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Is Weed Legal – Legal Marijuana States in USA


There has been an unprecedented change in marijuana legalization laws in the United States over the past two decades.

While recently, for the past few years, the green wave to legalize medical marijuana and recreational marijuana has taken a surge throughout the country.

Consequently, the U.S has one of the most relaxed cannabis laws worldwide.

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Today, I will take you through all the U.S states that have legalized marijuana entirely and how much you can possess, cultivate, and share with your friends.

If you are new to cannabis and you don’t know how to get started, then check Standard Operating Procedures!

Let’s get straight into it:

Legal Marijuana States in USA

What Does Federal Law Say For Marijuana Legalization?

At the federal level, marijuana is illegal in the USA.

That means to possess marijuana, selling, sharing, and smoking weed remains an unlawful activity.

Even though different states allow marijuana usage in various circumstances, either by medical marijuana laws or adult use, the federal government has kept cannabis as a Schedule I drug.

However, due to massive support and demand to allow medical use of cannabis, most U.S. states legalized medical marijuana by 2016.

Still, recreational cannabis remained illegal by the federal government.

States With Fully Legalized Marijuana

As of now, a total of 18 U.S states have legalized marijuana entirely for recreational use or medical use.

While other states have at least permitted or legalized medical marijuana and cannabis products containing THC less than 0.3%.

Let’s dive deeper and find out what are the possession limits and other various important things that comes after legal marijuana in those 18 states:

Colorado – First U.S State To Legalize Marijuana in 2012

Colorado passed a ballot initiative in 2012 and became the first U.S state to allow legal retail sales and second to legalize recreational weed after approval.

The state imposed a 10% additional marijuana tax and the standard sales tax on recreational marijuana and its by-products.

Additionally, the 15% excise tax is also applied to wholesale marijuana to support the cultivators through businesses.

However, weed for medicinal purposes is exempted from the state’s 15 percent sales tax and 15 percent excise tax.

The good part is that the government has plans to use the revenue to use public welfare programs.

Even recently, governor Jared Polis signed a bill to establish social equity program for better use of marijuana funds.

Under this program, the government has set plans to help needy communities by providing education, loans, and grants, which is one of the positive steps towards better use of revenue by retail sales.

With that being said, the state has surpassed the retail sales of cannabis over $10 billion, which shows how much potential the cannabis industry has.


People aged 21 and above are only allowed to possess marijuana legally in Colorado.

The possession limit of cannabis was one ounce after 2012’s legalization.

However, after May 2021, governor Polis signed a bill to increase the possession of cannabis, leading to legally allowing adults to possess marijuana up to 2 ounces.


Coloradans can grow marijuana legally in their homes for personal use.

Growing cannabis plants should take place privately. That means you can’t grow outside from where an open public view is possible.

However, the cultivation limit is up to six plants per household, irrespective of adult members in residence.

Additionally, up to three plants can flower at a time. Further, you should not sell home-grown cannabis to anyone because only licensed businesses are allowed in the states to do so.

Medical Laws in Colorado:

Weed for medical patients has been legalized in Colorado since 2000.

And under medical cannabis programs, patients are allowed to possess up to 2 oz of cannabis.

Otherwise, they can also grow up to six plants per household.

Washington – Legalized Marijuana in 2012

Cannabis got legalized in Washington in 2012. And this state was the first in the USA to do so.

Also, retail sales of cannabis took place in the USA from Washington.

However, the legalization laws came into effect in 2013, but it was one of the positive and successful decisions of the governor.

Undoubtedly, this legalization has impacted the economy positively, producing more jobs and opportunities for the people and the freedom to choose a drug for their health.

Further, the Liquor and Cannabis Board regulate the cannabis industry and legal market in the state allowing the businesses and growers to get the license to operate legally.

With that said, no cultivator without a legal license can grow and sell marijuana.

The recreational sales of marijuana are taxed 37%, while the government dedicates most of the tax revenue towards public health programs, substance abuse prevention, and community health centers.

Till 2016, the sales in Washington touched the milestone of $1.1 billion, increasing the tax revenue to $315 million in 2017.

That shows how much the cannabis industry has been boosted after the legalization. That has also led the recreational dispensaries to take place in the state.


Washington residents aged 21 and above are permitted to adult recreational use of cannabis by the limit of one ounce.

Also, adult residents can access up to 16 ounces of marijuana-infused products in solid form and 72 ounces in a liquid state.

Moreover, the state Supreme Court ruling in Feb 2021 legalized simple drug possession.

Above the limits, authorities can impose the criminal charges accordingly.

Further, no distribution or sale is permitted under the state legislature without legal license or allowance.


You cannot cultivate weed plants as recreational marijuana cultivation remains illegal under the new law.

However, only growers with license and official permission can do so for businesses and retail sales in the state.

Medical patients are also an exception for this.

Medical Marijuana in Washington:

There are various qualifying medical conditions under the state medical program.

Further, the qualifying patients can possess up to three ounces of usable marijuana, 48 ounces of solid form, 216 ounces in liquid form, or 21 grams of marijuana concentrates.

In Washington, the patients can also grow six plants for personal medical use.

Washington D.C – in 2014

In the 2014’s ballot measure, Washington D.C legalized possession for recreational and medical use with cultivation and transportation.

However, marijuana remains illegal under federal law, leading to law enforcement on federal lands, national parks, and military properties.

Further, the sales of cannabis remain illegal. However, dispensaries can provide necessary medical cannabis products to patients.


The cannabis possession limit in the District of Columbia is 2 oz. Exceeding that can lead to legal prosecution.


Growers can grow six plants for personal use, which will cause no legal harm.

Medical Cannabis Legalization:

Cannabis for medical patients got legalized in the District of Columbia in 2010. And the law allowed medical dispensaries to cultivate up to 500 plants.

Alaska – in 2014

Alaska was one of the early adopters to legalize weed for medical patients and recreational marijuana use.

However, the full legalization happened in the state in 2014 with a ballot measure. Still, the state was facing issues with delivering legal weed throughout the region.

The marijuana dispensaries in the state were not that available, leading to less availability initially.

After 2016, when the dispensaries got more familiar and took a better hold in the state, Alaskans now got easy access to weed.

However, people are allowed to buy weed from licensed stores only. Additionally, public drug consumption remains illegal in Alaska.


You can possess up to one oz. of cannabis outside your home if you are an adult resident of Alaska. However, for minors, cannabis remains illegal.

Only legalized and licensed weed stores can sell recreational marijuana to adult residents.

Further, driving under the influence of cannabis taking marijuana within the flight, cruise, and public is strictly prohibited and comes under illegal activities.


Growing cannabis plants in Alaska is legal but out of public view.

The limit of growing cannabis plants in the state is 12 per household.

Medical Marijuana in Alaska:

The state has accepted medical use of cannabis for patients aged 18 or above with qualifying medical conditions.

They can get a medical card in Alaska to benefit from the medical program.

The possession limit of usable marijuana in one’s home is set up to one ounce. The patient can also grow up to six plants (three mature).

Oregon – in 2014

Oregon was one of the first states that decriminalized marijuana of minor possession until 2014, when cannabis got legalized entirely after Measure 91.

However, the state has made efforts even before in 1986 and 2012 by ballot initiative. However, it could not succeed, somehow.

Further, Oregon was one of the top U.S. states (number 5 overall) for cannabis usage in different age groups, according to a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration report in 2006.

Further, marijuana is prohibited in public places in the state. Additionally, driving under the influence of cannabis remains illegal and can lead to legal trouble.


Adult residents of Oregon can possess recreational cannabis up to one ounce in a public place. This limit goes to 8 ounces for the home possession.

Remember, possessing cannabis and using it in public are different terms, while the latter one remains illegal.

Further, the solid form of cannabis extracts limit is 16 ounces, and the limit for the liquid form of cannabis is set to up to 72 ounces.

Therefore, these limits have been more than enough for individual use.

However, you cannot take marijuana in or out of the state, even in that region where marijuana is legal.


Recreational cannabis sales are permitted in the state and personal cannabis plant production allowance.

The limit for home-growing cannabis plants is four in Oregon.

Additionally, no produced cannabis should be shared or distributed to minors or others.

Medical Program in Oregon:

The state possesses Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) to allow patients for medical use of cannabis.

Therefore, you can use cannabis for medical purposes in the state if you hold an OMMP registry card.

Cannabis possession for medical use is allowed to 24 ounces of marijuana with a cultivation limit of six mature plants.

California – in 2016

California is one of the U.S. states where recreational and medical use of marijuana is legal entirely.

Therefore, adult-use cannabis is permitted in the state with limitations.

However, medical use of cannabis was allowed since 1996 before recreational cannabis allowance.

After medical allowance, the state finally legalized recreational marijuana in November 2016, when the voters approved the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

However, even after the marijuana legalization in California, the state legislature imposed huge taxes on marijuana sales, leading to a shady market for affordable weed.

Moreover, the authorities also permitted the operation of legal weed dispensaries by providing the license to the sellers.

According to a report in February 2020, the state has approximately 823 brick-and-mortar licensed cannabis shops.

Also, there could be 3000 retail sellers without permits. It is how much the state has got the marijuana popularity and demand among the people.


The dried cannabis possession limit is 28.5 grams, while you can keep 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.

Remember, using cannabis or smoking it in public places or on federal government lands is prohibited.


As per the latest law, you can grow up to six marijuana plants for recreational use. Additionally, sharing marijuana with minors is a crime.

Medical Program in California:

Medical use of cannabis has been permitted in California since 1996 after the Compassionate Use Act.

Therefore, people can access marijuana and its derivatives for medical use after a doctor’s recommendation.

Also, you can grow weed plants for personal use under the medical marijuana law.

Maine – in 2016

Maine was one of the U.S. states prohibiting cannabis in the early 20th century.

Also, the state decriminalized cannabis as minor possession in 1976. However, it took several years to establish complete marijuana legalization.

The medical law was first passed in the state in 1999, whereas the ballot initiative made recreational weed legal in 2016, spawning the cannabis industry.

Therefore, now, Maine has both medical marijuana and recreational use programs.


Adult residents of Maine are allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis products, including 5 grams of marijuana concentrates.

Remember that possession of cannabis at the federal property is not allowed in the state.


Mainers can grow up to three mature plants and 12 immature plants. However, this limitation is not for qualifying medical patients.

Medical Use Cannabis:

Patients who received the certification for qualifying conditions can access weed for medical purposes from a registered dispensary in the state.

Maine has five operational dispensaries from where patients can access cannabis products.

However, the government is looking forward to increasing the operational stores in the state, which is more likely to happen within the upcoming time.

Massachusetts – in 2016

Despite the cannabis ban on the federal level, Massachusetts made marijuana legal in 2016 after passing a ballot initiative.

Doing so, Massachusetts became another fully legal state for marijuana on the legal weed map of the USA.

Making weed legal in the state has spawned various opportunities through legal markets and dispensaries.

The 10.75% excise tax on marijuana led the government to earn $4 million tax revenue between Nov to Jan 2019.

That clearly showed how beneficial the cannabis market is going to be.

However, before complete recreational legalization, the state legalized the medical use of cannabis in 2012 after the approval of the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative.

Even before that, the state legislature had already decriminalized the minor possession of cannabis in 2008.

Thanks to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). The massive support of MPP led to overwhelmingly allowance for medical and recreational cannabis use in the state.


