the rare places to buy weed seeds online through cash.

And, for privacy-oriented buyers, ILGM has also started accepting orders through cryptocurrency. Therefore, you can buy weed seeds on ILGM with bitcoin, too.

For offers, ILGM gives you a buy ten and get ten seeds for free, which is one of the best perks of buying marijuana seeds from here.


  • 10+ years of establishment      
  • 24/7 customer support
  • One of the best seed banks that ship to the USA
  • 9.1 out of 10 rating from 14,000+ reviews
  • Faster and guaranteed delivery
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Highly trustworthy


  • Limited variety of best seeds

What we loved the most:


Everything is just beyond your expectations at ILGM, from their high-quality seeds to their services. And, no doubt, why they have one of the best ratings on the web.

However, the best part of buying weed seeds online from ILGM is that they have guaranteed the seeds and delivery, which other seed banks don’t.

Therefore, even if you are a novice grower, you can be assured that your investment will surely be worth it at ILGM and backed by the company’s guarantee!

Click Here And Visit ILGM

Seedsman – USA Seed Bank with Best Customer Service

If you want an extensive seed selection, Seedsman is for you!

Established in 2002, Seedsman has over 1200+ seed strains to choose from, with 100+ best seed banks worldwide.

Therefore, you will have plenty of options to buy cannabis seeds in one place.

Well, don’t worry, you will not sink in those lot of numbers. Thanks to the easy website interface!

You can quickly put your favorite strain on the search bar to buy on Seedsman, or if you are not sure yet, you can sort out the strains you are looking for with the help of filters.

Further, doesn’t matter if you find regular, auto-flowering, or feminized seeds. You can find everything at Seedsman.

Apart from the extensive cannabis seeds range, Seedsman gives you a discreet buying experience by keeping your information private.

They deliver cannabis seeds worldwide in such a manner that no one can get to know except you that the package possesses weed seeds or hemp seeds.

Seedsman gives you a hassle-free interface for buying cannabis seeds online across the globe with many easy payment options.

However, orders for the USA are shipped within three working days from the day of the order placed.

And then arrives at your doorstep within 18 working days.

The high-quality seeds and better customer services have made Seedsman one of the most reliable and reputable seed banks in 2022.


  • Large seed selection           
  • Established in 2002
  • Worldwide service
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Best customer service
  • Stealth shipping
  • One of the most reputed marijuana seed bank


  • No true germination guarantees

What we loved the most:

There are very few of many seed banks that provide quality with quantity. And, Seedsman is one of them.

At Seedsman, you will find a lot of cannabis seeds.

However, you will even love their super-fast customer service more. Doesn’t matter what the issue is. Their backend team is always there to help you out in a friendly manner.

And, this is what we loved the most.

Furthermore, even if you are an amateur grower or an experienced cultivator who wants to explore a variety of seed strains before picking the right one, Seedsman has your back.

Additionally, affordable pricing, discounts, and loyalty programs are cherries on the cake.

Click Here And Visit Seedsman

Crop King Seeds – Best Canadian Based Seed Bank

With over 15 years of cannabis market experience, Crop King Seeds will be one of the most reliable marijuana seed banks in 2022.

Doesn’t matter what your need is for auto flower seeds, high CBD, short version, regular seeds, or feminized seeds. CKS has got all the varieties with an 80% germination rate.

Green Crack, Crown Royale, and Blueberry strains are some of the must-try marijuana strains that you can start growing marijuana.

Additionally, there is a special section of mix and match seeds, which will allow you to get a mixed pack of cannabis seeds instead of a single strain.

Furthermore, their services are pretty impressive. Also, they offer free seeds as well.

You will have an overall better experience of shopping for cannabis seeds online at CKS. Thanks to their friendly and responsive customer support.

While this seed bank keeps its stock updated, they frequently release 500 new and the best marijuana seeds.

CKS ships seeds quickly within a week of payment received and delivered within 15 to 30 working days, depending on your location.

You will get free stealth shipping if the order is worth $200. Otherwise, your order will include a nominal shipping charge.

Overall, Crop King Seeds is the marijuana seed bank that gives a better experience to its customers.


  • 80% germination rate           
  • Highly reputed seed bank
  • Wide selection of seeds
  • Faster and stealth shipping worldwide
  • Multiple payment methods are accepted


  • The website interface can be better

What we loved the most:

At CKS, you will get premium cannabis seeds with varieties. Whether you are a novice or experienced cultivator, you will indeed find your favorite seeds here.

Further, all of the Crop King Seeds are imported from top breeders and the best seed banks of the market.

And, even before sending them to you, marijuana seeds are manually checked for quality.

Furthermore, even if you have any queries regarding your purchase, the super-quick supportive team will be one ring away at a toll-free number.

Therefore, no complaints about their services, too.

Click Here And Visit Crop King Seeds

MSNL – One Of The Best Cannabis Seed Banks for Sales

Who doesn’t love sales and discounts?

And, MSNL or marijuana seeds nl has got a lot of them!

It is why it is one of the most popular marijuana seed banks to buy marijuana seeds online in 2022.

In the Netherlands, MSNL was started in 1999 by two friends into marijuana as a hobby.

Somehow, within time, their hobby and passion for cannabis allowed them to build an empire that is now one of the best cannabis seed banks for purchasing feminized seeds all around the globe.

Furthermore, MSNL has got all the essential seeds category (regular seeds, auto-flowering, and feminized seeds).

They also have medicinal seeds, high yield, and high THC seeds for specific growers.

However, the best part is their regular sales and discounts, in which they offer up to 30% sales. Sometimes even up to 50% off.

And their 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry and seed banks have made all of their cannabis seeds of premium quality by importing seeds from the world’s finest breeders.

Once you find your favorite seeds at marijuana seeds nl, you can quickly order them by your convenient payment option, as this seed bank has ample available.

MSNL doubles up your free seeds by giving you 15% additional off on payment through bank transfers.

So, all in all, you will be saving a lot of money if you’ll buy marijuana seeds online from MSNL.


  • Huge offers and regular discounts           
  • Over 20 years of experience in the cannabis market
  • 100% discreet and guaranteed delivery
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Easy to use website
  • 5-star rating from 1200+ reviews on the website            
  • One of the most reputed online seed banks


  • US deliveries slightly take more time

What we loved the most:

MSNL gives you many discounts, which every online buyer loves the most.

Despite its discounts and all other offers, the store has also got impressive services in which you can get free shipping for orders above a specific value.

In addition to that, their customer support is also something that buyers appreciate the most.

Overall, if you buy marijuana seeds for the first time and want to save a few bucks, then go for MSNL.

Click Here And Visit MSNL

Gorilla Seed Bank – Best UK Based Seed Bank

This seed bank aims to provide nothing but “the best of best” seeds. And, this seed bank stands on its words excellently.

It is one of the best seed banks online, which is pocket-friendly yet provides high-quality seed genetics.

Additionally, relatively young but known for its top-quality seeds, Gorilla Seed Bank offers you mainstream seed varieties.

From autos, high yield, high THC, high CBD, regular, beginner, and feminized seeds, you will get almost every variety here.  

And, here, you get cheap cannabis seeds with high-quality genetics. Therefore, most beginner cultivators opt for this seed bank as their first online for growing projects.

Multiple payment options allow you to place your order instantly. At the same time, you are also assured of getting additional free seeds according to the size of your order.

Further, customer support is good. The team is available at a phone call, and their responsive behavior makes your purchasing experience at Gorilla Seeds much better.

Although shipping is done discreetly at the store and in a special package to avoid suspicion during transit.

Additionally, this seed bank also provides you with a 7-day return policy, just in case you want to.

Most seed banks don’t offer this as a hassle-free service.

However, you have to follow certain conditions for a triumphant return. Keep in mind that the lost orders in transit are not refunded.

Well, 99% of the orders from here get successfully delivered worldwide.


  • One of the affordable cannabis seed banks
  • High-quality marijuana seeds
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Best seed bank for novices
  • Multiple payment methods
  • A lot of seed varieties
  • Better customer support


  • No germination guarantees
  • No refund for lost orders

What we loved the most:

If you are low on budget and want the best cannabis seeds to grow your cannabis plants, this seed bank is the right choice.

Even this store provides you with enormous offers for newbie buyers. As of now, the store is offering you up to 65% off on their cannabis seeds.

Therefore it is one of the best online seed banks to buy high-quality seeds with pure genetics.

Click Here And Visit Gorilla Seed Bank

Seed City Seed Bank – Affordable Seed Bank

For the past 12 years, Seed City has been one of the few online cannabis seed banks which can make you grow rare weed genetics.

Thanks to some of their limited but best cannabis seeds!

Seed City claims to be one of the biggest marijuana seed banks online and has a comprehensive seed strain in stock from breeders worldwide.

Apart from the main strain categories (auto-flowering, regular, and feminized seeds), Seed City has stock available according to the yield, environment, indoor, and outdoor specific.

