The Best Canadian Seed Banks in 2023


There have been hundreds of Canadian seed banks in the market after the legalization of marijuana in 2018.

And therefore, it becomes tough to find the best one among them, especially when you are a newbie digging the web for the perfect online store for your first harvest.

So, what is the solution, then?

Here it is:

I will take you through the ten best Canadian seed banks of 2023 that will make sure you get the finest weed seeds for the best harvest till time.

Now, sounds good?

Moreover, in the end, you will come up with your perfect seed bank from where you will pave your path as a successful grower.

So, let’s get started:


10 Best Canadian Seed Banks of 2023

Here is the list of the top 10 seedbanks that I personally use!

Crop King Seeds – Overall Best Canadian Seed Bank

Striving to provide the best cannabis seeds to the growers for the best harvest every time, Crop King Seeds has got one of the finest seeds backed with an 80% germination rate.

Doesn’t matter whether you are looking for feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular marijuana seeds, or CBD seeds. CKS has got everything on its menu.

To get beautiful female plants and zero male plants, don’t forget to check CKS’ feminized section, which ensures the highest yield every time.

On top of that, the release of 500 new seeds frequently ensures that you get most of the cannabis strains of the market here.

While the company manually checks and inspects its seeds for quality before sending them out to you.

That means you can rest assured of a 100% successful harvest after buying cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds.

Furthermore, placing an order on the CKS website is very easy. Thanks to their informative website interface.

However, you can quickly make payments with a Credit card (VISA, MasterCard) and Interac E-transfer.

Moreover, you also get the bitcoin payment method for ordering discreetly.

After successful payment, the company ships your order quickly within 1 to 2 business days, and therefore, it takes around 2 to 7 working days to deliver your order.

You can also be eligible for free stealth shipping for orders above $200. Whereas standard shipping charges of $20 and $40 are imposed on your cart.

For any queries or doubts related to your order, you can reach their customer service, which is quite friendly, supportive, and fast.

A 24/7 online chat is also available.


  • Best Canadian seed store
  • 500 new seeds
  • 80% germination rate
  • Large selection
  • Fast stealth shipping
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free seeds over $420 order


  • This seed store does not accept bank drafts

What’s the best:

Established in 2005, Crop King Seeds has been one of the best Canadian seed banks operating for over 15 years.

And throughout their journey, the best part about this seed store remains the quality of seeds.

Crop King Seeds always maintain the quality of their seed strains for the perfect harvest every time.

And that is why CKS is one of the favorite seed stores of growers in 2023.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Buy Feminized Seeds At Low Price

In Quebec, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the popular online cannabis seed banks to buy quality seeds in 2023.

Founded in 2013, this online store takes pride in keeping one of the top-notch cannabis seeds for medical and recreational purposes.

After years of experience in breeding cannabis seeds, QCS has got the strains with consistent THC and CBD.

And that is why they give you an 80% germination guarantee.

That means if 8 out of 10 seeds do not germinate, they will replace with another pack of seeds to make a difference of 80%. Sounds amazing?

Well, yes, you got the back of this store every time!

Whether you need regular marijuana seed, autos, CBD, or feminized cannabis seeds, QCS has got every seed strain of the best quality possible.

Moreover, the pricing at QCS is very affordable.

The pricing starts from less than $10. However, you will be charged in Canadian dollars at the store.

However, bulk weed seeds have even more low rates.

The seeds per price for the bulk order goes as low as just $4.5.

And, you get quick payment methods of Credit card and E-transfer to place your orders.

While after successful payment, your order will be shipped within just 1-2 working days. You can get free stealth shipping if your order amount exceeds $200.

Additionally, you get free seeds with $150+ orders.


  • One of the most popular marijuana seed stores
  • High-quality marijuana seeds
  • 80% germination guarantee (with replacement)
  • Bulk seeds available
  • Faster delivery in Canada
  • Multiple payment options
  • A trustworthy source


  • Delivery of USA orders sometimes get delayed

What’s the best:

Their top-notch cannabis strains at low prices are what make QCS one of the best Canadian seed banks.

