Seed Supreme Reviews – Is It legit?


Seed Supreme is one of the seed banks that sell cannabis seeds online.

There are mixed reviews about this company that puzzles a grower even to buy weed seeds from here.

However, there are thousands of positive reviews available about Seed Supreme.

Now, the question is, is even Seed Supreme a legit seed bank?

Well, don’t worry.

I will clear all of your doubts by sharing my experience with the Seed Supreme cannabis seed bank.

After that, in the end, you will be crystal clear with your decision on whether to buy cannabis seeds from Seed Supreme.

Seed Supreme Reviews

Let’s go:


Is Seed Supreme A Legit Seed Bank?

This is the first concern before buying weed seeds online – is this company legit?

Therefore, let me clear it very first:

Yes, Seed Supreme is a legit seed bank.

It is a legal company established and selling marijuana seeds as one of the online seed banks.

Due to popularity, there might be some negative reviews as well. However, that does not affect the legitimacy of the company.

Also, the company responds to the negative reviews and tries to solve the issue. That shows the company’s care even after successful business with their customers.

Apart from this, thousands of satisfied growers have raved about the seed quality at Seed Supreme.

So, in a nutshell, you can completely trust Seed Supreme seed bank.

However, apart from the legitimacy of how many good quality services Seed Supreme can provide, we will be finding it next.

Seed Supreme Seed Bank Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

Let’s have a quick look into this review:

Established: in 2013 in the UK.

Seed Selection: feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, medicinal seeds with multiple varieties such as beginner strains, high yield, high CBD, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, indoor, outdoor, and more.

Services: discreet delivery, free seeds, contact with top-notch seed banks, free shipping with larger orders, USA genetics, and wholesale seeds available.

Rating: a 9.3 score from 5500+ reviews at Kiyoh.

Review: 100% recommended seed bank for the growers. However, there is space for improvement, but this seed bank will still be much better than many other newbie seed stores.

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History Of Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme has a long history of selling cannabis seeds.

Therefore, it is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks.

Seed Supreme is a UK-based company that was founded back in 2013.

From the very start of the company, the goal was to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to the growers.

Initially, the company struggled to stand out on the growers’ expectations, and even they had terrible reviews.

However, SeedSupreme seeds continuously improved over time, and the company managed to keep enough customers happy.

With consistent performance, Seed Supreme became of the reliable seed banks for buying marijuana seeds online in 2024.

Also, throughout this seed bank’s journey, it has always pushed the limits to stand out in the customers’ demand.

Therefore, it has a decent market reputation to stand out from other seed banks.

Additionally, the consistent work of the company shows how much they are dedicated to their work, and quality ultimately shows their legitimacy.

Otherwise, no “scammy” seed bank will put so much effort and could survive for these many years.

Therefore, in a nutshell, the history of the Seed Supreme shows that they have been working consistently towards their goal of providing high-quality marijuana seeds.

However, there have been certain areas where they need to work, but the company has consistently improved and provided quality services.

That makes this seed bank to be counted as one of the top seed banks in the cannabis seed industry.

Seed Supreme Detailed Review Of 2024

It’s time to dive deep into the review and find out all the insights:

Seed Selection

Seed Supreme has an excellent seed selection.

You will find various varieties of marijuana seeds.

All of the seeds are imported from the world’s finest breeders.

Some of the famous other online seedbanks from where Seed Supreme gets seeds are:

  • Amsterdam Genetics
  • Barney’s Farm
  • DNA Genetics
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Greenhouse Seeds
  • Nirvana Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds

There are many more breeders available on the virtual store of this seed bank.

The best part is that you can also cherry-pick your favorite seeds according to a seed breeder in the inventory.

Apart from this, you get the finest marijuana strains of various varieties according to your growing need.

If you are purchasing seeds for outdoor cultivation, you can directly check out the outdoor selection in the category.

Similarly, you will find a different selection whether you are searching for indoor strains, high THC strains, or anything else.

Seed Supreme’s categories are beginner strains, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, indoor, outdoor, Indica, Sativa, hybrid, high CBD, and wholesale seeds.

Even if you want to buy seeds in bulk, this seed bank has a different selection.