And that allows a specific grower to access their need of seeds instantly.

Additionally, Seed City has A to Z breeders in contact to sell cannabis seeds. Therefore, you will find all of your favorite breeders here at a very affordable price.

However, the website interface is poor, the greenery theme may or may not be appealing to you, but their seeds will be for sure!

Placing orders at Seed City is easy. You can pay via your card or bitcoin.

Additionally, the company gives you a regular discount, and 15% off their seeds’ sale is going on.

And, somehow, if you are puzzled by lots of options, you can reach their customer support, which is available via email and telephonic call.

However, it takes 24 working hours to resolve any issue, unlike most seed banks which respond faster.

Stealth shipping and delivery services at Seed City are decent. Orders are delivered within 2-3 weeks.


  • Around 7000 products are available at the store
  • Cheap marijuana seeds are available
  • A to Z breeders across the world
  • Wide cannabis seed selection
  • Marijuana seed on sale available


  • Very poor website
  • Bank transfer payment option not available
  • No guaranteed delivery
  • No germination guarantee

What we loved the most:

A comprehensive stock of seeds and a very affordable price range is something that a novice enthusiast with a low budget cannot miss, and this is what Seed City is known for.

They have an extensive selection that will allow you to get the most popular seeds here.

And the availability of those seeds at a low price attracts the most budget growers for growing marijuana.

However, there are some improvements needed.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget seed bank to start with, Seed City is the choice for you.

Click Here And Visit Seed City

Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank – Seed Bank for Faster Shipping

Based in Canada, Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank has been breeding the seeds from 2013 to produce and meet the expectations of genuine growers.

And, within the journey of this seed bank, it has got a fantastic collection of cannabis seeds.

Whether you are looking for autos, feminized, regular, CBD, mixed, bulk, or bulk, QCS has your back! As their premium marijuana seeds are sure to make your weed cultivation successful for sure.

While if you are an experienced grower, you shouldn’t miss their ‘Limited Edition’ seeds.

Additionally, you get an 80% germination rate on all their marijuana seeds.

Somehow, if the germination guarantee fails to make up 80%, the company will replace the seeds for free! Isn’t this amazing?

And, on top of that, their pricing range is very affordable. Per seed, the price starts from as low as less than $10. Therefore, it is one of the best seed banks for beginners or experienced growers.

Further, you can get your seeds as fast as three business days if you reside within Canada. At the same time, USA orders might take up to 7 days.

However, most of the time, deliveries by Quebec Cannabis Seeds remain faster comparatively other online seed banks. Therefore, a flat shipping cost of $10 is applied for the regular shipping of your order.

Stealth shipping can cost a bit higher, though.


  • Faster delivery of orders to Canada and the USA
  • 80% germination guarantee (backed with replacement)
  • Affordable price
  • Wide seed categories
  • Limited edition for experienced growers


  • Faster delivery is only for USA and Canada
  • Not free shipping

What we loved the most:

At Quebec Cannabis Seeds, you will find a premium range of best seeds and regular ones at no hiked price.

While their services, including customer support, are top-notch. And, their years of market experience have made them available what an ideal grower can expect from their store.

Overall, QCS is one of the best marijuana seed banks if you want a budget-friendly yet premium online seed store.

Click Here And Visit Quebec Cannabis Seed

Rocket Seeds – Best Marijuana Reseller

If you cannot get the seeds of your favorite breeder, Rocket Seeds can help you with that.

Limited but from top-notch breeders, Rocket Seeds has a decent cannabis seed selection. And, with its top-notch cannabis seeds, Rocket Seeds can surely sky-rocket your weed cultivation journey.

Apart from the regular selection, Rocket Seeds has a premium inventory of rare genetics (Sunwest genetics, Herbies seeds, etc.).

Although there are few discounts and offers in the store, Rocket Seeds provides free seeds with its combo pack, which can surely add value to your investment.

Further, shipping and delivery services are pretty impressive at Rocket Seeds.

Most of their USA orders are delivered successfully, and they have a nominal shipping charge, too.

Additionally, most of the people at different forums and review sites are pretty happy with the services of Rocket Seeds, which is an edge for this online seed store.


  • High-quality cannabis seeds
  • Availability of worldwide breeders
  • Average services
  • Growing guide available
  • Decent customer support


  • Website maintenance is poor
  • Lack of right information on the website

What we loved the most:

You can easily find hard-to-find breeders and their premium seeds at Rocket Seeds.

And, if you are an adventurous grower looking for a high-quality seed of some hard-to-find breeders then, Rocket Seeds can surely help you in that.

Overall, the services are decent, and pricing is reasonable, making this seed bank listed in the top seed banks of 2022.

Click Here And Visit Rocket Seeds

MJ Seeds Canada – Purchase Cannabis Seeds In Bulk

Established in 2009, M.J. Seeds Canada is a Canadian seed bank that ships worldwide. They have a comprehensive seed stock available at affordable pricing.

You can get auto-flowering, feminized, fast version, regular, high CBD, indoor, outdoor, and most popular seed strains here.

Additionally, professional growers love to buy bulk marijuana seeds from here as it provides additional discounts on them. While there are not many offers on other seed categories.

Placing orders at M.J. Seeds Canada is possible via bitcoin, e-transfer, bitcoin, and cards. Even you can also pay through cash.

And, shipping services are good. They ship within 2-3 working days of the order being placed. At the same time, the delivery might take up to 21 business days (except bank holidays) to arrive at you.

If you are buying cannabis seeds from a prone and suspicious location, you can pay the additional $30 fee for the guaranteed shipping, which will ensure the tracking and insurance of your seeds.

Further, if you somehow get any concern about your order, you can drop your query to the company by mail or ring their backend team, which is available to you instantly.

However, this seed bank needs to improve the website interface. It has an old-school theme. At the same time, website navigation is also a bit confusing.


  • Free shipping over $200
  • 10 free marijuana seeds on orders above $420
  • Bulk offers available
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • High-quality cannabis seeds


  • Poor website
  • No guarantee on germination

What we loved the most:

At M.J. Seeds Canada, you can get affordable pricing for bulk marijuana seeds. While their large seed selection makes sure you get your favorite seeds here.

Additionally, their backend team is quite helpful, making you choose the best pack of cannabis seeds and helping you get your order, making the overall buying experience better.

Click Here And Visit M.J. Seeds Canada

Growers Choice Seeds – High-Quality Marijuana Seed Store

Growers Choice Seeds is one of the top USA seed banks for its reliability, services, and premium quality seeds.

All of your seeds will be backed up with a 90% germination guarantee at Growers Choice Seeds. Therefore, if 9 out of 10 seeds didn’t germinate, they would replace it for free.

It is how much this online seed company is confident at their seeds!

You can find feminized marijuana seeds, auto-flowering, and high CBD seeds here. You can also buy cannabis seeds in the sale section, where you can get a decent discount.

Although they don’t have one of the most extensive seed stocks, they have limited but only-premium cannabis seeds that can add value to your garden.

Therefore, if you are a grower who wants to take your cultivation journey to the next level, Growers Choice Seeds is for you.

Despite their high-quality marijuana seeds, this online seed brand is also known for discreet deliveries.

The company re-packs cannabis seeds from original packaging to ensure maximum safety from the eyes of customs.

However, the shipping charges are flat-rate and quite nominal.

You will get a better shopping experience here throughout your purchase. Thanks to the friendly, supportive, and instantly available customer support team.

Additionally, their website is quite impressive. Navigating, searching, and buying your favorite cannabis seeds at the virtual store. In comparison, the colorful theme keeps your eyes engaged.


  • Premium cannabis seeds
  • 90% germination guarantee
  • Quick and reliable customer support
  • Faster delivery of seeds
  • Wholesale seeds available


  • Limited payment options available
  • Limited seed stock

What we loved the most:

Their premium cannabis seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds is for those growers who love quality over quantity, as the company believes. Along with a 90% germination guarantee, they give premium seeds at a very affordable price.

In conclusion, their customer service, website interface, and overall buying experience are something that makes your trust over online seed stores much more substantial and better.

Click Here And Visit Growers Choice Seeds

The Attitude Seed Bank – Safe Online Seed Company

The Attitude Seed Bank claims itself as “the world’s largest cannabis seed superstore,” which is valid to some extent.

Additionally, this online seed store has A to Z brands in its selection.

Furthermore, a pack of mixed sections is also for the growers looking to get some mixed cannabis seeds.

Next, all of their seeds are reasonably priced, which means whether you are a newbie or experienced weed enthusiast, you are sure to find something as per your budget.

The store also has a smoking accessory section where they sell everything related to smoking.

Therefore, from buying cannabis seeds to smoking, The Attitude Seed Bank has got your back in every manner.

This seed bank doesn’t compromise with the user’s experience regarding services. And therefore, it ships all of your seeds in a stealth manner by sending them in random objects.

However, you can opt for additional stealth if you are more concerned about your region’s privacy issues.