Up to one ounce of weed is allowed for possession by the adult residents or 5 grams of concentrates. Marijuana usage and smoking remain banned in public places and tobacco-banned areas.


Growing cannabis plants limit is set up to six per individual. However, the upper limit is 12.

Medical Program in Massachusetts:

Medical patients in the state are legally permitted to grow and purchase cannabis from registered dispensaries. However, they don’t need a medical card for that.

Nevada – in 2016

Nevada legalized marijuana for medical purposes in 1998 and 2000. However, recreational use came into effect after 17 years.

Even the state put a ballot initiative in 2002 to legalize recreational use, which failed with 39% votes.

Another initiative made to legalize recreational marijuana failed due to fewer votes.

Finally, the attempt to legalize weed got succeed in 2016 when adult-use cannabis was eventually permitted under state law.

With the latest update in the law in 2021, Governor Steve Sisolak signed another bill allowing the alcohol-free lounge for adults to purchase and consume marijuana products legally.

After coming into effect, the lounges are supposed to open by the end of 2021 and starting of 2022.


Adult residents are allowed to possess up to one-ounce cannabis.


If the state’s adult residents live 25 miles away from the dispensary, they can grow six plants per home for personal use.

However, the dispensary in the state got opened in the year 2017, and more legalized stores are expected to open soon for smooth delivery of cannabis products to the needy ones.

Medical Allowance:

Weed for medical patients has been legal in Nevada since 2000; however, the first commercial distribution was made possible in 2013.

Further, the state takes MMR cards for distributing medical weed to the patients.

Michigan And Vermont – in 2018

Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act passed with 56% of votes in 2018 legalizing recreational cannabis in the state.

Vermont also legalized marijuana in the same year.

Therefore, adult residents (aged 21 or above) of Michigan can legally possess, share, and grow cannabis from 2018.

However, the first store for legal sale opened in late 2019.

Medical cannabis in Michigan was already legal before recreational allowance.

However, the state’s legal operation and regulation of dispensaries occurred when Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill to reform cannabis dispensaries operating under the legal gray area before.


Possession of adult-use marijuana in Michigan is allowed up to 2.5 ounces in public and 10 ounces at home.

The recreational dispensary opened for the first time in the state in December 2019.


As an adult resident, you can grow up to 12 plants per home for personal use.

Medical Allowance:

Patients qualifying under the law can grow up to 12 plants for treatment purposes.

Illinois – in 2019

Illinois was the eleventh and first U.S. state to legalize marijuana by an act of state legislature in 2019, effective from Jan 2020.

The state’s legalization and retail sales of cannabis have drastically surged government revenue.

Marijuana sales are generating average revenue of $40 million.

The state also expanded its Medical Marijuana Program for the patients making it to over 1,50,000+ qualifying patients being enrolled in the program.

Additionally, the state has also made it possible to open around 110 dispensaries across the state to provide medical cannabis.


If you are 21 or above residing in Illinois, then you can possess up to 30 grams of marijuana, 500mg of THC infused products, or up to 5 grams of concentrates.


Growing cannabis in Illinois is allowed to 5 plants per home only. Further, you must keep the plants in a locked room without the reach of minors residing in the house.

Even the landlord can also ban the cultivation of marijuana to the renters if needed.

Medical Cannabis:

In the case of medical patients, the landlord can not prohibit them from growing cannabis plants. However, the patient must have a medical card for that.

Further, a patient can also purchase cannabis from the nearest dispensary.

Arizona, New Jersey, and Montana – in 2020

Arizona prohibited cannabis following the nationwide trend in the early 20th century.

And until the late 90s, the state could not legalize even medical marijuana. However, attempts were made but failed every time or could not succeed ultimately.

In 2010, Arizona finally legalized medical weed for qualifying patients to access weed from the nearest dispensaries.

The authorities kept the initial limitation for opening dispensaries to 124. Additionally, patients living far from the dispensary can grow their cannabis plants.

After that, Proposition 205 in 2016, an attempt to legalize recreational cannabis, happened in the state, which somehow failed with 48.7% of votes.

Finally, four years later, the state came into the list of the U.S. states with legalized recreational cannabis for adult use in 2020.

The Smart And Safe Act permitted the adult residents of Arizona to possess cannabis for personal use.

New Jersey and Montana also legalized recreational cannabis in 2020.


The marijuana possession limit in Arizona for adult residents is one ounce. Exceeding the limit can lead to various penalties.


Adults are allowed to cultivate up to six plants in their homes.

Medical Cannabis in Arizona:

Medical patients can possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis for treatment purposes.

Patients can also grow their weed plants under the medical marijuana program.

New York – in 2021

New York first banned cannabis in the early 20th century in 1914.

Further, it took years for the state to partially decriminalize marijuana in 1977 when authorities inflicted minor possession with a $100 fine.

Finally, the first positive step in favor of marijuana enthusiasts happened in 2014 when New York made medical marijuana legal.

The legislation allowed medical patients for non-smoking methods of cannabis consumption.

Further, state lawmakers tried to legalize recreational marijuana now. However, the attempts failed until March 2021, when Governor Cuomo signed the bill allowing recreational use of cannabis.

Also, the marijuana convictions and criminal records got expunged under the new law.


The possession limit for recreational use of cannabis is permitted up to 3 ounces for New Yorkers.

Additionally, marijuana remains strictly prohibited for the underage population. And sharing with minors can lead to heavy legal consequences.


Marijuana cultivation for recreational use purposes is allowed in the state with a limit of 6 plants per household (three mature at a time).

However, businesses for marijuana sales in the state have to follow the guidelines accordingly.

Medical Cannabis in New York:

Medical weed is legal for medical use for the residents of Maine.

Patients under various qualifying conditions can access a 30-day supply of infused cannabis products of non-smokeable methods.

Medical patients can even grow up to six plants in their private homes for medical use.

Virginia – in 2021

Virginia is one of the states that legalized weed in 2021 after the ballot measure, positively favoring marijuana enthusiasts.

Governor Ralph Northam pushed the usage of recreational marijuana legally in July 2021, which was supposed to roll out in 2023.

Thankfully, now Virginians can access cannabis and its by-products like other states.

However, there are very few dispensaries and businesses on the marijuana map of the state, which hopefully will increase within time.

As of now, only around four new dispensaries have been opened in the state. However, the government is seeking to open more dispensaries for the after-legalization opportunities in the market.


Cannabis possession is permitted to one ounce in Virginia by adult residents. However,


Growing recreational marijuana is legal, and therefore, you can grow up to four plants in your home.

Remember, exceeding the limit can still lead to some legal consequences.

Medical Cannabis in Virginia:

Virginians can buy medical cannabis products such as cannabis oil, concentrated cannabis, extracts, and other by-products from the legalized cannabis dispensaries in the state.

The marijuana industry is boosting the state as the first dispensary was established in August 2020.

Soon, the residents will be able to witness a lot of opportunities either for growing marijuana commercially.

New Mexico – in 2021

New Mexico became the state to legalize marijuana in April 2021 after Cannabis Regulation Act. In June, the law took effect in the state, and adult use of cannabis got allowed to the residents.

However, the retail sales of recreational cannabis will initiate from April 2022.

Further, another legislature approved the expungement of past convictions for offenses that became legal now in the new law.


If you are an adult aged 21 years or above and residing in New Mexico, you are allowed to possess up to two ounces of cannabis for personal use without any fines or legal trouble.

Also, up to 16 grams of cannabis extracts are permitted to keep by an adult in the state. Exceeding the limit will lead to a misdemeanor punishable by a monetary fine between $500 to $1000.


New Mexico residents can grow six plants per household for personal use. Exceeding the growing limit will lead to felony and further convictions.

Medical Cannabis Law in New Mexico:

New Mexico has one of the most relaxing medical marijuana laws. The limit for medical marijuana possession is set to 8 ounces for 90 days.

If not sufficient, home cultivation of weed plants is also permitted with a limit of 16 plants in which growers can keep four mature plants in the home.

While accessing weed, licensed dispensaries are there in the state.

Connecticut – in 2021

Connecticut legalized recreational cannabis for adult use on June 22, 2021, when governor Ned Lamont signed SB1201.

However, the law came into effect on July 1, and the marijuana enthusiasts in the state were allowed to possess cannabis. In contrast, retail sales of marijuana will begin this summer, hopefully.

Additionally, low-level marijuana offenses also got removed entirely after the new law.

Further, the government has decided to help the communities suffering from drug wars by the tax revenue of marijuana businesses.

Remember, adult use is allowed for people of age 21 or above. And therefore, if anyone aged between 18 to 20 is found using cannabis, a monetary fine of $100 will be imposed.

For people under 18 years of age, cops are not supposed to arrest them for simple cannabis possession.


If you are 21 or above, you can possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis for private consumption. Any amount more significant than that limit will lead to legal consequences.

However, no public consumption is allowed.

Cities and towns with over 50,000 population need to designate a specific area for public marijuana consumption to the authorities.


Growing marijuana plants for recreational purposes in Connecticut will take effect from 2023.

However, medical patients aged 18 and above can grow up to six plants (three mature and three immature) per household.

The upper limit for growing marijuana plants is set to 12. And no plant should be visible from the street or public view.

Medical Marijuana in Connecticut:

Medical marijuana patients aged 18 and above can access marijuana up to 2.5 ounces for medical purposes.

However, the patient must qualify for the medical condition mentioned in the official notification.

Further, the patient has to submit the certification to the Department of Consumer Protection, which regulates medical marijuana in the state.

South Dakota – Medically Legalized State From 2021

Despite most U.S. states allowing cannabis in either of its forms, these are the states where marijuana is still a regulated substance under state law.

South Dakota has allowed medical marijuana as of July 1, 2021. However, recreational use of cannabis remains illegal.

However, before that, South Dakota was the only U.S state that entirely made weed illegal under the Controlled Substances Act.

Historically, the state has illegalized marijuana since 1931. When in 19, short-lived decriminalization happened but not for much time.

Fast forward, the authorities have consistently tried to legalize medical cannabis by ballot initiative in the years 2006 and 2010, which got failed.

Though the authorities tried again to decriminalize and allow medical use of cannabis in the state in years 2015 and 2017, that also could not succeed, somehow.

Finally, the year 2020 was bliss for marijuana lovers.

The medical use of cannabis got legalized, which came into effect on July 1, 2021.

However, recreational marijuana remains illegal in the state. For example, South Dakota has partially allowed cannabis for medical use, which the authorities need to work a lot to make it work efficiently.

South Carolina – Only Low-THC CBD Oil Allowed

Being one of the states with the strictest laws for cannabis, even though neighbor states legalize weed, South Carolina doesn’t let you access recreational marijuana in the region.

AFTER THE PHYSICIAN’S RECOMMENDATION, low THC CBD oil is approved for specific medical conditions.

Marijuana Legalization in the U.S.: Conclusion

The U.S. had a strict attitude towards marijuana initially in the earlier 20th century.

However, the nation has positively shifted its behavior towards cannabis from the past few decades, resulting in medical and personal use legalization.

Still, in 2022, not all federal prosecutors are happy with that.

That is why nationwide at the federal level, marijuana is still illegal despite various states have allowed it.

Also, the laws consistently got updated and changed accordingly.

Therefore, you must check the latest local laws of the region whether it allows you for cannabis activities.