While 80% germination guarantee makes sure, every weed grower gets for what he’s paying for.

And that is why to grow cannabis, Canadian growers prefer to buy cannabis seeds from QCS.

ILGM – Premium Cannabis Seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM, is one of the most popular seed stores in 2023.

Founded by a passionate marijuana lover with over 25 years of experience, ILGM has one of the most premium cannabis seeds in its stock that can guarantee successful cultivation.

The seed store possesses one of the finest feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds for beginners to experienced growers.

Additionally, their seeds come with a germination guarantee that can make you have the most out of your investment when purchasing seeds from ILGM.

However, if you are a new grower, then ILGM has a special section of ‘beginner’ seeds, where newbie growers can get the best marijuana seeds for a better harvest for the first time.

Moreover, you can also get the grow kits at this Canadian seed bank.

For the first-time purchase at ILGM, you can get $5 off.

Also, the company gives you a ‘buy ten seeds and get ten free seeds’ offer that leads to a 100% discount.

Discreet shipping is free for the USA and Australia. However, international shipping, including Canada, gets charged a nominal amount.

Further, their shipping is top-notch and ensures complete privacy. Thanks to the discrete packaging.

ILGM is one of the few Canadian seed banks that accept cash as a payment method. However, you can also pay with bitcoin, bank transfer, and via cards.


  • Best quality weed seeds
  • Highly reputed cannabis brand
  • Germination guarantee
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Discreet packaging
  • 9.1/10.0 rating from 14,500+ reviews at Kiyoh


  • Free shipping is available for U.S orders only

What’s the best:

Premium seeds of ILGM.

If you are one of those experienced growers looking to buy cannabis seeds of premium quality for leveling up your standard as a grower, then ILGM is the best choice.

This seed store has one of the finest cannabis seeds backed with a germination guarantee.

Therefore, whether you buy seeds in Canada or elsewhere, you are sure to get the most out of your investment at ILGM.

Herbies Seeds – Buy Best Seeds

Herbies Seeds is a team of own cannabis experts working for over ten years in the industry.

With a mission to better health and wellbeing, Herbies Seeds provide one of the finest seeds genetics.

This seed bank has a broad category of cannabis seeds.

The primary category includes auto-flowering, regular, photoperiod, and feminized seeds.

While for the budget growers, Herbies Seeds also has a section for cheap seeds where you can get the lowest price.

And, for medical patients as well, you will have low-THC strains.

All in all, Herbies Seeds has one of the most extensive cannabis stocks that ensure you can get your favorite seeds that are not available anywhere else.

Further, this seed brand has also made available strains from other seed banks like Royal Queen Seeds, Pyramid Seeds, and more.

That means you can access most of the strains in one place.

Complete customer satisfaction is the priority of this seed store, and therefore, they give you 24/7 customer service.

Doesn’t matter you are confused with strain options or have queries regarding orders. Herbies Seeds’ backend team is always there to help you out.

While shipping is done immediately after receiving payment. Delivery of the order from Herbies Seeds is usually done within 7 to 15 working days.

Further, you get multiple payment options to place orders.

Further, regular offers and discounts are also available in the store. As of now, Herbies Seeds is offering up to 22% off on its premium selection.


  • One of the largest seed categories
  • Finest quality marijuana genetics
  • Serving over 10 years in the market
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Cheap marijuana seeds are available
  • Discreet packaging
  • Guaranteed delivery option available


  • No refund policy

What’s the best:

Their vast seed selection.

At Herbies Seeds, you will get all kinds of marijuana strains.

From newbie to expert, and from the premium range to cheap weed seeds, Herbies Seeds is a one-stop store for all of your seed requirements.

True North Seed Bank – One Of The Best Cannabis Seed Banks

True North Seed Bank is a trustworthy vendor that promises the best premium weed seeds.