Additionally, if you get stuck anywhere concerning your order, their backend team is always there to help you out. It is pretty friendly and fast.

However, their website interface requires some improvement. For example, the interface is quite an old-school type that can improve.


  • One of the largest seed stocks
  • Affordable pricing
  • Faster and discreet shipping
  • Multiple payment options
  • Better customer support


  • Average delivery time
  • Poor website

What we loved the most:

Their seed selection!

The Attitude Seed Bank consists of one of the largest weed seed brands in their inventory. At the same time, all of their seeds are reasonably priced so that anyone can afford them.

No doubt why most of the newbie buyers have reported The Attitude Seed Bank as their first online seed store in their gardening journey.

Click Here And Visit The Attitude Seed Bank

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online: Guide

Well, purchasing marijuana seeds online is tough when you don’t know the proper steps to buy or even where to start with?

Especially when you are a complete newbie.

Therefore, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind while buying marijuana seeds online. These things will surely help you choose the right quality of cannabis seeds for you.

  • Quality


Quality > Quantity.

Most of the eyes capture huge numbers on an online store. However, having a large selection doesn’t mean the quality will also be premium.

Instead, prefer those stores with limited strains, but all of them are of supreme quality.

  • Strain Type

Indica plants are compact and short compared to most Sativa seeds or hybrid seeds.

Well, the marijuana strains’ cannabinoid profile matters the most, giving you a hint if it is suitable for your recreational or medicinal use.

Tip: If you are a new grower, then prefer growing popular cannabis strains such as Northern Lights, White Widow, Green Crack, Wedding Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, etc.

Furthermore, make sure to find strains that are easy to grow.

Additionally, you can even find helpful forums on the web as you will find people have already grown these strains before.

  • Right Source

Don’t go for a store that offers unexpectedly low prices (that might be a scam or trap).

Go for reputed online seed stores like ILGM, MSNL seed bank, Crop King Seeds, which are trustworthy, reliable, and serving in the market for years.

Furthermore, these are the seed banks that ship to the USA and other countries. That means you can get weed seeds at your doorstep irrespective of your location.

Therefore, keeping these three factors in mind, you can surely get the right quality of marijuana seeds for yourself and from the right source.


1. Is Buying Marijuana Seeds Legal?

Buying marijuana seeds is legal in most countries and regions. However, growing cannabis seeds is regulated according to the local laws in the USA.

2. What Happens if the Cannabis Seeds Get Seized?

Buying marijuana seeds or selling them is legal in most regions. However, if it is intended to germinate in areas where cultivation is illegal, it can also lead to legal penalties.

3. Is Growing Marijuana Seeds Legal?

In different states of the USA, marijuana cultivation is regulated under state law. Medical marijuana is legal for medical patients only in some places, while in some regions. It is legal for recreational purposes as well.

Therefore, you better confirm with your local authorities before growing marijuana.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online: Final Words

Finally, you know the world’s top 11 seed banks of 2022, where you can buy cannabis seeds online.

However, ILGM stays at the top of our list due to its fantastic services and quality seeds.

Additionally, make sure you stay under the local laws before starting your growing journey.

And, don’t forget to tell us about your experience after that.

We would love to hear you!

Also, check Best Seed Breeders, Autoflower Seed Banks, Dispensaries in Canada Cannabis Seeds Australia & Weed Dispensaries.

Can You Mail Edibles? – Everything you need to know in 2022

Can You Mail Edibles

Most stoners ask this: Can you mail edibles?

It must have popped up in your mind if you ever wanted to send edibles to your friend in another state.

Well, to answer that in short – yes and no or maybe.

Let me explain:

Federal law hates marijuana.

Therefore, talking with the federal law, you cannot send edibles, marijuana, or any other weed product through state lines.

Still, many stoners have been successfully mailing marijuana. You can find them on forums, subreddits, and other social media platforms.

So, how do they are doing?

At very high risk! Playing with luck and fate.

The risk of getting imprisonment with huge penalties is always involved as they put the marijuana in the mailbox.

As the penalties from the federal government (despite legal states) are pretty harsh.

So, will you ever be able to mail marijuana products?

Let’s find out:

Mailing Marijuana Edibles In The USA States

The federal USA still treats marijuana as a Schedule-I drug and has banned it federally.

Therefore, despite the relaxing rules in various states, the federal government still treats cannabis as it treats other controlled substances.

However, what is the status in those USA States where marijuana has been legalized, and stoners can share weed?

Let’s check out:

Mailing Marijuana In Colorado

Colorado is another state with relaxed marijuana laws.

The state allowed medical weed use in 2000 and recreational cannabis in late 2012. After that, Colorado became the fully legal state for marijuana activities.

Adult residents of Colorado with age 21 or are allowed to possess weed and grow weed plants as per the latest regulations.

However, mailing a package containing marijuana to another state irrespective of the relaxing laws there is not legal in Colorado.

With that said, you cannot send edibles to other states.

It will not only come under as a federal crime but also might incur state charges (depending upon the laws of the state you are sending to).

Mailing Edibles In California

California was one of the first states in the USA to legalize medical marijuana in 1996.

However, recreational weed got legalized a few years back in 2016. Since then, weed has become fully legal in the state.

That said, possession, cultivation, and sharing weed with adults became quite common.

Also, the state got another industry of billions of dollars after the legalization, which helped in government revenue.

Though sharing marijuana within the state among adults remained legal under the regulated guidelines.

However, mailing cannabis to other state lines remained banned.

Shipping marijuana or sending edibles in the mail to other states, even if it is a legal state, is treated as trafficking and can lead to heavy penalties by the federal agency.

As mailing, the illegal substances are treated as trafficking. Therefore, the United States Government can impose huge penalties that lead you to prison and fines.

Mailing Cannabis In Other States

The USA has been a country that took the first step towards legalizing weed.

However, the federal laws for marijuana left unchanged despite the gradual state legalization.

It led the weed to be included in controlled substances, imposing strict guidelines.

Therefore, apart from Colorado and other legal states, mailing marijuana throughout the country remains banned as it will become a federal crime leading to federal and state charges.

That is why shipping marijuana through the postal service has considerable risk.

Also, the newest marijuana laws don’t allow sharing weed through different states due to the federal conflict.

Can You Carry Weed While Traveling To Other State?

Whether you are about to fly to another state or have an upcoming business trip, you cannot carry weed while traveling to other states.

It is because you cannot hide properly from the customs authorities. Also, it is illegal.

And once caught, you will be prosecuted and suspected of trafficking drugs. Also, the possession amount of drugs will decide the penalties further.

Moreover, the TSA works under the federal government and not under the state.

And as the federal authorities have declared marijuana an illegal substance, carrying weed while flying or traveling across the states can result in penalties.

How Do Federal Authorities Find Unlawful Shipping Of Marijuana?

The postal inspectors doubt a package with the suspicious sender and location.

Also, the priority mail is another reason for most packages to get the suspicious eyes of postal officers.

Further, the drug officers use drug-sniffing dogs for suspicious package if it is shipping drugs.

And if they get surety for that, the drug officers will not seize the package as soon as they catch it. Instead, they track the package to reach its destination.

Moreover, they will continue the investigation and try to find who receive the package.

Here the authorities can get a search warrant and get the authority to search the package.

Also, they can find from where the package is sent to investigate further and expose everything.

If found guilty, drug-related charges will be imposed and can lead you to the punishment of monetary fines and jail time of five years to up to 40 years depending upon the severity of the crime.

From suspecting a package to catching the drug-related offenses, authorities work.

Are You Guilty If You Receive Package In The Mail Having Marijuana?

According to federal law, you are guilty if you knowingly send or receive marijuana in the mail.

That doesn’t mean that you are automatically guilty if you have received a package containing weed. However, you need to be very careful with the investigators.

Here, a skilled drug defenses lawyer can help you with that.

Until the investigators prove you sent or received weed or its products knowingly, you can have a defense with the help of your lawyer.

Therefore, even if you have investigators at your home. Firstly, you can ask for the search warrant, and after that, you can ask for your lawyer if the investigation proceeds further.

Keep in mind that the authorities cannot impose drug-related charges until you are proven guilty.

What To Do When My Package Got Seized?

Don’t panic.

If you have sent a package via mail and the authorities have seized it, then two things can happen:

First, the authorities can send you an update regarding the order getting seized, and that’s it.

Second, they might track the location and can plan a visit if the total weight of seized weed is relatively more and intended to traffic drugs.

In the first case, most packages are destroyed, and you can consider yourself safe if you have kept a random business name instead of a real one and have not mentioned the return address.

Also, keep in mind that the authorities need a search warrant to investigate further.

Moreover, the tracking update of the postal can even invite you for the package to pick up after being confiscated.

That might be a trap, so ideally, don’t go for it.

Overall, sending packages containing weed or edibles can lead to serious trouble. However, you can take a free consultation with a lawyer if needed on legal issues.

Penalties For Shipping Marijuana If Got Convicted

In the worst-case scenario, several penalties have been described regarding a controlled substance crime.

