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Top 10+ Best Autoflower Seed Banks in 2024


Auto-flowering seeds are best to start growing marijuana.


Growing marijuana becomes easier with auto seeds as they finish faster. Also, they are easy to maintain.

However, some auto-flowering cannabis seeds finish even within just six weeks.

And that is why an amateur grower who is just starting his journey buys autoflowering seeds.

There are many cannabis seed banks to buy seeds online. However, I will tell you the top 10 seedbanks of 2024 that sell seeds of only premium quality.

Let’s get started:

10 Best Autoflower Cannabis Seed Banks Of 2024

Here is the list of some of the most reliable autoflower cannabis seed banks!

1. Crop King Seeds – Overall Best Seed Store

Crop King Seeds is the best autoflower seed bank of 2024.

CKS offers a wide selection of auto-flowering and feminized seeds. At the same time, they give you an 80% germination rate on that.

Cannabis seeds are imported through the world’s finest breeders at CKS and ensure high-quality seeds that you get every time.

That is why you will have high chances of success in cannabis growing with Crop King’s auto-flower seeds.

Further, this Canada-based seed store ships throughout the globe. And shipment is made within 24-48 hours of payment being received.

While you will have ample payment options to place your order, cards, bitcoin, and Interac e-transfer are the popular accepted methods.

Further, CKS has a quick delivery service. They deliver weed seeds throughout the globe within 15 working days. In addition, USA orders might arrive even earlier.

However, remote locations can take more time due to obvious reasons.

The customer support at CKS is brilliant, though. The super-friendly staff, engaging, and supportive team is available quickly whenever needed.

Even there’s 24/7 chat support, too.

Overall, buying cannabis seeds online at Crop King Seeds led to one of the best experiences.


  • Best online seed bank
  • 500 new and best marijuana seeds released
  • Worldwide stealth shipping
  • Faster delivery
  • Multiple payment options
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Fast and supportive customer service


  • No bank transfer as the payment method

What’s the best?

Crop King Seeds offers a wide selection for autoflowering seeds leading to having some of the rare cannabis seeds and ensuring supreme quality for each source manually.

And on top of that, Crop King Seeds makes sure that you get all of your favorite seeds at reasonable pricing.

That is why CKS is one of the best seed banks to buy marijuana seeds online in 2024.

2. ILGM – Premium Cannabis Seeds

ILGM or I Love Growing Marijuana has limited but one of the most premium auto-flower cannabis seeds in stock.

Founded in 2012, the founder has more than two decades of experience in breeding cannabis seeds.

And that is why ILGM is one of the seedbanks with one of the most premium auto flower genetics in inventory backed with germination guarantees.

And apart from the premium auto flower stock, ILGM has also got feminized marijuana seeds along with mind-blowing offers.

The company offers free reshipment on all orders if its seeds fail to germinate.

GG4, Northern Lights, and Bruce Banner are some of the most popular auto flower seed strains at ILGM, which you shouldn’t miss at all if growing for the first time.

ILGM ships to limited countries. And, for the USA growers, IGLM is one of the fastest seed banks to deliver seeds.

Averagely it takes 4-5 days to deliver seeds in the USA.

While ILGM has got your back in every situation, they offer you instant customer support, available at your fingertips.

Even if you are unsure which seeds to buy, the customer support team can even help you with that. This thing shows how reliable and supportive the team at ILGM is.

If you are a first-time buyer at ILGM, you can get their ‘buy ten seeds and get ten free seeds’ offer. That means 100% off!

Most seed banks don’t offer that.


  • One of the most popular auto flower seed banks
  • Premium cannabis seeds
  • Germination guarantees
  • Stealth shipping and delivery
  • Huge offers
  • Instant customer support
  • One of the most reputable seed banks


  • Not ships worldwide.
  • Premium cannabis seeds are slightly expensive.

What’s the best?

ILGM’s all cannabis seeds!

Doesn’t matter you are buying auto flower seeds or feminized seeds. ILGM is the cannabis seed company that has got the best of them. Thanks to their years of experience in the industry.

And that is why they are so confident in their seeds that they can even replace them for free if they don’t germinate.

While their fast, reliable, and supportive team help you to get over any situation leading to a better shopping experience from this virtual store.

3. Seedsman – Wide Seed Selection

Seedsman is one of the seed banks that ship worldwide while having one of the most extensive seed strains in its inventory.

Further, Seedsman has contacts with one of the top breeders from every corner of the world, which led Seedsman to stock more than 1500 strains at a time.

Therefore, you can easily find one of the rare and hard-to-find auto-flower cannabis seeds here. At the same time, all of the seeds at Seedsman are pretty affordable.

And that is why beginner growers love to buy seeds from Seedsman as they have high-quality marijuana seeds and have affordable pricing.

Additionally, Seedsman gives you free seeds with every order along with the reward program. That shows the care of the company towards its loyal customers.

Further, shipping is done worldwide at a very nominal charge.

While you will get almost every online payment method here to place your order, from check or money order to bitcoin or cards, Seedsman has got everything in one place.

Moreover, Seedsman has one of the most hassle-free return policies if you are not happy with its seeds somehow.

You can just ring their customer support team and return the order within seven days.

Therefore, Seedsman becomes the ideal seed store that you are looking for.


  • Largest stock of seeds
  • Best quality auto flower seeds
  • Worldwide delivery
  • One of the best customer support teams
  • Discounts and reward programs
  • Free seeds
  • Return policy


  • Slightly delayed deliveries for some locations

What’s the best?

If you are looking for the finest auto flower seeds to choose from, a large selection of your favorite strains, then Seedsman is the seed bank for you.

This marijuana seed bank has got almost every popular cannabis seed in stock while maintaining its premium quality. Thanks to the top-class breeders as importers.

On top of that, Seedsman will completely fit in your budget even if you are a newbie with limited investment in your growing project.

Further, it is one of the marijuana seed banks that ship worldwide with a guarantee.

4. MSNL – Auto-Flower Cannabis Seeds On Sale

Established in 1999, MSNL is one of the marijuana seed banks with the finest genetics of auto flower seeds.

Further, MSNL has experience of more than 20 years in breeding cannabis seeds.

No doubt, why marijuana seeds nl have a 5-star rating with over 1200+ reviews on their website.

While MSNL offers you seeds at a meager price, they regularly provide you. As of now, they are offering 30% off on their premium auto flower seeds.

Purple Hulk, Cherry Pie, and Auto Girl Scout Cookies are the most-demanded quality seeds that you can’t miss at MSNL.

However, you can dig further into their inventory with the help of filters like high THC, high yield, indoor or outdoor environment to find your favorite cannabis seeds.

Thanks to their user-friendly website. That gives you a smooth experience in navigating from one section to another.

Additionally, MSNL has one of the highest success rates in delivering orders as they offer you a guaranteed delivery.

While this seed store is an expert in maintaining customer privacy, they discretely pack cannabis seeds (in random toys mostly).

Placing an order is easy with multiple payment options though you get an additional 15% off with the bank transfer option.


  • One of the finest auto flower seeds
  • Best priced auto flower cannabis seeds
  • Regular offers and sales
  • Stealth shipping
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Free cannabis seeds with every order
  • One of the most reputable seed banks


  • Average customer support
  • No germination guarantee

What’s the best?

MSNL’s experience in the marijuana industry has led them to store one of the most popular, premium, and highly-demanded auto-flowering cannabis seeds along with other strains.

And therefore, growers who are confused about where to start can directly buy any auto flower seed strain at MSNL and can rest assured of 100% success in growing marijuana.

All in all, MSNL is the hub of the finest genetics at very affordable pricing from breeders around the globe. Hence, you can get all of your popular seed strains in one place – MSNL seed bank.

5. Weed Seeds Express – High-Quality Seeds

Starting from a few years back, Weed Seeds Express has some of the top-quality seeds that you can buy online.

They have 29 seed strains as of right now.

Though it is a minimal stock, they combine popular, unique, and most demanded strains.

Northern Lights, Zkittlez, and White Widow, are the most popular and unique auto flower strains at Weed Seeds Express.

Additionally, this seed bank is an expert in delivering the best marijuana seeds in every country in the world. Thanks to their discrete packaging and stealth shipping.

While you get a guarantee on both germination of seeds and delivery of the order, that makes this seed bank one of the best auto flower seed banks in 2024.

Therefore, even if you reside within a suspicious country or region where buying cannabis seeds online is impossible, Weed Seeds Express can surely help you get that.

Further, you will get decent customer support here, along with a return policy on seeds as well. At the same time, you will place orders with cash and crypto.

Also, you can get some decent offers and discounts on their premium range of seeds during sales.

However, you have to regularly watch their website as their offer fluctuates consistently due to variations in-stock availability.


  • High-quality auto flower seeds
  • Germination guarantee
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Discrete and stealth shipping
  • Discounts available


  • Limited stock of best cannabis seeds
  • Limited payment options

What’s the best?

At Weed Seeds Express, their stock of premium auto-flowering marijuana seeds is of the best quality in the market.

Further, this is one of the best seed banks that believes in quality over quantity, making this store unique.

Considering all primary strains categories, this seed store has around 100 strains, but they are of the finest quality.

While their guaranteed delivery policy makes sure you get your cannabis seeds delivered anywhere in the world. Most seed banks don’t have a guaranteed delivery policy, though.

6. Seed Supreme – Seed Supermarket

Founded in 2013 in the UK, Seed Supreme has one of the most extensive stocks of marijuana seeds from the finest breeders around the globe.

Seed Supreme has got more than 4000 cannabis strains from 100+ cannabis seed banks worldwide.

It also covers Gorilla Seed Bank, Seed City, and Quebec cannabis seeds.

And this makes this seed store a one-stop store to buy all of your favorite feminized seeds and auto flower seeds.

Therefore, marijuana growers looking for a more extensive inventory must check Seed Supreme.

Though the quality of seeds at Seed Supreme varies according to the breeder, this seed store has fairly decent-quality cannabis seeds overall.

Seed Supreme has got 1100+ strains in the auto-flowering category making it possible to find most marijuana seeds here.

And, apart from auto-flowering, feminized seeds, and regular seeds, Seed Supreme has also got some of the best medicinal seeds, high THC, high yield, and wholesale cannabis seeds.

Therefore, you can call Seed Supreme a supermarket of cannabis seeds.

Further, Seed Supreme ships worldwide to most countries. Shipping is free if the order exceeds $90. And, the delivery of orders is guaranteed by the seed bank. Thanks to their stealth packaging.


  • One of the largest stocks of marijuana seed strains
  • High-quality cannabis seeds
  • 100+ online seed banks in contact
  • Free shipping over $90
  • Stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery


  • No cards or bank transfers accepted as the payment method 
  • No germination guarantee on seeds.
  • Average customer support

What’s the best?

Seed Supreme has got one of the most extensive stocks of the best cannabis seeds.

And therefore, if you can’t find autoflower seeds anywhere else, you are sure to find them here. Additionally, the marijuana seeds are priced relative to make them accessible by most growers.

While their shipping and delivery services are far better than any other seed bank, making it one of the best online seed banks in 2024.

7. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Cheap Seeds

Based in the marijuana capital, Amsterdam, AMS, or Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is a relatively new seed bank that offers high-quality auto-flower cannabis seeds.

This seed bank has a limited but popular selection of premium auto flower, regular, and feminized seeds. And, they offer jaw-dropping deals as well.

As of now, you can get 15 different marijuana seeds for free on the purchase of 15 seeds at AMS at the same price. Isn’t this a fantastic deal?

Well, AMS has also got some of the most rarely found auto-flower cannabis strains in the stock.

Priced affordably, AMS is a one-stop destination for finding some rarely heard auto flower strains.

Also, this seed bank promises you a guaranteed delivery backed with reshipment.

If you have filled in the correct address and still not got your order due to customs or anything else, AMS will re-ship your order without asking any questions.

And on top of that, AMS ships for free worldwide.

Though to maintain privacy, they can re-pack your seeds for successful delivery. However, the best part is their fast shipment.

Orders are shipped as quickly as possible after successful payment. And, usually, orders arrive within 15 working days to 31 days.

USA orders can arrive even earlier, though.

Further, their customer support is also decent. Queries are responded under 24 working hours.

All in all, AMS is known for its unique selection of auto flower seeds, along with its decent services.

Therefore, AMS has a brilliant 4.32 rating out of 5 from 9200+ reviews.


  • Some unique selection
  • Reasonably priced
  • Decent services
  • Free shipping
  • Guaranteed delivery


  • No germination guarantee on seeds
  • No free seeds

What’s the best?

AMS is one of the best seed banks online if you are looking for some unique and quality genetics that you haven’t heard of yet.

Additionally, their faster services in the USA, Europe, and other countries make this seed bank even better.

Overall, if you are an expert grower looking to step up your marijuana growing journey with some unique auto flower strains, then AMS can surely help you in that.

8. Nirvana Shop – Affordable Seed Bank

Beginner growers looking for cheap autoflower marijuana or feminized seeds can surely visit Nirvana Shop.

This affordable seed bank offers high-quality cannabis seeds for as low as $5 per seed.

And therefore, novice growers with limited budgets can find the best deals here. At the same time, all of their marijuana seeds are of top quality.

Amnesia Haze, Big Bud, and Blue Dream are some of the most demanded strains at Nirvana Shop.

Further, Nirvana Shop accepts multiple payment methods leading you to place the orders quickly and conveniently.

While you get 5% additional off on bank transfers and cash, this seed bank will also double up your seed if you order through bitcoin.

And, once your payment is received successfully at the shop, Nirvana Shop ships your order instantly within 24 working hours.

Further, the orders are delivered quickly within 3 to 4 weeks in USA and earlier in Europe.

If you need customer support, you can ring their team on the given numbers or raise a support ticket at the website. While mailing option is also there.

Therefore, multiple ways to approach their backend team are given to ensure you can get help whenever needed.

That means, in any case, Nirvana Shop has got your back to ensure you have the best experience to buy marijuana seeds online.


  • Finest auto flower seeds on sale
  • Worldwide faster delivery
  • Discrete packaging and instant shipment
  • Reputable seed bank
  • One of the oldest and best seed banks online


  • Limited seed stock

What’s the best?

Nirvana Shop offers the best seeds at a low price.

Their overall services and the best seeds make Nirvana seed bank one of the best online seed banks to buy auto flower seeds online in 2024, especially if you are a novice grower.

Although this online seed bank has only 24 auto flower strains in stock right now, they are of a premium range.

And at the top of that, Nirvana Shop offers faster shipping, multiple payment methods, and great discounts.

That is why Nirvana Shop is one of the best seed banks for amateur growers.

9. Paradise Seeds – Premium Seeds At Low Price

If you are looking for one of the fastest auto flower strains to finish within just 60 days, then Paradise Seed bank is for you.

Established out of weed capital, Amsterdam, Paradise Seeds has potent, unique, and premium quality auto-flower cannabis seeds.

As a hub of top auto flower genetic strains, Paradise Seeds has won 50+ cannabis cups.

Also, this is one of the oldest and best seed banks in the market, and therefore, it has some of the hard-to-find auto flower genetics that can overwhelm growers with the results.

Pandora, Vertigo, and White Berry are some of the most bought auto flower seeds at Paradise Seed bank.

Also, you can easily find your favorite seed strain while filtering them out based upon high THC, high yield, indoor, outdoor, and more categories.

And their beautifully designed website makes it easier for you to search out cannabis seeds. The theme is attractive, user-friendly, and keeps you engaged with the information.

Shipping services at Paradise Seeds are excellent. However, they ship to limited countries.

However, you can easily find Paradise Seeds from nearly available resellers.

Further, the services at Paradise Seeds are brilliant. You can approach the backend team via phone and mail in case of queries. They are fast, reliable, and friendly.


  • Some unique, and powerful auto-flower marijuana seeds
  • Affordable pricing
  • Faster discrete shipping
  • Excellent customer support
  • 50+ cannabis cup winner seed bank


  • Doesn’t ship worldwide

What’s the best?

The rare and finest genetics at Paradise Seeds!

Suppose you are an experienced grower looking for the world’s finest and premium auto flower seeds to level up your marijuana cultivation journey. In that case, Paradise Seeds can surely help you with that.

Their auto flower seeds are of limited stock yet of premium quality, making this seed bank one of the best online stores to buy seeds from.

10. Mary Janes Garden – New Seed Bank

One of the new seed banks in the market, Mary Janes Garden, is the Canadian seed bank with a decent stock of cannabis strains.

Mary Jane Garden has a decent selection of cannabis seeds of all basic categories. At the same time, all of their weed seeds are priced reasonably.

Though their website is quite average, which requires improvements, the old school theme constructs difficulties sometimes.

However, their cannabis seeds are worth that hassle if you look for affordable auto flower seeds.

Mary Janes directly sell cannabis seeds from the source and therefore ensures freshness and high quality of seeds leading to a better germination rate.

They ship worldwide and provide discrete shipping. However, you get free shipping with orders of more than $135.

And, you get ten free seeds for free with orders above $420.

Further, multiple modes of payment allow you to place an order conveniently. For example, cash, MoneyGram, Interac E-transfer, Cards (with 10% fee), and bitcoin are the accepted payment methods.

For customer support, you can ring their backend team on the given number on the website. However, their customer service is average.


  • Some finest genetics of auto flower seeds are available
  • Free shipping over $135
  • Free 10 seeds over $420
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Decent services


  • No germination guarantee
  • No large stock
  • Average website
  • No free seed with every order

What’s the best?

High-quality auto flower seeds at affordable pricing attract growers to Mary Jane Garden.

While their services are relatively faster in Canada and the USA, making it one of the best auto flower seed banks that ship to Canada and the USA.

Overall, the stock of all seed strains at Mary Jane Garden is of high quality, which, along with decent services, makes this seed bank one of the first choices of newbie growers.

Buying Auto Flower Seeds Online: Guide

Buying marijuana seeds online is easy if you have one of the best cannabis seed banks.

However, before you directly opt or search for the best marijuana seed banks, make sure to look for certain things to ensure you get the right quality of seeds.

Also, to avoid any fraud or scams with you!

It will help you choose the right seed bank for you and lead you to get the most out of your investment.

1. Reputation Of Seed Bank

Check for the seed bank’s establishment and years of service in the industry.

It will help you know how better the services and quality of seeds are at that store. For example, ILGM is one of the most reputed online cannabis seed banks.

That ultimately hints that the quality of seeds at ILGM is far better than any other seed bank. And therefore, simply, it is the best seed bank.

And also, digging out the history of online seed banks will make you get to know if they are legit stores and not just come up a few times back just to hunt the money from your pocket.

Hence, look for the market reputation of an online store.

2. Reviews

Genuine public reviews of a seed bank help you get a deep insight into the store in a few minutes.

You can look for reviews at forums, subreddit, and Trustpilot-like websites. It will help you distinguish between a genuine seed bank and a ‘scammy’ website.

You can also apply this method to find suitable strains for you. For example, just scroll down the strain page and search for reviews of previous buyers and their experience of growing it.

This thing will prepare you beforehand about that strain. At the same time, you can also get to know if that specific strain is right for you.

3. Services

Just imagine if you ordered your seeds two weeks ago, but the seeds are stuck in transit, and the seed bank is not responding to your emails now.

Sounds horrible? Right?

Therefore, ensuring that the services of seed banks are good enough for you is a must before choosing the perfect auto flower seed bank for yourself.

For example, Seedsman is the best seed bank for customer support which is available instantly to you. Therefore, most customer feedbacks about Seedsman contain zero complaints regarding their services.

Also, the availability of multiple payment methods, ways to approach the backend team, germination guarantee, and website interface are included in services, ultimately contributing to your online shopping experience.

So, these are the specific factors that you can ensure before choosing the right seed bank for yourself. And, this will surely make you get the best out of your investment.

Tips For Knowing If Your Seeds Are Of Good Quality

There are many things to look for in a genuine weed seed while growing marijuana.

Well, here are some tips that can help you know if you have got high-quality seeds and can ensure a higher germination rate.

(i) Look For Appearance And Color

Marijuana seeds of good quality usually have brown, dark color and appearance can also have some patches. On the other hand, immature seeds have lighter shades of hue like white and light green.

(ii) Size

Good quality marijuana seeds are round.

If seeds are out-shaped or broken, they are not of good quality.

(iii) Float Test

Well, to ensure that your marijuana seeds are of good quality, the float test can give you surety.

Get distilled water in a glass or similar container and put your marijuana seeds in bulk. Sources that get sinks are of good quality and ensure a better germination rate than those that didn’t.


What seed bank has the most auto-flowers?

Seed Supreme and Seedsman has one of the most extensive seed stocks. Seed Supreme has 1100+ auto flowers in stock.

What is the highest yielding auto-flower strain?

Zkittlez, Purple Punch, Northern Lights Auto, Bruce Banner, Wedding Cheese Cake, Moby Dick, and Blueberry Auto are the highest-yielding auto flower strains.

Do auto-flowering plants produce auto-flowering seeds?

Yes, auto-flowering plants can produce auto-flowering seeds that ultimately reduce the need to buy marijuana seeds online.

What is the best way to germinate auto-flower seeds?

Depending upon strain type, you can germinate them with any method. The traditional way of planting directly into soil works fine in most cases.

Is buying marijuana seeds legal?

Purchasing seeds from a cannabis seed bank is legal in most countries and regions. However, growing marijuana is not. Still, to not take any risk, ensure your local authorities know legal to buy cannabis seeds in your area.

Is growing marijuana seeds legal?