With 100% fresh cannabis seeds, TNSB has contacts with one of the finest breeders around the world.

Some of their quality seed breeders are Royal Queen Seeds, Serious Seeds, Barneys Farm, Moxie Seeds, DNA Genetics, Delicious Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Dinafem, and Dutch Passion.

Although the seeds imported at TNSB are of top quality, the quality also depends on your selected brand.

Further, the company has one of the fastest shipping services in Canada.

They ship within 2-3 business days and deliver your order in under seven days. However, remote locations usually take a longer time than that.

Returns and refund policies are also available if you are not satisfied with the product. However, you will be eligible for the return within seven days only after receiving the order.

Keep in mind that this seed bank will accept only damaged or unused orders for return.

Further, TNSB has made multiple payment options available for ordering online. E-transfer and Bitcoin are the main options. Additionally, you will be charged in Canadian dollars at the store.

You can also avail 25% off with free seeds while paying through bitcoin.

The store also has bulk offers available under which you can buy seeds in bulk at relatively low prices than the market.


  • High-quality cannabis seeds at a low price
  • Faster worldwide shipping
  • 25% off on bitcoin payment
  • Network with multiple seed breeders
  • Return and refund policy available
  • Free cannabis seeds with every order
  • Regular promotions


  • Few discount offers

What’s the best:

TNSB is one of the Canadian seed stores with a large seed variety. At the same time, all of their marijuana seeds are imported from the world’s finest breeders.

And therefore, TNSB weed seeds lead to the best harvest every time.

That is why if you are planning to buy cannabis seeds on a budget, then TNSB is the best option.

Seedsman – Online Seed Store With Large Selection

Want one of the largest seed selections?

Seedsman has got you covered!

Established in 2002, Seedsman is one of the most experienced seed breeders in the market, holding over thousands of cannabis strains in stock.

And, with experience of more than two decades, Seedsman knows what an ideal grower can look for.

That is why it doesn’t matter which seed variety you are looking for. So you will get that on Seedsman.

With a mission to provide the finest genetics of marijuana seeds to growers worldwide, Seedsman has got one of the largest seed selections.

Every strain is available for feminine seeds, autos, and award winners.

If you cannot find your favorite strain elsewhere, search that once on, you are sure to get that here.

However, the best part is that they have affordable rates on their seeds.

Starting from as low as $10, you can get your hands-on their top-shelf marijuana seeds for a fantastic harvest.

That is why from newbie grower to expert, every weed grower prefers Seedsman to get their seeds.

Moreover, services at Seedsman are far better than any other average seed store.

They have got one of the quick, friendly, and supportive teams at the backend, making your online purchase at the shop more accessible and better.

Coming to the shipping and delivery services then they are excellent. Shipping is done within 2-3 days of receiving payment, whereas delivery can take 2 to 3 weeks, excluding bank holidays.


  • One of the largest seed selections
  • High-quality weed seeds
  • Network with hundreds of breeders around the world
  • Worldwide shipping and delivery
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Outstanding customer service
  • One of the most trustworthy and experienced store


  • No germination guarantee

What’s the best:

Their seed selection and quality of seeds.

Seedsman has almost every seed variety available. The best part is that they have the best version of it.

You can pick your seeds according to grow environment, goals, and even according to your breeder.

A cannabis community is also there to help you if you are a newbie.

Sonoma Seeds – Rare Marijuana Seeds

Sonoma Seeds can be your next favorite Canadian seed bank with more than 500+ strains in feminized, auto-flowering, and CBD seeds.

This West Coast-based seed bank believes in “growing organically,” Therefore, they keep only the hand-picked marijuana seeds that ensure the best harvest.

You can pick from Indica, Sativa, CBD, or hybrid categories.

All seeds of this seed bank ensure an 80% germination rate.

Further, all of their seeds are priced reasonably.