However, penalties can vary depending upon the severity of the crime.

If convicted regarding ship weed for trafficking, the authority might give jail time of 10 years to 40 years depending upon the amount of weed seized.

For marijuana confiscated, less than 50 kilograms can result in 10 years of imprisonment for a second federal offense.

Similarly, the penalty increases as the amount of seized weed increases.

For 50 to 99 kilograms of marijuana found for shipping, the jail time increases to 20 years.

And for the amount more than that, jurisdiction can give up to 40 years of a prison sentence.

The penalty can also include monetary fines of up to $2,50,000.

Moreover, possession of marijuana near the airport by an adult resident of age 21 or older is not a crime if the state permits adult use of weed.

However, carrying it to another state can lead you to trouble because the federal laws have been left unchanged for pushing marijuana into a controlled substance.

Mailing Edibles Through A Risky Way

After knowing all the risks involved, if you are willing to take the risk, here’s a way by which you can mail edibles, hash oil, or any other product (which most stoners usually do).

Note: Remember, my team or I am no experts and do not encourage the illegal shipping of marijuana or other illegal drugs.

You will proceed at your responsibility and risk. My team at Marijuana Investor Summit and I will not be responsible for happening of anything awful by breaking the laws.

Ideally, you should always consider if marijuana is even legal at the state level. Otherwise, it will lead you to commit a double offense, including state crime.

To ship weed via mail, consider smaller amounts, a safer way to make it escape from the borders.

Also, compared to other options, the mailing is a safer option.

First of all, you need to pack your weed in a very discreet way. You need to pack them into toys, CDs, or any other convenient option.

To escape the situation when dogs smell at the post office, you can use the masking scents on your package.

Double pack your weed into a brand new box if required and vacuum seal to make the package safer.

It is up to you if you want to ship weed via private companies or want to use the government service.

Also, private carriers might require a return address in some cases. So, consider everything before choosing a mail service provider.

However, before that, make sure you don’t mention the receiver’s actual name, ensuring their privacy. Also, don’t put the return address on the mail package.

Bonus Tip: Don’t choose the priority mail option (shipping overnight or next day) as the authorities usually suspect these packages more.

You should ship your package on Monday to reach the destination within the week. So that the package doesn’t stay at the post office on the weekend to let the authorities sniff around.

If everything goes well, you must successfully ship marijuana to your friend.

However, if the package gets seized, you might still be safer as you have followed the preventive measures.

Even in the worst-case scenario, you can also get a lawyer for yourself to defend the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mail weed products?

The federal government has still kept marijuana as a Schedule-I drug in the USA despite the various states legalizing it.

Therefore, mailing weed products throughout USA states remains illegal, and shipping marijuana comes under drug trafficking charges.

Is it safe to mail weed?

Frankly, it is not safe to mail weed due to the involvement of enormous risk. Also, there are a plethora of penalties if you get convicted.

What are the penalties for mailing marijuana?

Depending upon different states, the penalties by state laws might vary.

However, penalties are pretty harsh under the federal government, ranging from 10 years to 40 years imprisonment with a monetary fine if found guilty of drug trafficking.

Can you mail edibles to Colorado, California, or any other legal state?

No, you cannot mail edibles through Colorado, California, or any other legal state lines through legal way.

Shipping marijuana or sending edibles throughout any state remains banned under the federal government.

What to do if my package has been seized?

If you have not mentioned your real name and return address and opted for cash as a payment option, you will most likely be safe.

Otherwise, depending upon the seized amount by the authorities, you can expect some visitors.

However, even in the worst case, you can call an experienced drug crime lawyer for help.

Mailing Marijuana: Final Words

Mailing edibles, marijuana, or any other drug is illegal, and you should not do it.

However, there are certain loopholes by which stoners make weed travel through state borders, which involves considerable risk.

Therefore, the best option remains not to ship weed or any other drug.

Still, stoners take that risk for shipping marijuana, and if got convicted, then they take the help of a drug defense lawyer.

Ideally, to avoid all the hassles, it is better to wait for the state laws to allow cannabis usage and not ship or send weed to other friends.

Top 10 Best Strains For Male Arousal in 2022


Do you know that research in 2017 showed that people who use cannabis have more sex?

Well, there’s more research and proven evidence yet needed for concluding the relationship between cannabis and sex life.

Still, people often report enjoying sex more while being high.

Therefore, among cannabis consumers, people have shown positive signs that cannabis can somewhat boost libido.

Also, we all know that weed can help in various medicinal symptoms such as relieving stress, bursting anxious thoughts, and many more.

Therefore, these cannabis strains can also help during sex when the stress of performance pressure or first-time nervousness is on.

So whether you want a compliment from your bed partner or you have an upcoming sex date, cannabis can surely help you achieve a better experience.

Hence, in this guide, I will be sharing some recommended and the best strains for male arousal that can help you get a better sexual experience.

So, let’s get straight into it:

Cannabis Strains For Male Arousal

Diving deep into stoners’ experiences and asking from the cannabis connoisseurs, we’ve got here the ten best cannabis strains for male arousal:

Mimosa – Best Strain To Enhance Sex Drive


Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC: 18-20%

What to expect: Energetic, balanced-high, happy, and uplifted mood

Two things will happen as you will have a few puffs of Mimosa:

First – you will feel good.

Second – you will have a lot of sex.

Therefore, when it comes to increasing the sex drive, Mimosa is the strain that can make you rock in the bed.

The medium THC level neither makes you stuck at a place for hours nor makes you feel like you’ve inhaled nothing.

Instead, Mimosa gives you a balanced high with THC ranging between 18-20% making you alert, happy, uplifted, and energetic before the action.

This Sativa beauty possesses an earthy flavor blended with an orange taste. Additionally, the strain gives you a hint of fruity sour, which combinedly a bliss to mouth.

Therefore, the overall combination of fantastic taste and energetic high perfectly prepares you before you go to bed for some action.

Mimosa is a cross between Clementine and Purple Punch that came into 2017 and is now famous as one of the most energetic weeds for alleviating stress and doing a lot of action in the bed.

OG Kush – Highly Potent Strain For Male

Strain Type: Hybrid strain

THC: 20-25%

What to expect: Intense high, reduced anxiety, and happy

Referred as “Original Gangster,” OG Kush is a cross of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and the Hindu Kush, a highly potent strain.

THC ranging between 20-25% reduces stress and nervousness before you get intimate with your partner.

The effects of OG Kush are potent and, therefore, recommended to the veteran stoners only. Beginners might be overwhelmed with its intense high.

The strain possesses Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene terpenes abundantly.

Therefore, enriched terpenes in OG Kush make it a perfect strain to reduce anxiety and get ready for intercourse along with the uplifting high.

The potency of OG Kush also leads to people feeling more aroused and increased sexual desire.

Therefore, OG Kush can be easily referred to as a viagra strain for experienced stoners. On the other hand, the potency of this strain can also lead to couch-lock if you’ve low tolerance to THC.

Durban Poison – Best Strain For High Energy

Strain Type: Landrace Sativa

THC: Up to 26%

What to expect: Energetic high, uplifting, and relaxing effects

I understand a lot of energy goes when you are into action in the bed to impress your partner. Especially when it is your first time. Right?

Therefore, you will never want yourself to get exhausted, at least not before your partner.

It is where the Durban Poison’s energetic high comes into play.

The clear head euphoria with up to 26% THC makes you completely aware of your actions while on your sexual trip.

Therefore, doesn’t matter you are doing foreplay or intercourse; you will know what you are doing while deeply feeling every touch of your partner.

On top of that, the energetic high will make you feel uplifted, happy, and active throughout the trip making you stress-free.

All in all, Durban Poison is one of the certain cannabis strains famous for its vigorous potency among experienced smokers that can enhance your sexual experience.

It can also increase your productivity, focus, and energy if you are ready to embrace the roller-coaster ride of its high either at work or in bed.

Girl Scout Cookies – Better Sexual Experience

Strain Type: Hybrid strain

THC: 17-25%

What to expect: Euphoric feelings, stress-relieving, and mood-boosting

GSC or Girl Scout Cookies is one of the legendary weed strains that has won multiple awards for its dessert taste and fantastic high.

This Indica dominant hybrid strain delivers a balanced euphoria that releases the stress from your body and makes you comfortable with your partner to get laid.

Further, when it comes to taste and flavor then, GSC is pure bliss.

As you will have a few puffs of GSC, you will find yourself in an ocean of distinctive skunky and sweet flavors.

The minty aroma will fill up the space with notable hints making you crave it.

No doubt why this is one of the Indica strains that won multiple awards for its delicious taste.

On top of that, the high THC levels rush through your nerves, making you feel good, happy, and worry-free to get the work done.

Therefore, if you are nervous to initiate things with your partner, then GSC can surely avoid the anxious thoughts from your mind and make you have a better sexual experience.