Once you have legal permission, you can proceed with getting high!

How To Roll Backwood? – [Don’t Miss THIS]


Do you want to roll a Backwoods blunt and don’t know how to do that?

Don’t worry. Here’s the expert guidance that you were missing before!

Only an experienced toker indeed knows how to put cannabis flower in a Backwoods blunt wrap so well that it can give smoother smoke.

Therefore, here’s the step-by-step guide from the expert toker that will easily make you an expert on how to roll a Backwoods blunt.

Let’s start unrolling:

What Is A Backwoods Blunt?

In short, a Backwoods blunt is a blunt that has your favorite cannabis flower with a Backwoods cigar wrap.

That means tokers use it for smoking weed inside a tobacco leaf wrap.

However, this tobacco leaf wrap is made of all-natural raw tobacco leaves instead of other methods that companies use.

Therefore, Backwoods wrap is a better option for experienced marijuana lovers.

The Backwoods Cigars are different from other brands in the market, as they make blunt wraps from all-natural tobacco leaves.

Additionally, the Backwoods leaf contains some flavors (Honeyberry, honey bourbon, sweetly aromatic, swisher sweet, banana, and Russian cream), enhancing the smoking experience.

Russian cream remains one of the popular choices among stoners.

However, having many flavors allows you to get your choice of smoking experience with it, which is an edge for smokers here.

Therefore, so many features make it different from other blunt wraps and cigar brands.

Therefore, Backwoods blunt is the natural solution for the tokers looking for a clean and all-natural smoke session, free from chemicals, heavy metals, or pesticides.

It is why the Backwoods blunts are popular among the stoners.

How To Roll A Backwoods Blunt Perfectly?

Let me be honest with you here:

It is easy and hard at the same time to roll a Backwoods blunt.

Easy for the experienced tokers who have been rolling joints and cigarettes before.

A bit harder for those who have never rolled even a joint before. Therefore, it may need more practice to make a perfect blunt with Backwoods wrap.

Here is the expert guidance and step-by-step (that you can follow along) process on how you can roll a perfect Backwoods blunt:

Step 1: Get Your Supplies First

Wait, wait…!

Did you get your supplies before starting with this guide to roll a Backwoods blunt?

First, gather these stuff to move further:

  1. Backwoods Cigar
  2. Your favorite weed strain
  3. Grinder (To crush the weed)
  4. Lighter
  5. Tips or Filter (Optional)

Well, you can choose any cannabis flower of your choice.

However, some stoners report that the Backwoods cigar has energizing properties as it is made of pure tobacco leaf.

Therefore, you can consider a light strain (like of Indica variety) that can make you have the perfect smoke session with it.

So once you gather everything, it’s time to get started with the leading guide.

Step 2: Grind Your Weed

Once you have got your favorite strain, you need to crush it by hand or grind it using a grinder.

Don’t hurry up in the grinding process, as you will further make one of the best blunts.

Therefore, break the strain nugs with the help of a grinder that you have got. Further, you can also use your hands if needed.

Once you have crushed your weed, move to the next step.

Step 3: Unravel The Backwoods Cigar

The Backwoods blunt wrap comes with pre-filled tobacco leaf stuff.

Therefore, unlike other cigars, you need to deal with this one attentively.

Carefully unravel the cigar and do it slowly first.

One side of the cigar will have a tight seal in most cases. You can start from the tightly wrapped end and proceed further.

Try to be as gentle as possible, as even a single mistake can tear the cigar apart (thanks to their fragility).

Step 4: Load Out The Filled Tobacco

Once you have got the blunt wrap opened. You need to unload the pre-filled Backwoods tobacco in the seal wrap.

Make sure to get the whole tobacco leaf out of the cigar before you begin rolling.

You can also peel off the tobacco from the wrap just a little bit.

Further, you can either throw the tobacco or keep it in a bowl if you want to use it again.

Step 5: Identifying Position Of Backwoods Wrapper

Most Backwoods wraps have one sharp edge and one rounded edge, making them irregular in shape.

The sharp edge is the end where you will be applying the flame, while the rounded edge will be for your mouth.

If you keep the sharp edge away from your dominant hand, you can quickly learn to make Backwoods blunts.

For example, you can turn the sharp edge on your right-hand side if left-handed.

Step 6: Fill ‘er Up!

Take your ground flower and start filling up the wrap.

Keep your ground flower centered while sprinkling over the cigar wrap.

You can draw a valley shape curve with the help of a grinder on the wrap to keep that in mind while pouring.

Also, as you will fill the center more and start rolling, the ends will automatically get filled up.

Moreover, you can also use your fingers to slightly fill the cannabis flower into the cigar wrap.

Once filled, it’s time to roll!

Step 7: Roll Backwoods Blunt

Filled evenly?

Time to start rolling!

However, it is the trickiest part of making a perfect blunt, unlike other blunts.

Keep in mind that you will need patience, practice, and slow speed.

Start with the rounded end and gently tuck and roll the wrapper as you pull the cigar wrap towards your side with the help of your fingers and thumb.

Do it slowly and roll until you get a closed tube-like structure with weed-filled inside.

Remember, you don’t have to make the perfect cylindrical shape, especially when it’s your first time.

Doing more than required can lead to messing up things.

Also, the original Backwoods Cigar was not perfectly cylindrical. However, you can mimic the original one.

Pro Tip: If you are new to rolling Backwoods blunt, you can practice with the help of paper first, and you can use the unloaded tobacco from the Backwoods roller.

It will help you get the perfect rolled blunts when you start doing with the original one and with weed.

Once you have filled the grounded weed, you can also put the filter or tip of your cigar in that, if needed.

It is how you roll a Backwoods blunt.

Step 8: Seal The Backwoods Blunt

To seal the Backwoods blunt, you need to slightly lick the space left on the blunt when a quarter of an inch space is left.

You can also wet the top edge with water to seal it as Backwoods blunt takes more moisture than other blunt wraps.

Once licked and packed, you can roll once more to ensure a perfect Backwoods blunt.

Further, use the lighter towards the edge where you have just licked it to thoroughly “bake” one of the best cigars you just created.

Pro Tip: If you want an additional kick during the smoke session, you can use cannabis oil instead of saliva or water to seal the Backwoods blunt.

Step 9: It’s Time To Light Up Life!

It’s time to light up the roll that you have created.

If you have followed the steps carefully and correctly, then you will have one of the beautifully rolled cannabis Backwoods blunts in your hand.

It is how you roll a Backwoods blunt.

Just light it up and start puffing!

Step 10: Share The Joy!

Don’t forget to share the role you have created with your friends. Puff and pass.

Also, don’t get upset if you couldn’t create a perfect roll in your first attempt.

You can practice it continuously and be the expert roller in your circle.

FAQs About Rolling Backwoods Cigars

Are Backwoods Cigars good enough to roll a blunt in?

If you are an experienced toker, you will love the Backwoods cigars. They have multiple flavors available with “all-natural” tobacco leaf cigars.

Also, if rolled good, they will have a slow burn to give you one of the best cannabis smoking experiences.

How do I roll a backwoods blunt perfectly on the first attempt?

It is trickier to roll a Backwoods blunt ideally the first time. However, with consistent practice, you can make a perfect cylindrical roll.

Are Backwoods cigars made for tobacco leaf only?

You can use either tobacco or cannabis in the cigar. The natural build quality and flavors make the smoking experience much better.

It is why stoners love to use weed for Backwoods wrappers.

Rolling Backwoods Blunt: Conclusion

If you are using weed for Backwoods wrap, you must be looking for an advanced and quality puffing session.

From this guide, you must have learned how to roll a Backwoods blunt perfectly and instantly.

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Sativa Or Indica For Bipolar Disorder?


Before choosing Sativa or Indica strains for bipolar disorder, you must know if it is right to move towards marijuana to seek help in this medical condition.

Several studies have shown positive and negative effects of marijuana on various medical conditions, including symptoms of bipolar disorder.

No doubt, most medical patients turn for medical marijuana treatments.

And even medical marijuana is found to be somewhat helpful in various conditions from depression, sleeping problems, multiple sclerosis, stress, and anxiety to bipolar disorder.

Therefore, in this guide, you will know if marijuana is good for bipolar disorder, and if yes, then which strain to include in your treatment plan.

What Is A Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by extreme mood swings alternating between depression, lows, and high mania or hypomania.

In short, a Patient with bipolar disorder symptoms feels manic and depressive episodes.

At some point, the patient can feel extremely low and depressed not to do anything, while they can feel overactive and highly energetic the next time.

Extreme mood swings alternating between manic and depressive episodes affect the patient’s behavior, activity, sleep, judgment, and thinking capability.

At the same time, bipolar disorder or mood disorders can affect individuals differently.

For instance, one person can feel emotional symptoms while the other may not.

Therefore, the intensity of each mood and transition time can vary for each individual.

In the case of bipolar ii disorder, there may be more instability in the mood disorders.

The hypomanic and depressive episodes can occur with more extremism, which can be dangerous if combined with suicidal ideation.

Therefore, some extreme symptoms of bipolar disorder can also lead the person to have hallucinations and delusions.

Hallucination is the condition of perceiving something not present, while delusion is a false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality.

If not treated within time, bipolar disorder can also be fatal for suicidal thoughts in extreme cases.

However, to treat bipolar disorder, psychological counseling or psychotherapy is used along with medical marijuana treatments in some cases.

Does Cannabis Help With Bipolar Disorder?

Many people with bipolar disorder turn to medical marijuana treatments.

However, knowing if cannabis help with bipolar disorder, the scientific evidence is not clear yet.

Further, the anecdotal evidence from the people claims that cannabis can help manage their symptoms, while the scientific proof is yet not clear.

According to the study, around 2.8% of U.S adults had bipolar disorder last year, while around 4.4% of U.S adults experience bipolar disorder at some time in their lives.

As the cannabis plant has more than 500+ chemical compounds, THC and CBD are the two main known and popular ones.

Therefore, some patients opt for the CBD component to treat nausea, stress, and even a depression-like mental health condition, while others opt for high THC.

Also, many peer-reviewed studies have revolved around the THC compound of cannabis use, which has shown these positive effects and some negative ones, too.

So, in a nutshell, the relationship between cannabis and bipolar disorder remains controversial due to not having clear scientific evidence and study.

Positive Effects

A 2016 pilot investigation showed that people with bipolar disorder felt positive effects like less anger, less tension, less depression, and high energy levels within 4 hours of using cannabis.

Further, another study in 2010 reported that patients who used cannabis had improved attention, memory, and reasoning speed. However, this study is relatively older.

Overall, when it comes to the inducing effects, no one can neglect the positive side of marijuana.

However, at the same time, there have been some adverse effects, too, which should be considered as well.

Negative Effects

An older study in 2011 found that people with bipolar disorder have higher levels of psychotic symptoms.

While another study in 2015 found that people with bipolar disorder who were into cannabis use were less likely to get into remission than the people who did not.

Further, several studies feature in the 2017 systematic review from the ADAI (Alcohol And Drug Abuse Institute).

The report showed a link between cannabis and the following health issues:

  • longer or worse manic episodes
  • rapid cycling of manic episode to a depressive episode
  • developing suicide ideation who were heavily into THC
  • developing bipolar disorder at an earlier age

So, in the systematic review report of several studies, these adverse effects were found.

