What are PGR Weed & 7 Ways How you can spot it!


Do you know if you smoke PGR weed in the long-term, it can cause you health issues like cancer?

Well, this is true.

Don’t worry; I’ll help you spot PGRS weed and avoid that in all manners.

Also, you do not have to be worried even you don’t know what PGR stands for?

Be with me, and I’ll tell you everything related to PGR weed today.

In the end, you will quickly differentiate between pure and unpure cannabis. And you will be smoking only the pure form of weed buds for better high and no harm from today onwards.

Let’s get started:

What are PGR Weed


What Is PGR Weed?

Marijuana growers always want a high yield.

However, naturally, it takes time for the flourishing of cannabis plants.

To grow a natural weed, you need a suitable climate, manure or nutrients, water, and a lot of patience, of course.

These steps require a lot of time, and sometimes the final yield is not worth the time that you put in, which leads to disappointment.

Now, what if I say I can get you a way through which you can be assured of high yield every time? Yes, every time!

Even all that within a short period compared to the natural time that it takes.

Sounds exciting?

Most of the newbie and not-so-patient growers might be eagerly waiting for me to reveal that shortcut method.

And this is where in this shortcut method, PGRS in weed comes.

PGR stands for Plant Growth Regulators, and these are chemicals.

PGRS in cannabis plants boosts plant growth, triggers the flowering stage, controls roots while altering natural plant growth.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with boosting plant growth in natural ways.

However, these chemically derived PGRS in weed alter the plant’s ability to increase yield forcefully, reach the flowering stage faster, and alter the natural process, ultimately affecting the buds as well.

Therefore, there are several impacts on human health, which I will reveal further.

Before that, you should know that these harmful chemicals can make you sure of the enormous yield but can also affect your body’s taste, high, and impact.

No doubt, PGR plants grow faster and give heavy yield, which is quite beneficial for farmers, but it can severely impact consumers’ health

There are various types of Plant Growth Regulators are used to boost the yield and growth of plants, but for cannabis plants, these are the most used ones:

Most Used Plant Growth Regulators For Weed


Paclobutrazol is one of the most commonly used PGRS among cannabis growers. Thanks to its ability to boost plant growth, help plants get the bulkier size, and produce heavy buds.

That is why Paclobutrazol weed plants grow faster and have a heavy yield of thick buds.

Further, Paclobutrazol works like one of the chemical fertilizers that encourages the root growth-stimulating genes to get stronger and thicker.

Therefore, apart from cannabis plant growth regulators, Paclobutrazol is also used in lawns to reduce the need for mowing.

Daminozide (Alar)

Just like Paclobutrazol, Daminozide (Alar) also helps the plant hormones of plants to produce more yield. This chemically derived PGR helps increase the productivity of your garden rapidly.

Chlormequat Chloride

This chemical helps accelerate growth and flowering time overall to let the flower finish faster.

Natural plant growth regulators and chemically derived PGRS are suitable for plant growth. However, these plant growth retardants do not fit the consumable food crops like a weed.

The cannabis industry is vast; however, above are the most used Plant Growth Regulators (PGRS) that need to be taken care of if you are a non-PGR weed consumer.

Also, more plant growth boosters are available on the market like Rock Juice, Yield Masta, Rox, Mega Bud, and many more.

However, organic cannabis growers avoid the chemicals to much extent because these chemicals can affect the health of their consumers in the long term.

Let’s find out the impacts of these residual PGRS in our system after weed consumption.

Harmful Effects Of PGR Weed

There are various harmful effects when consumable plants get contacted with PGRS.

Although with these chemicals, you get heavy yield, pretty brown hairs, and dense buds which might water your mouth to puff instantly.

However, the hormone breakdown in that cannabis has already altered the plant’s ability which might not be visible through the naked eyes.

And no doubt, even the environmental cues are against chemical usage in consumable plants.

Now, let’s find out what are the impacts of PGR weed in short-period and in long-period:

Short Period Impact

When you don’t know how to spot PGR bud, the chances are pretty high that you might quickly contact marijuana grown with a plant growth regulator.

And whether generally or you are prone to chemicals, these are some of the impacts that you can notice in your body:

  • Taste Difference

If you have been into marijuana for a long time, you might find a taste difference when smoking PGR weed.

It will be the first red flag that you can catch to avoid consuming cannabis grown with a plant growth retardant.

  • Nausea

Once your taste buds are filled with unfamiliar taste, you might feel nauseous. And some other symptoms that you might feel are:

  • Vomiting
  • Skin or Eye Irritations
  • Respiratory distress

These are some short period impacts that you might feel by consuming weed with synthetic PGRS.

However, these symptoms vary according to your genetic makeup and your immunity.

Also, if you are prone to chemicals or allergies, you need to quickly spot the PGR weed and avoid them from being put into your system.

Long Period Impact

If you are a regular cannabis user, this section is for you because long-term human consumption of these chemicals has more impact on human health than the short term.

Even in severe cases, this unnaturally produced cannabis can also lead to death.

  • Damage to the reproductive system in both men and women
  • Low amino acid levels and antioxidant levels in the brain
  • Lung damage

Now, you can understand how dangerous marijuana plants become when growers put these chemicals to increase yields.

How Can You Spot PGR Buds?

Before you avoid PGR weed, you need to spot them first and distinguish them from the naturally grown buds.

However, doing so is not as simple as you might think.

Even there’s no such direct method by which you can spot PGR weed. Instead, you have to find by observing some of the characteristics of cannabis that you are going to puff.