Growing cannabis seeds is regulated in the USA. You have to know your local laws before cultivating cannabis plants.


There are many auto flower seed banks in the market, but we filtered out only the best ones.

You can buy cannabis seeds online from any of the mentioned cannabis seed banks and be assured of 100% better results.

These seed banks ship to almost every corner of the world.

However, keep in mind that buying seeds from the cannabis seed bank and growing cannabis plants are different terms.

Further, both are regulated by the laws in most regions and countries.

And therefore, confirm about the same from your state or local authorities to be legally safe.

Also, check Dispensaries in Canada.

Attitude Seed Bank Review in 2024 – Is it legit?


When you decide to buy seeds via online seed banks, you need a seed store where you can find most of your favorite strains.

And the Attitude seed bank is one of those seed banks where you will get your most of the seeds.

Because this seed bank claims for one of the largest seed superstores in the cannabis industry as it has got thousands of seeds from hundreds of prominent breeders worldwide.

However, the company has no germination guarantee, and very few online reviews are available on the Trustpilot.

So, is Attitude seed bank safe?

Or should you buy marijuana seeds online from Attitude seed bank?

Let’s find out in this detailed Attitude seed bank review.

Is Attitude Seed Bank Legit And Safe?

Yes, the Attitude seed bank is a 100% safe and legit seed bank.

The Attitude seed bank has a 7.01 rating out of 10.0 from 135 user reviews at Seedfinder.

Also, this seed bank has been termed “Green,” making this seed bank a reliable and trustworthy source for buying high-quality seeds.

The company is established in the United Kingdom and operates online as a seed supplier across the globe.

Therefore, the Attitude seed bank is a legit company that sells high-quality marijuana seeds.

Further, the Attitude seed bank has built a loyal customer base within the past few years, and therefore, it has earned an excellent market reputation.

There are numerous positive reviews about the Attitude seed bank on various forums, Reddit, and review websites.

However, there are very few reviews on Trustpilot about the Attitude seed bank, which might be a concern.

Still, the company has made it a “Green” seed bank on Seedfinder, making it a reputable seed bank to be considered for buying cannabis seeds online.

Attitude Seed Bank Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

Let’s have a quick sneak peek at the Attitude seed bank:

Established: in the United Kingdom.

Seeds Available: 2000+ strains, feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, regular seeds, bulk seeds, pick and mix, etc.

Services: worldwide shipping, faster delivery to the U.K., USA orders, and excellent customer service team.

Customers Rating: 7.01/10.0 from 130+ reviews at Seedfinder, the “Green” online seed bank.

Review: This seed bank is 100% recommended to buy cannabis seeds.

The Attitude seed bank has a large seed stock, affordable price, accepts multiple payment options, ships worldwide discreetly, and has brilliant customer support.

However, if you need a germination guarantee and faster delivery to the U.S., ILoveGrowingMarijuana and Herbies Seeds better alternatives.

Click Here And Buy From Attitude Seed Bank

About Attitude Seed Bank

There is significantly less information available about the Attitude seed bank.

However, the company has been in the industry for a few years, and the Attitude seed bank takes pride in calling itself “the world’s largest cannabis seeds superstore.”

The Attitude seed bank has one of the most extensive seed strains in its stock, and therefore, they are indeed a seed superstore for the growers.

The company is based in the U.K. and operates as one of the online seed banks that sell seeds worldwide.

A Detailed Attitude Seed Bank Review [Updated 2024]

Time to have a deep insight into every section of the Attitude seed bank:

Seed Selection

Seed selection is one of the factors where the Attitude seed bank shines the most.

Attitude seeds have thousands of strains in stock that might overwhelm you when you check their inventory.

Whether you look for feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Award-winner, or something else, the Attitude seed bank has covered you.

Their inventory is so full of seeds that you can spend the whole day looking for seeds.

If you are finding a particular strain elsewhere and unable to get there, try to search on the Attitude seed bank.

Here, you will find your strain with a 2000+ strain selection at the Attitude seed bank.

Also, you can even buy cannabis seeds by choosing a breeder name specifically. With that being said, the Attitude seed bank has A to Z breeders.

Some of the best breeders at the Attitude seeds are:

  • Barney’s Farm
  • DNA Genetics
  • Dutch Passion
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds
  • Dank Genetics
  • G13 Lab Seeds

Moreover, if you are a commercial grower and want to grow cannabis on a large scale, you must check the ‘bulk’ section of the Attitude seed bank.

There you will find top-notch cannabis seeds at a meager price.

Also, even if you want to try out some specific strains, you can go for the ‘Pick n Mix’ section.

You can choose seed banks or breeders working with the Attitude seed bank and buy from hundreds of options.

As the company has hundreds of quality breeders around the globe working with them. Therefore, they claim to be one of the largest seed superstores.

Seed Quality

The seed quality at the Attitude seed bank varies.

It is because the Attitude seed bank does not sell its own seeds. It sells only the imported cannabis seeds from hundreds of breeders worldwide.

You get high-quality seeds with every purchase from Attitude seeds.

Although some growers also have reported low-quality seeds.

Therefore, sometimes getting the best seeds becomes a game of either hit or miss.

Further, manually maintaining and checking the quality of every cannabis seeds strain becomes difficult with having hundreds of breeders to work with.

It is why the company does not provide any germination guarantee as well.

However, the seed bank still makes sure that the cannabis seeds they are importing must stand out on their quality standards.

The good part is that you have access to the direct inventory of the breeder.

If you know a quality breeder name, you can directly purchase from their inventory at Attitude seeds, ensuring you got the best seeds from that breeder.

In a nutshell, the Attitude seeds quality is top-notch. However, you can increase your chances of having only the best seeds by buying from reputable seed breeders.

Pricing Of Seeds

The Attitude seed bank is one of the affordable seed banks that sells cannabis seeds at a very reasonable price. It is because the company imports seeds in huge quantities.

Therefore, they have affordable cannabis seeds prices compared to other seed banks.

However, the price can vary from low to high depending on the seed breeder. For premium seeds, you need to pay the premium price.

If you are a large-scale grower, you can directly visit the bulk section of the Attitude seeds containing marijuana seeds in bulk at a meager price.

Apart from this, the price per seed at the Attitude seed bank starts from as low as 5 Euros and can go as high as you want, depending upon the breeder and strain type.

For better understanding, let’s have a quick look at the price comparison:

Attitude seed bank 10 Black Skull Seeds Gelato – 39 Euros

Attitude seeds 10 Auto Runtz Seeds – 105 Euros

Here you can observe the drastic change in the price segment depending upon the strain type and breeder type.

Therefore, the pricing of seeds at the Attitude seeds varies; however, the good part is that, mostly, it is kept in such a way to fit every grower’s budget.

Further, if you want only the premium seeds selection at a very reasonable price, check ILGM. You can get 10 free seeds on purchase of 10 seeds.

Shipping Service

Shipping service is one of the sections where the Attitude seed bank excels.

The Attitude seed bank ships worldwide. Also, it has a unique shipping process to ensure it can deliver orders discreetly.

Also, the company offers multiple ways to ship the seeds. You can choose as per your location and how discreet you want.


Before shipping out your package, the Attitude seeds pack your seeds in a very discreet manner.

They pack your seeds in double padded crush-proof packaging to ensure the higher safety of seeds during transportation.

However, if you need the extra layer of privacy and security, the Attitude cannabis seed bank also offers stealth packaging.

Under that, your seeds can be packed into random objects like toys, t-shirts, mugs, wallets, or anything else. But, of course, the company cannot share the exact process due to obvious reasons.

Attitude seeds can also take out your seeds from the original packaging and pack them manually into random objects to keep the customs far away from your seeds for an extra layer of privacy and discreet shipping.

Also, the international order might contain the customs letter.

However, ideally, Attitude seeds offer this type of packaging for international customers.

Shipping Charges

The charges at the Attitude seeds for speedy and stealth shipping are pretty inexpensive.

They offer a flat rate on their shipping services:

  • Within the U.K.: 4.5o Euros
  • International orders: 9.99 Euros

These are the flat rate charges for standard shipping.

Guaranteed Shipping

If you want guaranteed shipping, you can ask for the same during checkout.

The Attitude seeds offer guaranteed shipping without any extra shipping charges. However, they need to ship an extra gift along with your seeds.

And for the extra gift, you need to pay a few more bucks so they can pack your seeds.

You can check out the website to opt for any random gift option like a purse, t-shirt, coffee cups, accessories, etc.

Under the guaranteed shipping option, if your order gets lost during transit, the company will resend you the package without asking any questions.

Shipping Time

Therefore, as Attitude seeds offer worldwide shipping, they regularly dispatch the orders.

The order process time is Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (In U.K. time), and the company takes 3 business days to ship your package after processing orders.

You get the mail of confirmation once your order gets dispatched from the company.

Delivery Time

Once your order is shipped, it might take around 7 to 25 working days to reach you.

However, depending upon your location, the delivery time can vary.

USA Delivery Time

For the USA orders, the company sends you an email confirming the dispatch of your order. However, you get the tracking I.D. for the same within a week after dispatch.

Ideally, the company should send the tracking I.D. along with the dispatch of seeds.

Further, the average delivery time for USA orders is 7 to 15 working days.

Remember that remote locations, bad weather, and other factors can also impact the delivery time.

U.K. Delivery Time

U.K. orders use Royal Mail First Class mail service. The U.K. delivery time is around 1 to 4 business days.

Also, every order comes with the tracking I.D. to know where your order has reached. Additionally, all U.K. deliveries require a signature.

Rest Of The World

The Attitude seeds use the national or local mail service for international delivery.

The average delivery time for the rest of the world is 7 to 15 business days, even 21 days.

Therefore, the company recommends that you keep regular tracking of your order.

The tracking information is updated every 24 to 48 hours.

If you cannot fetch the details of your order or your parcel has got stuck at one place for more than the mentioned period, you need to contact the Attitude seeds.

Payment Options

The Attitude seed bank accepts multiple payment options.

All payment methods are secure, fast, discreet, and safe from hackers.

Also, the company doesn’t store any customer information on its website. Therefore, the Attitude seeds website has all those features for privacy-centered buyers.

For the U.K. based customers, the Attitude seeds accept these payment methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Debit cards/Credit cards
  • Cheques (With two week holding period)
  • Postal Order
  • Money Order
  • Cash Order
  • Wire Transfer
  • Other Cryptocurrencies
  • Gift Cards
  • Bank Transfer

And for international buyers, the Attitude seedbank accepts these payment methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Cash
  • Other Cryptocurrencies
  • International-registered Gift Cards
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bank Transfer

For the U.K.-based buyers, the available payment options are slightly more than the international buyers.

However, the company has provided many payment methods that even top seed banks don’t provide. So, that is an edge for this seed bank.

Therefore, you will have convenient ways to place your order at the Attitude seeds.

The company even provides you with another payment option via phone if you don’t find your convenient method.

All orders by phone are put via a secure VSP terminal online, ensuring security and privacy.

Note: The Attitude seeds do not accept MasterCard and MasteroCard.

For UK-based buyers, there are a lot of payment options available. However, ideally, you should go with a bitcoin or credit card.

These payment options are instant, and processing credit card transactions take much less time than bank transfer; therefore, your order will be immediately processed.

However, payment methods like bank transfer, cash, and check need to wait for 5 to 7 working days to get your payment reflected on the merchant side.

Only after that will your order be processed.

Therefore, prefer a payment option that can reflect instantly and lead to faster processing of your order.

Overall, various options are available for paying at Attitude seeds that make your shopping experience easy.

The best part is that all payment options are 3D secure and 256 encrypted for the safety and privacy of the user on the website.

Additionally, no user data is saved on the website once the payment gets succeeded.

Attitude Seed Bank Customer Service

Attitude is one of the cannabis seed banks with a fantastic customer service team.

Whatever your query is, the fast, friendly, and responsive backend team will get your query solved.

Whether it is about bad seeds, an order, package shipment, or anything else, the Attitude seed bank has a fantastic back-end team that will help you instantly.

Also, the company has given multiple ways to reach out to its customer service team.

  • Call

For UK based customers, you can call the Attitude seeds at 01473-724-698

For international customers, the calling number is: 0044-1473-724-698 or 011-44-1473-724

  • E-mail

Also, you can drop the company e-mail at info@theattitudeseedbank.com or sales@theattitudeseedbank.com

If you have contacted Attitude seeds via e-mail, you can generally expect a reply within 24 working hours.

  • Contact Form

Another way to reach the Attitude seeds is their contact form. You can directly fill out the form on the website and ask your query.

The expected response time is 24 to 48 working hours.

The backend team is quite friendly and helpful, and they have even got a lot of positive reviews.

However, keep in mind that the company will not be responsible for the queries and concerns related to the growing marijuana or germination problems.

It is because the Attitude seed bank sells seeds for souvenir purposes only.

Therefore, there is no germination guarantee, and the company does not take any queries related to growing cannabis.

Also, the company does not promote the germination of seeds as they sell seeds only for novelty purposes.

Moreover, if you want one of the best seed banks to give you a germination guarantee and super fast delivery, check ILGM.

They have a premium range of seeds with a germination guarantee, faster delivery, and 24/7 customer support.

Website Review

At first glance, the official website of Attitude seeds looks very aesthetic, decent, and eye-catchy.

However, as you go through the selection of the seeds, you will be overwhelmed by a lot of options flashing in front of you.

Additionally, several ads and banners will be flashing on the homepage. In addition, you will observe a very variety of deals, offers, and promotions.

In short, the Attitude seeds have got a lot to say.

Further, scrolling down the page will take you through some of the best strains available at the Attitude seeds.

You will find various UFOs with top-notch cannabis seeds at the store.

Moreover, the website of the Attitude seed bank has all the information that a first-time visitor might need.

Also, whether it is about the shipping cost, delivery time, contacting the company, or anything else, the website is filled with every information.

And this is one of the best parts of the Attitude seed store because many online seed banks lack this.

One thing where the website needs improvement is its organization.

Having many breeders and cannabis seeds has made it an overwhelming experience to use the website.

A brilliant approach will be to organize the virtual store’s information more subtly.

Overall, the website interface is pretty great. It has all the information that a buyer might need, as well as it has got a lot of breeders and cannabis strains to show.

Promotions At Attitude Seed Bank

For promotions, the Attitude seed store is the best online seed bank.

It has got a lot of promotions in the store.

You can check the ongoing deals under the “Promotions” tab. You will find a lot of deals going on various cannabis seeds.

Most promotional deals offer you freebie seeds with the main deal.

For instance, if you will be paying via cryptocurrency, you will be eligible for some freebies.

Furthermore, if you buy seeds of strains on the promotional offer, you can get some more seeds of other strains.

So, buying cannabis seeds for growing marijuana gets lighter on budget when you have promotional deals, and Attitude has many.

Discounts And Offers

Attitude seed store is one of the seed banks that gives you more than you invest.

The company has a lot of discounts and offers to give you along with your purchase.

Apart from promotional deals on other seeds, you will always find some discounts and offers.

The bonus part will be the free seeds you get with every order.

Considering the promotions and offers, I have to say that the Attitude seed store is one of the best online seed banks that can get you more than you buy.

Market Reputation Of Attitude Seed Bank

Various online forums, review sites, and platforms are filled with many positive attitude seeds reviews.

Therefore, this seed bank is a reputable seed bank that most growers worldwide trust.

Seedfinder has termed the Attitude seeds store as “Green.”

The vast market reputation for this seed bank is due to its fresh seeds, consistent quality, and brilliant service that it provides.

Return And Refund Policy

The company has a return and refund policy for its buyers.

However, it is filled with quite a hassle.

Also, in most cases, you don’t need to return your seeds as the company makes sure you get the best quality seeds every time.

Somehow, if you want to return the package, you will have a 90 days window. After that, the company will not accept the returns.

Moreover, the package must be in the following condition to getting eligible to return:

  • The packing must be unopened and unused.
  • The package must be in the original packaging and approach the company within 3 months of receipt.

Also, the return shipping cost is bearable by the customer itself.

Further, if your case is genuine, the company will refund your money after the process.

Remember, pick and mix seeds are not eligible for the refund.

Top 5 Recommended Seed Strains At Attitude Seed Bank

  1. Paradise Seeds: Indica is the dominant new strain, 19% THC, best for indoor, high yield, and short flowering strains.
  2. Rare Dankness:Tasty and beautiful purple strain, high THC, medium yield, 58 days of flowering time.
  3. L.A. Confidential:100% Indica strain, highly energetic effects, 450g/meter square yield, best for indoor and outdoor cultivation.
  4. Gelato: Hybrid strain with high yield and intense THC (up to 27%), potent strain for experienced stoners.
  5. Wedding Cake: Happy and relaxing strain, high THC, mouth-watering taste, easy to grow cannabis strain.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Marijuana Seeds From Attitude Seed Bank


  • Huge strain selection
  • High-quality cannabis seeds
  • An excellent customer service team
  • Faster and worldwide shipping
  • Trustworthy and highly reputed online seed bank


  • No germination guarantee
  • Need website improvement
  • No regulation on the quality maintenance of the seeds

Attitude Seed Bank Better Alternatives

There are a lot of best seedbanks from which you can buy the best cannabis seeds for your growing projects.

These are the better alternatives for the Attitude seed store:

  1. ILGM: One of the best American seed banks, many cannabis strains, germination guarantee, faster shipping, and 9.1 rated out of 10.0 from 20,000 reviews.
  2. Crop King Seeds: One of the best Canadian seed banks, highly reputed, 80% germination rate, large seed stock, worldwide shipping, and one of the most reliable seed banks.
  3. Herbies Seeds:100% customer satisfaction guarantee, 5-star rated store, free cannabis seeds with every purchase, 2000 cannabis seeds for sale.

FAQs About Attitude Seed Bank

Does Attitude seed bank ship to the USA?

Yes, Attitude seed store ships to the USA and all other countries around the globe. It is a worldwide shipping company.

Where is the Attitude seed bank located?

The Attitude seed bank is located in the United Kingdom. This UK-based seed bank ships worldwide.

How can I reach email support at Attitude seed bank?

You can write your query at info@theattitudeseedbank.com or sales@theattitudeseedbank.com. The expected response time is 24 to 48 working hours.

Attitude Seed Bank Review: Conclusion

The Attitude seed bank is one of the top seed banks worldwide.

It has a vast cannabis strain selection, many breeders, faster shipping, offers free seeds, and has a brilliant customer support team, which is unmatchable.

Also, the company offers worldwide shipping at a meager cost along with discreet packaging ensuring your privacy.

So, all in all, the Attitude seeds store is one of the best options to buy seeds online.

Cropkingseeds Review In 2024 – Is it Legit?


This review is for you if you plan to buy online cannabis seeds via Crop King Seeds!

I will be sharing my honest experience with the Crop King Seed so that you can get to know if it is worth your investment.

However, Crop King Seeds claim as one of the best seed banks of 2024. Also, many review forums and sites consider this seed bank as the top seed bank of the year.

How much the “fact” is there, we will find in today’s review!

Let’s go:

Is Crop King Seeds A Legit Seed Bank?

Yes, let me clear it very first – Crop King Seeds is a 100% legit and genuine seed bank.

The company is Vancouver, Canada-based seed bank that operates online. It sells cannabis seeds around the globe.

Also, the company has been in the cannabis industry for several years, making itself a reliable seed bank for cannabis cultivation among the community.

Further, Crop King Seeds is one of the fewest seed banks in the market with over 100+ official retail sellers – adding reputation to the company.

Moreover, the company sells high-quality seeds at affordable rates to growers. Also, their fantastic range of seeds selection makes them stand out from the other seed banks.

Crop King Seeds is a 100% trustworthy seed bank in 2024 from where growers find high-quality marijuana seeds, a high germination rate, and better services.

With over lacs of customers around the world, no doubt why this Canadian seed bank comes under one of the best seed banks of 2024.

Crop King Seeds Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

In a hurry? Have a quick review of Crop King Seeds:

Established: Launched in the early 2000s in Vancouver, Canada.

Strains Available: Feminized seeds, auto-flowering, CBD, regular, fast version, USA seeds, etc.

Services: 24/7 chat support, free shipping (on orders above $200), multiple payment methods, friendly and instant customer support.

Customer Reviews: Highly positive reviews, top seed company under Canadian Cannabis Award 2017.

Review: 100% recommended and can be relied upon for quality seeds purchase; still, there’s a little work company needed to work on its website.

Official Website Of Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds Review 2024

Now, it’s time to dive deeper into the review.

Join me in this journey and get to know everything about this Canadian seed bank:

History Of Crop King Seeds

If Crop King Seeds is now selling the world’s finest marijuana seeds, then the credit goes to the team’s consistent hard work since the very start of this company.

The company was established in the early 2000s to fulfill the demand of cannabis enthusiasts for high-quality seeds.

However, at that time, marijuana laws were quite strict in Canada as weed cultivation remained illegal, and usage of cannabis was also prohibited in the country.

Well, at that time, most countries were against marijuana.

And that led Crop King Seed to shut their doors soon, in 2005.

However, time passed, and things changed around different countries for the weed.

The USA legalized cannabis in a few of its states, initializing for the allowance of cannabis worldwide.

However, the Canadian government had already allowed the use of cannabis for medicinal cannabis users in 2001.

It was the time of around 2013 when the Crop King Seeds bounced back with a bang and came back again into the market.

CKS had big plans at this time, and they’d executed them well.

The company established one of the first physical branches in Calgary. Since then, Crop King seed bank has never looked back again.