Therefore, contradicting the positive and negative effects of using marijuana on bipolar disorder, it remains unclear if it is the right way to treat it.

Bipolar Disorder And Medical Marijuana Treatments

As there is no clear evidence that marijuana can wholly be beneficial for bipolar patients, still, some doctors treat bipolar disorder with cannabis strains.

Cannabis use for anxiety, bipolar disorder, or manic symptoms can help manage them.

When it comes to the bipolar disorder medically reviewed medical cannabis, then the bipolar disorder research and cannabis use are still going on.

However, a psychological counselor and qualified doctor can prescribe medical cannabis for managing symptoms of bipolar disorder.

To treat mood cycles or manic episodes, powerful drugs and electroshock therapy were used in the past.

These unethical treatment methods damage the body’s organs and lead to harmful effects on the body and mental health later on.

It is why some bipolar patients turn to medical marijuana to seek help.

A medical marijuana dispensary may already have marijuana strains that are helpful in severe depression and health conditions like stress, mood swings, and unusually irritable mood swings.

You need a medical marijuana card to access that.

However, keep in mind that you must need to consult a doctor for severe depression or any severe case.

Indica Or Sativa Better For Bipolar Disorder

Medical marijuana has two varieties – Indica and Sativa strains.

The doctors might have a treatment plan with both strains or separately.

However, Sativa is usually known for its stimulating effects and for managing mood swings.

Therefore, it can be effective for people with bipolar disorder when they feel low or when the person may experience emotional symptoms of depression or rapid alleviation of energy.

On the other hand, Indica is known for its calming, relaxing, and soothing experience, alleviating anxiety and relieving insomnia.

Indica can be effective when the rapid cycling of mood is going towards the inflated sense or hypomanic episodes and when the person wants to calm down.

It is how the Indica and Sativa cannabis strains can be effective for the diagnosed cases of bipolar disorder.

However, before choosing the best marijuana strains or natural remedies, you need to consult the doctor first and seek professional help.

There are adverse effects of marijuana, too, and positive effects, which you should not ignore.

Note: if you seek help from the marijuana for your medical condition, you are solely responsible for the outcomes.

5 Best Cannabis Strains For Managing Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder [Sativa + Indica]

Let’s have a look at the marijuana strains which can be effective for the bipolar disorder symptoms:

Maui Wowie – Almost Pure Sativa For Managing Bipolar Symptoms

Maui Wowie strain originates from the Hawaiian island of Maui.

It is a classic Sativa dominant hybrid that relieves stress, anxiety, and bipolar disorder symptoms.

Some people have also reported that it helps focus and creative thinking, while some have reported energy bursts when inhaled.

For the taste and scent, this Sativa beauty gives the perfect experience of the Hawaiian islands.

Therefore, it can quickly boost mood during a depressive episode when one starts losing pleasure or feeling rapid swings to calm your mind down.

Blue Dream – One Of The Best Medical Marijuana

A cross between blueberry and original haze, Blue Dream is one of the high THC strains with around 20% THC to make you feel happy and relaxed.

Medical marijuana patients often refer to it to alleviate anxiety and relieve insomnia and depression-like health conditions.

The taste of this weed is also delicious, giving you hints of berries.

Cannatonic – Mostly CBD Strain

Cannatonic is a cross of MK Ultra and G13 Haze, one of the best medical marijuana strains on the market.

The strain fetches CBD at around 9% and gives you an uplifting and powerfully relaxing high, which you can use to manage your mood swings.

Marijuana users claim Cannatonic to be helpful in symptoms of pain, muscle spasms, and anxiety.

Blueberry Headband – Perfect Hybrid Strain

Blueberry Headband is a cross of Headband with Blueberry.

The flavor and aroma of this strain lie towards sweet, blueberry flavor, and sweet side while the effects of this strain are euphoric rush which makes you relaxed at the end.

Thanks to the medium 15% THC, you will not be couch-locked unless you are too sensitive to THC.

Medical marijuana patients choose this beauty to relax chronic stress and anxiety symptoms.

Durban Poison – Highly Powerful Strain

Durban Poison is one of the most potent strains to uplift the mood.

This award-winner strain is known for its unique citrus flavor and an earthy smell.

With around 20% THC, get ready to feel the intense euphoria that will make you feel energized and boosted up.

Hence, you can keep this beauty for the days when you are feeling low and want a savior strain to uplift you.

Further, some people have also reported creativity and staying productive. It is an excellent choice to get your work done and an energizing ride of euphoria.

Remember that it is a potent strain and should be used if you can tolerate high THC.


I would recommend you always seek professional help first from a doctor.

Because although there are several marijuana strains available to help manage the bipolar symptoms, you can even buy them from the best seed banks.

But you need to get yourself checked by the doctors, too. Ideally, that should be the priority.

However, till here, you know that there is no clear evidence that marijuana can surely help you with your medical condition though some healthcare professionals prescribe medical marijuana.

If a doctor treats you with medical marijuana and gives a prescription, then you can go to get yourself the weed treatment.

How To Smoke Moonrocks? [Everything you need to KNOW]

How To Smoke Moonrocks

Do you want to smoke moon rocks?

If yes, you’ve come to the perfect place.

If you want to smoke moon rocks, you are probably bored with the regular weed stuff.

You might need a powerful punch of cannabis buds to send you to the moon and beyond.

So, let’s find moon rocks for you and how you can make them on your own.

Let’s begin:

What Are Moon Rocks?

If you are entirely a newbie, then, in short, Moon Rocks is an extremely potent cannabis experience that is famous mainly among experienced stoners.

Practically, Moon Rocks are the cannabis flower covered in hash oil and coated in kief separately.

Kief is referred to as the remnants of resinous trichomes that form on cannabis buds.

So, with a combination of these ingredients, you get an exceptionally high THC cannabis that is different from the traditional flower.

However, the origin of the Moon Rocks is not clear, but most cannabis connoisseurs say that the Starbudz760 dispensary has first invented this.

The moon rocks got popular with the help of West Coast rapper Kurupt. The Kurupt Moon Rock is also a version of it if you want to try it.

The Moon Rock high is very powerful and built for people with high tolerance levels to THC.

As the Moon Rock consists of THC up to 50%, that is more than double the average marijuana for cannabis consumers or medical patients.

It is why Moon Rocks can give you a smoking session that will be the best of your life. However, you need to be physically ready for this.

Why Smoke Moon Rocks?

In terms of experience, Moon Rocks is a flower beneath extreme potency capable of giving you stuck-mode high hits.

Also, you want a high-quality cannabis smoking experience and a drug effect without actually having a drug.

And most importantly, the high you might have never had before this.

Moon Rocks have been named perfectly – to give you a high that can throw you to the moon and beyond space.

Moon Rocks’ high is even more potent than the highest THC marijuana strains or potent nugs of your stoning experience.

Within 20 to 30 minutes of puffing Moon Rocks, you will be covered with super-strong marijuana effects, feeling relaxed and chilled from head to toe.

It is why Moon Rocks can also be helpful for the medicinal world for the medicinal patients to give them relaxing effects in various medical conditions.

However, you need a doctor’s prescription or recommendation before taking any step further, as Moon Rocks is not for everybody.

Only stoners with a high THC tolerance level can handle this level of the highness of cannabis.

Further, the Moon Rocks experience wholly depends on the quality of ingredients.

Everything should be top-notch for the flower you use, the hash oil, or the kief. However it can cost you a premium price for a premium experience.

However, some shady individuals might trap you for bad versions of the name of the original moon rocks, which you have to avoid.

The best way to get the moon rocks is to make your moon rocks at home. Just read along to know how you can make your moon rocks.

How Much Potent Are Moon Rocks?

In short, they are highly potent!

If and only if it is made with 100% original ingredients.

With original moon rocks, as you will puff it once, your body will melt away in high, and you will be launched into space and beyond while you might want to get back to the earth.

However, the potency of moon rocks depends on the quality of buds, flowers, marijuana oil, and kief.

Therefore, the producer of Moon Rocks is responsible for getting you an original version of moon rocks.

Generally, the moon rocks consist of THC concentrate up to 50%, more than two times an average marijuana strain.

Hence, you can understand how potent the one hit of moon rocks can be.

Therefore, it is a game for experienced marijuana users who can tolerate a high dose of THC without getting down.

Further, some people have also reported that moon rocks have made them sleep for more than 12 hours.

You need to get all of your work done before indulging in it to smoke moon rocks.

How High Can You Get With Moon Rocks?

As the name suggests, you can get as high as to touch the moon and still go beyond that on a euphoric journey.

An original or own version of moon rock consists of around 50% THC, which is way higher than other cannabis products.

Even the highest-THC strain also doesn’t possess this much THC.

Therefore, with this much high, you will not be able to do any other work or follow the responsibilities you might have.

It is why the ideal time for smoking moon rock is after your whole day’s work when you don’t have anything to do except chilling and watching your favorite show.

So the better way is to plan all of your next day’s work and schedule before getting deep down in extreme high euphoria with moon rock.

How To Make Your Own Moon Rocks?

Historically, moon rock is made with GSC flower concentrate for special occasions.

However, you can also make this highly potent own moon rock with simple steps.

Before you proceed with the following simple steps, make sure to prepare this:

  • Buds of your favorite strain
  • Your favorite concentrate or hash oil
  • A bowl of kief from your grinder
  • Tongs or similar objects for pinching out stuff
  • Liquid dropper

Once you have prepared this stuff, instantly follow the following steps to make your own moon rock.

Step 1:

First of all, prepare your favorite weed buds. Using a thick flower be better to hold the final cannabis cocktail.

Step 2:

Now, it is time to get your sticky concentrate. So you need to heat the concentrate to make it more volatile.

Once your thick concentrate is a little liquidy, use a liquid dropper to completely cover the buds till they have a layer of concentrate.

Remember that you don’t have actually to dip into that completely. You can also use a regular bowl for the process.

Dipping can lead to more requirements of heat and time to dry, while it will also lead to a slow burn.

Step 3:

It’s time to use the tongs and kief.

You need to use the tongs to grab the weed bud and roll that into kief.

Roll the weed until it gets completely covered with kief.

Once you’ve done enough, it’s time to light it up to smoke.

So, you have prepared your moon rocks in these three simple steps.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks?

First of all, let me make it clear:

Moon Rocks is made for experienced smokers only. The beginner should stay away from it.

So, once you are ready for this high roller coaster ride, you can smoke your moon rock in several ways.

However, a desktop vaporizer is always good to start with.

Still, you can follow more popular ways:

As A Joint

Before using your moon rock in a joint, make sure that you throw it on top of some flower while keeping it in a cool place.

It is because the greasy texture will lead to slow burn up the weed stuff that you created.

You can surely add some ground bud to your moon rock (to break moon rock into smaller pieces, you can use a knife for sure but don’t use a grinder).

However, you need to keep in mind that it will lead to more potency of your weed.

Using In A Glass Bong Or Pipe

Smoking this way can be tricky as the greasy texture and thickness will make you use glassware.

You need to break the weed in a normal bowl into smaller pieces before you put that into a pipe or bong to start getting a hit.

So, whether using a bong or to roll a joint remains the traditional way to enjoy moon rocks.