Apart from this, for medical cannabis enthusiasts, the store has medical cannabis strains, while the best part is that you can choose strains as per symptoms and conditions.

You can also have huge discounts on medicinal strains during the sales and offers.

In a nutshell, Seedsupreme seed bank has everything for cannabis seed buyers.

Quality Of Seeds

The seed quality at Seed Supreme is excellent.

Although the company imports seeds from many seed banks.

Therefore, manually monitoring the quality of all seeds becomes tough.

However, the company ensures that the seeds they are importing must be from a quality seed breeder. Therefore, all seeds at this seed bank possess higher seed germination rates.

Also, Seed Supreme gets its seeds from the top-notch expert growers and breeders from the Spain, Netherlands, and Colorado seed banks.

Therefore, they have a collection of one of the finest genetics in their inventory.

Still, if you have concerns about the seed quality, you can prefer buying cannabis seeds according to the vendor or breeder.

For instance, Barney’s Farm has one of the finest marijuana seeds; therefore, if you buy seeds from them at Seed Supreme, you will have more chances of better yield.

The only drawback here is that you don’t get a germination guarantee.

However, if you need a seed bank with a germination guarantee, you can check Herbies Head Shop. Here you can also quality claim if your seeds don’t germinate.

In a nutshell, the quality of seeds at Seed Supreme depends on the breeder you choose.

However, the company ensures all of its seeds are top-notch before importing them into its inventory.

Pricing Of Seeds

Seed prices at Seed Supreme vary depending upon the strain and breeder you choose.

For example, some strains at Seed Supreme will be under $100 for a pack of 10 seeds; however, on the other hand, some strains will go as high as around $135.

Therefore, it is all about the strain type and breeder type.

Still, the average price at Seed Supreme is reasonable.

However, if you are a cannabis grower looking for a budget-friendly seed bank, I recommend Seedsman.

Further, Seed Supreme also puts some free seeds with your order and gives more than you pay for.

Like right now, they are adding 5 more feminized seeds with a pack of 10 seeds of the same strain along with 6 more free seeds.

Therefore, you get 11 free cannabis seeds for purchasing 10 seeds, while all the free seeds will be of the same quality.

So overall, the company is making you get the most out of your investment, making it a better place to buy weed seeds than investing in a new seed bank.

Shipping Service

Seed Supreme used to ship worldwide.

However, as of 2024, they are shipping only to the USA. Also, the company has not mentioned why they have stopped shipping around the globe.

Therefore, you cannot access Seedsupreme seed bank’s inventory other than the USA region.

Further, after successful payment, the company instantly ships your order.

Seed Supreme provides two delivery methods:

  • Standard
  • Guaranteed shipping option

However, their delivery methods and stealth shipping are less effective than other seed banks.

As a result, many customers have reported delivery delays and not receiving orders.

Therefore, there is still space left for improvement in the shipping department.


The packaging of seeds at this seed bank is done discreetly.

To ensure the privacy and security of the buyer, the company does not mention any suspicious information on the package.

Therefore, Seed Supreme properly packs your seeds before sending them to you.

Shipping Cost And Guaranteed Shipping

This seed bank ships your seeds with first-class royal mail.

With an additional $10, you can opt for a guaranteed shipping option. That will work like an insurance for your seeds.

In case of the package gets lost or damaged, the company will re-ship the order without asking any questions.

Further, you will be eligible for free shipping if your order is more than $125 for the USA and 75 Euros for the UK.

Even though you will still be eligible for free shipping, you must manually opt for the guaranteed shipping option to get insurance for your seeds.

Delivery Time

The delivery time from the Seed Supreme is quite average.

Many growers have reported delays in the delivery time of their order, while some cases have shown a complete failure of the company’s stealth methods, leading to orders being confiscated.

However, the company has two shipping hubs. One in the USA and one in the UK.

Therefore, UK orders are usually delivered within 2 to 7 working days. In contrast, the rest of the countries around the world can expect up to 25 working days to deliver the order.

For the USA orders, companies ships with the USPS tracking method. You can track your seeds until they reach your hands.

They offer stealth shipping for USA orders. The company will take out seeds from the original packaging and can send them to random objects for extra privacy.