It now has over 100+ physical retail sellers across Canada, fulfilling the company’s goal – to provide high-quality seeds.

Further, throughout the journey of Crop King Seeds, Canada, the company has kept its goal its priority – to sell seeds online of the best quality and provide growers with the finest genetics of weed.

From having a few strains to launching now 500 new marijuana strains frequently, CKS has come a far way.

From the finest feminized cannabis seeds to short versions, CBD, auto-flower seeds, and many more varieties are available at the store today.

Whether you are a beginner grower or advanced, you will find every marijuana strain of your need at Crop King Seeds.

Overall, the Crop King Seeds has started tiny but now has become an empire for cannabis seeds in the world of seed banks.

Strains Selection And Quality

Crop King Seeds has a vast selection of cannabis seeds.

Whether it is about Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or CBD, it has covered almost every strain that you can look for in the market.

Also, feminized marijuana seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular, fast version, cannabis seeds, the USA, or new marijuana seeds, CKS has got your back in every manner.

Crop King Seeds has a separate selection of seeds with high CBD, even for medical patients.

The feminized and auto-flowering mix packs are among the most popular packs for budget growers. So you can get a mix of their top-shelf seeds at very affordable pricing.

Further, the quality management at CKS is terrific.

The company manually inspects the quality of seeds that it imports from various breeders worldwide.

The backend team imports only the high-quality cannabis seeds leading to an 80% germination rate.

Also, the imported marijuana seeds at the CKS seed bank are kept in ideal conditions to be fresh and maintain their potency until they get into the growing medium.

Every time you receive a seeds package from CKS, you will find your seeds fresh and healthy.

Therefore, in maintaining the quality of the seeds, Crop King Seeds never compromises with it.

Pricing Of Seeds

Pricing is one of the factors that every grower loves to buy seeds online from Crop King Seeds.

The company has priced its marijuana seeds reasonably affordable.

Therefore, you will find Crop King Seeds fitting your budget whether you are a commercial or budget grower with new hopes.

The price per seed for feminized marijuana strains starts as low as $10. All of them are backed with an 80% germination rate.

So, considering the price, CKS has scored full marks here!

Shipping And Delivery Time

Crop King Seeds ships worldwide.

As CKS is a Canadian seed store, shipping is comparatively faster in Canada.

However, the company ships within 24 to 48 hours after successful payment for the order.

Also, the company discreetly packs your seeds with original crop king packaging to keep the freshness of seeds the same.

After that, the delivery time might take up to 2 to 15 working days, depending upon your region and location.

The two different types of shipping services that CKS offers are:

  1. Free shipping – on orders above $200. The seed bank will bear all shipping charges, so you save a few bucks here.
  2. Express Shipping – another type of shipping is express one available with an additional cost of $20 or $40. It consists of tracking the order with guaranteed delivery.

If you are ordering from a suspicious location where cannabis orders usually get seized, you should ideally prefer express shipping.

Express Shipping guarantees the delivery of your order with a tracking facility, and also it is a shipped priority.

However, the delivery time of your order might vary from 2 working days to 7 working days, which also depends upon the weather, remote location, and other factors.

  • Delivery time in Canada: 1 to 7 working days
  • Delivery time in the USA: 2 to 7 working days
  • Delivery time in rest of the countries: 7 to 25 working days

The shipping and delivery services at Crop King Seeds are fast, reliable, and discreet.

That is why Crop King Seeds has been able to make millions of cannabis growers happy around the globe.

Accepted Payment Methods

Crop King Seeds is the cannabis seed bank that accepts multiple payment methods.

You can instantly place your order with these accepted payment options:

  1. Credit Card (Visa Or Mastercard)
  2. Interac E-transfer (For Canadian customers only)
  3. Bitcoin

The credit card is one of the private methods if it doesn’t show what you have bought on the statement.

Moreover, there is also the extra concern of processing fees for international transactions (if ordering from other countries).

Further, make sure your card is activated for the international purchase.

In the case of bitcoin, there is no concern. It is instant, reliable, and convenient.

The best part of ordering from bitcoin is that they are the safest online payment option. Therefore, we also recommend you for the bitcoin payment option.

Customer Support At Crop King Seeds

Having good customer support drastically increases the company’s reputation, and fortunately, Crop King Seeds has that!

The company has 24/7 online chat support apart from the Crop King team at the backend for you.

There are multiple ways by which you can get in touch with the company. For example, you can drop an e-mail to the Crop King Seeds or directly ring them on the given numbers.

Usually, the team responds to the mail within 24 working hours. However, for a faster response, you can dial the numbers given on the official website.

The backend team is friendly, fast, and helpful for support, making your online buying experience more beautiful.

Whether you need help regarding your order or you have concerns about any specific cannabis seed genetic, their team will help you instantly.

Overall, with the most exemplary customer support at CKS, your all in all experience of buying marijuana seeds online becomes fantastic.

Website Review

The official website of Crop King Seeds is professional, informative, and engaging.

Their virtual store contains all the info that a first-time buyer might need, and therefore, you will be able to know what you can expect from here at first glance.

However, the website’s theme might look like an old-school type, but it justifies the appearance decently.

The best part is that navigating through various parts of the website is easy and smooth. It makes your experience better at the online store.

Further, marijuana seeds are categorized excellently. You can find your favorite strain instantly.

Also, you can sort your favorite strain out with different factors, either by name, popularity, and more options.

Moreover, scrolling down the website will get you through their best-selling strains while you can find every info related to the store at the very bottom of the page.

Summing up, the website of CKS gives a professional experience of using it and has adequate information about the product and store.

Discounts And Offers Available

There are no exaggerating offers and discounts on the website to attract marijuana enthusiasts.

Instead, the company believes in providing the right quality at the right price.

However, you will find some of the weekend, Black Friday, or stock clearance sales on the store during the seasonal sales.

You need to keep a regular eye on the website for the right deal to grab.

Return And Refund Policy

Unfortunately, there is no return or refund policy as per the website.

However, the backend team will help you out if your case is genuine and may replace the order for the wrong or damaged orders.

Even if you are not satisfied with the order, you can reach the backend team, which is quite helpful for any concerns.

Market Reputation Of Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds has a vast market reputation in the marijuana industry.

The seed bank stores the finest quality potent seeds in stock and gives a reliable and trustworthy service, which gives its customers an overall fantastic experience.

Also, the company has been in the industry for years and has made millions of cannabis growers happy.

The CKS brand is one of the most famous names among growers.

The previous buyers have given tons of positive reviews that also add to the trust in this brand.

You can also find Crop King Seeds in the list of finest seed banks in the world.

Best Strains To Buy At Crop King Seeds

Currently, these strains are the most popular ones among the growers:

Top 3 Feminized Seeds Of 2024

  1. Amnesia Haze – around 20% THC, stimulating, cheerful, and potent brain effects.
  2. Acapulco Gold– around 20% THC, high yield, short height, tasty flavors.
  3. Chemdog – potent strain, up to 25% THC, high yield, and intense flavors.

Top 3 Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

  1. Black Widow – around 20% THC, unique flavor, physical and mental buzz, medical benefits, including stress and anxiety relief.
  2. Gorilla Glue #4 – is a fan-favorite potent strain, intense high, best for experienced stoners.
  3. Trainwreck – THC around 20%, mouth-watering flavors, best for evening chill.

Pros And Cons Of Crop King Seeds


  • Highest quality marijuana seeds
  • Larger seed packs and selection
  • 500 new marijuana seeds released
  • 24/7 online chat support
  • Free shipping over orders above $200
  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple payment options
  • Free seeds
  • 100% reliable and trustworthy store


  • Average website
  • No loyalty program

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Crop King Seeds good genetics?

Crop King Seeds have the highest quality seeds with manual inspection of the genetics even before stocking them into the store.

The company checks the marijuana seeds for quality, genetic potency, and purity before sending them to you, ensuring a germination rate of 80%.

Does Crop King Seeds ship discreetly?

Yes, Crop King Seeds ship discreetly. They pack your seeds in random objects like toys (including sex and soft toys), CDs, T-shirts.
The company ensures that your seeds reach the destination you have mentioned.

Can I trust Crop King Seeds?

Yes, you can trust Crop King Seeds because – it has years of experience working in the industry, has high-quality seeds sold, has a reputation among cannabis growers, and has a brand name that comes under the world’s finest seed banks.

Crop King Seeds Review: In Conclusion

Well, my real experience with Crop King Seeds has been excellent. No other seed bank might provide such fantastic services and the highest quality of marijuana seeds.

Crop King Seeds has come a long way from having and maintaining the quality of seeds to providing the best services for the past 10 years.

I 100% recommend Crop King Seed bank for your purchase; you will be pleased with this decision as it will make every penny worth it.

Visit Crop King Seeds now!

Best Online Weed Dispensaries In 2024


You will agree with me when I say this:

Buying weed online legally is tough.

Because there are very few legit cannabis brands.

Therefore, today, I will tell you the best places to buy weed online legally, appreciated the most in the cannabis community that sells directly to your home.

Let’s get started:

15 Best Weed Dispensaries Of 2024

Make sure to get comfortable with the laws before searching for the best cannabis brands that are safe and legit to buy weed online.

Though as of 2024, these are the top 15 online cannabis stores that are pretty popular and have an excellent market reputation among the cannabis community:

Exhale Wellness – #1 Delta-8 Brand

With a mission to provide the best cannabis products for health benefits, Exhale Wellness is one of the best cannabis brands in 2024.

This cannabis brand believes that ‘Nature holds the key to wellness; therefore, they feature one of the premium cannabis products in their inventory.

The products of Exhale Wellness are sent for lab testing before keeping in stock.

And this is how it sells you 100% organically manufactured weed products online.

On top of that, the company adds zero additives like colours or different tastes to give you fresh weed products while keeping them as natural as possible.

Therefore, the delta-8 products of this cannabis brand are 100% natural, gluten-free, and without GMO leading you to have one of the finest hemp extracts.

Further, you can buy weed products from Exhale Wellness to any location in the USA except in some regions.

Those regions are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Though shipping is done immediately after successful payment, orders are delivered quickly within a week in the USA, which is the best part of their services.

You can place your order and wait for around 3-5 business days to arrive.

Available Products:

Exhale Wellness features all of the delta-8 products.

CBD gummies, CBD oil, cartridges, flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, and cigarettes are the main weed products that this cannabis brand possesses.

All of their products are dominated by delta-8 THC while keeping delta-9 THC below 0.3% if there’s any.


  • Premium quality delta-8 THC weed products
  • Manufactured with 100% organic and natural hemp plant
  • Gluten-free, GMO-free weed products
  • Ships to all the legalized U.S states
  • Faster delivery within 5 days
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not ships to all U.S states

What’s the best?


At Exhale Wellness, you get everything that you can expect from an ideal weed dispensary. This cannabis brand offers you a very reasonable price to buy weed online.

Further, the company lab tests its products from third-party labs before sending their legal weed to the buyers, making this weed dispensary more reliable and trustworthy.

And the cherry on the top is their services.

From instant delivery to a 30-day money-back guarantee and a supportive backend team, Exhale Wellness is the ideal cannabis brand in 2024.

Shop now and get 20% off on your first purchase!

Click Here And Buy From Exhale Wellness

Bud Pop – Premium Weed Products

Bud Pop is known for the purest Delta-8 products in the market. And their gummies are more famous due to their delicious taste.

This company is the second favourite brand after Exhale Wellness.

Because similarly to Exhale Wellness, Bud Pop’s Delta-8 THC is also of premium quality made with 100% purest hemp plants grown organically in hemp farms.

While Bud Pop ensures their products remain 100% safe while possessing health benefits. And therefore, they transparently show the lab results on their website.

This thing shows how much they are confident in their products.

Further, this cannabis brand delivers your orders faster in the USA region. Thanks to its shipping services that go within 24 hours of placing an order successfully.

Additionally, even if you are unhappy with their products, you can resend them without asking questions. Amazing? Right?

As of now, Bud Pop is offering a 20% discount on all of its products. However, you can keep a regular eye on the website while online shopping to get huge discounts.

Available Products:

Delta-8 gummies, cartridges, flowers, and tinctures, you can find everything at Bud Pop. You can find the CBD range of products, too.

Therefore, this cannabis brand has got all of your needs for D8 products.

If you are shopping weed online for the first time from Bud Pop, don’t forget to get your hands on Delta-8 THC gummies, which are among the best in the markets.


  • One of the best delta-8 THC brands
  • High-quality products
  • Lab-tested and naturally processed
  • Regular discounts
  • Reward program
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Refund policy available


  • No free shipping

What’s the best?

Bud Pop’s THC gummies.

Though they have a wide range of D8 products, their THC gummies are more popular among weed lovers.  

Further, the company stocks only those products that stand on labs’ quality standards.

They manufacture the weed products from organic hemp plants grown in farms ensuring the purest products.

And that is why they have a 5-star rating and a lot of positive reviews from the buyers.

Overall, you will get one of the best D8 and CBD products if you buy weed online from Bud Pop.

Click Here And Buy From Bud Pop

Delta Xtrax – Large Selection For Shopping Online

If you are looking for a large inventory of weed products to get your favorite weed extracts, then Delta Xtrax is the perfect place for you.

This cannabis brand features a large selection of delta-8, delta-9, delta-10, THC-O, and THCP products.

Therefore, you can call this weed dispensary a hub for all of your weed requirements.

All Delta Xtrax products are 100% pure extracts from organic hemp plants imported from organic farms.

Further, Delta Xtrax’s hydro collection is some of the best products in the range. It features its premium range of hemp-derived HHC (Hexahydro cannabinol) cartridges and disposables.

While all hemp-derived cannabis products have less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, that makes sure you get the smooth high and not anxiety, like THC enriched marijuana.

Available Products:

With various Delta-8 products, Delta Xtrax gets a premium range of cartridges, HHC disposables, organic hemp flowers, and tinctures.

Moreover, you also get the latest trending products of HHC, which people love the most.

You can avail of an excellent discount on all of their products for the first time.


  • Premium weed products
  • Highly rated online shopping store
  • Faster shipment
  • 20% off on first purchase
  • Variety of products available
  • Reward program
  • 5-star rating from 5900+ positive reviews


  • No return policy
  • No free shipping

What’s the best?

Delta Xtrax believes in bringing some new hemp products into the market.

And this is the best part of their store, where you will always find some of the newest weed derivatives. At the same time, their HHC range of products is currently high in demand.

All in all, if you are buying weed online, then this cannabis brand is best for a premium and unique range of organic hemp products that will raise your standard as a weed lover.

Click Here And Buy From Delta Xtrax

Diamond CBD – Best CBD Oils

Diamond CBD possesses a vast selection of CBD derivatives.

Diamond CBD has your back for everything, whether it is about D8 gummies, cartridges, CBD oil, CBD bundles, drinks, concentrates, or CBD capsules.

This cannabis brand is known for some top-quality marijuana derivatives available at a very affordable price.

And, on top of that, Diamond CBD gives you discounts even up to 50%.

That is why this online store is one of the favorite places for budget buyers to get a hands-on premium range of hemp products.

To buy weed products online at a low price, Diamond CBD becomes the perfect place during the sales. They offer up to 35% off instant off on all delta-8 products.

However, it is a limited-time offer.

You can keep a regular eye on their virtual store to get the best deals.

Available Products:

CBD edibles, smokables, capsules, oils, drinks, pre-rolls, and concentrates are the main available products at Diamond CBD.

They have available all CBD derivatives of very high-quality imported after tests and ensure purity.

Further, for orders above $100, you can get free two-day shipping. Whereas for registering on their store, you can even get up to 70% off.


  • Affordable weed dispensary
  • High-quality CBD products
  • Huge discounts
  • Free priority shipping available
  • Excellent website


  • Free two-day shipping is available for orders only above $100

What’s the best?

Diamond CBD’s full spectrum Delta-8 CBD oils are one of their best seller products. However, their other CBD products are also known for their ultimate purity.

While their affordable pricing and regular sales make this online store an ideal place.

Click on the link below to get the best Delta-8 THC products and weed online.

Click Here And Buy From Diamond CBD

3Chi – 100% Natural Delta-8 Products

3Chi is one of the cannabis brands known for years of experience in manufacturing delta-8 products.

The cannabis brand makes some of the top-shelf D8 products with CBD, CBN, and CBC derivatives.

3Chi believes in purity, and therefore, they manufacture all of their products from hemp plants that contain zero additives.

Enriched with delta-8 THC and natural terpenes, 3Chi delivers one of the finest quality products. Thanks to the 15 years of experience in the industry!

Placing your order is easy at 3Chi with multiple payment options. After placing your order, you can get your order delivered to your doorstep within seven working days.

However, shipment is made within 24 working hours after payment is received. In addition, shipment is made with multiple service providers to ensure faster delivery.

Therefore, in terms of services, 3Chi has excellent facilities. At the same time, their products are already quite impressive!

Available Products:

3Chi offers you a vast category of D8 products.

The primary categories are edibles, tinctures, concentrates, pre-rolls, and vapes. They also have an exceptional range of premium CBD products.

3Chi’s Delta-8 THC gummies are the best of their edibles. They taste delicious and are pretty affordable.

And, along with a vast category of products in the store, there’s a wholesale section to buy weed products in bulk at low prices.


  • One of the highly experienced online stores
  • Excellent shipping services
  • Vast selection of weed products
  • Bulk and wholesale offers are available
  • Reward program


  • No free shipment on orders

What’s the best?

The certified recognition from CBD Expo stands out 2Chi cannabis brand.

And therefore, as a weed lover, you can expect a premium range of D8 THC products from here that can surely lead you to a peaceful experience.

Click Here And Buy From 3Chi Store.

Eighty-Six – Best Delta-8 THC Flavored Products

Intending to ‘Elevate Your Mind,’ Eight Six brand has the best weed products with mouthwatering flavors.

If you have got bored with your previous weed stuff, you will surely love Eight Six’s sugar edibles.

With sweet, tasty, and blending flavors, Eighty-Six brand promises to give you the best Delta-8 THC experience that you probably have never got.

Dominating in possession of various mind-blowing flavors, this cannabis brand has got all of your favorite strains’ flavors in its products.

The brand also features some of the top-shelf sugar gummies with Delta-8 THC enrichment. You can also find chocolates in their inventory.

While approved by the third-party labs, this weed store has one of the purest forms of hemp extracts.

That led this brand to manufacture a range of premium products without harmful compounds.

Therefore, Eight Six is known for purity and flavorful Delta-8 products.

Though this company ships to most regions except the prohibited states. At the same time, shipment takes to arrive around 5-7 business days at your doorstep.

Available Products:

Sugar edibles, gummies, cartridges, disposables, and syringes all of your weed requirements are here in the store.

Though the main highlight of this brand is the flavorful products, sweet, spicy, orange, chocolaty, cookie, and melon, Eighty-Six cannabis brand has got all of the flavors covered in its stock.


  • Unique flavorful products
  • Premium range of Delta-8 THC derivatives
  • Faster delivery
  • Variety of products
  • Highly reputed store


  • Limited stock
  • No huge discounts

What’s the best?


If you have ever craved flavors in hemp derivatives, then the Eighty-Six brand can fulfill that.

Get all of your favorite flavors in Delta-8 THC gummies, sugar edibles, and cartridges here.

Overall, your buying weed online experience gets much better with the store’s fast and reliable customer services.

Click Here And Buy From Eighty-Six Store

Skyhio – Affordable Shop

Looking for some affordable range of cartridges and Delta-8 products?

Skyhio has got your back!

This weed store features a very affordable range of hemp-derived products which contain less than or equal to 0.3% delta-9 THC making it the perfect store to buy weed online legally and safely.

Therefore, their hemp products remain legal under 2018’s farm bill.

Skyhio is mainly known for its unique and flavorful cartridges. You will find many delicious options in the cartridge category to choose from.

And Skyhio is one of the few cannabis brands that perfectly fits your budget. Thanks to their affordable prices.

The price per cartridge starts from as low as $15. Therefore, if you are a weed lover with a tight budget, you can visit the Skyhio store to get the most out of your budget.

Further, all of the high-quality vapes at Skyhio are 100% natural. However, the company doesn’t blend the natural flavor with other additives to put some extra flavor.

Instead, their vapes contain 95% of the vape with 5% terpenes to induce the natural flavor.

Further, their lab results show that their products are free from harmful compounds, heavy metals, and zero pesticides.

Therefore, Skyhio is a one-stop destination to buy weed online legally.

Available Products:

Vapes concentrate, THC-O products, Delta-6 THC products, Delta-8 THC products, and oils; Skyhio has expertise in manufacturing these hemp derivatives.

Their Delta-8 THC Vape cartridges are famous for multiple flavors and purity of vape.


  • High-quality vapes, concentrates, pre-rolls, and Delta-8 products
  • 100% naturally manufactured
  • Affordable pricing
  • Multiple flavors available
  • Free economy shipping on orders above $99


  • Customer support is average
  • No free shipping below $99

What’s the best?

The flavorful vape cartridges are one of the best on the market at Skyhio. At the same time, their low pricing makes this store accessible to every weed enthusiast.

That is why Skyhio is one of the best places for weed-based products at low prices.

Click Here And Buy From Skyhio

Extract Labs – Best Priced CBD Products

Looking for the best CBD extracted products?

Go for Extract Labs!

Specializing in the CBD range of products, this store has premium and safest Delta-8 THC weed products.

Because they are lab on their own, too, other vendors verify their quality standards.

And therefore, products at Extract Labs ensure the highest quality and safe from any harmful ingredient.