Pros And Cons Of Smoking Moon Rocks


  1. Moon rocks are an extremely high experience. Experienced stoners will love it.
  2. Excellent for medical patients looking for a high dose of THC
  3. Easy to make at home and cost-effective
  4. Get instantly out of this world with highly high euphoria


  1. The extreme high is not for everyone. Only experienced stoners can handle this amount of THC.
  2. You need to control the temperature and keep them in a cold environment not to let them melt away.

So, these are the pros and cons you can have while smoking moon rocks.

However, the extreme experience of a high dose of THC is an incredible experience for marijuana users.

Tips For Smoking Moon Rocks

  • First of all, make sure you follow the federal law, and you are at least 18 or adult years of age according to your region.
  • Moonrock is for experienced weed users, and people with low tolerance should avoid it.
  • To prepare your moon rock, use the right quality of strain, concentrate, and other ingredients are required. In addition, you can look for a reputable website for buying them online.
  • Stay hydrated while smoking moon rock or any weed. Staying hydrated will avoid harsh effects like dry mouth, dry lips, or dry eyes.

Smoking Moon Rocks: Conclusion

Marijuana aficionados love smoking moon rocks.

However, an original moon rock is too potent to handle, and it is why only preferred by experienced stoners.

Also, as you smoke moon rock, you need to take some safety measures like staying hydrated and staying in a comfortable environment for a better experience.

Moreover, you also learned how to make a perfect own moon rock within simple steps.

However, you need high-quality marijuana buds that you can buy from the ILGM website.

Can You Be Allergic To Weed? [What Research Says?]

Can You Be Allergic To Weed

Yes, you can be allergic to weed.

Marijuana allergy is as common as other allergies.

And it can occur due to any cause.

Whether your skin gets in contact with the marijuana plant or you consume weed, it can easily trigger symptoms of weed allergy if you are sensitive to it.

Therefore, in this guide, you will know the allergic reactions due to marijuana allergies and the action plan you can follow when you get into such a situation.

Let’s begin:

Cause Of Marijuana Allergy

So what causes marijuana allergy?

Marijuana allergy can happen due to several causes. Each individual has a different body and a system that functions.

For instance, some people report allergic reactions due to the consumption of marijuana. That means they may be allergic to marijuana THC.

Some people may also have cannabis allergies due to CBD oil in some cases, which is used as a medical marijuana product.

On the other hand, some people might be allergic to touching a cannabis plant and can have contact dermatitis.

So, summing up, people often get cannabis allergy in the following ways:

  • By inhaling cannabis pollen (In any way)
  • By second-hand cannabis smoke
  • Touching marijuana (Contact dermatitis)
  • Smoking marijuana or eating (edibles)

If you dig deep, the leading cause of an allergic reaction is your body’s immune system.

Whenever an alien virus or component enters your system, the immune system rings the alarm in the body and tries to wipe it out by giving allergic symptoms.

It is why whether you are allergic to marijuana or any other thing, you will observe similar allergic reactions like runny nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing.

However, it is good that your immune system does not want any alien virus or component to stay in your body.

At the same time, your body gets those allergy symptoms, which you have to deal with that.

Further, if you are too sensitive to smoke cigarettes, it can trigger a severe allergic reaction like lung problems.

Also, according to the American college of allergy, asthma, and immunology, cigarette smoke can trigger respiratory problems and asthma, which can lead to difficulty breathing, even in the case of secondhand smoking marijuana.

Therefore, several ways can cause marijuana allergies. Read along to know what action plan can you take if you get into such a situation.

Marijuana Allergy Symptoms

Now, you know the causes that trigger allergic reactions. So let’s find out the symptoms of cannabis allergy that you can observe.

In most cases, the symptoms of weed allergy resemble the other allergies like runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, and skin reaction.

These are the very common symptoms in most people.

However, if a person is too sensitive, then one can have a severe allergic reaction, which can happen due to any cannabis allergens that they might have come in contact with.

Marijuana Allergy Symptoms In Case Of Skin Contact

For some people, marijuana allergy can cause a skin reaction when they get in contact while handling marijuana plants or flowers.

The allergic reaction can cause the following symptoms:

  • Rashes
  • Itching
  • Dry skin
  • Redness
  • Contact dermatitis

So these symptoms are generally observed when a person allergic to marijuana plant gets in contact.

However, if you want to avoid this, you can seek a professional doctor to get a skin prick test. However, you can quickly know if your skin is allergic to the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Allergy Symptoms In Case Of Consumption of Marijuana Products (Edibles)

As medical marijuana has been legalized in various countries, the demand for marijuana edibles and products has increased rapidly.

However, the consumption of weed in the form of edibles can also make you have an allergic response in your body.

  • Difficulty speaking
  • Rash
  • Eye redness or swelling
  • Skin swelling
  • Breath shortness

Apart from these symptoms, marijuana allergy can also cause a rare but severe anaphylactic shock reaction. However, it is rare.

But in case of this severe allergic reaction, one can feel life-threatening breathing issues. It is also observed that the blood pressure suddenly drops too much.

Therefore, in such a case, one must seek medical treatment and get professional help.

Airborne Particles Causing One Of Marijuana Allergies

In cannabis plants, the pollen can work as airborne cannabis allergen.

Apart from the marijuana pollen, the secondhand smoke of cannabis can also work as an allergen for you if you are sensitive to it.

Whether you are secondhand air smoking marijuana or inhaled marijuana plant pollen, you may have these symptoms:

  • Hay fever
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Asthma
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Respiratory problems

Further, in case of airborne exposure, the mold on the cannabis plant can also lead to trigger the symptoms.

Therefore, if you want to treat symptoms of this recreational drug, then you need to limit exposure to the cannabis Sativa and marijuana smoke (even secondhand).

However, if you have more trouble, remember you can always have allergy medications from a professional doctor.

How To Diagnose Marijuana Allergies?

Marijuana use is quite common after easy laws in various countries.

Therefore, whether you are using medicinal marijuana or cannabis Sativa as a recreational drug, if you have allergic sensitization, then you need to diagnose it as soon as possible to avoid any allergic issues.

Once you get diagnosed by a professional doctor, you can also opt for allergy shots if the doctor recommends them.

It helps give you immunity to fight allergies as they contain a tiny amount of specific substance that triggers the reaction.

Further for diagnosis, the doctor can conduct various tests, including blood tests.

By various tests, the doctor can assess if you are allergic to marijuana or if your skin has more marijuana sensitization.

For people suffering from asthma, the doctor may recommend albuterol inhalers.

However, if you are not that sensitive to cannabis allergies, you can also continue with some standard medications.

How To Treat Marijuana Allergies?

In many medical journals and peer-reviewed studies, it is said that marijuana is beneficial for several medical symptoms.

It contains anti-inflammatory properties and other beneficial compounds that work as a healer.

Also, in very rare cases, life-threatening situations occur due to marijuana allergies.

However, if you have been found allergic to marijuana, the best option is to avoid the plant altogether.

You should avoid cannabis from smoking, eating, touching, and even other exposures (secondhand smoking), especially if you are an asthma patient.

You can seek help from a board-certified allergist if you have allergies. From there, you can get instant help.

If you are a medical marijuana patient, you need to talk to your doctor and take the recommended steps.

Further, you also need to limit your exposure by taking appropriate actions.

For instance, if you are sensitive to airborne marijuana smoke, you need to avoid secondhand smoking, even if they are your friend or closer one.

It could be difficult, but you can ask for the same or get a respiratory mask to avoid exposure.

However, if you have got into a situation where you feel a severe reaction to weed allergy, you may need to carry an epinephrine auto-injector.

This medication can help in severe symptoms such as a drop-in heart rate or impaired breathing.

Note: You should always go with the professional doctor’s help first for health conditions and should not get any random medication by yourself to treat that symptom.

Also, you are responsible for the action that you take for your health condition.

FAQs About Weed Allergy

How can I protect against my marijuana allergy?

You need to seek a professional doctor’s help or an allergist. They might conduct several tests and get you appropriate help.

However, if you are diagnosed with an allergy to cannabis, you should ideally avoid the cannabis in all forms.

What are the symptoms of marijuana allergy?

Several symptoms depend upon the allergen and exposure. For instance, some people have skin allergies to cannabis plants, while some have consumption allergies.

Can you be allergic to weed after years of smoking?

Well, there is no proven research on it. However, if you have been allergic to weed, you might have never been into that for years.

Though still, if you feel any allergic symptoms, you need to consult the allergist or doctor instantly to get rid of them with the help of proper medication.

Final Words

When you are allergic to weed or anything else, you need to avoid that altogether.

However, the symptoms of weed allergy are not deadly in most cases (only rare cases have severe symptoms).

Still, ideally, if you observe any symptoms or discomfort, you need to seek professional medical help and take the appropriate step to be on the safer side.

Sativa Or Indica For Anxiety Top 10 Strains


Cannabis strains have various medicinal benefits, including anxiety relief properties.

Therefore, people opt out of cannabis for its relaxing effect.

However, out of thousands of strains for anxiety relief, which one to choose? Indica or Sativa strain?

Therefore, in today’s guide, you will get to know the cannabis properties for reducing anxiety and which variety (Indica or Sativa strain) to choose to vanish out anxiety instantly.

Let’s go:

Marijuana And Anxiety

You must know that marijuana has medicinal properties.

Therefore, marijuana can help reduce anxiety due to its psychoactive effects and medicinal properties.

However, it is also true that, due to smoking or vaping cannabis, one can feel a panic disorder or panic attack.

According to a study, a high dosage of THC can lead to high anxiety levels. It is why you need to be careful.

Also, the cannabis effects largely depend on the CBD to THC ratio and one’s tolerance level.

For instance, THC produces psychoactive effects while CBD does not.

Therefore, while consuming marijuana, one should majorly consider the CBD to THC ratio and the capacity to handle the high THC ratio in the body.

On the other hand, high CBD does not make you feel high compared to the THC content.

Especially when you are buying medical marijuana, you should expect your cannabis strain to help treat anxiety and produce a calm and serene effect.

However, many options are available when choosing a cannabis strain that can reduce anxiety symptoms and work as a remedy for generalized anxiety disorder.

Still, you must carefully choose the right strain for your medical symptom.

First of all, you need to refer to a professional physician and get a recommendation to proceed to buy cannabis from a dispensary.

Also, you need to be careful with your local laws regarding the usage of marijuana.

Once you are comfortable with the laws and sure to buy a specific marijuana strain, you can move ahead.

However, the primary concern remains the same: whether Indica strains for anxiety are better or Sativa strains?

Is Sativa Or Indica Better Strain For Anxiety?

Indica vs. Sativa? Which will win?

Well, the debate never ends.

And it all depends on the cannabis’ psychoactive properties for an individual body.

You cannot claim the same effects for each individual as everyone’s body is different, and the endocannabinoid system functions uniquely in each system.

However, when it comes to Indica vs. Sativa, Sativa strains are generally suitable for boosting your mind and getting cerebral hits.

On the other hand, Indica strains are good for giving you a full-body high with their sedative properties.

However, the best part is that you can use both types of strains as medical marijuana for anxiety treatment, stress, chronic pain, and depression.

Anxiety affects millions of people worldwide, and choosing natural remedies is a better choice than traditional meds that can cause some side effects.

If you choose any cannabis strains according to your body for anxiety treatment, you will observe the psychoactive component giving you calming effects.

Eventually fading, the social anxiety, stress, and decreased anxiety levels.