Wedding Cake – High-THC Strain For Extra Sexual Pleasure

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: Up to 27%

What to expect: Intense Euphoria, reduce pain and anxiety, happy

Wedding Cake is one of the indica dominant strains that can make you feel aroused.

This mood-lifting strain is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cherry Pie, possessing sky-rocketing THC of up to 27%.

The effects of Wedding Cake are potent, and therefore, it is a great strain before getting into bed as it boosts the desire for touches and sensory perception.

However, ultimately, the effects will take you to the full-body relaxation state where you will feel happier and free from worries and after-action fatigue.

Moreover, the potency of this cannabis flower can also help in giving pain relief, bursting the stress, and complete mental relaxation.

Green Crack – Potent Sativa Strain For Sex

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC: 17-25%

What to expect: Creativity, energy, and uplifting

Need a perfect strain for morning sex?

Green Crack has something exceptional for you.

Green Crack is one of the potent marijuana strains that lead to a perfect high in the daytime, making you happier, creative, and energetic, all needed to have wild morning sex.

And what better can it be to kick-start your day with a wild action?

THC ranges up to 25% in this weed, and therefore, it can lead to one of the most mighty weed experiences for beginners.

Therefore, stoners with low tolerance to THC might start with extra care and smaller doses first.

On the other hand, experienced ones can get the most out of this beauty and use its potency to rock in the bed with increased touches.

Moreover, the fruity and citrusy blend of flavor leads your mouth into a sea of pleasure when it bursts its tasty fruity sweetness with puff.

Further, as you reach the climax of taste, you will get the hints of citrus fruit that soothes your taste buds, making a wholesome experience of smoking cannabis.

All in all, for daytime stoners, Green Crack is the perfect cannabis that can lead to better morning sex to kick-start your day.

Bubblegum Kush – Indica Dominant Strain To Enjoy Sex

Strain Type: Indica strain

THC: Around 23%

What to expect: Creative, relaxed, and intense high

Bubblegum Kush is offspring of potent OG Kush and fruity Bubble Gumweed strains.

Therefore, this is one of the strains for sex, which gives you a tasty experience of smoking weed before getting laid.

However, this strain gives you first the slow high that is perfect for doing the roleplays and making things warm-up before the main course.

As you smoke this weed, a clear head-high will take place that will slowly take hold over your whole body, giving you the full-body sensation of relief and upliftment that you can use to perform better while being intimate.

The high THC also makes you creative, which can help you explore various positions with your partner.

Further, Bubblegum Kush possesses a citrus aroma with notes of orange and lemon. Also, you can experience hints of earthiness as you will grind up weed.

Due to its potency and outstanding flavor, cannabis products of Bubblegum Kush are also quickly gaining popularity among stoners.

And, to consume cannabis for better high and more pleasing sex, you can check the best weed edibles here.

Sour Diesel – Strain For Anxiety Relief

Strain Type: Sativa

THC: Up to 26%

What to expect: Fast-acting effects of energy, dreamy, and cerebral high

We all know sex requires a beautiful mood, a better environment, and consent (of course). And cannabis works as a mood-booster with its effects.

With that being said, Sour Diesel is one of the cannabis strains for boosting mood that can make you horny any time.

Sour Diesel is a cross of Chemdawg and Super Skunk, and it possesses up to 26% THC, leading to one of the powerful effects.

Therefore, the sensation of touch becomes more pleasant with it, leading to having better sex every time.

Also, the mood-boosting effects and energizing high can help an increase in sexual frequency with your loved one.

Additionally, medical marijuana enthusiasts also say that the potency of Sour Diesel can help in chronic pain, depression, and anxiety apart from increasing sexual arousal.

That is why it is one of the best go-to strains for sex effects and medicinal use.

Top of that, diesel-like aroma and tasty flavor give your mouth a fantastic experience of smoking weed that works as a cherry on top of everything.

Granddaddy Purple – Strain For First-Timers

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: Around 20%

What to expect: Balanced euphoria, cerebral effects

GDP or Granddaddy Purple is one of the marijuana strains with perfect THC content for beginners or experienced stoners.

Undoubtedly, this best weed strain has high THC to give a wholesome experience to stoners for an adventurous weed journey with every smoke round.

Also, GDP is enriched with terpenes, leading to a fantastic aroma that fills up your room whenever you open the jar of weed.

Besides that, the combination of high cannabinoids and enriched terpenes increases your desire for sensual touches while you are on your high trip.

On top of that, the mouth-watering taste of grape and berry gives you a great experience of fruity sweetness with every smoke.

Further, Granddaddy Purple is also known for inducing medicinal effects. People have reported betterment in symptoms of anxiety, stress, and lack of appetite.

From a grower’s perspective, growing cannabis plants of this strain can result in excellent yield. However, growing it can be slightly tricky for newbies.

Overall, be ready for frequent rounds of sex as this strain is enriched with mood-elevating weed effects.

Strawberry Cough – Strain To Increase Sex Enjoyment

Strain Type: Sativa

THC: Up to 25%

What to expect: Happy, relaxed, and uplifted

The original parent genetics of Strawberry Cough is still unknown. However, the effects of this strain are known to every marijuana lover.

THC in this cannabis strain can sky-shoot to up to 25%. Therefore, it perfectly delivers one of the best euphoric effects that lead to uplifting mood and ultimately relaxation of your body.

Therefore, whether you are nervous about getting intimate with your partner or want to warm up things, this strain can help you achieve that.

Further, the taste of this strain aligns toward the strawberry and flowery side, giving a pleasant taste every time you puff this weed.

Some stoners also believe that Strawberry Cough can lead to female arousal due to its potency.

However, you should prefer smaller doses as a beginner because this weed can lead to some light side effects.

Such as cottonmouth, reddish eyes, and mental blocks (in extreme doses), which you can avoid by hydrating yourself and keeping eye drops handy.

Summing up, Strawberry Cough is a strain that can enhance sexual enjoyment with its medium to intense potency levels while taste being the cherry on top.

Benefits of Using Cannabis For Male Arousal

As of now, you know weed somewhat helps increase sexual desires.

Also, what are some strains by which you can achieve that?

Now, let’s have a sneak peek into what are various benefits of it:

Anxiety and Stress Relief

It is the main benefit of having cannabis sex. It releases your anxiety and nervousness to have better and smooth intimacy with your partner.

Better Orgasm

The climax is the significant pleasant moment in sex. And in that, weed helps achieve better orgasm by helping blood pump to the right body parts.

Also, the increase in sexual desires makes you hornier with weed, leading to increased sexual frequency.


With better sexual experiences with weed, you get the confidence to please your partner every time.


Which are the best marijuana strains for male arousal?

Different strains of weed have different effects on consumers. Therefore, there could not be a direct answer that a specific weed strain is perfect for arousal for all men.
However, certain strains like Mimosa, Wedding Cake, Strawberry Cough, and Durban Poison are the best strains, famous for their effects leading to better sexual experience.

Is Indica or Sativa better for male arousal?

There’s no proven evidence that Indica or Sativa is better for male arousal. Instead, you can choose a specific cannabis strain and see if that works for you irrespective of Indica or Sativa genetics.

What are the best cannabis strains for sex?

Mimosa, GSC, Granddaddy Purple, and Sour Diesel strains are the best strains known for their impressive effects leading to better sexual pleasure.

Using Weed Strains For Male Arousal: Conclusion

Weed produces various effects. However, its impact can vary from person to person.

Therefore, before using cannabis for any reason, it is better to do your research. Also, before using marijuana for any purpose, the user must proceed at his discretion.

Till now, you know the ten best weed strains for arousing men in this guide. Hopefully, now, you will be able to have even better sexual experiences.

Also, read here Best Weed Strains for Female Arousal.

Best Cannabis Seeds in Australia – Complete Guide

Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Are you planning to buy cannabis seeds in Australia?


Are you planning to grow marijuana seeds in Australia?

If you said yes, you must know what the country’s local laws say because recently, there have been significant changes in the cannabis legislation.

Therefore, whether you are traveling there or already residing, you need to know the latest cannabis laws of Australia before indulging in cannabis activities.

With a detailed guide on buying cannabis seeds to growing, possession, and consumption, today, you will get to know everything about marijuana seeds in Australia.

Let’s get started:

As a newbie enthusiast, you might be wondering, Is cannabis legal in Australia?

Well, yes and no!

Let me explain:

Recent Australian cannabis laws have made medical cannabis and recreational cannabis legal for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Also, growing marijuana is legal for medical and scientific purposes as of 2016’s marijuana legislation change.

However, recreational cannabis remains illegal under the federal law of Australia.

Therefore, marijuana remains illegal in all other regions and states except the Australian Capital Territory.

Hence, buying cannabis seeds in Australia comes under illegal activities, and growing marijuana is a punishable offense except for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

So, can’t you buy weed seeds there, now?

Well, there’s more to know:

Firstly, medical cannabis is legal with government-issued approval.

And, the authorities allow growing marijuana seeds for medicinal purposes in the ACT only by the latest law update.