No doubt why Extract Labs has won multiple awards for its CBD.

Further, Extract Labs offer you reasonable pricing for their top-shelf products. However, they offer a loyalty program that gets you a decent discount on a regular purchase.

Additionally, you can also avail up to 50% discount under their discount program. Moreover, shipping is free for domestic orders above $75.

Therefore, all in all, Extract Labs has one of the best prices for CBD products.

Available Products:

All kinds of CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBGA products are in Extract Labs’ inventory. At the same time, their CBD coffee is a must-try if you are a coffee lover.

Also, this hemp derivative shop has developed one of the first in kind CBGA and CBDA immune tinctures, which you can pre-order to get on the launch time.


  • Best CBD products in inventory
  • Variety of weed products
  • Free shipping over $75
  • Loyalty program
  • A safe and highly trustworthy source
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 15% off on signing up for the newsletter


  • No regular discounts

What’s the best?

Extract Labs has one of the best CBD-derived products that you can buy online. The brand features 100% original CBD extracts backed with a 60-days money-back guarantee.

This Colorado-based weed dispensary has one of the safest and purest CBD derivatives. At the same time, its overall services make this store a perfect place for buying weed online.

Click Here And Buy From Extract Labs

Just Delta – Best Delta-8 Product Store

Oriented around the world of Delta-8 THC products, Just Delta is a relatively new weed store with a fantastic range of Delta-8 products.

Starting in 2017, Just Delta is now one of the top sellers of hemp-derived THC products.

Delta-8 hemp is domestically farmed for 100% purity and safety, thus forming its derivatives. Also, all of the products are lab-tested via third-party labs further.

Therefore, the company ensures complete safety for its customers.

Also, the company offers a 30-day free trial, in which if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a 100% refund. Isn’t it amazing?

Additionally, the company also has a hassle-free return policy within two weeks.

That means your entire investment will be completely safe with Just Delta. And, you can get your money back in any unsatisfactory situation.

Additionally, the company ships for free on orders above $35 in the USA.

Available Products:

All of the products at Just Delta revolve around Delta-8 THC.

Gummies, vapes, cartridges, and disposables are derived from hemp plants’ 100% natural Delta-8 THC.

Their delta-8 exotic peach gummies are a must-try.


  • Large selection of Delta-8 THC products
  • 30-day trial
  • Free shipping on orders above $35 in the USA
  • 100% naturally extracted hemp products
  • Regular offers and deals


  • Limited payment methods

What’s the best?

Just Delta is a one-stop store for all of your delta-8 product requirements.

This newly launched store has earned a massive reputation for providing 100% organic, natural, and healthy THC products in the market.

Therefore, if you are looking for a store that can ensure you get the right quality weed products, you must get your hands-on Just Delta store.

Click Here And Buy From Just Delta

Koi CBD – Cheapest CBD Products

If you want to go beyond the THC gummies, vapes, and tinctures, then Koi CBD is the perfect store.

This online weed store lets you access CBD-derived skincare solutions, inhalers, balms, soft gels, and even pets.

Koi CBD is ideally aimed at specific weed enthusiasts. Koi CBD allows you to find your favorite weed product by filtering according to your desired results.

For example, you can sort your weed derivative according to relaxation, sleep, recovery, focus, and even for your pets as well.

Therefore, this store is a kind of family pack of CBD derivatives where you can get the THC products for everyone and everything.

This cannabis brand has been in the market for several years, and therefore, it has gained a lot of popularity among weed lovers due to its premium range of CBD and Delta-8 products.

All of their product range is priced quite affordable.

Moreover, the company doesn’t charge you any shipping fee if you order above $49.

The third-party labs accredit Koi CBD’s products before stocking them into inventory.

Although there are no special and direct discounts available in the store, you can avail yourself of 15% off by signing up for the newsletter.

Available Products:

CBD gummies, Delta-8,9, THC-O products, HHC gummies, CBD oil, lotions, bath bombs, inhalers, and CBD for your dogs as well. Everything is available at the Koi CBD store.

If you have skin-related issues and need a CBD-based solution, then don’t forget to check out Koi CBD’s moisturizer cream.

Facial cleanser, serum, and tightening toner are also available at the store.


  • All CBD based products are available
  • Lab-tested pure weed products
  • 15% off on signing up for the newsletter
  • Highly reputed store
  • One-stop store for all of your CBD requirements


  • No regular offers and discounts
  • Response time from customer service is average

What’s the best?

Koi CBD has the best CBD solutions overall. However, they have all of their products available at the lowest price possible.

For example, Koi Delta-8 Pop Crystals start from just $8.

Click Here And Buy From Koi CBD

Mystic Labs – Best Store For Beginners

Mystic Labs has a great selection of D8 products manufactured after years of experience. And therefore, every weed lover finds Delta-8 THC products from Mystic Labs worth the investment.

The store features a range of CBD, Delta-8, and Kratom products made of very high-quality hemp.

The company features a different range of pain relief rubs ideal for relieving medical patients suffering from chronic pain and aches.

The lab tests are available in the store, ensuring safety and all the benefits from the Mystic Labs products.

The shipping is done within 24 hours of successful payment. A nominal shipping fee is charged ($5).

And, usually, orders arrive within a week. For orders above $125, two-days UPS shipping is free.

Available Products:

Mystic Labs has top-shelf Delta-8 vapes, cartridges, tincture oils, gummies, and trifecta products in their inventory.


  • Best store for beginners
  • High-quality D8 products
  • Affordable
  • Variety of products
  • Ships to all 50 U.S states


  • Faster shipping costs additional charges

What’s the best?

Mystic Labs has limited but the best range of D8 products. Also, their particular pain relief product is helpful in chronic pain, aches, and soreness.

And therefore, medical weed enthusiasts will find this store much helpful.

However, the affordable pricing of the store makes it an ideal option for beginners.

Click Here And Buy From Mystic Labs

TreeTop Hemp Co – Best Delta-8 Cartridges

Treetop Hemp Co. is one of the best options to buy weed online if you are someone who prefers quality over quantity.

Because this online weed dispensary has limited products in its inventory, however, all of them are made of premium hemp extracts.

Treetop features Delta-8,10 and a combination of CBD & Delta-8 products available at a very reasonable price at the store.

While the company also has an exceptional range of flavored cartridges which make you nostalgic for your summer times.

Spicy, tangy, and citrusy herbs along with the sweet and pine blend, Treetop Hemp Co. can be one of the favorite stores after trying their exceptional range of products.

Further, the website lacks information about their shipping and delivery services.

However, people have no complaints regarding the quality of Delta-8 products.

Overall, Treetop Hemp Co. is ideally for experienced weed enthusiasts who want to level up their journey with D8 THC products.

As the store also features some of the top shelf Delta-10 products too.

No doubt, why this company sells more than 2,50,000 products each month. At the same time, you can access Treetop weed products in 38 U.S. states from this store.

Available Products:

Delta-8 cartridges, disposables, and gummies are their top-shelf products.

As of now, they are keeping their premium range of stock limited to these products to ensure weed lovers can get the best of D8 derivatives.


  • Premium products
  • Highly reputed store
  • One of the most popular stores


  • Lack of info on the virtual store
  • Limited varieties of D8 products

What’s the best?

The available stock of THC products at Treetop Hemp Co. is the best on the market.

And therefore, if you are specifically looking for cartridges, gummies, or disposables, there will be no better option than Treetop Hemp Co.

They are currently one of the most popular and top weed product sellers.

Click Here And Buy From Treetop Hemp Co.

Creating Better Days– New Weed Products

Creating Better Days has a new and affordable range of full-spectrum CBD gummies and oils.

Therefore, for weed enthusiasts looking for specific CBD oils and gummies, Creating Better Days has a new range of Delta-8 derived products.

This cannabis brand features an affordable range while keeping the quality of the product superior.

Approved by the standards of labs, Creating Better Days aims to provide the best CBD oils and gummies in the market.

Though the company has a limited stock of products, they are better than other average stores.

Also, Creating Better Days are one of the brands that share its profit in good deeds like charity and schools.

Therefore, it focuses more on providing quality than keeping quantity in its store.

Further, the company offers free shipping over $75, and shipping is done within 1-2 business days.

That leads to the quick arrival of the order within seven days in the USA. However, the company doesn’t ship to the region where local law doesn’t allow these products.

Available Products:

Full-spectrum CBD gummies, CBD and Delta-8 oils, lotions, and rubs are some hemp-derived products available on Creating Better Day’s store.

However, their bundle range of products is a great deal to grab.


  • High-quality Delta-8 CBD oils and gummies
  • Faster shipping and delivery
  • Bundle offers
  • Reward programs
  • 5-star rating from 270+ reviews


  • No offers or discounts
  • No free shipping below $75
  • Average customer support

What’s the best?

Their bundle range of hemp-derived products is best to grab if you are shopping online for the first time.

Click Here And Buy From Creating Better Days

As of 2024, buying weed online is not legal worldwide.

And also, keeping recreational weed legal requires law reformation, which takes a lot of time.

Therefore, weed is still an illegal substance in most countries, making it impossible to buy weed online or offline.

While in the USA, federal laws have regulated traditional weed and its derivatives.

So, now, the question is:

Can you buy weed online legally?

Well, yes.

The USA has legalized weed in 18 states under federal and state laws. In contrast, other states have permitted weed usage for medical purposes only.

And that is why Delta 8 THC or products containing less than 0.3% THC is allowed in legal hemp states with a legal limit, however.

Moreover, after 2018’s farm bill, the laws got relaxed somewhat.

Though recreational weed remains a regulated substance, even in some regions buying weed or possessing weed derivatives can lead to legal trouble.

Therefore, without relying on online content, you have to find if your local laws and authorities have permitted you to access weed in your region. And, once you are allowed to do so, you can surely go ahead with buying weed online.

1. What are the best websites to buy weed from?

Exhale Wellness, Diamond CBD, 3Chi, and Bud Pop are some of the best websites to buy weed online legally.

2. Can you buy Delta 8 N.Y.?

Hemp flower is allowed in New York and hemp-legal states, but delta-8 products are still not sold. Therefore, it will not be possible to buy delta-8 in New York.

However, the government should soon bring new regulations about the same.

3. What are weed dispensaries?

A cannabis shop or weed dispensary is where marijuana is sold for recreational or medical usage. However, weed dispensaries are different from the head shops.

The online store sells weed throughout the region irrespective of a specific location.

4. Why can’t weed dispensaries use banks?

Banks operate under the federal government, and marijuana being a regulated substance, cannot involve banks due to high risk.

Also, banks that hold marijuana money can be charged with money laundering. Therefore, banks are not involved in the marijuana industry due to high risk.

5. Why can’t you use credit cards at dispensaries?

Cannabis is illegal at the federal level in the USA, and therefore, banks don’t want to provide services to marijuana operations. Hence, weed dispensaries cannot give a modern payment option like a credit card.

6. Why do dispensaries only accept cash?

Cash is a convenient option if the consumer comes to the retail store by themself and buys the product. Whereas debit or credit card operations come under the banks.

And due to legal regulations on cannabis, dispensaries cannot provide credit or debit card services in most cases.

5.       Why can’t you use credit cards at dispensaries?

Cannabis is illegal at the federal level in the USA, and therefore, banks don’t want to provide services to marijuana operations. Hence, weed dispensaries cannot offer a modern payment option like a credit card.

6. Why do dispensaries only accept cash?

Cash is a convenient option if the consumer comes to the retail store by themself and buys the product. Whereas debit or credit card operations come under the banks.

And due to legal regulations on cannabis, dispensaries cannot provide credit or debit card services in most cases.

Buy Weed Online: Final Words

Till here, you have got to know the 15 best Delta-8 THC brands to buy weed online.

As of 2024, Delta-8 THC is allowed in most regions. Of the country. However, Delta-9 products are still prohibited in most of the states of the USA.

However, laws and regulations get updated frequently. And therefore, you have to confirm from your local authorities regarding buying weed online legally.

While once you are comfortable with the laws, you can buy weed online from any of the mentioned weed dispensaries above.

You are sure to get the best of Delta-8 THC weed online. Also, check Dispensaries in Canada.

Sensi Seed Review In 2024 – My Experience


If you are a marihuana lover and residing within the European region, you must have heard of Sensi Seeds.

Sensi Seeds is one of the best seeds sellers in the EU countries.

However, this seed bank does not ship to the rest of the world, where seed banks like Herbies Seeds and ILGM can help you get premium seeds.

So, will Sensi Seeds will be worth buying seeds in 2024?

Or Is Sensi Seeds an excellent seed bank when there are better options?

You will find everything about this European seed bank in today’s review.

Let’s get started:

Is Sensi Seeds Safe?

Yes, Sensi Seeds is a 100% safe seed bank.

It is one of the legit seed sellers that has been working in the cannabis industry for over 36 years now.

Therefore, Sensi Seed Bank is one of the most reputed and top names for buying high-quality cannabis seeds.

Also, this seed bank has an excellent 4.5/5.0 rating from 1600+ reviews on Facebook and a 4/5 shop rating that shows how excellent the services are at Sensi Seed Bank.

Many people rave about Sensi Seeds’ marijuana seeds and services and find it better than other seed banks.

So when it comes to buying cannabis seeds from Sensi Seed Bank, you can blindly trust this oldest cannabis seed bank.

Sensi Seeds is legit, safe, and one of the best seed banks shipping to the European region.

Consider ILGM or Herbies Seeds if you want premium seeds shipped to the USA.

A Quick Sensi Seeds Review

Can’t wait? Let’s have a quick sneak peek into Sensi Seeds’ review:

Established: in 1985 in Amsterdam.

Seeds Available: Feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, cannabis cup winners, Sativa, Indica, and many more varieties.

Services: Discreet packaging, fast delivery, multiple payment options, excellent customer service team, return policy available.

Rating: Excellent 4.5/5.0 from 1600+ reviews, 4/5 shop rating.

Review: 100% recommended seed bank for EU-based growers. Sensi Seeds has one of the best cannabis strains of premium genetics, while its services are the cherry on top.

No doubt, with an excellent rating of 4.5 why you can blindly trust and buy Sensi Seeds.

Click Here And Buy Sensi Seeds

History Of Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds has a long history of 36 years.

Ben Dronkers founded Sensi Seeds in 1985 out of his passion for providing top-notch seed quality to the growers.

However, the story of Sensi Seed starts even 10 years back during the mid-70s, when Ben started growing cannabis.

He also traveled worldwide to collect some of the finest cannabis seeds genetics.

Knowing different cannabis cultures and how people grow cannabis in various forms made Ben fill the knowledge and experience in Sensi Seeds.

With years of knowledge base and experience, Ben finally founded Sensi Seeds in 1985.

Fun Fact: Ben Dronkers started the hash marihuana hemp museum in the Red Light district.

Up to the late 1990s, Sensi Seeds has only 40 marijuana strain selections.

However, Sensi Seed bank continuously introduced more and more cannabis seeds to its inventory.

Now, they are one of the leading seed banks in Europe. To date, Sensi seed bank has over 500+ high-quality weed seeds.

Apart from hundreds of cannabis strains in the account of Sensi seeds’ inventory, the company is famous for its legendary strain selection of Northern Lights and Jack Herer.

So, Sensi Seed bank has traveled a long way from a minor stock of strains selection to now the world’s one of the most famous and largest seed banks.

With 36 years of long history, Sensi seed bank is one of the world’s oldest seed banks.

The company has been consistently delivering quality cannabis seeds and has one of the top-notch services in the market today.

A Deciding Sensi Seeds Review Before Buying Cannabis Seeds

It’s time to dive deeper into the Sensi seed bank review:

Cannabis Seeds Selection

Sensi seed bank now has 500+ cannabis seeds to select from.

The inventory has feminized seeds, regular seeds, and autoflowering seeds.

All the seeds are premium quality and checked for quality standards for a significant weed effect, excellent expected yield, and taste.

Further, the variety available at Sensi Seeds also goes to Indica, Sativa, height, flowering time, yield, climate zone, and more options.

With many marijuana strains in stock, you can effortlessly search out your favorite cannabis seeds by applying various filters.

Also, the Sensi seed bank has a special section of research strains that allows you to get your hands on the latest dropouts of this seed bank.

To grow cannabis of new genetics, you can buy seeds from the research filter. That will directly give you access to the latest launch of the Sensi seed bank.

Also, you will find cannabis cup winner strains on the Sensi Seeds inventory.

So overall, you will find hundreds of cannabis seeds to buy from at Sensi seed bank. It is no doubt why it claims one of the largest and oldest seed banks in the cannabis industry.

Now, let’s have dive further to know the Sensi seed bank stock:

Sensi Seeds Feminized Seeds

Sensi Seed bank has around 88 feminized seeds in stock.

The company knows that most growers want female plants in their garden; therefore, Sensi seed bank has the majority of seed selection of feminized seeds.

With all of the growing experience of experts and the backend team, you will find one of the most premium feminized cannabis seeds here.

Some of the most famous feminized strains of Sensi Seeds are:

  1. Northern Lights
  2. Hindu Kush
  3. Jack Herer

Recommended Sensi Seeds Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Skunk #1 Auto
  2. Purple Skunk
  3. Afghani #1 Auto

Sensi Seeds CBD Products

Apart from the top-notch marijuana seeds, Sensi Seeds also has a separate section of CBD products.

You can access CBD products made up of premium marijuana plants.

It is beneficial for medical patients and customers looking for CBD oil, CBD capsules, etc.

To get more info, you can check the CBD product section of the Sensi seed store.

Quality Of Seeds At Sensi Seeds

Sensi seed store has great quality cannabis seeds at the store.

The company is mainly world-famous for the quality of seeds that it provides.

Therefore, when it comes to the colossal market reputation of the Sensi Seed store, the seed quality is the majority part to be taken into account.

You will get the most out of your crop with premium genetics and top-of-the-line quality.

Just plant your cannabis seeds and watch them rain buds!

However, this seed store does not provide a germination guarantee like ILGM and Herbies Seeds.

Still, most other customers have reported a successful crop from the Sensi cannabis seeds.

Also, to germinate seeds, you can get help from the Sensi blog, where you can learn how to germinate cannabis seeds in the best possible way.

You will also find beneficial knowledgeable articles regarding the cultivation of cannabis.

Overall, the seed grade at the Sensi seed store is top-notch.

The company has been in several years in the industry and has built a common household name for top-notch weed seeds among cannabis growers.

Pricing Of Seeds

Pricing at the Sensi seed store is reasonable and affordable.

You get all of your money worth the investment. The price per seed is done so that every customer can afford it.

For instance, if you buy a sensi seeds pack of 10, the seed per price will be as low as 7.5 Euros.

It is how much the seed bank has made its seeds affordable for every customer.

No doubt why a lot of beginner growers buy seeds from here. It is because Sensi Seed bank fits into every budget.

Payment Options

Sensi Seed bank has limited payment options.

You get these many options:

  • Credit Card (VISA And MasterCard)
  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer

However, there are no bitcoin and credit cards combination options. Also, there are no international money order, cheque, or PayPal options.

If you need a seed bank that accepts multiple payment options, check Herbies Seeds.

Shipping Service

Sensi Seeds do not ship to every country in the world. Instead, they ship to most of the countries in the EU union.

Therefore, consider this factor while ordering seeds from the Sensi store.

Further, the company ships the order as soon as possible once your payment is received. For different payment methods, the shipping time might vary.

For instance, credit card orders will be processed immediately and shipped the next working day. However, on the other hand, bank transfers can take up to 7 working days.

Shipping Cost:

The good part is that Sensi Seed bank offers free shipping to orders above 75 Euros.

However, for other orders, the shipping cost is as follows:

Standard Shipping: It includes a 7.50 Euros charge on your package for standard shipping. However, in this, there will be no track and trace option. Also, no insurance.

Secure International Shipping: This shipping service adds an extra layer of security to your order.

If you are ordering certain strains of premium line or ordering from a suspicious location, opt for secure international shipping.

It will include a tracking and tracing feature to make you keep an eye on your package. Also, your order will be insured if your package does not reach you.

However, this shipping costs you 12.50 Euros.

If you are ordering in bulk or above 75 Euros, you will be eligible for free shipping, though, for extra discreetness, Sensi seed will charge 5 Euros.

Moreover, you will get a tracking number to know your order status frequently.

Delivery Time

Before delivery of your order, Sensi seed ensures your package is completely discreet and safe from the eyes of customs and authorities.

That is why the Sensi seed store never mentions anything related to the contents of sensi seeds or the customer on the package, which can make it look suspicious.

Once your order is shipped, most likely, you will receive it within 2 to 10 business days, depending upon your location.

Also, the Sensi seed store has not provided any specific details about the order’s delivery time.

Customer Service Team At Sensi Seeds

Customer service at the Sensi Seed store is brilliant.

You can contact the backend team via call, e-mail, or website.

The backend team is friendly, fast, and responsive that helps you in every possible manner.

The excellent customer service department of the Sensi store makes your money worth the investment.

Sensi Seeds Website Review

The website of Sensi seed bank is impressive.

It is well organized, easy to navigate, and gives a smooth experience while accessing content over it.

You can quickly search for your favorite seeds, log in, and place your order through various payment options.

Also, there is all information available for a first-time buyer.

So, in a nutshell, the website of Sensi seed bank is perfect, and the overall buying experience from here becomes super easy, smooth, and fast.

Refund And Return Policy

The company gives you 14 days of return policy after receipt of delivery.

You can contact the customer service department for any help you need for your seeds or package.