However, remember that apart from cannabis types, CBD to THC ratio also matters. And these are the general effects that are induced by consumption.

Therefore, the effects of cannabis can be different for an individual.

It is also true that the overdose of THC dominant cannabis can cause anxiety worse instead of managing anxiety.

It is why ideally, a medical professional allows a person to have cannabis strains with a high CBD ratio to avoid the harmful psychoactive effects that can occur if you are sensitive to THC.

CBD To THC Ratio In Indica Vs. Sativa Strain

A healthcare professional will recommend medical marijuana patients a high CBD to THC ratio for relaxing effects.

However, people opt for a high THC cannabis plant to treat chronic pain, panic attacks, and anxiety treatment in some cases.

And apart from all other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids also contribute to inducing the psychoactive properties of cannabis.

Therefore, whether you choose an Indica dominant strain or Sativa for treating anxiety, keep in mind the THC levels that you can tolerate.

According to a study, it has been found that THC is associated with higher levels of anxiety at higher doses.

Therefore, to get anti-anxiety cannabis, you need to choose the right strain with the right amount of cannabinoids.

3 Best Indica Strains For Anxiety

Granddaddy Purple (GDP) – One Of The Best Indica Strains For Anxiety

Granddaddy Purple is one of the best cannabis indica strains for anxiety.

It promotes full-body high, relaxing effects, and a deep relaxation state that helps you burst the anxiety.

With THC ranging around 20%, Granddaddy Purple has anti-anxiety properties and potency that can be used for chronic pain symptoms, too.

Also, apart from anxiety, GDP can be used for depression and pain symptoms.

While being one of the popular strains in the market, it is readily available.

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Northern Lights – Legendary Indica Strain

If you ask for the best strains in the market for Indica variety, then Northern Lights comes at the top.

NL or Northern Lights is legendary cannabis like OG Kush and the Hindu Kush that has a positive relationship with anxiety symptoms.

One puff of Northern Lights may make you feel calm, relaxed, and happy but can ultimately destroy your anxiety.

Therefore, people use NL Indica strain as medical cannabis to treat various medical conditions.

The THC content in NL ranges around 20%, which is a good ratio for having a medium level of euphoric effects.

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Remedy – High CBD Indica Strains

Used for anxiety disorders, inflammation, pain, and seizures, Remedy is a high CBD Indica strain.

It is one of the favorite marijuana among medical patients due to its little to no euphoric effects. Thanks to high CBD ranging around 15%.

With around 6 to 8 weeks of short flowering time, Remedy grows out into beautiful Indica plants that produce an excellent yield.

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3 Best Sativa Strains For Anxiety

ACDC – One Of The Best Sativa Strains For Anxiety

ACDC is one of the Sativa dominant strains that possess high CBD levels to induce minor to no euphoria and give a relaxing effect to reduce anxiety, pain, and stress.

Medical marijuana patients also use this cannabis Sativa for anxiety, epilepsy, the harmful effects of chemotherapy, along with symptoms of depression.

Therefore, ACDC is the overall best Sativa strain for medical marijuana seekers.

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Jack Herer – One Of The Best Medical Cannabis Strains

When looking for a Sativa for anxiety, you cannot miss this legendary strain – Jack Herer.

Named after the marijuana activist, Jack Herer possesses around 18% THC, which is enough to give you a euphoric punch to get back into a relaxing zone and burst the anxious thoughts.

Also, it takes around 50 to 70 days for Jack Herer to flower and produce a decent yield.

Jack Herer can be a good companion if you want a moderate potent Sativa for medicinal purposes.

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White Widow – One Of The Most Popular Strains

White Widow is one of the most popular and common Sativa strains among cannabis enthusiasts.

The effects of White Widow lead to an energetic euphoria that leads to stimulation in your body for bursting anxiety and stress to have a better conversation.

The THC ranges in White Widow around 15%, balanced for every marijuana lover.

People use White Widow for symptoms of anxiety, stress, and pain.

If you want a perfect hybrid of Sativa and Indica, then White Widow is the best to start your journey with.

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FAQs About Marijuana And Anxiety

Which strain is a better strain for anxiety?

There are several strains; however, you need to choose which suits your body. ACDC, Jack Herer, and Granddaddy Purple are some of them.

What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?

Sativa strains generally produce mind-high, energizing, and anxiety-reducing effects, while the Indica produces relaxing, calming, and body high.

Is a high CBD strain a better option?

If you are scared of the high THC content and its intoxicating effects, you need to get a strain that possesses a high CBD cannabinoid.
High CBD does not produce intoxicating effects like THC and has better medicinal effects.

Sativa And Indica For Anxiety: Final Words

As of now, you know most people report Sativa as mind-high and energizing while Indica as the body high and calming variety.

Remember to check for a strain’s THC to CBD ratio and match it with your tolerance level to get better effects.

However, whatever strain you choose for your symptom, consult a professional doctor before opting for anything to treat your medical symptom.

How to Stop A Panic Attack While High?


Weed makes you high.

But, the overdose of weed can also make you sick for a while!

A weed-induced panic attack can make you have a faster heartbeat, racing thoughts, and anxiety.

In short, it is a terrifying experience.

Especially when you are a newbie.

So, what do you do when you are in such a situation?

How to Stop A Panic Attack


How do you stop a panic attack while high?

Don’t worry.

There are several ways by which you can stop a panic attack induced by marijuana use.

Indulging in physical activity, breathing deeply, making your body calm, and watching your favorite funny show can help you somewhat.

However, today, you will find a complete guide on stopping a panic attack while high with all the main possible ways to overcome it.

Stay calm, and let’s find out:

Why Does Weed Make Me Feel Anxious?

You might think weed makes you have only good feelings.

It boosts your mood and makes you high on your thoughts.

Well, it is not the truth.

If you are taking weed more than your tolerance level, surely it can make you feel anxious and have a panic attack.

In short, it depends on your body’s THC tolerance level.

The weed panic attacks occur due to the endocannabinoid system’s role in your body.

The endocannabinoid system overstimulates the amygdala when you puff weed more than your tolerance level.

It is the part of the brain which releases hormones for situations like fight or flight response.

Cannabis use leads to the release of excess cannabinoids in your body and finally makes the overstimulation of the amygdala happen to lead to weed panic attacks.

Even several studies have found a relation between marijuana use and panic attacks or panic disorders.

It is also expected that people are more likely to feel panic attacks while being high instead of when they are not.

And the regular panic attack is different from a panic attack due to smoking weed.

Most people feel paranoia when they are over high, which is normal. However, it feels slightly different when you are high from the regular one.

Remember that the sense of anxiety and panic attack will pass within some time.

How Is Marijuana Induced Panic Attack Different From Regular One?

When you usually are high, you get a beautiful feeling in your stomach.

Whatever thoughts occur in your mind, your brain keeps on digging into them and goes deeper.

And you don’t have control over it because you are on a euphoric ride at that time.

However, the catch is that this beautiful feeling is lovely when you think about your favorite snack, watch a favorite show, or do something that you love.

But as you put too much cannabis in your body or smoke weed with too much THC, you might start to experience panic attacks.

You might start overthinking even your first panic attack, making the panic attacks worse as you dig deeper with your thoughts.

There are several physical symptoms in which rapid breathing, fear of anything, rapid heart rate, and stress of something are more common.

When newbies have symptoms like rapid heart rate and chest pain due to a panic attack, they are often confused with a heart attack. You should avoid this.

Remember that your life is safe, and it will pass.

It is how panic attacks due to marijuana occur, different from the regular ones.

Possible Symptoms Of Cannabis Use


  • Feeling good
  • Relaxing high
  • Increased euphoric effects
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased sensitivity
  • More creativity
  • Stress relief


  • Increased anxiety disorders or panic disorder
  • Paranoia
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Hallucination
  • Drowsiness

Possible Symptoms Of Panic Attack

  • Faster heart rate
  • Intense worry
  • Anxious feelings
  • Chest pain
  • Sweating or chills
  • Dry mouth
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

13 Ways To Overcome Panic Attacks Induced By High Marijuana Use

As of now, you know the different symptoms of marijuana use and panic attacks. It is time to find out how to prevent panic attacks while high.

Always Start Slow

We all know ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

Therefore, the best way to prevent panic attacks from marijuana use is to start slow.

Doesn’t matter whether you are with your homies or at a party; never get yourself peer-pressured for having an extra toke.

At the same time, you need to know your body’s tolerance level.

If you don’t know, you must start with a very low dose of cannabis.

For example, you can introduce a specific time interval, like 20 minutes between your toke sessions.

Generally, a single puff of weed can start making you feel its effects within 15 to 20 minutes.

Therefore, after this time, you will be able to know if you can have another puff of cannabis or if you need to stop it right away.

However, if you are dealing with edible doses, you need to wait for 2 hours.

The time interval for edibles is high because the edibles generally have highly concentrated THC and can have powerful effects.

So you need to wait and observe if you have reached your tolerance limit before having further high doses.

It is also one of the ways by which you can find the sweet spot of your cannabis use that will altogether avoid the panic attack scenario.

Find The Right Amount For Yourself

Many experts believe that there is a relation between high marijuana usage and anxiety disorder.

Therefore, as you start indulging in cannabis activities, you need to find the right amount for yourself.

It will help you set a level that you cannot go further.

Whether you are smoking or eating edibles, you will know your threshold capacity for getting high.

With that being said, it will prevent the weed panic attack and lead to avoiding any anxiety disorder.

Keep In Mind That This Will Pass

During a panic attack, there is fear and stress of something which might not be physically there.

In such a situation, reminding yourself repeatedly that it will pass can help you prevent a panic attack.

Try to acknowledge that this is just an anxious time that you are in, and it will get over soon.

For most people, panic attacks generally peak within 10 minutes, and after that, it begins to fall.

Take a Deep Breath

Taking deep breaths slowly can help bring the panic attack down.

As panic attack loves to race the breathing and heartbeat, you can do the opposite.

You can start taking a deep breath slowly and repeatedly for some time. Take a breath deeply from your abdomen.

You can count to 4 while inhaling and exhaling.

Also, you can try various breathing methods that calm your mind and body. For example, alternate nostril breathing and “relaxing breath” are some.

Remember that taking a deep breath slowly can help most people.

However, if it is not working, you can start focusing on something else or try another way to control a panic attack.

Engage In Some Activity

When you are into a panic attack, you can distract yourself by engaging in some activity.

Whether solving your favorite puzzle or doing a little light exercise, it will relieve anxiety and give you a better feeling.

You can also get into some light physical activity if you can do it to distract yourself.

Also, regular exercise help in preventing the adverse effects of a panic attack in the long run. So, you can follow that later on.

It will help you relieve stress along with preventing a panic attack.

The 5-4-3-2-1 Method

The 5-4-3-2-1 method is one of the grounding techniques that will help you avoid tunnel vision of stress and anxiety.

In this method, you have to complete all the steps mentioned below slowly and thoroughly:

Look at 5 different objects: Think about each for a short time.

Listen to 4 distinct sounds: You need to think about where they are coming from and what makes them different from each other.

Touch 3 objects: You can observe their temperature, texture, and uses.

Identify 2 different smells: It may be anything from your soap in the bathroom to coffee in the kitchen or detergent in the washing machine.

Name 1 thing that you can taste: You can taste a piece of candy or something easily accessible for tasting in your kitchen.