Hence, other regions and states cannot produce cannabis even for medical purposes.

Even with such restrictions, cannabis has a widespread presence in the country and is one of the most popular substances with other drugs.

Growing marijuana is legal for medical and scientific purposes, and therefore, people of ACT grow cannabis seeds in Australia on their own.

In the end, marijuana seeds in Australia are legal in ACT only, and people buy cannabis seeds and grow cannabis plants in that territory only.

Growing Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Growing marijuana seeds in Australia is legal for ACT residents.

Further, commercial growers under the government can also grow weed to maintain the supply of cannabis by-products for medical patients.

So, how can you grow Australian cannabis seeds in its climate?

What factors come into play while growing marijuana seeds in Australia?

Let’s find out:

Australian Growing Environment

Australia has an ideal growing environment for cannabis seeds.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate.

The milder region of the country has the perfect climate conditions to grow marijuana seeds in any season.

And that allows you to harvest weed seeds multiple times a year.

However, the cold and burning Australian sun can pose significant challenges for marijuana growers.

Therefore, growers usually prefer to seed plantations around the end-September and October months leading to the harvests in March-May.

Growing Indoors Vs Outdoors

It depends upon the region.

The climate of the Southern Hemisphere regions of Australia allows you to start your growing project in October.

In contrast, milder areas of the country can let you grow cannabis seeds anytime, whether indoors or outdoors.

Growing cannabis seeds Outdoors can be a bit challenging, though.

As the seasonal temperature change, humid levels will not be in your control.

Also, the cannabis strains for outdoor cultivation must be highly resilient to pests, mold, and temperature changes.

Therefore, experienced growers with beforehand skills can make the most out of growing weed seeds outdoors in Australian weather.

On the other hand, you can also grow marijuana seeds in Australia indoors excellently. As in this case, you will have complete environment control in your hand.

Also, privacy will be an edge for indoor growers.

However, yield can vary depending upon your growing skills.

Flowering Time and Yield

Whether growing Autoflowering cannabis seeds or feminized seeds, you can get an impressive yield in the Australian climate within 7 to 12 weeks of flowering time.

If grown in optimal conditions, yield can even shoot up to 550g indoors. In contrast, outdoor marijuana growers can expect even more.

Which Cannabis Seeds to Buy and Grow In Australia?

Knowing the best cannabis seeds to grow in the Australian weather boosts your success chances for a better harvest.

Therefore, these are one of the best weed seeds for cultivation in Australian weather conditions whether you are growing for the first time or the 1000th time:

OG Kush – Overall Suitable to Every Grower

OG Kush can quickly finish within 8 to 9 weeks in Australian weather conditions.

Additionally, this cannabis strain can easily thrive in indoor and outdoor environments.

If grown outdoors, the OG Kush strain can shoot up to 2m, leading to a whole cannabis tree.

Then this strain will also produce more weed buds.

Suitable for beginner to experienced growers, OG Kush can get you one of the best weed gardening experiences.

Click Here And Buy OG Kush

Jack Herer – Easy to Grow In Australian Weather

Named after famous cannabis activist Jack Herer, it is a high-THC strain that produces excellent yield in indoor and outdoor climate conditions.

The strain contains impressive cannabinoids and terpenes to produce a beautiful aroma and high.

Perfect for dry and warm climates like Australian hinterlands, this strain can give you the ideal cannabis growing experience because this strain is easy to grow and has an impressive cannabinoid profile.

Click Here And Buy Jack Herer Strain

Blue Dream – Tasty Strain

This beautiful cannabis strain has potency, taste, and appearance.

Also, Blue Dream has a mouth-watering taste of berries that can crave you for it again and again.

If you grow Blue Dream cannabis seed outdoors, the plants can touch the sky with a whopping height of 3 meters.

And even within a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks,

That means this is one of the cannabis strains that can lead you to a better yield outdoors.

Click Here And Buy Blue Dream Strain

AK-47 – Potent Cannabis Strain

One of the most popular Sativa dominant cannabis strains, AK-47, is a highly potent weed to grow in the Australian climate.

Ideally thriving outdoors, AK-47 can grow up to 170cm to produce heavenly yields.

The effects of this potent cannabis strain are long-lasting and soothing that can overwhelm people with low tolerance to THC.

Click Here And Buy AK-47 Strain

Girl Scout Cookies – Popular Among Growers

GSC or Girl Scout Cookies is one of the award-winning cannabis strains that have a high-THC profile and a bold flavor.

Girl Scout Cookies can easily thrive in most climates including Australia.

However, the proper care and maintenance can make the most out of this beauty.

Further, GSC is also helpful in different medical symptoms like fatigue, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Click Here And Buy Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Buying Cannabis Seeds In Australia

Growing marijuana seeds in the Australian climate can be tricky if you don’t get suitable cannabis seed strains.

And to get the right cannabis seed, you need the right seed bank.

So, let’s find out what are the best seedbanks from which you can buy cannabis seeds of the finest quality:

Offline Seed Banks In Australia

As recreational cannabis, growing weed seeds remain banned; therefore, no offline Australian seed bank is available.

However, if you want to buy cannabis seeds discreetly, you can find some of the best online seed banks that ship to Australia.

Online Cannabis Seedbanks That Ship to Australia Discreetly

Fortunately, we have the best cannabis seedbanks that discreetly ship to Australia.

Whether you need medical cannabis seeds or feminized cannabis seeds for massive production, these online seed banks are sure to give you the finest quality cannabis seeds directly shipped to your doorstep:

ILGM – Best Australian Seed Bank

ILGM or I Love Growing Marijuana is the best seed bank that offers one of the finest quality cannabis seeds.

Shipping discreetly to Australian customers, ILGM gives a germination guarantee on their seeds along with guaranteed delivery to your doorstep.

Multiple payment methods of cash, bank transfer, and bitcoin allow you to pay for your order quickly.

Whether you are a beginner grower or experienced, at ILGM seed bank, you will get all kinds of seeds for growing projects.

However, the store has a unique selection of seed strains for beginner cultivators.

Also, doesn’t matter whether you are buying seeds for souvenir purposes or personal use they guarantee the germination of seeds.

On top of that, ILGM will deliver seeds with stealth shipping to you.

MSNL – High-Quality Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds nl or MSNL is one of the oldest seed banks in the market since 1999.

While delivering one of the finest cannabis seeds for medicinal use or recreational use worldwide, they take pride in keeping the finest genetics of marijuana in their stock.

Whether you are looking for feminized cannabis seeds or medicinal cannabis seeds at MSNL seed bank, you are sure to get the best of them.

On top of that, their services are top-notch, which makes them a reputable seed bank online.

Seedsman – Largest Seed Strains

Cannabis cultivators prefer to buy marijuana seeds from Seedsman because they sell cannabis seeds from one of the finest breeders around the world along with their own supply.

At Seedsman, you get autoflower marijuana seeds, feminized seeds, and the regular seed of premium quality. Bank transfer, bitcoin, and more payment options are available to place orders.

Overall, buying cannabis seeds online from Seedsman gets you stealth shipping and faster delivery making them the best bet to buy from the online seed bank.

History of Cannabis Seeds in Australia

In Australia, marijuana and its laws were pretty strict from the earlier time of the 20th century.

In 1924, buying cannabis seeds from seed banks in Australia got illegal under the federal law at Geneva Convention on Opium and other drugs.

Fast forward to 1970, authorities proposed the decriminalization of marijuana.

Even this movement got support from the New South Wales Joint Parliamentary Committee but couldn’t succeed due to the opposition of the Australian Royal Commission.

However still, marijuana was common among the people.

In South Australia in 1986 adopted a scheme for adult offenders of possession of a small amount of cannabis in the region.

However, the country’s weed regulations were based on National Drug Policy that mainly aimed for weed criminalization and reducing the penalties.

And further, no new law was introduced until 2006 when the National Cannabis Strategy got endorsed.

Within time, marijuana supporters have made continuous efforts for legalization in the country, such as Greens Party.

However, constant pushbacks have made all efforts worthless, making marijuana a regulated substance.

Finally, with the efforts of marijuana supporters and movements, Australia legalized recreational cannabis in Australia Capital Territory on January 31, 2020.

After several years, this change was a significant historical change in the marijuana legislation.

Still, other regions have banned cannabis and the cultivation of cannabis in the areas.

However, the allowance of weed in the ACT significantly shifted towards making cannabis available to the general people after 2020.

That also led to the massive surge in the cannabis industry making cannabis products.

Victoria and Queensland were already the first Australian states in 1998 to permit commercial production of industrial hemp with license.

Australian Weed Laws 2022

Doesn’t matter what cannabis laws were before in the historical time.

You have to be aware of the latest laws and regulations concerning weed seeds in your region, especially when traveling there for the first time.

In 2022, to order cannabis seeds in Australia even for souvenir purposes, growing weed seeds, or possessing weed and its by-products remains illegal under the federal government.