Top 3 Seeds To Buy From Sensi Seeds

  1. Afghani #1: best cannabis seeds for beginners, grows indoors and outdoors, high yield, tasty, and intense weed effects.
  2. OG Kush: best cannabis seeds for advanced growers, highly vigorous plant, decent yield, powerful weed effect, recommended to experienced stoners only.
  3. Ak-420 (New Strains): one of the new strains, heavy yield, delicious taste, and average flowering time.

Pros And Cons Of Sensi Seeds


  • One of the oldest seed banks in the world.
  • 500+ cannabis varieties.
  • Premium genetics.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • 36+ years of service in the cannabis industry.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Highly reputable seed bank.


  • Only ships to the European countries.
  • No germination guarantee.

FAQs About Sensi Seeds

Where are Sensi Seeds from?

Sensi Seeds is located in Amsterdam. They have physical locations in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Barcelona, Spain. However, the company mainly operates as an online seed bank.

Does Sensi Seeds ship to the USA?

No, Sensi Seeds ship to the European countries only. They have been in the marijuana industry of the European region for 36 years now.
You can check the best USA seed banks for seed banks shipping to the USA.

What are Sensi Seeds’ new strains?

Malibu OG Gold, Papi Chulo OG, Honey Melon Haze, and 10 more new strains are in the Sensi Seeds inventory.

Sensi Seeds Review: Conclusion

Many Sensi seed bank reviews have been pretty positive and for the right reasons.

Therefore, I 100% recommend buying cannabis seeds from here.

However, the only drawback is that this seed bank does not ship worldwide.

Still, the company is working on its services to provide quality seeds worldwide.

For a seed bank that ships worldwide and provides a germination guarantee with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, then I trust Herbies Seeds.

Best Weed Strains In the World in 2024


Whether you have this weekend plans or not, I bet you can make this weekend astoundingly fantastic if you’ll get your hands on either of these best weed strains of 2024.

Even it doesn’t matter if your homies will be there or not; remember, weed will always be your side.

However, if you’ve been smoking for a while now, I understand you might need a different hit every time as you might have already exhausted most of the available options in the market.


If you are a beginner just exploring the world of weed and vaping, then you might need something that can give you the perfect start.

Well, for both weed lovers, I’ve got something for you:

The 2024’s perfect list of best weed strains that you can start smoking right now for the best experience.

You can thank me later when you get over the high!

Top 22 Best Weed Strains To Smoke In 2024

I’ve curated this list of 22 cannabis strains recommended by stoners, weed connoisseurs, and marijuana lovers worldwide.

I’ve divided the list into two sections to keep things simple and more accessible for you.

In the very first section, I’ll take you through the world-famous marijuana strains that anybody can blindly pick and start smoking for cloud-nine pleasure.

However, the second part of our journey will go with some unique and new strains of the market that experienced cannabis consumers, and smokers will find more useful.

So, without anything further ado, let’s get started:

Most Famous Weed Strains in 2024

Starting with worldwide popular strains, pick any of them and rest assured of the perfect high, pleasure, and mouth-watering taste that you might never have before.

However, skip to the new strains section if you’ve already smoked all of them.

Northern Lights – Best Cannabis Strain Of All Time

Strain Type: Indica Strain

THC: 18% to 25%

Effects: Euphoria, happy, and relaxed

Medical Benefits: Chronic pain, appetite loss, depression, insomnia, and stress relief

Most of the stoners might already have heard this legendary cannabis strain – NL or Northern Lights.

Northern Lights has been the popular evergreen strain ruling in the cannabis market since the late 80s.

And for the very valid reasons:

Potency and medicinal benefits.

As you’ll take a few puffs of this Indica strain, you will get the punch of intense euphoric effects that slowly covers you from head to toe.

At the same time, you will be observing your stress, worries, and anxiety fading away while you are in a completely relaxing state.

That is why stoners have consistently reported Northern Lights relaxing symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite loss as well.

Further, even growers find Northern Lights a perfect strain for growing projects as it flowers within just 65 to 72 days and yields heavily.

Therefore, whether it is your first time or you want to go nostalgic, Northern Lights is the perfect weed strain that can make your this weekend highly fantastic.

Read my in-depth review for Northern Lights strain here.

Click Here And Buy Northern Lights Strain

GSC Or Girl Scout Cookies – Cannabis Cup Winner Strain

Strain Type: Hybrid Strain

THC: 19% to 22%

Effects: Intense euphoria, full-body relaxation, and creative

Medical Benefits: Insomnia, appetite loss, and depression

Formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, GSC is the award-winning strain that can lead to one of the best cannabis smoking experiences.

GSC is a cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush, one of the potent cannabis strains in the weed world.

That is why GSC fetches up to 22% THC levels.

The high THC content of this hybrid strain easily smashes you with intense euphoric effects leading to full-body relaxation and a deep sensation of happiness and creativity.

However, experienced cannabis consumers will find this strain more enjoyable due to its potency, whereas beginners first need to start with smaller doses.

Medical patients also love the potency of GSC for relaxing symptoms of sleeping issues, lack of appetite, and even depression.

Above all, the sweet flavor profile of GSC with hints of berry and dessert-like aroma are the cherries on top.

No doubt why GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) has been a legendary marijuana strain throughout these many years and has won multiple awards, including Cannabis Cup.

Click Here And Buy GSC Strain

White Widow – Fan-Favorite Weed Strain

Strain Type: Hybrid Strain

THC: 15% to 23%

Effects: Energizing effects, social, and Stoney

Medical Benefits: Anxiety, chronic pain, and depression

Another legendary weed strain that has been popular worldwide since the late 90s.

Also, this strain won the Cannabis Cup award in 1995 while being listed in the Popular Science Magazine as “among the most popular strains worldwide.”

Crossed by Green House Seeds Company, White Widow is a perfect hybrid strain with white resinous buds fetched with high THC content and enriched terpenes.

As you will puff White Widow once, you will get the hit of energizing effects with stimulation to socialize and dos something creative.

However, that doesn’t mean you can take its potency for granted.

Remember, it can also make you feel stoney if you have a low tolerance to THC.

Further, the flavor profile of White Widow is fulfilled with a fruity, spicy, and skunky blend that cherishes your taste buds with every smoke.

Overall, if you are looking for a weed strain that gives you the perfect high while not being locked or stuck at a place, then White Widow is for you.

Click Here And Buy White Widow Strain

Green Crack – Potent Strain For Energizing Effects

Strain Type: Sativa

THC: 17% to 24%

Effects: Energizing, focused, and uplifting

Medical Benefits: Anxiety, loss of appetite, and depression

Whether you need a kick to start your day at the office or want to get over a tiring day, Green Crack is the strain that can make you get an energizing and uplifting high boost your day.

With up to 24% THC levels, Green Crack is a pure cannabis strain developed by breeding Skunk #1 with an unknown Indica.

The effects of this weed strain are potent, intense, and fast-acting.

With just a few puffs, you will feel euphoria rushing through your nerves, making you get the full-body high.

Although in the end, you will also feel the calming effects of this potent weed leading to a better state of relaxation.

However, the potent effects of this weed also make you hungry. So, keep a separate bowl of snacks ready along with joints.

Further, this Sativa dominant hybrid strain also possesses medicinal benefits. For example, medical patients report that Green Crack can help relieve anxiety, chronic pain, and depression.

Moreover, growers find this weed strain an ideal strain to grow in most climates as it thrives easily with optimal growing conditions.

Hence, whether you need a perfect strain to grow this season or weed to vape all night for the best experience, this marijuana strain has got your back!

Click Here And Buy Green Crack Strain

Durban Poison – Notoriously Racy Strain

Strain Type: Pure Sativa

THC: 19% to 22%

Effects: Uplifting, energizing, and cerebral

Medical Benefits: Nausea, lack of appetite, chronic pain

Are you an adventurous smoker?


Are you one of those experienced smokers that love to dive deep into exploring the weed strains?

Well, if you are one of those, you will fall in love with Durban Poison.

This South African originating landrace gives an intense head high that keeps you thrilled the whole day for being creative, productive, and energized if you can tolerate the high THC content.

However, if you are not used to the usual Sativa high, it might cause you anxiety and panic if you have a low tolerance.

That is why Durban Poison is a game for experienced stoners.

Further, if you’ve been into weed for a while now, then you are going to love the roller-coaster effects of it.

On top of that, you can’t resist its distinctive taste.

With hints of vanilla, spiced orange, and a blend of lemon with creaminess will combinedly give you a noticeable taste of weed that you might not have before.

Also, the oversized glands of buds attract the growers for quality grow projects and concentrate extractions.

Click Here And Buy Durban Poison Strain

Purple Punch – Beautiful Purple Marijuana Strain

Strain Type: Indica

THC: 18% to 20%

Effects: Sleepy, happy, and relaxed

Medical Benefits: Nausea, body ache, and sleeplessness

If you want your friends and neighbors to be jealous of your beautiful weed garden, then grow Purple Punch.

Also, if you want to get a soothing high to get to the bed earlier then, smoke this weed; it will never disappoint you.

One of the most beautiful weed strains in the market, possessing eye-soothing blue, purple, and olive green, Purple Punch is a heaven beauty.

The thick green buds with hints of purple hues and thin orange hairs make this beauty a sight to behold when you grow them in your garden.

Coming to cannabinoids then, this beauty possesses up to 20% THC levels, making you fall in love with the sedative high that makes you feel like floating on the pleasure ocean.

That is why the perfect balanced high even helps in symptoms of sleeplessness, body ache, stress, and nausea.

However, while cultivating Purple Punch, you need to use the temperature factor in the right way to get the perfect color of this strain.

That means beginner cultivators are likely to have slight difficulty cultivating this strain.

On the other hand, Purple Punch is an ideal weed for smoking sessions that can deliver you the perfect high that you need.

Click Here And Buy Purple Punch Strain

OG Kush – Classic Strain For All Weed Lovers

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: 18% to 24%

Effects: Euphoria, uplifting, cerebral, and calming

Medical Benefits: Chronic pain, inflammation, and sleep

Known as “Original Gangster,” OG Kush strain is expected to result from a cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and the Hindu Kush.

For experienced stoners, this weed strain is a classic option to get intense full-body effects. Thanks to its sky-level THC.

With up to 24% THC levels, you will quickly feel the high rush of euphoric effects that cut off stress and anxiety.

However, the potency of OG Kush can also lead to couch-lock if you are sensitive to high THC content.

Further, this legendary weed possesses the enriched aroma of skunk and spice with fuel notes. That perfectly gives you a different hit from the other average strains.

And for the growers out there as well, OG Kush ideally thrives indoors or outdoor while yielding heavily.

Above all, this classic strain has the potency and outstanding taste that makes your this weekend fantastic!

Click Here And Buy OG Kush Strain

Blue Dream – Delicious Weed Strain

Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid strain

THC: 18%

Effects: Cerebral, full-body relaxation, and uplifting

Medical Benefits: Chronic pain, nausea, and depression

Blue Dream is the strain for you if you have craved delicious weed to smoke, giving you the perfect stimulation in the mouth and head.

Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that possesses enriched terpenes to produce the fruity flavor profile leading to the mouth-watering taste of berries.

Additionally, Blue Dream averagely has a THC content of around 18%, which gives a perfectly balanced cerebral high.

Therefore, even amateur stoners can also smoke this delicious weed strain to get the great hit of the marijuana world.

Moreover, the balanced high doesn’t make you couch lock for hours, and that is why you can also vape this beauty in the daytime to boost your focus and productivity.

Also, if you opt to grow this weed in your garden, it quickly flowers within just 67 days, making it a fast strain to finish.

Therefore, Blue Dream becomes a fan favorite strain for newbie and veteran stoners, considering the taste and balanced potency with medicinal benefits.

Click Here And Buy Blue Dream Strain

Sour Diesel – Legendary Potent Strain

Strain Type: Sativa strain

THC: 19% to 26%

Effects: Dreamy, fast-acting, and energizing

Medical Benefits: Chronic pain, depression, and stress

Sour Diesel is a Sativa beauty with potency and a unique flavor profile.

This strain is known for its diesel-like aroma that perfectly combines with sky-rocket THC levels of up to 26%.

Therefore, be ready to get an intense punch of euphoric effects that lead you to a dreamy high. Experienced stoners will love this strain for its potency.

However, newbies can get couch-locked if they can’t tolerate a high level of THC.

That is why Sour Diesel is the perfect go-to strain that can be smoked on the other half-day in the evening or on weekends when you want to relax with your homies.

Although if you are used to intense THC, you can use this weed strain to kick-start your day as it gives you an energizing hit.

Above all, the diesel-like aroma and a spicy flavor profile make you list another unique and adventurous strain on your menu.

Click Here And Buy Sour Diesel Strain

Wedding Cake – One Of The Best Cannabis Strains

Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: 24% to 27%

Effects: Relaxing, euphoria

Medical Benefits: Pain, insomnia, appetite loss

Wedding Cake is an Indica dominant hybrid that comes under the best marijuana strains of 2024.

Also known as Pink Cookies, Wedding Cake can shoot up to 27% THC, an ideal range of cannabinoids that can make you float on the pleasure ocean.

Be ready to rock in the office if you have the tolerance to handle this potent strain.

Further, the strain relaxes you with an intense euphoric hit, which works as a cherry on top. That means, after an intense roller-coaster ride of high, you will find yourself in a deeply relaxing state.

Moreover, this strain features one of the enriched terpenes to give a tangy flavor and hints of earthiness that cherishes your mouth with every puff.

All in all, if you are finding a perfect strain for the evening smoke session and ready to tolerate high THC, then Wedding Cake is for you.

Click Here And Buy Wedding Cake Strain

Jack Herer – All-Time Best Marijuana Strain

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC: 18% to 21%

Effects: Energy, social, and euphoria

Medical Benefits: Stress, anxiety, and depression

Named after the legendary marijuana activist Jack Herer, this weed strain is known for its perfectly balanced THC cannabinoid to deliver medicinal benefits.

With around 18% THC expects a decent high that will make you feel energized, social, and focused on analyzing your best self.

Additionally, the smooth high of Jack Herer will make you feel uplifted and bursts the stress and anxious thoughts.

Medical patients also have reported some benefits in symptoms of depression as well.

Moreover, this strain thrives beautifully in Mediterranean climate conditions to yield hugely. And within 50 to 70 days, you will be ready to harvest this one of the best strains.

Summing up, if you need something to puff at any time without fear of surrendering yourself to THC, then Jack Herer is one of the best hybrid strains that you can look at.

Click Here And Buy Jack Herer Strain

New And Must-Try Cannabis Strains Of 2024

Mixed with some new strains in the market along with must-try weeds that you can’t miss keeping in your weed arsenal:

Pink Rozay – One Of The Rarest Marijuana Strains

Strain Type: Indica

THC: 20% to 25%

Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, and happy

Medical Benefits: Anxiety, depression, and pain

Want to feel the bliss of roses?

Smoke Pink Rozay!

It is one of the top strains in the weed world that is quite underrated if you have the floral bliss of marijuana.

This marijuana strain fetches high THC up to 25% to give you a high that you can remember while making your body relaxed in the end.

Additionally, the floral taste of roses is something unique from other different strains.

Further, the sweet scent of this beauty is cherry on the top when you are into a body high and feeling the positive effect of Pink Rozay.

Moreover, you can have medicinal benefits along with the flavorful high. For example, people report its usage in anxiety, stress, and chronic pain symptoms.

Peanut Butter Breath – One of The Tastier Marijuana Strains

Strain Type: Perfect hybrid strain

THC: Around 20%

Effects: Sedating effects

Medical Benefits: Anxiety and stress

You might have already guessed from name how this one of the best strains will be tasting but hold on; there’s more:

Peanut Butter Breath is a cross of Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath that produces a unique nutty and earthy flavor that cherishes your taste buds making you crave for it again and again.

Beyond it, the THC level up to 20% gives a chilling and relaxing high that alleviates the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Overall, Peanut Butter Breath has a combination of perfect high and delicious taste that can make your smoking session fantastic.

Click Here And Buy Peanut Butter Breath Strain

Trainwreck – Sativa Dominant Weed For Potent Effects

Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid

THC: 17% to 22%

Effects: Creativity, happiness, and euphoric

Medical Benefits: ADHD, PTSD

Get ready to sink in the deep ocean of pleasure when Trainwreck hits you with its euphoric effects.

With up to 22% THC expect a high that will make you creative, happy, and focused with the Trainwreck marijuana strain.

Therefore, the potency of Trainwreck has made it a popular strain among experienced stoners and smokers, finding a strain perfect for relaxing with.

Click Here And Buy Trainwreck Strain

Cherry Pie – One Of The Best Strains For Newbies

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: 16%

Effects: Giggly, relaxation, and happy

Medical Benefits: Anxiety, depression, and stress

Cherry Pie is a cross of Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durb and has 16% THC cannabinoid enriched with terpenes that delivers a mouth-watering taste with head high.

The denser buds with green hues and orange hairs make a beautiful appearance that you will love to grow in your garden.

All in all, Cherry Pie perfectly fits for newbie smokers as it doesn’t make you couch lock with relatively average THC levels.

Click Here And Buy Cherry Pie Strain

Hindu Kush – Pure Indica Strain

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC: 19% to 20%

Effects: Euphoria, relaxation

Medical Benefits: Chronic pain, cramping, lack of appetite

Although the Hindu Kush is not a new strain, only a few weed enthusiasts get this original weed.

This pure Indica weed possesses crystal trichomes with a subtly sweet, earthy, sandalwood aroma with a perfectly balanced high.

Hindu Kush effects are reportedly known to relieve symptoms of chronic pain, cramping, and lack of appetite.

Click Here And Buy Hindu Kush Strain

Lemon Skunk – Strain For Mellow High

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: 19%

Effects: Creativity, cerebral high

Medical Benefits: Sleep issues, depression

To achieve a classic flavor, Lemon Skunk is specially bred by handpicking two skunk phenotypes.

And that is why it is one of the few cannabis strains in the market that delivers a unique skunk flavor with earthy and sour notes.

Additionally, Lemon Skunk produces medicinal benefits that help in sleeping issues, making it a perfect strain to use before bed.

Click Here And Buy Lemon Skunk Strain

Banana Kush – One Of The Best Marijuana Strains

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: 20% to 22%

Effects: Talkative, happy, and relaxed

Medical Benefits: Anxiety, pain

Banana Kush is a cross of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze.

The effects of this marijuana strain are known to make you talkative, happy, and relaxed in the end.

Additionally, the mellow buzz helps you relieve depression, stress, and anxiety symptoms.

Click Here And Buy Banana Kush

Grape Ape – Indica Dominante Marijuana Strain

Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: Around 18%

Effects: Relaxation

Medical Benefits: Pain, stress

Potency in weed has been increasingly important for stoners. However, Grape Ape is a balanced marijuana strain known for its relaxing effects.

Especially for Indica lovers newbie, Grape Ape has the balanced euphoria that can help you cut off the pain and stress from your body.

The distinctive grape-like smell and taste make it a unique strain to add to your menu.

Click Here And Buy Grape Ape Strain

Super Silver Haze – Multiple Award Winner Weed

Strain Type: Sativa

THC: Around 20%

Effects: Energetic and long-lasting

Medical Benefits: Nausea, Lack of appetite

If you want to kick-start your day with some energizing hit, then smoke Super Silver Haze (SSH).

This award-winner strain has around 20% THC content that gives a perfect head high, making you more productive and focused.

The long-lasting and energetic euphoria of this cannabis strain is known for a perfect daytime smoke session when you’re ready to get some thrill.

Additionally, this Sativa cannabis induces medicinal benefits for alleviating nausea and lack of appetite.

That is why this weed’s perfect THC effects and medicinal benefits have made it win several Cannabis Cup awards.

Click Here And Buy Super Silver Haze Strain

Lemon Tree – One Of The Best Strains With Lemon Flavor

Strain Type: Perfect hybrid

THC: Around 17%

Effects: Happy, relaxed, and euphoric

Medical Benefits: Anxiety

Lemon Tree is one of the perfect hybrid strains resulting from a cross between legendary Sour Diesel and Lemon Skunk.

The strain fills your mouth with a lemony taste with hints of diesel which is unique if you haven’t tried some different strains.

The effects of this weed strain are euphoric, happy, and relaxing, which is better to relieve anxiety and have a better day at work.

Click Here And Buy Lemon Tree Strain

Acapulco Gold – One Of The Exotic And Underrated Strains

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC: 18%

Effects: Motivating, uplifting, and energizing

Medical Benefits: Stress, depression, and anxiety

If you have been fond of rare marijuana strains that can make you get the best out of the weed world, then Acapulco Gold is the weed that you have been missing till now.

One of the rare marijuana strains gives you a powerful burst of THC up to 18%.

The head high of this cannabis strain leads to feeling uplifted and motivated to get the work done quickly.

Additionally, the gold nugget with hints of green and brown with orange hairs make this beauty more eye-soothing and a sight to behold.

In a nutshell, smoke Acapulco Gold if you can’t find a strain that you will love forever!

Click Here And Buy Acapulco Gold Strain

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best weed strain in 2024?

Whether you are just stepping into the weed world or an experienced stoner, Northern Lights, White Widow, Green Crack, and Acapulco Gold are some of the best cannabis strains in 2024 that can give you the best smoking experience.

What is the rarest weed strain?

Malawi Gold is one of the rarest strains in the entire world. Moreover, Bubba 91, Four Way, Bubba OG, Mendocino Purps, and Chemdog 91 are the other strains that come under the rare category.

What is the newest weed strain?