This method will prevent anxiety, stress, and panic attacks as your focus will be on something else.

Take A Walk

Going for a walk and having fresh air is always helpful for getting over panic attacks.

However, keep in mind that you need to be in a situation where you can walk easily and with your control.

If you are not able to walk, then don’t do it.

Ideally, you can take your friend or partner along with you while going for a walk.

The rhythm of walking can also help you regulate your breathing, which ultimately helps you overcome anxiety.

Do Something That You Love

Do you love video games?


Do you love drawing?

Do something that you love the most.

It can be playing a video game or something else.

Even you can also start watching your favorite cartoon show, any funny video, or even memes that can lighten up your mood.

(Remember to avoid the negative things over the internet or content you are watching.)

Just get yourself busy doing something. It will help you get over the anxiety and fear of anything in your mind.

For instance, playing a video game can reduce the feelings of a panic attacks and anxiety.

Also, you can pull yourself out of the negative thoughts by doing so.

Get Yourself Into The Most Happiest And Peaceful Place

It is the only you that knows where you feel the most comfort and peace.

Every person has that one special place where they feel good and relaxed.

It can be a terrace, park, church, friend’s home, or anything you like.

Visit there, and stay for a while.

You will indeed feel good and get relief from the panic attacks.

Also, as you will have better feelings, it will reduce your anxiety.

Remember that there’s nothing like life-threatening panic attacks.

It is just an effect of the drug you have taken, which can be prevented or overcome by simply following some methods or by medical marijuana doctor (in the worst case).

Eat Your Favorite Snacks

When you are under the influence of marijuana, you will have more sensitivity to your senses.

Therefore, eating your favorite snacks can get you some relaxation from a panic attack.

It can be sweet, salty, or anything.

It will be much better if you blend your favorite snack with your favorite cartoon show or movie.

As your mind gets distracted, your panic attack will reduce, and you will start feeling better.

Get Lemon Or Black Peppercorn

Lemon, black peppercorn, and pine nuts are some of the household pieces of stuff that can get you over the anxious thoughts in your mind.

Studies have found that specific plant components can counteract the intoxicating effects of THC.

Therefore, these easy to get household stuff can give you instant access to the THC antidote when you need the remedy the most.

Even sniffing or chewing a few peppercorn balls can help you avoid weed paranoia in the long run.

Don’t Take It Seriously

Until or unless you are not getting comfortable even after several hours (Actually, you know when your body is not in a good situation and when to seek a doctor).

However, you don’t need to be worried about the weed panic attacks so seriously.

I know this can be tough when you are under a panic attack, but remind yourself repeatedly that this is what an average weed high feels like.

It is normal, and every stoner gets a similar high.

Also, this marijuana high will slow down within time, and everything will come to the normal level.

Making yourself remind these things, again and again, will make your body calm and relaxed.

Take Prescribed Medication

In the worst-case scenario, you are left with no other option, and you cannot get over the situation; you can seek a doctor.

There’s always professional help available from medical marijuana doctors.

They can help you get over the panic attacks and panic disorder.

However, before taking any medication, make sure to take the advice from the doctor and get a prescription.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does weed high last?

It all depends on the amount of consumption and THC concentration.
If the concentration of THC and consumption amount is high, it can last somewhere between 2 to 10 hours. Also, high induced due to weed edibles can last more than smoking.
Additionally, your tolerance level also contributes to the lasting time of weed high.

Which is more powerful, smoking weed or eating edibles?

High due to the weed edibles last longer as the THC concentration in edibles is high. It is why the high last longer than smoking.

Should I seek a doctor when I am too high?

Getting too much high is a common phenomenon that often happens with stoners.
However, when you know that your body is behaving abnormal and creating extreme discomfort, you can seek a doctor and professional help.

How To Stop A Panic Attack: Conclusion

You cannot control the panic attack; however, you can prepare beforehand to tackle the situation.

Also, always remember that whenever you put whole new stuff into your body, ideally, start with a low dose and go slow.

It is the thumb rule that works with every situation.

However, remember that there is nothing to be worried about when a panic attack occurs due to too much THC consumption.

Now, you know the several ways to tackle the situation, though, in the end, you will always have professional help from the doctors.

What are PGR Weed & 7 Ways How you can spot it!


Do you know if you smoke PGR weed in the long-term, it can cause you health issues like cancer?

Well, this is true.

Don’t worry; I’ll help you spot PGRS weed and avoid that in all manners.

Also, you do not have to be worried even you don’t know what PGR stands for?

Be with me, and I’ll tell you everything related to PGR weed today.

In the end, you will quickly differentiate between pure and unpure cannabis. And you will be smoking only the pure form of weed buds for better high and no harm from today onwards.

Let’s get started:

What are PGR Weed

What Is PGR Weed?

Marijuana growers always want a high yield.

However, naturally, it takes time for the flourishing of cannabis plants.

To grow a natural weed, you need a suitable climate, manure or nutrients, water, and a lot of patience, of course.

These steps require a lot of time, and sometimes the final yield is not worth the time that you put in, which leads to disappointment.

Now, what if I say I can get you a way through which you can be assured of high yield every time? Yes, every time!

Even all that within a short period compared to the natural time that it takes.

Sounds exciting?

Most of the newbie and not-so-patient growers might be eagerly waiting for me to reveal that shortcut method.

And this is where in this shortcut method, PGRS in weed comes.

PGR stands for Plant Growth Regulators, and these are chemicals.

PGRS in cannabis plants boosts plant growth, triggers the flowering stage, controls roots while altering natural plant growth.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with boosting plant growth in natural ways.

However, these chemically derived PGRS in weed alter the plant’s ability to increase yield forcefully, reach the flowering stage faster, and alter the natural process, ultimately affecting the buds as well.

Therefore, there are several impacts on human health, which I will reveal further.

Before that, you should know that these harmful chemicals can make you sure of the enormous yield but can also affect your body’s taste, high, and impact.

No doubt, PGR plants grow faster and give heavy yield, which is quite beneficial for farmers, but it can severely impact consumers’ health

There are various types of Plant Growth Regulators are used to boost the yield and growth of plants, but for cannabis plants, these are the most used ones:

Most Used Plant Growth Regulators For Weed


Paclobutrazol is one of the most commonly used PGRS among cannabis growers. Thanks to its ability to boost plant growth, help plants get the bulkier size, and produce heavy buds.

That is why Paclobutrazol weed plants grow faster and have a heavy yield of thick buds.

Further, Paclobutrazol works like one of the chemical fertilizers that encourages the root growth-stimulating genes to get stronger and thicker.

Therefore, apart from cannabis plant growth regulators, Paclobutrazol is also used in lawns to reduce the need for mowing.

Daminozide (Alar)

Just like Paclobutrazol, Daminozide (Alar) also helps the plant hormones of plants to produce more yield. This chemically derived PGR helps increase the productivity of your garden rapidly.

Chlormequat Chloride

This chemical helps accelerate growth and flowering time overall to let the flower finish faster.

Natural plant growth regulators and chemically derived PGRS are suitable for plant growth. However, these plant growth retardants do not fit the consumable food crops like a weed.

The cannabis industry is vast; however, above are the most used Plant Growth Regulators (PGRS) that need to be taken care of if you are a non-PGR weed consumer.

Also, more plant growth boosters are available on the market like Rock Juice, Yield Masta, Rox, Mega Bud, and many more.

However, organic cannabis growers avoid the chemicals to much extent because these chemicals can affect the health of their consumers in the long term.

Let’s find out the impacts of these residual PGRS in our system after weed consumption.

Harmful Effects Of PGR Weed

There are various harmful effects when consumable plants get contacted with PGRS.

Although with these chemicals, you get heavy yield, pretty brown hairs, and dense buds which might water your mouth to puff instantly.

However, the hormone breakdown in that cannabis has already altered the plant’s ability which might not be visible through the naked eyes.

And no doubt, even the environmental cues are against chemical usage in consumable plants.

Now, let’s find out what are the impacts of PGR weed in short-period and in long-period:

Short Period Impact

When you don’t know how to spot PGR bud, the chances are pretty high that you might quickly contact marijuana grown with a plant growth regulator.

And whether generally or you are prone to chemicals, these are some of the impacts that you can notice in your body:

  • Taste Difference

If you have been into marijuana for a long time, you might find a taste difference when smoking PGR weed.

It will be the first red flag that you can catch to avoid consuming cannabis grown with a plant growth retardant.

  • Nausea

Once your taste buds are filled with unfamiliar taste, you might feel nauseous. And some other symptoms that you might feel are:

  • Vomiting
  • Skin or Eye Irritations
  • Respiratory distress

These are some short period impacts that you might feel by consuming weed with synthetic PGRS.

However, these symptoms vary according to your genetic makeup and your immunity.

Also, if you are prone to chemicals or allergies, you need to quickly spot the PGR weed and avoid them from being put into your system.

Long Period Impact

If you are a regular cannabis user, this section is for you because long-term human consumption of these chemicals has more impact on human health than the short term.

Even in severe cases, this unnaturally produced cannabis can also lead to death.

  • Damage to the reproductive system in both men and women
  • Low amino acid levels and antioxidant levels in the brain
  • Lung damage

Now, you can understand how dangerous marijuana plants become when growers put these chemicals to increase yields.

How Can You Spot PGR Buds?

Before you avoid PGR weed, you need to spot them first and distinguish them from the naturally grown buds.

However, doing so is not as simple as you might think.

Even there’s no such direct method by which you can spot PGR weed. Instead, you have to find by observing some of the characteristics of cannabis that you are going to puff.

I’ll tell you those characteristics of PGR weed that make them different from the organically grown marijuana buds.

Bud Density

The synthetic PGR weed plants have relatively denser growth of buds. That means the bud density of PGR weed is quite more than the natural ones.


PGR weed usually has orange and red hairs, another characteristic of unnatural cannabis.

Also, when you cure PGR cannabis, it will turn into a dull brown color, which is unusual.


Weed is mainly known for its cannabinoids and the effects induced by it. However, PGR cannabis smokers will observe slightly lower THC content than the original strain average.


Stoners love the intense effects of weed. However, PGR weed gives quick and more potent hits that might even cause you a headache as well.


When puffed, PGR cannabis induces a harsh chemical-like taste that is different from the natural taste of the cannabis world.

Physical Appearance

Other red flags that you will observe in PGR weed are more weight to size ratio of buds, fewer trichomes, smooth edges, and unusual hardness.


After effects and taste, the aroma is one of the essential factors that stoners love cannabis. Although in PGR weed, you will observe little to no scent at all, and that is a massive turn-off for aroma-centered weed lovers.

So, these are the distinguishable characteristics among PGR weed vs. Non-PGR weed. However, you might initially feel it quite challenging as a beginner marijuana enthusiast.

Although experienced stoners might do it quickly.

Overall, if you standardize any marijuana on the above factors, you can surely know if the weed is produced with PGR or organically.

Where To Buy PGR-Free Weed?

PGR is not a form of an organic molecule, and therefore, it is not suitable for consumable crops. Instead, it interacts in the plant hormonal pathways to regulate the growth-stimulating genes.

As farmers introduce PGRS in their plants, it impacts the soil’s microorganism diversity negatively.

Although PGR works like anabolic steroids for weed plant hormones, it impacts human health like other environmental pollutants.