You must go with the shipping guarantee option if you are ordering internationally. That makes your package safe from unwanted scenarios.

Payment Methods

When you get a lot of payment options on a website, ordering seeds becomes fast and easy.

With that said, Seed Supreme has got a lot.

Therefore, you can quickly place your order before the seeds get out of stock at this seed bank.

The accepted payment options at Seed Supreme are:

  • Cash
  • Money Order
  • Bitcoin
  • Other Cryptocurrency
  • Check By Mail
  • ACH
  • CashApp
  • Zelle
  • Mesh

Hence, you will have ample payment options that make your order experience easy.

Apart from this, the best part is that all of their payment methods are safe and secure. However, sending out cash in an envelope is a bit risky though.

Therefore, I recommend you pay via bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

It is fast, secure, reliable, and gives an instant status of a transaction that helps your order be processed faster by the company.

Also, bitcoin transactions are untraceable, so it is private, too.

If you are ordering internationally at this seed store, I would not recommend sending cash in the envelope because it is quite a risky option.

Also, the cash payment method takes a lot of time depending on your location; therefore, ideally, you should go with bitcoin to order marijuana seeds.

Customer Service

The customer service team at Seed Supreme is decent.

They help you with your queries about the seed info, order issues, and cannabis seeds at their shop.

Remember, the company sells seeds for souvenir purposes. Therefore, you cannot ask queries related to growing cannabis.

It is also why this company does not provide any germination guarantee either.

Therefore, you can expect any help from the company regarding germination as a cannabis grower.

Response Time From Customer Service Team

Usually, the response time from the customer service team of Seed Supreme is 24 working hours.

As they do not promote growers to grow cannabis seeds, this seed bank’s backend team will not provide any help concerning queries related to cultivation.

Apart from this, Seedsupreme seed bank provides an additional bonus of Kush Money if you receive damaged or wrong seeds.

However, you need to claim for the same with genuine proof (with a photo).

In a nutshell, Seed Supreme has to improve its customer service game to stand out in the market.

Discounts and Promotions At Seed Supreme

There are plenty of offers on the Seed Supreme website.

As you open up the company’s virtual store, you will observe the current offer.

Right now, they are offering a buy 1 and get 1 offer.

Apart from this, Seed Supreme sends free seeds with every order.

  • For orders under 50 Euros – you get 2 free seeds.
  • For orders between 50 to 100 Euros – you get 4 free seeds.
  • For orders between 100 to 150 Euros – you get 6 free seeds.
  • For orders between 150 to 200 Euros – you get 8 free seeds.
  • For spending over 200 Euros at the website – you get 10 free seeds.

Therefore, doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the store; you are sure to get freebies.

The best part is that you will not receive the male seeds under freebies. Instead, the company provides the same strain seeds or feminized seeds as freebies.

Additionally, the company provides “double your free seeds” offers from time to time. Therefore, you can grab that opportunity for your benefit and get up to 20 free seeds.

Different seed banks have different promotional offers, but Seed Supreme has these two major promotional deals that they launch mostly – double-free seeds and free seeds with every order.

Overall, Seed Supreme is one of the marijuana seedbanks with many discounts and promotions, making your online shopping experience exciting and much better.

Website Review

At a very first glance, the website looks professional.

You get a flashing banner of the current offer in the store.

Scrolling down the page will take you through the services they provide.

Then you can access their featured marijuana strains. Also, you will get access to their new cannabis strains below the page.

For experienced stoners, the store has a high THC seeds section.

Also, you will be able to find out the breeders in contact with the Seed Supreme.

You can even select a particular breeder and go with their selection at the store. It gives you instant access to the inventory of your favorite seed breeder.

And this feature is lacking in many other online seed banks.

Further, if you are a novice cannabis grower, you can go through the cannabis news section of the website.

That will allow you to know the latest cannabis laws in different regions.

Also, at the bottom of the page, you will get all the information about the company and its services.

You can also connect to the company on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Overall, the website of Seed Supreme is impressive.

It has a decent theme that makes navigation through various sections easy. Also, there is all information available about the company that will be helpful for a first-time visitor.

Therefore, surfing through the Seed Supreme website will give you an excellent experience.