Tropicana Cookies, Mimosa, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Wedding Crasher are some of the new strains you can try in 2024.

Where to Buy Best Cannabis Strains: Conclusion

I’ve included every popular strain, a new strain, and different cannabis varieties in these 22 best cannabis strains of 2024.

You can blindly pick any of them to get the best weed experiences.

However, using weed strains for any medicinal symptoms must proceed with the user’s discretion and physician’s recommendation.

Also, tell us in the comments below which is your all-time favorite weed strain and why? We would love to hear you.

15 Strongest Weed Strains in 2024 [Must Check]


Having the most potent cannabis strains in your stash, make sure you get the best high every time you puff them.

Experienced stoners love them the most.

And beginner enthusiasts get the most potent marijuana to level up their smoking game when they get capable of it.

However, knowing the most robust strain is challenging being new to the cannabis world.

Also, only high THC levels in a strain cannot make all difference for potent weed. No doubt they do contribute to the potency.

However, some other factors also contribute to making a weed strain potent.

Well, you don’t have to read various theories regarding strain potency and getting the perfect one for yourself right now.

Instead, you just buckle yourself up with me to know the world’s 15 best weed strains that will make sure you get into the cloud nine whenever you bong either of them.

Let’s find them out:

15 Potent Strains To Smoke Right Now And Fly High!

Godfather OG – Strongest Weed Strain Of All Time

Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: Up to 28%

Flavors: Earthy, herby, and hints of sweet

Medicinal Benefits: Anxiety, chronic pain relief, sleep, stress, and depression

The “Godfather” marijuana of all cannabis strains, smoke this weed when you can tolerate sky-level THC.

With up to 28% THC, you are sure to have one of the best smoking sessions with your homies.

A single puff of Godfather OG strain is enough to get the instant euphoric high in your veins, making you fly into space, watching your problems fade away.

And after a roller coaster ride of euphoric high, feel the strong sedative effects of sleeping better.

That is why medical patients prefer the Godfather OG strain’s potency for relieving pain and symptoms of insomnia.

Reserve this potent strain for the end-day sessions when you want to relax and burst the stress of the tiring day.

Also, beginner marijuana lovers need to start with smaller doses because the effects of this most potent strain can overwhelm you.

Further, growing Godfather OG strain is moderately easy and can flourish in around 8 to 10 weeks.

Whether you grow this most robust strain indoors or outdoors, you can expect an excellent yield of around 12 to 16 ounces.

Overall, if you want the perfect combination of potency, excellent grow compatibility, and relieving effects, then get the Godfather OG strain now!

Click Here And Buy Godfather OG Strain

Gorilla Glue – Powerful Strain For Experienced Stoners

Strain Type: Sativa dominant strain

THC: Around 25%

Flavors: Diesel, earthy, chocolaty, and coffee

Medicinal Benefits: Chronic pain relief, depression, sleep

The ultimate name of potency in the Cannabis world is Gorilla Glue.

This Sativa dominant hybrid can fetch high THC and deliver the most potent euphoric high.

So get ready to feel the numbing body buzz that will last for several hours to make you get the best out of your smoke session.

On top of that, the classic aroma of earthiness combined with flavors of diesel, chocolate, and coffee hints are the best combination for blessing your taste buds.

Additionally, Gorilla Glue strain helps relieve chronic pain induces euphoric feelings for relaxation and better sleep.

Also, it is an excellent strain for growers to grow indoors because of its compact size, the fast flowering time of 8-9 weeks, and excellent yield.

Moreover, cultivating GG is not that challenging, even for beginners. That is why most novice weed enthusiasts prefer cultivating this weed strain.

No doubt why this potent strain has won multiple awards, including 2014’s Cannabis Cup.

Summing up, GG is the potent flower that every weed enthusiast loves.

From having the potency to give you numbing body effects to flourish faster for producing excellent yield, GG has got you covered in every manner.

Click Here And Buy Gorilla Glue Strain

Critical Kush – Potent Indica Marijuana Strain

Strain Type: Pure Indica

THC: Up to 29%

Flavors: Woody, earthy, citrusy, and herby

Medicinal Benefits: Stress, anxiety, and depression

Imagine having a tiring day at the office and needing something to kick back into the form.

Well, Critical Kush is your savior here.

Around 29% THC levels are enough for anyone to get the most potent weed effects that can instantly kick into bursting anxious thoughts and relieving stress.

Critical Kush is the pure Indica cannabis strain, one of the most popular choices among experienced stoners.

Thanks to the parent genetics of this beauty that led this weed to inherit the potency.

The parents of this potent strain are legendary OG Kush and Critical Mass that made their offspring the most potent weed strain.

Further, the flavor profile of Critical Kush lies around a herby, woody, earthy, and citrusy blend that becomes a treat to your mouth with every smoke session.

No doubt why Critical Kush is one of the highest THC strains that stoners love to puff every day.

Although Critical Kush is suitable for growing indoors and outdoors, it flourishes best when you provide a 72 to 80 degree Fahrenheit temperature range and balanced RH levels.

If everything goes right, this weed can show possible results within just 7 to 8 weeks.

All in all, Critical Kush is a complete package of potency, fast-growing, and excellent yield that attracts every weed lover’s eyes.

Click Here And Buy Critical Kush Strain

LA Kush Cake – One Of The Most Powerful Strains

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: Up to 23%

Flavors: Vanilla, Earthy, Mint, and Butter

Medicinal Benefits: Pain relief, anxiety, and depression

LA Kush Cake strain makes you have an excellent bong every time with its unique flavor profile in which you get a mix of vanilla taste combined with undertones of buttery hints.

This weed also fetches a THC level ranging around 23%, similar to other strains.

However, as you puff this marijuana, you get a smooth hit which is best for chilling in the evening with your friends.

The high makes you feel euphorically uplifted, happy, and relaxed, which is better for treating pain, releasing work stress, and getting kicked back into work again.

Also, this cannabis is one of the popular strains among hybrid lovers because you get the best out of both worlds – Indica and Sativa.

Additionally, medical patients use the potency of this hybrid weed to relieve various symptoms, including depression, anxiety, and pain.

And for growers, this strain is pure bliss. Thanks to its easiness to thrive in most climates.

This potent strain can flourish in Mediterranean climate conditions, even with minimal growing skills.

Whehter you grow indoors or outdoors, you will get a decent yield every time with very easiness.

This cannabis strain will get ready for harvest in mid-October within 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time.

Therefore, for novice cannabis enthusiasts, this potent strain is perfect to start with.

The potency, balanced flavors, effects, medicinal usage, capability to thrive in most climates, and giving the excellent yield every time makes it an ideal strain to get now!

Click Here And Buy LA Kush Strain

White Fire OG – Potent Strain To Socialize

Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: Up to 28%

Flavors: Pungent, diesel, and earthy

Medicinal Benefits: Anxiety, stress, and glaucoma

Also known as WiFi OG, this potent strain is offspring of The White and Fire OG.

The strain genetics are of Indica dominance, though you get the best out of both Sativa and Indica world.

THC levels go up to 28%, making it one of the high THC strains, and therefore, expect the same level of effects when you puff it.

However, with White Fire OG, you will get a balanced euphoria that will help you achieve a state of relaxation.

That is why medical patients love White Fire OG weed to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Above that, the flavor profile gets the intense aroma and a diesel-like taste that gives you a classic taste every time you smoke this potent cannabis.

Also, this weed can help you better socialize and be active in your workspace. Thanks to its uplifting euphoria.

Moreover, growers love this weed because of its growing capabilities.

White Fire OG easily thrives in mild, dry climates with moderate care.

The balanced temperature range and RH levels make this weed proliferate within just 8 to 9 weeks. And you can cultivate this potent strain outdoors or indoors.

It will reward you with excellent yield in every condition.

Also, another plus point for White Fire OG marijuana is that it is resilient to pests and molds in outdoor conditions.

Hence, outdoor cultivators will have an additional advantage in growing this cannabis.

However, you need to provide this cannabis right environment throughout the growth stages while keeping an eye on the plants’ health to get the best out of gardening.

Overall, get this highest THC strain if you want a tasty cannabis flower that can give you impressive effects and excellent yield in the garden.

Click Here And Buy White Fire OG Strain

Blue Dream – Fan-Favorite Marijuana

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC: Around 20%

Flavors: Blueberry, citrus, and earthy

Medicinal Benefits: Anxiety, chronic pain, and fatigue

Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid made by crossing Blueberry with Haze.

It is the most potent strain that fetches the exquisite taste of berries.

Therefore, it is a fan-favorite choice among stoners.

Blue Dream has an average THC level of around 20%, leading to a high that relaxes your body and gives a balanced euphoria to be creative and stays focused at work.

As you puff Blue Dream once, your mouth gets an instant taste of berry blended with citrusy hints and notes of earthiness mixed up together.

And that gives you a wholesome experience of puffing Blue Dream marijuana strain.

Additionally, the potency of this weed is used by medical enthusiasts to treat symptoms of nausea, pain, and chronic pain.

Also, the balanced effects of this marijuana make it a perfect option to use in the evening to chill and socialize with friends.

Summing up, if you’ve been into a more robust strain for a balanced euphoria, then Blue Dream is the best strain to have right now.

And even as a grower, Blue Dream is one of the fastest strains to finish within just 8 to 9 weeks while it can be quickly grown indoors and outdoors.

Also, the strain rewards you with a heavy yield ranging from 500 to 600 grams per square meter indoors.

However, you will observe little to no blue in the appearance of plants of this strain (as the name suggests).

Although you get the thick, rich-green buds with orange to dark blue pistils, that overall becomes a sight to behold.

Get this strain if you love the taste of blueberries and high that makes you feel happier.

Click Here And Buy Blue Dream Strain

Northern Lights – Legendary Cannabis Strain

Strain Type: Almost Indica

THC: Around 20%

Flavors: Earthy, piney, and sweet

Medicinal Benefits: Lack of appetite, sleep, chronic pain, and depression

NL or Northern Lights is the legendary cannabis strain that crosses Afghani and Thai.

If you have been into cannabis for a while now, you must be familiar with this legendary name.

Almost every stoner knows Northern Lights cannabis strain.

The strain possesses a THC percentage in the upper 20s to fetch a tremendous euphoric high.

It helps relieve symptoms of insomnia, depression, stress, and anxiety.

Also, the balanced potency of Northern Lights is suitable for both novice and veteran consumers.

For growers, NL is the weed strain that is easier to grow. It prefers Meditteranean climate conditions to thrive and yields up to 18 ounces per square meter indoors.

When cultivated outdoors, Northern Lights rewards you with up to 22 ounces per plant yield.

In short, get this legendary weed if you want to start your journey in the cannabis world with the best strain.

Click Here And Buy Northern Lights Strain

Death Star – A Powerful Strain For Buzzing Effects

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC: Around 23%

Flavors: Sweet, skunk, earthy

Medicinal Benefits: Stress, common anxiety, and pain

Death Star is the offspring of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel that possesses an excellent aroma and taste of skunkiness.

As you open up the jar of Death Star, your nostrils will fill up with the intense aroma that will remind you of classic marijuana.

Around 23% THC is enough to relax and chill; you get the soothing effects.

Initially, the effects are slow; however, once they get hold of your body, you will get a buzzing sensation from head to toe.

With an intense ride of euphoria, you will watch your worries fade away instantly.

Therefore, medical patients use this weed to relieve various symptoms, including anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness.

In short, Death Star is the strain for you need something to kick in when you feel down. It has the potency, taste, and flavor to give you a wholesome experience.

For growers, this weed is easier to cultivate. Therefore, you need to provide the right climate conditions to grow faster.

Additionally, Death Star has the advantage of being resilient to some plant issues.

Click Here And Buy Death Star Strain

GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) – Legendary Cannabis Strain

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC: Around 20%

Flavors: Earthy, herby, and mint

Medicinal Benefits: Stress, chronic pain

Most of the stoners already know this most common name in the marijuana world – Girl Scout Cookies.

This hybrid is a legendary cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison.

Ideal for experienced stoners, GSC features a THC percentage in the upper 20s; therefore, keep this in your stash for evening sessions.

Also, the potency of GSC is used to relieve stress, anxious thoughts, and to get deep relaxation.

So whenever you need a quick break, GSC has got your back to relax you every time.

On top of that, the dessert-like aroma and taste of sweet cherry, lemony, and hints of mint are the blend of tastes that you will never want to miss.

The taste and powerful euphoria combination give you a perfect break every time you get GSC to puff.

Further, best grown indoors, GSC can easily reward you with heavy yields in around 9 to 10 weeks.

However, you have to regularly monitor the plant’s health as it might be sensitive to mold and mildew.

Once you provide a suitable climate, it will show the beautiful appearance of blue and orange-hued buds covered with sparkling frost.

That is why GSC has secured a list of awards for its beautiful features.

In short, if you are new to the marijuana world and want to try out something legendary, then get GSC. It is the strain to must-have!

Click Here And Buy GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) Strain

Banana Kush – Must Have Weed Strain

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: Around 20%

Flavors: Banana, Earthy, and Skunk

Medicinal Benefits: Cramping, chronic pain, and sleeping issues

Banana Kush is made by crossing Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. It is one of the favorite weeds among stoners for its unique flavor profile.

The combination of banana, earthiness, and skunky taste gives a wholesome smoking session.

On top of that, the average THC content in Banana Kush goes in the upper 20s, making it a more potent marijuana strain.

As you bong a bowl of Banana Kush, get ready to ride a euphoric ride that will make you creative, socialize, and sleep better in the end.

Therefore, reserve this weed for the later time in the day when you need a break.

MEdical weed enthusiasts use this weed to relieve chronic pain, cramps, and insomnia symptoms.

Further, this strain finishes faster within just 8 to 9 weeks. Also, the capability to thrive in most climates allows this beauty to yield heavenly.

Though you need to provide it the right conditions at first.

Overall, Banana Kush is ideally for those who want to get their hands on a delicious cannabis strain with balanced potency and effects that can help them relieve some symptoms as well.

Click Here And Buy Banana Kush Strain

Strawberry Cough – Delicious And Strongest Strain

Strain Type: Sativa dominant

THC: Around 21%

Flavors: Strawberry, earthy, and sweet

Medicinal Benefits: Fatigue, nausea, anxiety

Love strawberries?

If yes, then you’ll surely love Strawberry Cough!

It is a great strain to have a strawberry-like sweet smell, taste, and euphoric feelings that make you get a break from the tiring day.

When you feel like giving up, puff a bowl of Strawberry Cough and get back to work by bursting the stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Thanks to its high THC levels.

Also, the sweet aroma and classic taste of earthiness and skunkiness give a wholesome experience to your taste buds making you crave it again and again.

Although Strawberry Cough has mysterious genetic origins still, it is one of the most common names among stoners who smoke potent strains.

Also, whether you grow this beauty indoors or outdoors, it flourishes in just 9 to 10 weeks and yields heavily.

And additionally, this crop is robust to maintain itself on its own. Therefore, you will also get an extra advantage while cultivating it.

If you can provide the ideal climate conditions for this beauty, you are sure to have a yield of around 14 ounces, which will be enough for an individual to smoke throughout the week.

In short, Strawberry Cough is the delicious cannabis that promises you the best out of the weed world.

Click Here And Buy Strawberry Cough Strain

Super Silver Haze – One Of The Strongest Sativa Strains

Strain Type: Sativa

THC: Around 20%

Flavors: Skunk, citrus, and diesel

Medicinal Benefits: Fatigue, lack of appetite, chronic pain

SSH or Super Silver Haze is made by crossing legendary Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk.

It is one of the high THC strains that possess an average THC percentage in the upper 20s.

The effects of Super Silver Haze marijuana take place in your body slowly, making you feel energetic, uplifted, and focused.

That is why Super Silver Haze is one of the favorite marijuana for daytime use.

However, don’t take the cannabis potency for granted, as the higher doses of it can surely lead you to stick at one place, enjoying the euphoric ride.

Therefore, treat this potent Sativa with extra care if you are prone to high THC.

Further, the flavor profile of Super Silver Haze gives you the notorious hints of citrusy and diesel-like hints, which are always a classic blend for stoners.

The soaring euphoric high helps relieve chronic pain, fatigue, and stress.

Therefore, Super Silver Haze is also an ideal strain for medical enthusiasts.

No doubt why this legendary weed has won multiple awards, including High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

SSH is an easy strain for growers to get the most out of it. However, the flowering time goes up to 11 weeks when growing outdoors.

SSH thrives beautifully to reward you with heavy yields up to 19 ounces per square meter indoors.

So, if you are an indoor marijuana grower, don’t miss this beauty!

Click Here And Buy Super Silver Haze Strain

Ghost Train Haze – One of The Strongest Hybrid Strains

Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid

THC: Up to 28%

Flavors: Citrus, flowery, sweet

Medicinal Benefits: Muscle spasms, cramps, and inflammation

Need a heavy hitter weed that just throws you on the couch with just one puff?

Get Ghost Train Haze and get ready to be lost in euphoria!

Ghost Train Haze is a clear warning for a regular cannabis user; Ghost Train Haze is an ideal strain for experienced smokers.

It is because this marijuana gets you on an intense roller coaster ride of euphoria that leads you to feel the most profound sensations of relaxation.

However, at the same time, this weed is too strong for a novice, so better to keep a minimal dose of it while trying for the first time.

The effects of Ghost Train Haze take hold of your body with the very first minute of getting into your body.

It makes you feel uplifted, happy, and very energetic at first, while as the effects fade away after several hours, you will find yourself in an intense relaxing state.

The flavor profile favors the citrus and flowery side, unlike the typical taste.

Growing Ghost Train Haze is moderately easy. It prefers a hot and dry climate to thrive.

However, you can make it thrive in both indoor and outdoor conditions. For example, you will be rewarded with a 300g yield per plant indoors while outdoors; you can expect up to 400 grams.

So, all in all, Ghost Train Haze is one of the most potent marijuana strains made for pro-stoners.

However, if you have been into weed for a while and want to level up your smoking game, then Ghost Train Haze is must try to count yourself in.

Click Here And Buy Ghost Train Haze Strain

Sour Diesel – One Of The Most Popular Strains

Strain Type: Mostly Sativa

THC: Up to 26%

Flavors: Classic diesel, sour, skunk

Medicinal Benefits: Stress, anxiety

If you have always wanted to keep a classic strain in your weed stash, then Sour Diesel is the legendary weed that you need right now.

It is one of the most popular weed strains among stoners worldwide.

Sour Diesel is made by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk, which are already popular choices in the cannabis world.

The main highlight of this marijuana is its classic taste that reminds you of the older marijuana when very few flavorful weeds existed.

The pungent skunky aroma with diesel flavor is a treat to your mouth if you’ve always been a fan of classic weed strains.

Further, the high of Sour Diesel is both cerebral and body impacting.

As you bong Sour Diesel, you get an instant rush of euphoria, making you get the cerebral high, creativity, and energetic buzz.

So instead of just lying down on the couch, you might feel like doing your pending work too.

And throughout the euphoric ride, it will bless your taste buds with the classic taste of weed that you can’t miss being a weed lover.

However, this legendary strain favors the outdoor growers.

It requires a bit dry, Mediterranean climate with balanced RH levels giving you heavy yield within just 77 days.

Also, getting the most out of this weed might require some extra effort, but once you smoke this bud, you’ll know that every effort is worth it.

Summing up, this cannabis strain has been in the marijuana world since the 1990s as one of the highest THC strains. Since then, it has been legendary among stoners with its classic taste and powerful euphoria.

So if you always wonder what our ancestors smoked, grab this marijuana right now!

Click Here And Buy Sour Diesel Strain

Strawberry Banana – Tasty And Potent Strain

Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: Up to 25%

Flavors: Banana, strawberry, and earthy

Medicinal Benefits: Chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep

If you love the sweet taste of weed that possesses banana and strawberry-like flavors, then you must try Strawberry Banana weed.

Developed by DNA Genetics, Strawberry Banana is offspring of Bubble Gum’s strawberry phenotype and Banana Kush; this marijuana has a mouth-watering taste that you can’t resist yourself but try.

As you will puff Strawberry Banana, your mouth will get the whirl of sweet bursts with undertones of banana-like flavors ending with strawberry-like hints.

On top of that, the 25% THC levels will make euphoria rush in your blood to make you feel uplifted, happy, and ready for sleep.

That is why stoners keep this weed for their night smoke sessions when they have nothing to do but chill.

Thanks to the potency. Medical users use this weed to relax anxiety, stress, pain, and even depression symptoms.

Also, this strain makes you sleep better by getting you into a relaxed zone. Therefore, cannabis users facing issues with sleep can also try this strain.

However, in either of the medical cases, you must get a prescription from your doctor first before proceeding further.

Moreover, growing this weed is moderately easy. It finishes in 9 to 10 weeks, which is decent.

Also perfect to grow indoors, this cannabis strain can reward you with an excellent yield in most climates.

However, when growing outdoors, you need to slightly increase your attention to the plants because this strain might need an extra slice of care.

Overall, this marijuana strain comes under a tastier and more powerful weed strain that treats your mouth if you love fruity weeds.

And above all, for limited space growers, this strain is pure bliss because it is ideal for growing indoors and rewarding you with heavy yields.

Click Here And Buy Strawberry Banana Strain


What are the most potent marijuana strains?

GSC, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, and LA Kush Cake are some of the most potent marijuana strains. However, the list is quite long, and you should always prefer a strain with potency meeting your tolerance level.

What are the most potent CBD strains?