I’ll tell you those characteristics of PGR weed that make them different from the organically grown marijuana buds.

Bud Density

The synthetic PGR weed plants have relatively denser growth of buds. That means the bud density of PGR weed is quite more than the natural ones.


PGR weed usually has orange and red hairs, another characteristic of unnatural cannabis.

Also, when you cure PGR cannabis, it will turn into a dull brown color, which is unusual.


Weed is mainly known for its cannabinoids and the effects induced by it. However, PGR cannabis smokers will observe slightly lower THC content than the original strain average.


Stoners love the intense effects of weed. However, PGR weed gives quick and more potent hits that might even cause you a headache as well.


When puffed, PGR cannabis induces a harsh chemical-like taste that is different from the natural taste of the cannabis world.

Physical Appearance

Other red flags that you will observe in PGR weed are more weight to size ratio of buds, fewer trichomes, smooth edges, and unusual hardness.


After effects and taste, the aroma is one of the essential factors that stoners love cannabis. Although in PGR weed, you will observe little to no scent at all, and that is a massive turn-off for aroma-centered weed lovers.

So, these are the distinguishable characteristics among PGR weed vs. Non-PGR weed. However, you might initially feel it quite challenging as a beginner marijuana enthusiast.

Although experienced stoners might do it quickly.

Overall, if you standardize any marijuana on the above factors, you can surely know if the weed is produced with PGR or organically.

Where To Buy PGR-Free Weed?

PGR is not a form of an organic molecule, and therefore, it is not suitable for consumable crops. Instead, it interacts in the plant hormonal pathways to regulate the growth-stimulating genes.

As farmers introduce PGRS in their plants, it impacts the soil’s microorganism diversity negatively.

Although PGR works like anabolic steroids for weed plant hormones, it impacts human health like other environmental pollutants.

And in the long run, and with high doses of PGR, it can severely impact anyone’s health.

So, weed enthusiasts must know the suitable sources for PGR-free weed to keep yourself safe and avoid potential health risks.

Best Canadian Dispensaries For PGR-Free Weed

Haute Health – Best Canadian Dispensary For PGR-Free Weed

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Top of that, all of their products are made from naturally grown marijuana plants that ensure zero PGR involvement.

The Grow House – Affordable Dispensary With Organic Marijuana

At Grow House, be assured of the affordable rates on top-shelf cannabis products. Get various brands, edibles, flowers, and many more.

Best for beginners as The Grow House has very affordable pricing in the store. Also, get responsive and faster customer support whenever needed.

West Coast Cannabis – One Of The Most Reliable Source For Natural Cannabis

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West Coast Cannabis covers edibles, flowers, concentrates, CBD, oils, topicals, mushrooms, and everything you need from an ideal natural marijuana dispensary.

Best USA Dispensaries For PGR-Free Weed

Kushfly – One Of The Best Dispensaries In The USA For Natural Weed

At Kushfly, you get “Premium flowers at premium deals.” Kushfly is one of the rare dispensaries that offer same-day delivery to USA orders.

Also, you get a loyalty program at the store that gives the best experience of buying PGR-free weed online.

Potshopseattle – Affordable Store With Premium Products

Whether you’re looking for vapor, concentrate, pre-rolls, flowers, edibles, beverages, tinctures, topicals, or accessories, this store has got your back.

Top of that, one of the stores offers very decent pricing while regularly introducing new brands to the store.

Green Goddess Supply – A One-Stop Store For All Your Needs

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Alternative Ways To Boost Plant Growth Without PGRS

Plant hormones need additional organic ingredients to flourish naturally for faster cellular expansion.

Therefore, the farmers need to give organic ingredients to boost the natural hormones in their plants instead of putting chemicals in them.

For cannabis cultivation, there have been various naturall PGRS available that can be used in the place of performance-enhancing drugs instead.

It will avoid the potentially dangerous impact on health and help in bud growth in a natural way.

Further, even you can also use reliable nutrients from stores. For example, ILGM’s affordable fertilizer kit ensures everything you need to put in your plant from seedling to harvest.

These fertilizers have zero harmful impact and also help in boosting plant hormones for faster growth cycles, while additionally, these fertilizers increase yields, too.

Moreover, alfalfa meal can also be a solid soil ingredient for cannabis growers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How harmful is PGRS weed?

PGRS weed can cause various health hazards in long-term usage like damage to reproductive organs in men and women, increased levels of antioxidants and amino acids in the brain, and even lung damage in severe cases.

Are PGRs Illegal?

Chemical PGRs have been found to cause even cancer and severe health issues. Therefore, these PGRs remain illegal for food crops.

What does PGRS mean?

PGRs in context to cultivation and farming stands for Plant Growth Regulators. Mainly these are chemically based, which remains as a residue in the food crops like the weed that creates a harmful impact on health later on.

Are natural PGRS safe?

Chemical PGRs are mainly used for increasing a plant’s yield which also compromises its flavor and appearance. However, weed users in exposure to PGR weed in long term can have health issues as well.

What are natural PGRS?

Natural PGRS doesn’t include chemicals to enhance the productivity of plants. Instead, they possess natural ingredients that cause no harm to human health.

PGR Weed: Final Words

The environmental protection agency has various concerns regarding the PGR in food crops. Additionally, these synthetic PGRS are found harmful to human health.

Therefore, the growers must cultivate cannabis and food crops with natural nutrients instead of harsh chemicals like PGRS, which impacts health in the long run.

The whole naturally grown weed will ultimately lead to a better high and better health, which should be the priority of cultivators.


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