One of the best parts of this online seed bank is that they have given you multiple payment methods, unlike most other seed vendors.

Money transfer, Interac e-transfer, Cash, Bitcoin, and a Credit card are the options available to you for placing orders.

Once you place your order, Sonoma Seeds ships within 3-5 working days for Canadian buyers.

However, a flat rate of $20 is charged for express shipping.

However, you can be eligible for free shipping for orders above $200.

Packaging is done very discreetly to maintain privacy, which is an edge for the buyers of this seed bank.

Moreover, customer support at Sonoma Seeds is decent.

A fast, reliable, and engaging customer support team will help you answer your queries.

Though there are very few offers and discounts available in the store, the good thing is that pricing of the premium seeds is reasonable.


  • Free shipping over $200
  • 500+ marijuana strains to choose from
  • 80% germination rate
  • Excellent support team available
  • Multiple payment options are available


  • No reviews of this online store are available

What’s the best:

At Sonoma seeds, their seed selection is very impressive.

If you want to get your hands on some of the finest weed genetics to level up your cultivation journey, then Sonoma Seeds can surely help you with it.

Another thing that makes ordering seeds online easy is the availability of multiple payment options.

All in all, Sonoma Seeds can get you one of the best marijuana cultivation experiences with their seeds.

Mary Jane’s Garden – One Of The Best Local Seed Banks

Mary Jane’s Garden is one of the hubs for unique cannabis strains.

With a limited stock of top-notch unique cannabis seeds, this Vancouver seed bank can get your weed garden one of the incredible plants you might be growing for the first time.

Although this Canadian seed bank stocks weed seeds of all wide varieties.

From auto, feminized, regular, Indica, Sativa, indoor, outdoor to medical cannabis seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden has got everything in one place.

You can also get some rare strains here, which you might have never heard before.

And therefore, for the adventure growers, Mary Jane’s Garden is undoubtedly a seed bank to buy marijuana seeds from.

Available worldwide, this seed bank ships around the globe and makes sure every weed grower gets the highest quality of cannabis seeds possible.

Also, this is one of the few seedbanks that ships the same day if ordered before 14:00 (CET).

The company is located in Vancouver, Canada, and therefore delivers orders instantly throughout the nation.

Further, their unique strain packaging is done discreetly to ensure the user privacy remains maintained, and that is why the company has over a 90% delivery success rate.

In case of any issue or query, the company’s customer support executives are there to help you. You can call on the given number available on the website.


  • A premium selection of rare strains
  • Faster delivery in Canada
  • Same-day shipping
  • Faster customer support
  • Stealth shipping and delivery


  • Average website
  • Orders outside Canada can take a longer time

What’s the best:

At Mary Jane’s Garden, you can find some rare cannabis strains which are hard to find elsewhere.

A large variety allows you to select your favorite seeds from the vast strain selection.

And, the affordable pricing makes it easier for every weed grower to afford some hard-to-find strains.

If you want to grow some premium cannabis plants, check out the menu of Mary Jane’s Garden.

Sensi Seeds – Most Experienced Seed Bank

Sensi Seeds is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks globally, with one of the largest selections of marijuana strains in inventory, having more than 500 seed varieties.

With a 4/5 shop rating, Sensi Seeds is the online seed bank that can ensure you discreet packaging and fast delivery, making one of the highest successful deliveries of cannabis orders worldwide.

Apart from the essential catalog of cannabis seeds (auto-flowering, feminized, and CBD), the store also possesses one of the best hemp foods and vaporizers.

Therefore, Sensi Seeds can be your one-stop destination for all of your smoking needs.

Further, the store gives you ample payment options for placing orders. For example, bank transfer, Credit card, and cash are the accepted methods.

And after the successful payment, the company ships the order within 24 working hours.

Though shipping for bank transfer payment method can take more time as bank transfer transactions can take up to 5 business days for showing up in the account.

Orders, once shipped, can take up to 15 days to be delivered to your location.