Charlotte’s Web Strain, ACDC, Harlequin, and Stephen Hawking Kush are some of the famous CBD marijuana strains in the market now, with CBD content ranging from 10% to 20%.

What are the most potent Indica strains?

Godfather OG, Death Star, GSC, and Northern Lights are some of the most potent Indica strains worldwide.

Strongest Cannabis Strains: Conclusion

Finally, you know the top potent strains of 2024 that have everything you can expect from an ideal marijuana strain.

However, always remember that these marijuana strains are pretty potent, and therefore, only experienced ones should participate to get them.

Because the effects might be overwhelming for the novices, note that using weed for medical purposes must be proceeded with the doctor’s prescription and at your discretion.

Neptune Seed Bank Reviews In 2024 – Is It Legit?


In this Neptune Seed Bank review, I’ll take you through my real experience with them.

Being one of the American seed banks, Neptune Seed Bank offers many high-quality seeds.

However, there is no germination guarantee like ILGM in the store.

Therefore, there are various pros and cons of buying cannabis seeds from Neptune Seed Bank, which you must know before buying seeds from here.

Let’s get started:

Is Neptune Seed Bank Legit?

Yes! Neptune Seed Bank is a 100% legit seed bank.

It is one of the safest seed banks to buy high-quality seeds like other seed banks.

Neptune seed bank is located in the United States and operates online as a seed bank to serve growers worldwide.

The company is a legitimate source of cannabis seeds with which many high-quality breeders are in contact.

Also, Neptune seed bank has a presence on Trustpilot with a 3.7 out of 5.0 rating. However, the numbers of reviews are not many.

The good part is that the company has approached all the negative reviews to solve the issue, which shows they care about their buyers.

Further, at various grow forums and publications, Neptune seed bank has come up as an excellent choice for top-notch weed seeds in the USA.

So, overall, Neptune seed bank is a 100% legit and safe seed bank to buy seeds from. They have reliable and trustworthy sources for top-notch quality seeds from worldwide breeders.

Neptune Seed Bank Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

I know sometimes you might be in a hurry. So, here’s my quick shot for this review:

Established: In 2016, in CA, USA.

Strains Available: Feminized, regular, autos, and more categories like clone, best-selling, and sale.

Services: Faster shipping within 24 to 48 business hours, new arrivals, clearance sales, etc.

User Rating: 3.7/5.0 at Trustpilot within 27 reviews, 10.0/10.0 at seed finder with 3 reviews.

Review: Neptune seed bank is a legit and reliable seed bank. The company has got a great package of high-quality seeds and services. You can surely buy seeds from here.

Click Here And Buy From Neptune Seed Bank

About Neptune Seed Bank

There is not much information about Neptune Seed Bank is available as per their official website.

However, some sources claim that the company was established in 2016.

Throughout these years, the company has made excellent coverage over many strains.

Also, Neptune seed bank has made it to get over 100+ breeders worldwide, which are sources of their top-notch seeds.

Therefore, starting in the USA, the company has spread its arms worldwide with its premium seeds and services.

Neptune Seed Bank Review: In-Depth

It’s time to dive deep in!

Seed Selection And Quality

Neptune seed bank has a tremendous seed selection.

The company has a stock of over 1900+ options to choose from.

And all of their seeds are stocked from the finest quality breeders worldwide.

Whether it is about feminized, auto-flowering, or regular seeds, Neptune seed bank has got everything for you in their package.

Also, they work with 100+ finest quality breeders worldwide, so they get seeds in bulk to offer you at a low cost.

Overall, Neptune has one of the most extensive seed stocks and the finest quality genetics at their store.

Pricing Of Seeds

The pricing of seeds at Neptune seed bank is affordable and reasonable.

That is why growers opt for this seed bank for affordable deals and comparatively low prices.

Neptune imports marijuana seeds on a large scale, so they offer their buyers comparatively low prices per seed.

The price of their top-shelf strains starts from just $10 per seed, making this seed bank perfectly fit into most growers’ budgets.

Moreover, you can grab their premium cannabis seeds at even cheaper rates during the weekly sales, deals, and offers.

Therefore, considering the pricing of seeds, the company has done a brilliant job and made itself an online store fitting into every marijuana lovers’ budget.

Shipping Service And Delivery Time

Shipping and delivery services at Neptune seed bank are excellent.

Neptune seed bank is available worldwide and ships across the globe. Therefore, you can get their stuff in any corner of the world.

The company ships instantly within 24 to 48 working hours after receiving payment.

Therefore, its delivery time is faster for the USA.

Even the company has a full refund policy before shipping the order.

There are four types of shipping services that Neptune seed bank offers for the USA:

Standard shipping: This includes a flat rate to ship your order. And the company charges $10 for it. The company will pack your seeds in a standard package and send them to you.

This option is ideal for the regions where marijuana laws are relaxing.

The average delivery time is around 7 days.

Discreet shipping: Your seeds will be in a double pack for extra security, including $15 charges.

Also, the shipping is done priority discreetly.

You can opt for this shipping service if you want an extra layer of security for your order. You can expect your order to arrive within 3 to 7 business days.

Signature required: For theft-prone regions, signature delivery is the best option. However, it costs you $20, but the extra cost is worth making your order 100% securely delivered to you.

Guaranteed shipping: Opt for guaranteed shipping service if you order from a sensitive region for marijuana seeds.

The guaranteed shipping costs you $25; however, if your order gets lost in transit, the company will re-ship the new order for free.

Additionally, the company will pack your seeds into double-layer packaging and ship priority.

The average delivery time for guaranteed shipping is around 3-4 business days.

Apart from these, the international shipping at Neptune seed bank requires improvement as they don’t offer guaranteed shipping or delivery for your order like ILGM seed bank.

They will not take any responsibility for your order if it gets seized.

However, the good part is that Neptune will offer an extra discreet option to you.

They will take out your seeds from the original packaging and pack them into T-shirts to keep your seeds protected from the cops.

However, you have to pay an additional $50 for that.

Overall, in terms of shipping and delivery services within the USA, Neptune has scored 10/10. However, they have to work more on their services for international orders.

Customer Service

Neptune seed bank prioritizes customer satisfaction, which is why they have maintained excellent customer service.

In case of any queries or issues related to your order confirmation, tracking, or package, you can reach out to the backend team of Neptune seed bank.

The team is responsive, friendly, and instantly available.

However, you will have the company’s e-mail as an option to raise any queries. So no call or chat support is available.

Also, the response time from mail is around 24 working hours, although you might expect replies earlier.

Overall, customer support at Neptune seed bank is decent, and you will have a great shopping experience for sure.

Payment Options

You can place your order at Neptune seed bank instantly. Thanks to ample payment options available.

You can pay with:

  • E-check
  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Crypto (Bitcoin or Ethereum)

The recommended payment options are cash or crypto. If you are ordering locally, you can prefer cash as it is more discreet and safe.

Also, you can get an additional 10% off by paying with the cash method.

However, for international orders or if you are concerned more about your privacy, you can also directly go for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

With that, you don’t have to give your ID proof as well, as you get the bonus of 10% off.

As of right now, the company site is not accepting payments via bank transfer or wire transfer.

However, there are other convenient options available by which you can pay instantly and effortlessly.

Website Review

At first glance, the Neptune seed bank website looks professional and eye-catching.

As you scroll down the homepage of the Neptune seed bank, you get to know their sections of services.

You can get your hands on the different categories of seeds available, breeders, and the weekly sales.

Also, a separate section of ‘upcoming drops’ will allow you to know the upcoming launches on the store. That can keep you updated with the latest strains in the market.

Further, you can find the company’s various sections at the bottom, including FAQs and policy pages.

The best part of the Neptune seed bank website is that it is easy to navigate. You can easily find what you are looking for.

Whether it is about a strain or breeder, you can find out either through categories or the search bar, making your search on the store easy and instant.

Summing up, the impression of the website is excellent.

It has all the information for a buyer, while the navigation, user interface, and easy-to-access features make the overall experience better.

Discounts And Offers

There are fantastic discounts and offers are available during the weekly sales on Neptune seed bank.

Every week you can find offers going on a specific breeder or strain, and you can even get up to 25% off in that sale.

So in terms of discounts, Neptune has never disappointed its customers.

You can also have an added discount of 10% by paying through cash or crypto.

Therefore, if you are looking for some great deals and offers, Neptune seed bank is what you have been missing till now!

Return And Refund Policy

Unfortunately, Neptune seed bank does not accept returns as of right now.

However, they do offer a full refund before shipping.

Once dispatched, orders will not be eligible for returns or refunds.

Best Seeds To Buy From Neptune Seed Bank

  1. Banana OG (On Sale!)
  2. Caramel Creme (F)
  3. West Coast OG

Pros And Cons Of Neptune Seed Bank


  • Large seeds selection
  • High-quality seeds
  • Faster shipping to the USA
  • Guaranteed shipping
  • Highly reputed USA seed bank
  • Multiple payment options
  • Great customer service


  • No guaranteed delivery to international orders
  • No germination guarantee

Neptune Seed Bank Alternatives

  1. Herbies Head Shop: with one of the largest seed selections, faster stealth shipping worldwide, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Herbies Head Shop has got 5-star customers rating for being one of the best seed banks.
  2. ILGM: one of the best USA seed banks for faster delivery, germination guarantee, and premium marijuana seeds.
  3. Crop King Seeds: it is the best Canadian seed bank with 100+ physical retail sellers, an 80% germination rate, and a highly reputed brand for top-notch weed seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Neptune Seed Bank located?

Neptune seed bank is located in CA, USA. However, it operates online and sells seeds around the globe.

What are Neptune Seed Bank payment options?

E-check, credit card, cash, and cryptocurrencies are the payment options available at Neptune seed bank. However, there is no option for a wire transfer or bank transfer as of right now.

Is it safe to buy from Neptune Seed Bank?

Yes, it is entirely safe to buy marijuana seeds from Neptune seed bank. Instead, the company sells seeds for novelty purposes and encourages its buyers to follow the local laws regarding cannabis.

Being in the industry for a few years, Neptune seed bank has established its name among the finest seed banks.

Neptune Seed Bank Review: In Conclusion

Neptune seed bank is a 100% reliable, trustworthy, and legit seed bank in the USA.

This seed bank has high-quality marijuana seeds, excellent services, multiple payment options, and a great website.

The overall buying experience from Neptune seed bank is excellent, and therefore, I 100% recommend this seed bank to you.

However, I would consider Herbies Head Shop and ILGM for a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and best customer service.

Seed Supreme Reviews – Is It legit?


Seed Supreme is one of the seed banks that sell cannabis seeds online.

There are mixed reviews about this company that puzzles a grower even to buy weed seeds from here.

However, there are thousands of positive reviews available about Seed Supreme.

Now, the question is, is even Seed Supreme a legit seed bank?

Well, don’t worry.

I will clear all of your doubts by sharing my experience with the Seed Supreme cannabis seed bank.

After that, in the end, you will be crystal clear with your decision on whether to buy cannabis seeds from Seed Supreme.

Seed Supreme Reviews

Let’s go:

Is Seed Supreme A Legit Seed Bank?

This is the first concern before buying weed seeds online – is this company legit?

Therefore, let me clear it very first:

Yes, Seed Supreme is a legit seed bank.

It is a legal company established and selling marijuana seeds as one of the online seed banks.

Due to popularity, there might be some negative reviews as well. However, that does not affect the legitimacy of the company.

Also, the company responds to the negative reviews and tries to solve the issue. That shows the company’s care even after successful business with their customers.

Apart from this, thousands of satisfied growers have raved about the seed quality at Seed Supreme.

So, in a nutshell, you can completely trust Seed Supreme seed bank.

However, apart from the legitimacy of how many good quality services Seed Supreme can provide, we will be finding it next.

Seed Supreme Seed Bank Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

Let’s have a quick look into this review:

Established: in 2013 in the UK.

Seed Selection: feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, medicinal seeds with multiple varieties such as beginner strains, high yield, high CBD, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, indoor, outdoor, and more.

Services: discreet delivery, free seeds, contact with top-notch seed banks, free shipping with larger orders, USA genetics, and wholesale seeds available.

Rating: a 9.3 score from 5500+ reviews at Kiyoh.

Review: 100% recommended seed bank for the growers. However, there is space for improvement, but this seed bank will still be much better than many other newbie seed stores.

Click Here And Buy Seeds From Seed Supreme

History Of Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme has a long history of selling cannabis seeds.

Therefore, it is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks.

Seed Supreme is a UK-based company that was founded back in 2013.

From the very start of the company, the goal was to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to the growers.

Initially, the company struggled to stand out on the growers’ expectations, and even they had terrible reviews.

However, SeedSupreme seeds continuously improved over time, and the company managed to keep enough customers happy.

With consistent performance, Seed Supreme became of the reliable seed banks for buying marijuana seeds online in 2024.

Also, throughout this seed bank’s journey, it has always pushed the limits to stand out in the customers’ demand.

Therefore, it has a decent market reputation to stand out from other seed banks.

Additionally, the consistent work of the company shows how much they are dedicated to their work, and quality ultimately shows their legitimacy.

Otherwise, no “scammy” seed bank will put so much effort and could survive for these many years.

Therefore, in a nutshell, the history of the Seed Supreme shows that they have been working consistently towards their goal of providing high-quality marijuana seeds.

However, there have been certain areas where they need to work, but the company has consistently improved and provided quality services.

That makes this seed bank to be counted as one of the top seed banks in the cannabis seed industry.

Seed Supreme Detailed Review Of 2024

It’s time to dive deep into the review and find out all the insights:

Seed Selection

Seed Supreme has an excellent seed selection.

You will find various varieties of marijuana seeds.

All of the seeds are imported from the world’s finest breeders.

Some of the famous other online seedbanks from where Seed Supreme gets seeds are:

  • Amsterdam Genetics
  • Barney’s Farm
  • DNA Genetics
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Greenhouse Seeds
  • Nirvana Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds

There are many more breeders available on the virtual store of this seed bank.

The best part is that you can also cherry-pick your favorite seeds according to a seed breeder in the inventory.

Apart from this, you get the finest marijuana strains of various varieties according to your growing need.

If you are purchasing seeds for outdoor cultivation, you can directly check out the outdoor selection in the category.

Similarly, you will find a different selection whether you are searching for indoor strains, high THC strains, or anything else.

Seed Supreme’s categories are beginner strains, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, indoor, outdoor, Indica, Sativa, hybrid, high CBD, and wholesale seeds.

Even if you want to buy seeds in bulk, this seed bank has a different selection.

Apart from this, for medical cannabis enthusiasts, the store has medical cannabis strains, while the best part is that you can choose strains as per symptoms and conditions.

You can also have huge discounts on medicinal strains during the sales and offers.

In a nutshell, Seedsupreme seed bank has everything for cannabis seed buyers.

Quality Of Seeds

The seed quality at Seed Supreme is excellent.

Although the company imports seeds from many seed banks.

Therefore, manually monitoring the quality of all seeds becomes tough.

However, the company ensures that the seeds they are importing must be from a quality seed breeder. Therefore, all seeds at this seed bank possess higher seed germination rates.

Also, Seed Supreme gets its seeds from the top-notch expert growers and breeders from the Spain, Netherlands, and Colorado seed banks.

Therefore, they have a collection of one of the finest genetics in their inventory.

Still, if you have concerns about the seed quality, you can prefer buying cannabis seeds according to the vendor or breeder.

For instance, Barney’s Farm has one of the finest marijuana seeds; therefore, if you buy seeds from them at Seed Supreme, you will have more chances of better yield.

The only drawback here is that you don’t get a germination guarantee.

However, if you need a seed bank with a germination guarantee, you can check Herbies Head Shop. Here you can also quality claim if your seeds don’t germinate.

In a nutshell, the quality of seeds at Seed Supreme depends on the breeder you choose.

However, the company ensures all of its seeds are top-notch before importing them into its inventory.

Pricing Of Seeds

Seed prices at Seed Supreme vary depending upon the strain and breeder you choose.

For example, some strains at Seed Supreme will be under $100 for a pack of 10 seeds; however, on the other hand, some strains will go as high as around $135.

Therefore, it is all about the strain type and breeder type.

Still, the average price at Seed Supreme is reasonable.

However, if you are a cannabis grower looking for a budget-friendly seed bank, I recommend Seedsman.

Further, Seed Supreme also puts some free seeds with your order and gives more than you pay for.

Like right now, they are adding 5 more feminized seeds with a pack of 10 seeds of the same strain along with 6 more free seeds.

Therefore, you get 11 free cannabis seeds for purchasing 10 seeds, while all the free seeds will be of the same quality.

So overall, the company is making you get the most out of your investment, making it a better place to buy weed seeds than investing in a new seed bank.

Shipping Service

Seed Supreme used to ship worldwide.

However, as of 2024, they are shipping only to the USA. Also, the company has not mentioned why they have stopped shipping around the globe.

Therefore, you cannot access Seedsupreme seed bank’s inventory other than the USA region.

Further, after successful payment, the company instantly ships your order.

Seed Supreme provides two delivery methods:

  • Standard
  • Guaranteed shipping option

However, their delivery methods and stealth shipping are less effective than other seed banks.

As a result, many customers have reported delivery delays and not receiving orders.

Therefore, there is still space left for improvement in the shipping department.


The packaging of seeds at this seed bank is done discreetly.

To ensure the privacy and security of the buyer, the company does not mention any suspicious information on the package.

Therefore, Seed Supreme properly packs your seeds before sending them to you.

Shipping Cost And Guaranteed Shipping

This seed bank ships your seeds with first-class royal mail.

With an additional $10, you can opt for a guaranteed shipping option. That will work like an insurance for your seeds.

In case of the package gets lost or damaged, the company will re-ship the order without asking any questions.

Further, you will be eligible for free shipping if your order is more than $125 for the USA and 75 Euros for the UK.

Even though you will still be eligible for free shipping, you must manually opt for the guaranteed shipping option to get insurance for your seeds.

Delivery Time

The delivery time from the Seed Supreme is quite average.

Many growers have reported delays in the delivery time of their order, while some cases have shown a complete failure of the company’s stealth methods, leading to orders being confiscated.

However, the company has two shipping hubs. One in the USA and one in the UK.

Therefore, UK orders are usually delivered within 2 to 7 working days. In contrast, the rest of the countries around the world can expect up to 25 working days to deliver the order.

For the USA orders, companies ships with the USPS tracking method. You can track your seeds until they reach your hands.

They offer stealth shipping for USA orders. The company will take out seeds from the original packaging and can send them to random objects for extra privacy.

You must go with the shipping guarantee option if you are ordering internationally. That makes your package safe from unwanted scenarios.

Payment Methods

When you get a lot of payment options on a website, ordering seeds becomes fast and easy.

With that said, Seed Supreme has got a lot.

Therefore, you can quickly place your order before the seeds get out of stock at this seed bank.

The accepted payment options at Seed Supreme are:

  • Cash
  • Money Order
  • Bitcoin
  • Other Cryptocurrency
  • Check By Mail
  • ACH
  • CashApp
  • Zelle
  • Mesh

Hence, you will have ample payment options that make your order experience easy.

Apart from this, the best part is that all of their payment methods are safe and secure. However, sending out cash in an envelope is a bit risky though.

Therefore, I recommend you pay via bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

It is fast, secure, reliable, and gives an instant status of a transaction that helps your order be processed faster by the company.

Also, bitcoin transactions are untraceable, so it is private, too.

If you are ordering internationally at this seed store, I would not recommend sending cash in the envelope because it is quite a risky option.

Also, the cash payment method takes a lot of time depending on your location; therefore, ideally, you should go with bitcoin to order marijuana seeds.

Customer Service

The customer service team at Seed Supreme is decent.

They help you with your queries about the seed info, order issues, and cannabis seeds at their shop.

Remember, the company sells seeds for souvenir purposes. Therefore, you cannot ask queries related to growing cannabis.

It is also why this company does not provide any germination guarantee either.

Therefore, you can expect any help from the company regarding germination as a cannabis grower.

Response Time From Customer Service Team

Usually, the response time from the customer service team of Seed Supreme is 24 working hours.

As they do not promote growers to grow cannabis seeds, this seed bank’s backend team will not provide any help concerning queries related to cultivation.

Apart from this, Seedsupreme seed bank provides an additional bonus of Kush Money if you receive damaged or wrong seeds.

However, you need to claim for the same with genuine proof (with a photo).

In a nutshell, Seed Supreme has to improve its customer service game to stand out in the market.

Discounts and Promotions At Seed Supreme

There are plenty of offers on the Seed Supreme website.

As you open up the company’s virtual store, you will observe the current offer.

Right now, they are offering a buy 1 and get 1 offer.

Apart from this, Seed Supreme sends free seeds with every order.

  • For orders under 50 Euros – you get 2 free seeds.
  • For orders between 50 to 100 Euros – you get 4 free seeds.
  • For orders between 100 to 150 Euros – you get 6 free seeds.
  • For orders between 150 to 200 Euros – you get 8 free seeds.
  • For spending over 200 Euros at the website – you get 10 free seeds.

Therefore, doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the store; you are sure to get freebies.

The best part is that you will not receive the male seeds under freebies. Instead, the company provides the same strain seeds or feminized seeds as freebies.

Additionally, the company provides “double your free seeds” offers from time to time. Therefore, you can grab that opportunity for your benefit and get up to 20 free seeds.

Different seed banks have different promotional offers, but Seed Supreme has these two major promotional deals that they launch mostly – double-free seeds and free seeds with every order.