However, these are the more operational laws that you need to know as of 2022:

  • Weed remains illegal at the federal level in Australia.
  • ACT residents can possess dried cannabis up to 50 grams.
  • ACT people can also buy weed seeds and grow them.
  • One person can grow up to 2 weed plant for personal use and four per household.
  • Also, ACT marijuana enthusiasts can now legally buy marijuana seeds in Australia from reputable seed banks.
  • The adult age to possess or indulge in any weed activities is 18 years.

As now you are aware of the weed laws in the country, let’s dive deeper to know what does the law says about the purchase, possession, and consumption of cannabis in Australia:

Australia has made cannabis seeds legal in the ACT region only. Therefore, you can purchase cannabis seeds from anywhere worldwide in that specific territory.

The legal age to buy weed seeds in Australia is 18 or above.

Outside ACT, buying weed seeds online or offline remains illegal.

Additionally, the law doesn’t even allow buying weed seeds for souvenir purposes.

Possession of Cannabis in Australia

Weed remains illegal for minors.

Even sharing marijuana with minors can lead you to heavy legal penalties.

Also, authorities will impose monetary fines for the offenses where marijuana is communicated to the underage group.

Further, if you are residing within the ACT territory, then you can possess up to 50 grams of dried weed or 150g of

More possession can lead to legal trouble.

Additionally, driving a car or vehicle under the influence of marijuana remains illegal. Therefore, you cannot consume weed while driving the car.

Growing Marijuana Plants

As of January 31, 2020, the ACT people can grow their own cannabis plants for personal use.

The limit is up to 4 plants per household.

However, one can cultivate only 2 plants for private use.

Growing marijuana on a large scale is illegal even in 2022.

Additionally, the distribution of cannabis outside the ACT is unlawful and treated as an offense.

Consuming Weed in Australia

Whether you are traveling for some days or being native, consuming cannabis is illegal throughout the country.

Aso, the law doesn’t permit taking any weed products, edibles, or bongs.

However, using a small amount of weed in the ACT region is decriminalized. Therefore, weed is accessible legally only in the ACT.

Medical Cannabis in Australia

The country regularly changes medical cannabis laws as per need.

Even the authorities have been continuously in support of medicinal cannabis.

Historically, the first medicinal cannabis research license was permitted under the Narcotic Drugs Act of 1967.

However, further, no specific medical cannabis act took place.

After many years, the authorities permitted the commercial growing of medicinal weed seeds for scientific and medical purposes.

Since then, medical marijuana is legal in Australia.

That significant change for medical patients in the country has drastically changed the status of medical marijuana among needy patients.

Now, over 100+ medical marijuana is available for prescription to patients suffering from chronic diseases in the country.

Buying medical marijuana is legal in Australia only after a doctor’s prescription. Without that, it is illegal to access marijuana even for medical treatment.

Well, Sativex is the only available cannabis-based medicine.

Can You Grow Medicinal Cannabis In Australia?

Yes, you can grow medicinal cannabis seeds if you reside within the ACT region. However, growing cannabis strains remains unlawful, even for medical purposes in other areas.

As the rule regularly updates, you can check local laws before buying medical weed.

What Are Some Best Weed Dispensaries In Australia?

Medical marijuana has recently been legalized in the country, and the government has also allowed the commercial production of medical cannabis.

Therefore, there are not many medical weed dispensary options available as of now.

However, medical patients can access marijuana products after a prescription from the doctor.

Penalties for Cannabis Offenders in Australia

Remember, marijuana is an illegal substance at the federal level in Australia. Therefore, there are several penalties for marijuana offenses.

However, under the National Drug Policy, the authorities have constantly tried to reduce the harm of offenses. Still, there are different penalties for cannabis in various states except for the ACT.

  • In Western Australia, possession of 10g or less of cannabis will lead attend mandatory counseling one to one.
  • Moreover, possession of cannabis of more than 100g will lead to heavy penalties, including a monetary penalty of $20,000 or two years in jail.
  • Selling cannabis to minors is charged as a heavy offense leading to a $24,000 fine.
  • In the Northern Territory, possession of less than 100g of cannabis can lead to a $100 to $200 fine.
  • Cannabis possession in New South Wales leads to a penalty of 2 years imprisonment or a monetary fine up to $2200 under Section 21 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985.
  • Drug paraphernalia remains banned under federal law and throughout the country with exemptions from Vitoria and ACT.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are edibles legal in Australia?

Only medical patients can access cannabis-based medicines after a prescription from a physician.

As of right now, weed edibles are not available yet.

Is it legal to grow marijuana in Australia?

Growing marijuana is legal only in the Australian Capital Territory. Outside that, even medical patients are not permitted to germinate cannabis seeds.

What happens if you are caught growing weed?

There are various penalties and regulations in different states.

However, if you are caught growing weed in the region, where it is illegal, you will most likely be imposed a monetary fine if you are not cultivating with the intent of selling or distributing it on a large scale.

However, authorities, along with monetary fines, can even send you to imprisonment depending upon the severity of the offense.

Australia has recently shifted its attitude toward marijuana over the past few years.

Therefore, medical and recreational cannabis is legal in the ACT as of 2022.

Although in other territories or regions, the selling and distribution of cannabis or its by-products remain illegal.

Therefore, if you are traveling for the first time and thinking of ordering cannabis seeds, then you must check specific laws first.

Hopefully, the future of cannabis in the country is brighter.

The countries like the USA have also allowed the usage of marijuana and related activities. And Australia is one of the countries where cannabis is a widespread substance among people.

Hopefully, people will witness more positive changes in the marijuana legislation.

Nirvana Seeds Review – Is it legit?


You will agree with me when I say this:

Buying high-quality cannabis seeds online becomes tricky when you are on a low budget. Right?

But what if you can get a seed bank that provides the best quality even at a lower price?

Sounds exciting?

Well, it is where the Nirvana seed bank comes into play.

This Amsterdam seed bank has been in the cannabis industry for many years and has an enormous market reputation among the growers’ community.

So today, I’ll be sharing my experience buying cannabis seeds via Nirvana seed bank.

Will it be worth buying from here, or are there better seed banks?

Nirvana Seeds Review - Is it legit

You will find it next:

Is Nirvana Seed Bank Legit?

Let me clear it very first:

Nirvana seed bank is a 100% legit seed bank.

The company has been in the market for over 25 years now, and therefore, it is counted among Amsterdam’s best cannabis seed banks.

Also, the Nirvana shop has a 6.47/10.0 rating with a “Green” listing from 100+ reviews on Seed finder.

That means Nirvana seed bank is a trustworthy source for buying cannabis seeds in 2022.

Moreover, the website review at Nirvana shop has an excellent 4.7 out of 5.0 rating based on 1376 reviews. Thanks to the high-quality strains and services at the store.

Additionally, the company’s long history has made this seed bank count under top seed banks for having the best quality seeds with the finest genetics.

In a nutshell, Nirvana shop is a legit seed bank operating for many years. Therefore, you can completely trust this seed bank for buying marijuana seeds.

Nirvana Seeds Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

Let’s have a short Nirvana seed bank review:

Established: in 1995.

Seeds Available: Feminized, auto-flowering, and regular cannabis seeds, more varieties of Indica, Sativa, high THC, high CBD, hybrid, fast flowering, beginners, limited edition, and many more.

Services: free shipping to the USA, 100% guaranteed delivery, excellent customer service, and a separate community for growers.

Rating: an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 from 1376 reviews on the website and 6.57/10.0 from 109 reviews on Seed Finder.

Review: Nirvana seed bank is 100% recommended for buying marijuana seeds. The Nirvana shop sells high-quality strains packed with top-notch services.

If you are a newbie with a low budget, I will surely recommend Nirvana seed bank.

However, if you are a professional grower and want only premium seeds, then Herbies Seeds and ILGM are better alternatives.

Click Here And Buy Nirvana Seeds

About Nirvana Seeds Bank

The journey of Nirvana seed bank starts with the journey of its founder, Mau, during the 1980s.

At that time, the creator of Nirvana seed bank was working at Positronics, the Amsterdam grow shop.

He got the inspiration to start his marijuana seeds bank from there.

However, before that, Mau attained knowledge, experience, and a lot of germination concerns from the experienced growers.

Mau also traveled across various countries to collect the finest genetics of cannabis seeds.

After years of research, travel, knowledge, and experience, Mau finally founded the Nirvana shop in 1995.

And after that, the Nirvana shop never looked back.

It started on a small scale, and now it is the best seed store for beginner growers.

Also, the company maintains its quality of seeds consistently by maintaining top-notch genetics, regular testing, and providing the best cannabis strains to the growers.

Therefore, the journey of Nirvana shop is quite long, and with over 25 years in the marijuana industry, Nirvana shop has become the best seed shop in Amsterdam for beginners.

Nirvana Seeds Review 2022

Now, let’s have a deep insight into the Nirvana shop and analyze if it is the right seed bank for you:

Seed Selection

Nirvana shop has a limited but quality seed selection.