Further, the customer support at Sensi Seeds is excellent.

Their backend team is friendly, supportive, and fast making your online shopping experience much better at Sensi Seeds.


  • One of the most experienced online seed banks
  • Highly reputed store
  • Large varieties
  • Top-notch weed seeds
  • Discreet packaging and faster delivery
  • Multiple payment options
  • Excellent customer support


  • Few discounts and offers

What’s the best:

At Sensi Seeds, you get one of the finest bred cannabis seeds with over 30 years of experience in cannabis breeding.

Therefore, you can be assured of the best quality weed seeds, leading you to have one of the best marijuana cultivations.

Doesn’t matter you are a newbie or an experienced grower. Sensi Seeds has got the best seeds.

Montreal Seed Bank – Buy Marijuana Seeds At Affordable Rate

Relatively new but one of the most affordable and quality online seed banks worldwide, Montreal Cannabis Seeds has been operating now for over five years in the industry.

With consistent THC and CBD content in its strains, Montreal Cannabis seed bank promises the premium marijuana seeds that lead to one of the best harvests.

The store has multiple seed varieties, including autos, feminized, and regular seeds.

Additionally, their mixed packs of seeds will allow you to get your hands on multiple strains with single time purchase.

And, for medical weed enthusiasts, the seed bank has one of the best CBD and medical cannabis seeds in stock.

Even if you are growing outdoors, you can still choose your strains according to the harvest months in the category.

While if you need a fast strain to grow, you can check their fast version section.

If you are a commercial grower, don’t forget to check their bulk deals.

Therefore, irrespective of your cultivation skills and purpose, Montreal Cannabis Seeds has got everything for you.

Further, you can place your order quickly. Thanks to the easy website interface.

And, shipping is done within 2 to 3 business days after successful payment. However, delivery time can vary from 5 to 10 working days depending upon your location.


  • Variety of cannabis seeds
  • Top-notch seeds
  • Excellent customer support
  • Faster shipping
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Limited payment methods
  • No regular offers and discounts

What’s the best:

If you are stepping into growing marijuana as a beginner, then Montreal Cannabis Seeds can pave your path for a successful harvest.

Their budget pricing makes them one of the best Canadian seed banks in the market.

And the combination of the best quality and the perfect pricing makes this online store an ideal choice for a newbie.

What are the most reputable and the best seed banks?

There are a lot of reputed and best seed banks. However, ILGM, Crop King Seeds, and Seedsman are some of the most reputable and trustworthy seed banks in the market, trusted by millions of growers worldwide.

Are seed banks legal in Canada?

As 2018’s cannabis act legalized cannabis, seed banks also got legalized to fulfill the increased demand for marijuana cultivation and products.

Therefore, you can now legally buy seeds in Canada and grow cannabis plants.

What seed bank has the best genetics?

All the seed banks store the finest genetics of marijuana. However, Crop King Seeds, ILGM, Seedsman, and Quebec Cannabis Seeds have some of the best weed genetics in their inventory.

Is it legal to buy seeds online in Canada?

If you are an adult aged 19 or above, you can buy seeds online in Canada. You can also indulge in any cannabis activity as you reach the adult age.

Why are seed banks important?

Seed banks are stores that maintain the quality of cannabis seeds and stock a large variety in one place to buy and start cultivation. Therefore, they are essential.

Buy Cannabis Seeds In Canada: Conclusion

Finally, you must come up with your favorite seed bank for buying cannabis seeds.

If you are unsure yet, you can start your journey with Crop King Seeds or ILGM.

These are the all-time best Canadian seedbanks that will ensure you get premium quality cannabis seeds for a perfect harvest.

Before you step into the garden to grow a cannabis plant, make sure you have permission from your local laws and authorities because the cultivation of cannabis is still regulated according to different regions.

However, once you are comfortable with the laws, get ready to rock in the garden with the above Canadian seed banks.


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