Overall, Seed Supreme is one of the marijuana seedbanks with many discounts and promotions, making your online shopping experience exciting and much better.

Website Review

At a very first glance, the website looks professional.

You get a flashing banner of the current offer in the store.

Scrolling down the page will take you through the services they provide.

Then you can access their featured marijuana strains. Also, you will get access to their new cannabis strains below the page.

For experienced stoners, the store has a high THC seeds section.

Also, you will be able to find out the breeders in contact with the Seed Supreme.

You can even select a particular breeder and go with their selection at the store. It gives you instant access to the inventory of your favorite seed breeder.

And this feature is lacking in many other online seed banks.

Further, if you are a novice cannabis grower, you can go through the cannabis news section of the website.

That will allow you to know the latest cannabis laws in different regions.

Also, at the bottom of the page, you will get all the information about the company and its services.

You can also connect to the company on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Overall, the website of Seed Supreme is impressive.

It has a decent theme that makes navigation through various sections easy. Also, there is all information available about the company that will be helpful for a first-time visitor.

Therefore, surfing through the Seed Supreme website will give you an excellent experience.

Market Reputation Of Seed Supreme

Although Seed Supreme has been in the cannabis industry for a long time.

However, it still has not got the market reputation that it deserves.

The company has positive and negative reviews on various seed bank review platforms.

Many customers have complained about their customer service team, shipping delays, and delivery issues.

That is why Seed Supreme still has a long path to travel for coming under as one of the best seed banks in the world.

However, in 2024, Seed Supreme has been flagged “Green” at Seed Finder and has a 9.3 score from 5500+ reviews, making it one of the trustworthy seed banks.

Return And Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the order of Seed Supreme, you can ask for a full refund.

It is the feature that makes Seed Supreme stand out from the other seed banks because most of the seeded stores do not provide any refund or return policy.

However, there are various conditions that you need to follow before asking for a full refund:

(i) The package should be unopened with original unused seeds.

(ii) You will have 14 days of the period to return and ask for a full refund for your order.

(iii) You need to send back your package with recorded delivery so that company can get to track the item. Untrackable items will not be eligible for a refund.

(iv) After sending back the package, you must e-mail the company so that they can expect your package to arrive.

After these steps, once your package reaches the company, you will be eligible for a full refund.

It is one of the factors that buyers love about the Seed Supreme because the company refunds your money if you change your mind.

However, you need to go through a hassle process for the same.

Top 5 Seed Strains To Buy From Seed Supreme

  1. Gorilla Glue #4: THC content around 25%, one of the most potent strains in the market, award-winning strain with intense aroma and flavor, highly recommended strain for experienced stoners.
  2. Amnesia Feminized: uplifting and motivating strain with THC around 20%, decent yield, perfect to grow indoor, medicinal benefits, easy to grow strain with around 80 days of the flowering period.
  3. Blue Dream: one of the best-selling blue strains, THC around 22% taste blueberries with fruity blend, intense euphoria, easy to grow, best for beginners.
  4. Diesel: classic diesel flavor with potent high, energizing, and uplifting effects, medicinal benefits, intense fuel aroma with delicious taste, best for indoor cultivation.
  5. Durban Poison: one of the best Sativa strains, up to 25% THC, mind-blowing effects, powerful euphoria, and medically beneficial strain.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Cannabis Seeds At Seed Supreme


  • A large selection of cannabis strains
  • High-quality strains and varieties
  • Free cannabis seeds with every order
  • One of the oldest marijuana seed bank
  • Impressive website
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Trustworthy seed bank


  • No germination guarantee
  • Poor quality shipping methods
  • No worldwide shipping (as per the latest update)

Seed Supreme Seed Bank Alternatives

Herbies Seeds: 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, worldwide stealth shipping, free seeds with every purchase, 2,000+ cannabis seeds to choose from, excellent 4.85/5.0 rating from 900+ reviews.

ILGM: one of the best USA seed banks, germination guarantee, premium cannabis seeds, guaranteed shipping, highly reputed and trustworthy seed bank.

MSNL: UK-based seed bank with one of the high-quality marijuana seeds in stock, a large selection of varieties, excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

FAQs About Seed Supreme

Is Seed Supreme a good company?

Yes, Seed Supreme is an excellent company to buy weed seeds online. However, there is space for improvement around the consistent seed quality, shipping service, and customer service team.
Therefore, if you want a premium experience and faster shipping to the USA, try ILGM.

Does Seed Supreme offer free seeds?

Yes, you get free seeds with every order you place at Seedsupreme seeds. Sometimes, the company even offers double-free seeds.

What are Seed Supreme payment options?

Seed Supreme has multiple payment methods. Cash, money order, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are accepted payment methods at Seed Supreme.

Seed Supreme Seed Bank Reviews: In Conclusion

Seed Supreme is an excellent seed bank with thousands of seeds in stock.

However, having no germinate guarantee, delay in shipping, and poor customer service leaves space for improvement.

The good part is that the company keeps itself improving, making them one of the choices for buying high-quality cannabis seeds.

Therefore, I will recommend Seed Supreme seed bank for buying marijuana seeds. However, you can initially start with a small purchase and see if that works.

Moreover, if you need a seed bank that sells only premium seeds with fantastic services, you can check Herbies Seeds and ILGM.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana Reviews (ILGM) in 2024 – is it legit?


ILGM or ILoveGrowingMarijuana is one of the best seed banks in 2024, as ILGM has everything you can expect from an ideal seed bank.

From having the best quality cannabis seeds, multiple strains, guaranteed delivery to providing a germination guarantee, ILGM has got your back in every manner.

However, today we will be digging deeper into this ILGM review so that you can know all the pros and cons of buying seeds from ILGM.

Let’s get started:


Is ILGM Legit And Safe?

Legitimacy is the most asked concern when buying weed seeds from online seed banks.

It is also essential to know whether the seed bank you will trust for investing your money is deserving or not.

And to answer that concern, directly for ILGM – yes, ILGM is a 100% legit and safe seed bank that has been operating online for the last ten years.

I Love Growing Marijuana is now a brand that almost every weed enthusiast knows in the cannabis world.

However, the journey of ILGM started a decade back, which you will get to know in the history section of this ILGM review.

Coming to legitimacy, then ILGM is a brand of excellence established in the Netherlands, the hub of marijuana lovers.

And from the hometown of coffee shops worldwide, ILGM has been one of the most trusted sources for its top-notch quality seeds, which shows how reliable they are.

Even the company has excellent ratings of 9.1 out of 10 from the 17,500+ reviews at Kiyoh, which adds trust to this best seed bank.

Summing up, ILGM is the seed bank that you can blindly trust. They have been in the market for almost a decade now. They are known for selling high-quality seeds across various countries.

You will never be disappointed after buying marijuana seeds from ILGM!

History Of ILGM Seed Bank

The journey of this enormous empire starts from the earlier life of Robert Bergman, the founder of I Love Growing Marijuana.

His passion for cannabis made him build this huge seed bank.

However, initially, his passion led him to gather knowledge for cannabis and its cultivation for 25 years.

He also cultivated weed at a small scale when he sprouted five plants in his household to make his knowledge more practical.

When Robert finally got to know everything about marijuana seeds and their cultivation, he founded ILGM in 2012 as a blog.

Yes, you read it right!

ILGM was first a marijuana blog.

The founder shared knowledge to help other marijuana enthusiasts and growers.

This blog also opened a way for other marijuana enthusiasts to share their experiences, making it a whole community for cannabis lovers.

Soon, the ILGM got popular among the cannabis community, people started liking the blog, and eventually, ILGM got a massive base of marijuana lovers.

Robert finally decided to make his blog more beneficial for marijuana growers.

The lack of quality seeds and legit sources made Robert launch his seed bank to help growers get the best quality seeds with trust and support.

Backed with years of knowledge, experience, and support from many experienced growers, ILGM became a popular seed bank in no time.

Now, in 2024, almost every marijuana grower knows about ILGM.

And the best part of this seed bank is not only the best quality they are providing but their support, guide, and confidence in every grower to make the most out of their marijuana garden makes them unique.

Also, even today, with every order, you get the “Marijuana Grow Bible” included free of cost at ILGM.

The guide includes everything from scratch to finishing to get the best yield from your marijuana gardening.

Even if you are a newbie to marijuana seeds and cultivation, you can go through the ILGM blogs and their Grow Bible, which will quickly help you master marijuana gardening.

It is how Robert built the ILGM empire throughout its journey.

The journey of this seed bank is backed with knowledge, resources, and experience, which makes it one of the best seed banks out there.

Also, the years of hard work and consistent quality performance have made ILGM one of the most trustworthy and quality sources for the best marijuana seeds.

ILGM Seeds Selection & Quality

ILGM has a wide seed selection of marijuana seeds.

The company believes in providing quality more than quantity; that is why they have got the finest 100+ strains for growers.

Whether you are searching for autoflowering, feminized, or regular seeds, ILGM has your back!

Also, ILGM includes their exclusive strains (their own seeds) and mix packs in the selection, which are available only here.

Moreover, this seed bank is so confident in its seeds’ quality that they are backed with a germination guarantee.

If ILGM seeds fail to sprout, they will replace them with the new seeds for free without asking any questions. Isn’t this fantastic?

It is one of the best features of buying seeds from ILGM seed banks. That is why most of the growers buy seeds from the ILGM.

Quality Of Seeds

ILGM doesn’t believe in numbers.

Instead, they believe in providing the best seed quality. That is why the quality of seeds is always best in the market from other seed banks.

With an over 95% germination rate, ILGM promises the best genetics in marijuana seeds they have.

That is why they give you a germination guarantee to assure you more to make you get the most out of your investment at their seed bank.

Somehow, if their seeds fail to germinate or stand on the germination guarantee (which rarely happens), they will replace the seeds for free.

Also, ILGM helps you grow marijuana by troubleshooting your issue. Thanks to their friendly customer service, we will discuss this further.

All in all, ILGM is one of the best seed banks that offer high-quality seeds, the best seed genetics, and a guide for beginner growers, which makes it one of the most reliable seed banks.

Strains Selection

ILGM has a wide array of strains selection.

They have around 100+ strains available on their menu. All of their strains selection are of top-notch genetics.

Thanks to their website interface. You can quickly search throughout the 15+ autoflowering seeds, 70+ feminized seeds, and regular seeds categories.

Besides that, ILGM has 30+ mix packs available for professional growers looking for a mixed pack of strains.

That means you can easily find almost every marijuana strain at ILGM.

Also, whether beginner growers or experienced cultivators, you are sure to find the best quality seed genetics at ILGM seed bank.

ILGM Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are the best to start your cultivation journey. Because with female seeds, you will have more chances for an excellent yield.

And at ILGM, you will get a variety of feminized marijuana seeds of top-notch genetics.

Some of the best ILGM feminized cannabis seeds are:

  1. OG Kush Feminized
  1. GG4 Feminized
  2. Gold Leaf Feminized

Apart from this, you can also get various feminized strains according to your need, such as high yield, indoor, outdoor, small plant, fast flowering, beginner, high THC, and high CBD seeds.

ILGM Auto Flowering Seeds

For a faster finish, ILGM’s autoflowering seeds are best.

They have the most refined auto flower marijuana strain in stock of almost every strain available in the feminized version. Therefore, you can choose according to your need.

Some of their top-line auto flower cannabis seeds of ILGM are:

  1. Purple Kush Autoflower
  2. NYC Diesel Autoflower
  3. CBD Kush Autoflower (Medicinal weed)

Other than these, you can also get your hands on the other strains like Bubba Kush, Blue Dream, Blue Cheese, and Gelato auto flower, which are the most popular ILGM seeds.

ILGM Mix Packs

If you are growing marijuana at a large scale and want to buy popular strains in a single purchase, ILGM mix packs are here to help.

They will not only save money for you but will also have a variety of most premium strains in a single pack.

Mix packs are generally a package of multiple strains. These packages can contain specific strain types like Indica or Sativa or any other specific category in which they are mixed.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide which marijuana mix pack to choose.

You can go for their beginner mix pack, which is under budget and has premium seed strains included like White Widow, Ak-47, and so on if you are a novice.

Otherwise, expert growers usually prefer mix packs like High Yield, Sativa Mix, or Colorful Weed Mix.

All of their mix packs come with a germination guarantee like other strains. If they fail to sprout, ILGM will replace seeds free of the additional cost.

You can take it as a money-back germination guarantee because they will re-ship you the same new order if anything goes wrong.

Some of the other ILGM mix packs of seeds are:

  1. Autoflower Super Mix
  2. High Yield Mix
  3. Sativa Mix
  4. Indica Mix
  5. USA Mix

Well, there is more mix packs available according to your need. You can check them out here.

ILGM Nutrients And Other Products

Whether it is about the plant fertilizer, plant protector, or complete grow kit, ILGM is a one-stop destination for all of your marijuana needs.

And besides the cannabis seeds, ILGM also stores quality nutrients for your cannabis plants.

Experts recommend ILGM nutrients as they are organic and help soil building, making your garden reach the flowering stage faster.

Grow kits are also available at ILGM for all the growers out there. They are affordable and give a faster kick-start in your marijuana gardening journey.

The best part is that if you are a novice marijuana enthusiast, you can get their complete grow kit for beginners, which is a one-time investment for better results.

Go for the high yield grow kit if you have some skills and level up your gardening journey.

You can always opt as per your cultivation skills and expertise.

Overall, all ILGM nutrients and grow kits are recommended by cannabis experts and growers as they are the one-time solution for a better harvest for all marijuana growers.

ILGM Shipping Service & Delivery Time

ILGM seed bank has one of the best shipping services.

The company offers fast shipping to all 50 U.S. states for free. That means all U.S. orders will be shipped without any extra charges.

However, a standard shipping charge of $25 is included for other countries than the U.S.

Once the order is placed successfully with the completion of payment, the company will likely ship the order within two weekdays.

Depending upon the situation, ILGM might take up to 4 days to ship your package.

Thanks to the stealth packaging. ILGM has one of the highest successful delivery rates of the orders, not like just any seed bank.

Discreet Packaging

Commonly, marijuana seeds are seized by customs and authorities.

Therefore, ILGM offers discreet packaging and stealth delivery to ensure every order reaches its destination.

ILGM might pack your seeds in random objects like C.D.s, DVDs, sex toys, t-shirts, other objects, or simply in air-tight packages.

Well, their privacy-centered packaging is so discreet that you never know in which object you will get your seeds this time.

That is why people love to order from ILGM, as the company respects the privacy of its customers and delivers packages in a very confidential manner.

Guaranteed Delivery

ILGM promises guaranteed delivery.

Therefore, besides the ILGM’s efforts for discreet packaging and stealth delivery, this seed bank will send you another package of orders for free if you don’t receive your seeds.

Yes, another package of your order – for free!

It is how much ILGM is dedicated to its customers.

Therefore, you can blindly place your order for the rest of the things ILGM will take care of.

Delivery Time

ILGM has a fast shipping service.

All the U.S. orders arrive within just one week (3-5 days in most cases) as ILGM has one of the hubs in California from where they ship the orders.

Besides the U.S., ILGM takes around 15 working days to deliver the order. This time can also vary according to weather, remote location, and government barriers.

Customer Service At ILoveGrowingMarijuana Seed Bank

Imagine this:

You’ve ordered cannabis seeds from a random seed bank – you are not satisfied with the seeds, and now you want to return them.

Now, you are consistently approaching the customer support team; however, you cannot help from that side.

Isn’t it a horrible experience?

Well, with ILGM, you don’t have to be worried about anything like this. All thanks to ILGM customer service, which is available 24/7 for help.

The dedicated backend team is friendly, supportive, and helps you with all concerns.

Even their team is also available for help in the forums and comments.

It is why ILGM is one of the best seed banks out there.

They provide the best seed quality and support and help the grower get the most out of their investment and gardening journey.

To reach the ILGM’s backend team, you can follow these two ways:

  1. Contact Forum
  2. Email – support@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

You can also visit their support page to contact their customer service team for detailed information.

However, due to heavy traffic, the ILGM team usually responds within a maximum of 24 hours. Though most likely, you will get a response faster.

Apart from this, you can also discuss with other expert growers in the grow forum at ILGM.

You are more likely to get some of the queries solved here as this is quite an active forum for growers.

Summing up, ILGM has one of the finest customer services, which is friendly, fast, and helpful for every concern.

Payment Methods At ILoveGrowingMarijuana Seed Bank

ILGM makes it easy to place orders here. Thanks to the multiple payment options here.

Also, having multiple payment methods is necessary as it helps to process your order faster because the seed bank processes order only after successful payment.

The accepted payment methods at ILGM are:

Bank Transfer

ILGM accepts payment via bank transfer.

However, usually, bank transfer takes around seven working days to reflect on the vendor side. Only after a successful transaction will your order be shipped.

Therefore, this is where the other payment methods come into play.

If you have convenience with this payment option, you can surely opt for this.

Cash or Check

Cash is one of the most anonymous payment options, and fortunately, ILGM is one of the seed banks that accept payment in cash.

You can send cash in an envelope in a discreet way as you want.

However, it might take around 1 to 2 weeks to arrive at the ILGM. Only after this will your order be processed further.

Therefore, sending cash is also not one of the best options for a faster order process, though it is the safest and anonymous option.

Regarding check, ILGM has not given any information on their official page. Still, you can reach out to their backend team and ask if they can help with that.


Bitcoin is one of the safest and private digital payment options. As bitcoin transaction is untraceable, it becomes safe for online purchase.

ILGM accepts bitcoin as a payment method and offers an additional 10% discount on seed purchases.

Don’t worry if you are not aware of using bitcoin to do online transactions.

ILGM has even provided a step-by-step guide on purchasing seeds with bitcoin. You can check by clicking here.

Credit Card

After bitcoin, the credit card is the safest and faster option to place an order. ILGM accepts various credit cards.

However, ILGM does not recommend paying with a credit card due to the lower success rate.

You can ensure that your card is enabled for overseas purchases before placing an order. Also, ILGM supports bitcoin transactions and gives additional discounts as well.

Most of the time, credit cards are blocked by the bank servers for cannabis-related payments. If it is not with you, you can surely go ahead by purchasing with your card.

ILGM Market Reputation

ILGM has a huge market reputation.

Almost every marijuana enthusiast knows this brand for cannabis seeds. Even at various grow forums seed bank reviews, ILGM remains one of the top seed banks.

And this is all due to the consistent hard work of the company.

The quality of all the seeds at ILGM remains top of the notch, premium, and backed with a germination guarantee that every grower loves.

On top of that, excellent customer service is there to help every grower out there.

Therefore, growers have rated ILGM 9.1 out of 10 with 17,500+ reviews. Due to the impressive cannabis strains selection, consistent quality, and excellent customer service.

It makes ILGM a famous seed bank with a huge market reputation.

ILGM Website Interface

The website interface of I Love Growing Marijuana is smooth, fast, and user-friendly.

They have great seeds selection and categorized products, which gives you quick access to what you are looking for at the store.

At first glance, the website’s appearance is appealing and not over exaggerating things like other seed banks.

Also, every bit of information is available at the virtual store, which helps a lot to know before buying from the seed bank.

Even you can directly search for your favorite strains in the store. That makes it easy for you to directly lookout for your required strain.

Overall, the ILGM website looks very appealing, professional, and has all the required information from an ideal seed bank.

Offers And Discounts At ILGM

ILGM gives regular offers and deals.

One of the most popular offers is the “Buy 10 seeds and get ten free,” which is even going on right now, making it a 100% off.

However, their deals and offers are limited for some time, so you have to keep a regular eye on the website to grab the best deal.

Further, ILGM also has a loyalty program for regular buyers. A VIP program is also there.

Apart from this, you get $5 off on your purchase. Also, if you place an order with bitcoin, you get up to 10% off on your whole order.

Moreover, ILGM has also got seasonal and weekly sales, which you have to visit their official page to know more about.

Summing up, ILGM has got various attractive offers and discounts at their store that help you get affordable deals.

However, you can grab premium seeds at a very low price during Black Friday or seasonal sales, for which you need to keep an eye on their official website.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Seeds At ILGM Seed Bank


  1. Premium marijuana seeds
  2. A variety of strains available
  3. Germination guarantee
  4. Free shipping to all U.S. states
  5. Guaranteed delivery to assure you get your order
  6. Brilliant customer support
  7. Regular offers and discounts
  8. Loyalty program
  9. 100% trustworthy and reliable seed bank


  • Not a vast selection of seeds
  • Slightly pricey seed bank


What country is ILoveGrowingMarijuana in?

I Love Growing Marijuana is established in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the hub of coffee shops. However, this seed bank operates as an online seed bank and has no physical branches.

ilovegrowingmarijuana.com is it legit?

Yes, I Love Growing Marijuana is a 100% legit seed store established in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The store has a score of 9.1 out of 10 at Kiyoh from 17,500+ reviews.

Therefore, you can completely trust ILGM seeds.

Can ILGM deliver in Australia?

Yes, ILGM ships to Australia. However, as per the latest update, they have stopped their services in Australia for some reason. Hopefully, they will resume their services soon.

You can also confirm from their backend team once if they are available to your region now.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana Reviews: Conclusion

ILGM has one of the best reviews and reputations among the cannabis community.

They offer top-shelf weed seeds, customer service, and multiple offers. Their weed seed quality remains top-notch and better than other seed banks.

Also, their customer support team is excellent, which makes the overall buying experience from ILGM far better.

Therefore, we highly recommend you ILGM.

You are sure to have one of the best experiences of buying cannabis seeds at I Love Growing Marijuana.