The Nirvana seed shop has a seed selection of around 100 seeds.

The good part is that you will have a lot of varieties in their inventory.

So whether you are looking for feminized marijuana, auto-flowering, or regular seeds, Nirvana shop has them all.

Also, you can select by your grow preferences like Indoor, Outdoor seeds, Indica, and Sativa, high yield, high THC, or high CBD.

Additionally, Nirvana shop has a separate selection for the beginner where you can find beginner seeds that will yield better with low cultivation skills.

Some famous seed strains at the Nirvana store are Northern Lights, Master Kush, Jack Herer, Blue Dream, White Widow, Raspberry Cough, Sour Diesel, and Wonder Woman.

So in terms of seed selection, Nirvana shop has a decent inventory. And with multiple selective tools, you can quickly get your favorite seed strain in no time.

The strain reviews on every seed page help you better understand how that strain will behave in your garden.

Therefore, overall, Nirvana shop is a store that has tiny but top-notch marijuana seeds for growers.

However, if you are looking for a giant selection to buy seeds, go for Seedsman. It is the Amazon of cannabis seeds!

Seed Quality

Nirvana shop sells high-quality strains directly from the source.

That ensures freshness of seeds along with pure genetics without any modifications.

Also, the company checks for the quality standards before importing the seeds into its inventory.

Therefore, Nirvana shop has quality seeds that promise higher germination rates.

Whether you get feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, or any other variety, Nirvana shop will deliver the same consistent quality to you.

To keep all of the seeds in the best manner, Nirvana shop has a strict breeding regimen that allows the company to maintain seed quality in the best way.

It is something that makes this company unique from the other seed banks.

Therefore, in a nutshell, you get the high-quality seeds at Nirvana shop, which are backed by various factors at the backend of the company.

No doubt why other customers have given good reviews about the Nirvana shop seeds.

Pricing Of Seeds

Nirvana shop’s prices are affordable.

Therefore, It is one of the best seed banks for newbie growers with a limited budget.

The pricing of seeds starts as low as just $6 per seed at the Nirvana shop. Therefore, with a reasonable price, Nirvana shop becomes a store that fits every grower’s budget.

Moreover, you can get even lower rates with a discount and sales offer.

Therefore, Nirvana shop is one of the seed banks that offer fair prices for a pack of good seeds. So that even growers with a low budget can also get top-quality hands-on seeds.

Shipping Range

Nirvana shop offers worldwide stealth shipping.

The company hugely respects your privacy, and therefore, it packs your seeds discreetly that bypasses the security checks mostly.

Therefore, the Nirvana shop has a very high successful delivery rate.

After packing the seeds into a discreet item, the company usually delivers your seeds in an envelope.

Well, Nirvana store has not described their detailed packaging procedures for obvious reasons.

However, they ensure that your seeds are delivered to your doorstep every time you order from them.

After shipping your package, you will receive the confirmation mail.

The standard shipping charge is 4 Euros.

Further, you can be eligible for free shipping if you order above $100.

Delivery Time

Once the package is shipped, the order’s delivery time can vary depending on your location.

Following is the delivery time of the orders according to the geographic location:

  • United States: between 3 to 4 weeks.
  • The Netherlands: within 1 to 2 working days.
  • Europe: between 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Rest Of The World: between 3 to 4 weeks.

Remember that the delivery time can vary depending on the weather, remote location, and more factors.

Therefore, you can contact customer support in case of an issue or delay with your order.

However, if you want to get a faster shipping and delivery service in the USA, check ILGM.

They have headquarters in California, from where they ship their packages. So you get your order delivered faster.

Nirvana Customer Service

Nirvana shop has an excellent customer service department.

The backend team is friendly, supportive, fast, and responsive.

Also, you can reach the backend team in various ways.

The available methods as per their official website are:

Call: +31-886478262

E-mail: support@nirvanashop.com

Support ticket: via website

Their support team is available from 9:00 to 16:00 (UTC+1).

The best part about their customer service department is that they respond to you quickly within 24 working hours.

And the backend team resolves your issue concerning your order, package, and more.

Even their backend team responds to the negative reviews and tries to give their best to find a solution for the same.

So whether you have received bad seeds or it is about bad reviews, the backend team at Nirvana shop has solutions for everything.

Therefore, if you buy seeds from the Nirvana store, you will have one of the best buying experiences here. Thanks to their one of the best customer service teams.

Payment Options

There are a lot of payment options at the Nirvana store.

You can place your order via:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Credit Card

That means you will have ample payment options to place your order quickly at the store.

Further, the best part is that the Nirvana store supports various currencies such as the British pound, Canadian dollar, Japanese Yen, American dollar, and Euro.

Moreover, you can also get an additional 5% discount when you pay through a bank transfer or cash.

The recommended payment option at Nirvana seed bank will be a credit card or cryptocurrency. You can also opt for cash if you are ordering locally.

Because the company processes your order only after receiving the payment, faster and instant payment options like crypto and credit card come into play.

Bank transfers can take up to 7 working days to reflect on the merchant side. Therefore, it can delay the processing of your order.

If you are ordering internationally, I don’t recommend paying via cash as it includes a considerable risk.

Opt for credit cards or crypto for faster, safer, and instant payment.

Website Review

At first glance, the official website of the Nirvana store looks professional, eye-catchy, and well-organized.

You also get flashy banners on top of the website that allows you to know the ongoing offers on the store.

As you scroll down, you get your hands on the best-selling strains of the store.

Additionally, the store has a separate weed portal, a community for the growers, where all growers can share their knowledge and experience and help each other out.

At the bottom of the page, you get the support section of the store. You can find various ways there to reach the backend team.

Also, you will find various sections of the store that will help you know the services that the shop is offering.

The best part is that the website has all the information available on the store that a visitor might need. So in terms of information on the virtual store, Nirvana seed shop has got them all.

Overall, the website of the Nirvana store is quite impressive. You will have smooth navigation and a better experience of buying seeds from their website.

Offers And Discounts

Nirvana seed bank always has offers and discounts on its website. Right now, they are offering Buy 1 Get 1 Free seeds offer.

However, for great deals, you need to regularly keep an eye on their website to keep yourself updated with every offer in the store.

Refund And Return Policy

As per the official website of the Nirvana seeds, there is no return or refund policy.

However, if you have any issues with the order or package, you can reach out to the customer service team.

The backend team of the Nirvana shop will help you out.

Market Reputation Of Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana seeds have been in the industry for more than 25 years.

Therefore, it has been one of the oldest seed banks in the cannabis industry. No doubt why most of the customers have given Nirvana seeds a hugely positive review.

The website includes a 4.7 rating out of 5.0 from 1376 reviews. That shows how the company has worked for better services and quality seeds.

Additionally, the Seed Finder has rated Nirvana Seeds “Green” and given a 6.47 rating out of 10.0.

Therefore, the company has an excellent market reputation, making it one of the trustworthy and reliable sources of cannabis seeds.

Top 3 Seed Strains To Buy From Nirvana Seeds

Northern Lights: Easy strain for beginners, around 20% THC, tasty, and decent yield strain.

Aurora Indica: Around 20% THC, short height, best for indoors, and easy to grow.

Ak-48: hybrid strain best for indoor and outdoor cultivation, 7 to 9 weeks of flowering time.

Pros And Cons Of Nirvana Seeds


  • Affordable seed bank.
  • Top-quality feminized marijuana seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and multiple varieties are available.
  • Free shipping above $100 and to the U.S.
  • One of the best customer support teams.
  • Highly reputed seed bank.
  • One of the oldest seedbanks with over 25 years in the industry.


  • No germination guarantee.
  • No guaranteed delivery worldwide.

Nirvana Seeds Alternatives

ILGM: premium cannabis seeds, germination guarantee, guaranteed delivery, 24/7 customer service, and one of the most reputed seed banks.

Herbies Seeds: 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, worldwide stealth shipping, faster delivery, huge strain selection, reasonable pricing.

Crop King Seeds: one of the best Canadian seed banks, worldwide delivery, 80% germination rate, free shipping on orders above $200.

FAQs About Nirvana Seeds

Does Nirvana ship to the U.S.?

Nirvana ships to the U.S. and other countries with a stealth shipping and tracking facility.

How long does Nirvana take to ship?

Generally, Nirvana seeds ship your package within 1 to 3 business days. Once your package is shipped, you will receive the confirmation e-mail.

Where is Nirvana seed bank located?

Nirvana seed bank is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Nirvana Seed Bank Review: In Conclusion

Nirvana seed bank is a highly reputed, trustworthy, and one of the best seed banks in Amsterdam.

However, having no germination and worldwide guaranteed delivery leaves some space for improvement.

Still, the affordable price and quality seeds make this seed bank worth trying.

So if you are a beginner grower and want to get high-quality seeds at a low price, you can surely go for the Nirvana seed bank.

However, if you are looking for the best seed bank that ships to the USA, you can read our guide here.