Market Reputation Of Seed Supreme

Although Seed Supreme has been in the cannabis industry for a long time.

However, it still has not got the market reputation that it deserves.

The company has positive and negative reviews on various seed bank review platforms.

Many customers have complained about their customer service team, shipping delays, and delivery issues.

That is why Seed Supreme still has a long path to travel for coming under as one of the best seed banks in the world.

However, in 2024, Seed Supreme has been flagged “Green” at Seed Finder and has a 9.3 score from 5500+ reviews, making it one of the trustworthy seed banks.

Return And Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the order of Seed Supreme, you can ask for a full refund.

It is the feature that makes Seed Supreme stand out from the other seed banks because most of the seeded stores do not provide any refund or return policy.

However, there are various conditions that you need to follow before asking for a full refund:

(i) The package should be unopened with original unused seeds.

(ii) You will have 14 days of the period to return and ask for a full refund for your order.

(iii) You need to send back your package with recorded delivery so that company can get to track the item. Untrackable items will not be eligible for a refund.

(iv) After sending back the package, you must e-mail the company so that they can expect your package to arrive.

After these steps, once your package reaches the company, you will be eligible for a full refund.

It is one of the factors that buyers love about the Seed Supreme because the company refunds your money if you change your mind.

However, you need to go through a hassle process for the same.

Top 5 Seed Strains To Buy From Seed Supreme

  1. Gorilla Glue #4: THC content around 25%, one of the most potent strains in the market, award-winning strain with intense aroma and flavor, highly recommended strain for experienced stoners.
  2. Amnesia Feminized: uplifting and motivating strain with THC around 20%, decent yield, perfect to grow indoor, medicinal benefits, easy to grow strain with around 80 days of the flowering period.
  3. Blue Dream: one of the best-selling blue strains, THC around 22% taste blueberries with fruity blend, intense euphoria, easy to grow, best for beginners.
  4. Diesel: classic diesel flavor with potent high, energizing, and uplifting effects, medicinal benefits, intense fuel aroma with delicious taste, best for indoor cultivation.
  5. Durban Poison: one of the best Sativa strains, up to 25% THC, mind-blowing effects, powerful euphoria, and medically beneficial strain.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Cannabis Seeds At Seed Supreme


  • A large selection of cannabis strains
  • High-quality strains and varieties
  • Free cannabis seeds with every order
  • One of the oldest marijuana seed bank
  • Impressive website
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Trustworthy seed bank


  • No germination guarantee
  • Poor quality shipping methods
  • No worldwide shipping (as per the latest update)

Seed Supreme Seed Bank Alternatives

Herbies Seeds: 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, worldwide stealth shipping, free seeds with every purchase, 2,000+ cannabis seeds to choose from, excellent 4.85/5.0 rating from 900+ reviews.

ILGM: one of the best USA seed banks, germination guarantee, premium cannabis seeds, guaranteed shipping, highly reputed and trustworthy seed bank.

MSNL: UK-based seed bank with one of the high-quality marijuana seeds in stock, a large selection of varieties, excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

FAQs About Seed Supreme

Is Seed Supreme a good company?

Yes, Seed Supreme is an excellent company to buy weed seeds online. However, there is space for improvement around the consistent seed quality, shipping service, and customer service team.
Therefore, if you want a premium experience and faster shipping to the USA, try ILGM.

Does Seed Supreme offer free seeds?

Yes, you get free seeds with every order you place at Seedsupreme seeds. Sometimes, the company even offers double-free seeds.

What are Seed Supreme payment options?

Seed Supreme has multiple payment methods. Cash, money order, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are accepted payment methods at Seed Supreme.

Seed Supreme Seed Bank Reviews: In Conclusion

Seed Supreme is an excellent seed bank with thousands of seeds in stock.

However, having no germinate guarantee, delay in shipping, and poor customer service leaves space for improvement.

The good part is that the company keeps itself improving, making them one of the choices for buying high-quality cannabis seeds.

Therefore, I will recommend Seed Supreme seed bank for buying marijuana seeds. However, you can initially start with a small purchase and see if that works.

Moreover, if you need a seed bank that sells only premium seeds with fantastic services, you can check Herbies Seeds and ILGM.


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