And in the long run, and with high doses of PGR, it can severely impact anyone’s health.

So, weed enthusiasts must know the suitable sources for PGR-free weed to keep yourself safe and avoid potential health risks.

Best Canadian Dispensaries For PGR-Free Weed

Haute Health – Best Canadian Dispensary For PGR-Free Weed

One of the best Canadian dispensaries for PGR-free marijuana and its derivative products. Get flowers, concentrates, edibles, vape, CBD, and mushrooms at 50% off on the first order with a $20 credit in your account.

Top of that, all of their products are made from naturally grown marijuana plants that ensure zero PGR involvement.

The Grow House – Affordable Dispensary With Organic Marijuana

At Grow House, be assured of the affordable rates on top-shelf cannabis products. Get various brands, edibles, flowers, and many more.

Best for beginners as The Grow House has very affordable pricing in the store. Also, get responsive and faster customer support whenever needed.

West Coast Cannabis – One Of The Most Reliable Source For Natural Cannabis

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Get free shipping for orders above $150. Also, weekly deals, monthly giveaways, free pre-rolls, and many more offers are available in the store.

West Coast Cannabis covers edibles, flowers, concentrates, CBD, oils, topicals, mushrooms, and everything you need from an ideal natural marijuana dispensary.

Best USA Dispensaries For PGR-Free Weed

Kushfly – One Of The Best Dispensaries In The USA For Natural Weed

At Kushfly, you get “Premium flowers at premium deals.” Kushfly is one of the rare dispensaries that offer same-day delivery to USA orders.

Also, you get a loyalty program at the store that gives the best experience of buying PGR-free weed online.

Potshopseattle – Affordable Store With Premium Products

Whether you’re looking for vapor, concentrate, pre-rolls, flowers, edibles, beverages, tinctures, topicals, or accessories, this store has got your back.

Top of that, one of the stores offers very decent pricing while regularly introducing new brands to the store.

Green Goddess Supply – A One-Stop Store For All Your Needs

A one-stop store from having grow kits to vaporizers, ashtrays, CBD products, accessories, and many more.

Green Goddess Supply is the hub of all of your marijuana product needs. Get the latest deals now to have one of the best marijuana products in your stash.

Alternative Ways To Boost Plant Growth Without PGRS

Plant hormones need additional organic ingredients to flourish naturally for faster cellular expansion.

Therefore, the farmers need to give organic ingredients to boost the natural hormones in their plants instead of putting chemicals in them.

For cannabis cultivation, there have been various naturall PGRS available that can be used in the place of performance-enhancing drugs instead.

It will avoid the potentially dangerous impact on health and help in bud growth in a natural way.

Further, even you can also use reliable nutrients from stores. For example, ILGM’s affordable fertilizer kit ensures everything you need to put in your plant from seedling to harvest.

These fertilizers have zero harmful impact and also help in boosting plant hormones for faster growth cycles, while additionally, these fertilizers increase yields, too.

Moreover, alfalfa meal can also be a solid soil ingredient for cannabis growers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How harmful is PGRS weed?

PGRS weed can cause various health hazards in long-term usage like damage to reproductive organs in men and women, increased levels of antioxidants and amino acids in the brain, and even lung damage in severe cases.

Are PGRs Illegal?

Chemical PGRs have been found to cause even cancer and severe health issues. Therefore, these PGRs remain illegal for food crops.

What does PGRS mean?

PGRs in context to cultivation and farming stands for Plant Growth Regulators. Mainly these are chemically based, which remains as a residue in the food crops like the weed that creates a harmful impact on health later on.

Are natural PGRS safe?

Chemical PGRs are mainly used for increasing a plant’s yield which also compromises its flavor and appearance. However, weed users in exposure to PGR weed in long term can have health issues as well.

What are natural PGRS?

Natural PGRS doesn’t include chemicals to enhance the productivity of plants. Instead, they possess natural ingredients that cause no harm to human health.

PGR Weed: Final Words

The environmental protection agency has various concerns regarding the PGR in food crops. Additionally, these synthetic PGRS are found harmful to human health.

Therefore, the growers must cultivate cannabis and food crops with natural nutrients instead of harsh chemicals like PGRS, which impacts health in the long run.

The whole naturally grown weed will ultimately lead to a better high and better health, which should be the priority of cultivators.

Is Sativa Or Indica Better For Back Pain? – Top Strains


Is sativa or indica better for back pain?

In short, I would say:

Whether you choose Sativa or Indica strains, you need to determine which strain works for your body and instantly gives you pain-relieving effects.

I understand; back pain is terrible.

And now you need a perfect cannabis strain that can vanish your back pain instantly.

Don’t worry! Your back pain will almost vanish now!

My team and I have narrowed down the marijuana strains recommended by medical patients who have gotten relief from severe pain symptoms.

However, it is your responsibility to determine which strain works for your body and gives you favorable effects, eventually finding the right strain for yourself: Sativa or Indica strains.

Let’s find out:

What Is Back Pain?

Back pain arises in the lower, middle, or upper back.

And it can occur due to any reason.

Whether you lifted a weight in the gym more than you can tolerate or you have fallen from somewhere and got hit in the back, back pain can occur due to any reason.

However, you don’t need to be worried as you are not the one who is experiencing this.

It happens with every other person.

The catch with back pain is that knowing the exact cause can be tricky. Also, the back pain can stay for some hours to some days or weeks for each individual.

Therefore, you need to get rid of back pain as soon as possible.

Role Of Marijuana In Relieving Back Pain

Sativa Or Indica Better back pain

Medical marijuana has been immensely helpful in relieving pain and even other medical symptoms.

Since the early 90s, medical marijuana has been known among people for a good reason.

It is why medical marijuana got legalized way back before recreational marijuana.

Therefore, cannabis strains can be helpful for the effective treatment of back pain, as many people have reported that the marijuana strain can help give them pain relief to some extent.

Additionally, apart from back pain, marijuana can help with muscle spasms, treat the pain of the whole body, chronic back pain, and even decrease stress.

Hence, medical marijuana has several benefits.

Therefore, today, you will have some of the best cannabis strains that can help you relieve back pain instantly.

What Strain Work For Back Pain?

For back pain, there are many medications available.

However, the traditional medications may have side effects such as stomach upset, kidney issues, and even gastric bleeding instead of making your a well being.

On the other hand, there are thousands of medical marijuana strains available for chronic pain relief, muscle spasms, and relieving stress without any complex side effects.

However, each strain works differently for different individuals.

Depending on your THC tolerance, some potent cannabis strains can get intense head high and couch locking effects.

Therefore, you need to get a strain according to your tolerance level.

These marijuana strains are also known for having better chemicals to alleviate pain and muscle spasms and even relieve anxiety.

Therefore, a strain that perfectly matches your body’s tolerance level and gives the desired medicinal effects will work perfectly to reduce pain and other symptoms.

Additionally, the cerebral and physical relaxation from a marijuana strain can help you treat pain, decrease stress, and alleviate nausea and other chronic conditions.

Best 5 Sativa Strains For Back Pain Relief

By narrowing down, here’s the list of the 5 best Sativa strains for back pain relief:

ACDC – #1 Medical Marijuana Strain For Back Pain

THC: ~1%

CBD: 15% to 20%

ACDC is one of the best medical marijuana strains in the cannabis world.

It possesses up to 20% CBD content, and therefore, it has the most negligible psychoactive side effects compared to strains enriched in THC.

With ACDC, you are less likely to get a numbing body high or couch-locked.

It is why it is a popular Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain among patients suffering from various illnesses.

ACDC works as a fantastic pain killer, thanks to its 1:20 ratio of THC and CBD content.

Click Here And Buy ACDC Strain

Harlequin – Popular Medical Marijuana Strain

THC: ~0.5%

CBD: 15% to 17%

In CBD dominant strains, Harlequin is one of the most demanded strains among medical marijuana patients.

It has around 17% CBD content. Therefore, it is one of the non-psychoactive strains in the market.

Harlequin produces medicinal benefits to help alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, nerve pain, and other forms of acute pain.

Therefore, it is popular medical cannabis that many medical marijuana dispensaries sell, and you can access it with the help of a medical marijuana card.

Click Here And Buy Harlequin Strain

Sour Diesel – Potent Cannabis Strain For Pain Relief

THC: Up to 25%

Sour Diesel is a Sativa marijuana strain that is highly potent.

With up to 25% THC, you can feel an uplifting high, couch lock, and stimulating effect.

Therefore, it is a strain that can be used for treating pain, muscle spasms, and decreasing stress.

Also, prefer using Sour Diesel around bedtime as it is a high THC strain and can lead to deep sleep.

Many patients have reported better effects in insomnia symptoms and anxiety.

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Green Crack – A Powerful Marijuana For Muscle Spasms

THC: Around 20%

Green Crack is the strain that has a THC level in the upper 20s and produces medicinal effects like most strains in this list.

Green Crack’s effects are strong and can help relieve pain with its psychoactive effects.

Also, it can help you in pain management, reducing inflammation, and feeling relaxed at the end of a euphoric ride.

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Great White Shark – High THC Marijuana Strain

THC: 15% to 20%

If you want to enjoy the THC effects and get the pain-relieving effects, the Great White Shark is here to help you.

Around 20% THC is enough to punch you down with intense euphoria, while the effects will instantly make your back pain fade away and the anxiety and stress issues.

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Best 5 Indica Strains For Back Pain Relief

Northern Lights – Best Indica Strain For Back Pain Relief

THC: 20%

Northern Lights is one of the legendary and popular Indica strains.

It has around 20% THC to produce mind-blowing effects that will ultimately help you relieve pain, insomnia, and other symptoms.

This nearly pure Indica strain has various medicinal benefits and impressive growing capabilities.

Therefore, when looking out for the best Indica strain for back pain, Northern Lights is the first choice.

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Purple Punch – Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 18%

Purple Punch is a beautiful Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain with purple hues and a sweet, mouth-blessing taste.

The effects are strong enough to make your worries, stress, and pain fade away.

Its effects can also help manage nausea, stress, and sleeplessness.

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Gorilla Glue – Powerful Indica Medical Marijuana

THC: Up to 25%

You don’t have to look for more psychoactive strains once you get the Gorilla Glue.

This award-winner strain has high potency to give you relieving effects from back pain. However, it would help if you were capable enough to handle the hard-hit of euphoria that it delivers.

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OG Kush – Potent Marijuana For Pain Relief

THC: Up to 26%

Originated in Florida, OG Kush is an Indica dominant marijuana strain known for relieving back pain, easing stress, and giving you intense euphoric effects.

This marijuana is a potent Indica having up to 26% THC. Therefore, stoners with a high tolerance should go with this medical marijuana.

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Blue Cheese – Flavorful Marijuana Strain For Back Pain Relief

THC: Up to 20%

Blue Cheese is the marijuana strain with a mouth-watering blueberry taste with hints of a cheesy blend.

The effects of Blue Cheese are helpful in muscle spasms, pain, and stress.

Go with the Blue Cheese strain if you want to have tasty medical marijuana in your stash.

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Is Sativa Or Indica Better For Back Pain: Conclusion

When you suffer from back pain, you need an instant remedy to get over it. Hopefully, these different strains can help you get some relief.

Also, these marijuana strains are not likely to have severe side effects like other drugs.

However, if you suffer for a long time and can’t get a solution, you can always seek a doctor to seek professional help.