Top 10+ Best Autoflower Seed Banks in 2024


Auto-flowering seeds are best to start growing marijuana.


Growing marijuana becomes easier with auto seeds as they finish faster. Also, they are easy to maintain.

However, some auto-flowering cannabis seeds finish even within just six weeks.

And that is why an amateur grower who is just starting his journey buys autoflowering seeds.

There are many cannabis seed banks to buy seeds online. However, I will tell you the top 10 seedbanks of 2024 that sell seeds of only premium quality.

Let’s get started:


10 Best Autoflower Cannabis Seed Banks Of 2024

Here is the list of some of the most reliable autoflower cannabis seed banks!

1. Crop King Seeds – Overall Best Seed Store

Crop King Seeds is the best autoflower seed bank of 2024.

CKS offers a wide selection of auto-flowering and feminized seeds. At the same time, they give you an 80% germination rate on that.

Cannabis seeds are imported through the world’s finest breeders at CKS and ensure high-quality seeds that you get every time.

That is why you will have high chances of success in cannabis growing with Crop King’s auto-flower seeds.

Further, this Canada-based seed store ships throughout the globe. And shipment is made within 24-48 hours of payment being received.

While you will have ample payment options to place your order, cards, bitcoin, and Interac e-transfer are the popular accepted methods.

Further, CKS has a quick delivery service. They deliver weed seeds throughout the globe within 15 working days. In addition, USA orders might arrive even earlier.

However, remote locations can take more time due to obvious reasons.

The customer support at CKS is brilliant, though. The super-friendly staff, engaging, and supportive team is available quickly whenever needed.

Even there’s 24/7 chat support, too.

Overall, buying cannabis seeds online at Crop King Seeds led to one of the best experiences.


  • Best online seed bank
  • 500 new and best marijuana seeds released
  • Worldwide stealth shipping
  • Faster delivery
  • Multiple payment options
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Fast and supportive customer service


  • No bank transfer as the payment method

What’s the best?

Crop King Seeds offers a wide selection for autoflowering seeds leading to having some of the rare cannabis seeds and ensuring supreme quality for each source manually.

And on top of that, Crop King Seeds makes sure that you get all of your favorite seeds at reasonable pricing.

That is why CKS is one of the best seed banks to buy marijuana seeds online in 2024.

2. ILGM – Premium Cannabis Seeds

ILGM or I Love Growing Marijuana has limited but one of the most premium auto-flower cannabis seeds in stock.

Founded in 2012, the founder has more than two decades of experience in breeding cannabis seeds.

And that is why ILGM is one of the seedbanks with one of the most premium auto flower genetics in inventory backed with germination guarantees.

And apart from the premium auto flower stock, ILGM has also got feminized marijuana seeds along with mind-blowing offers.

The company offers free reshipment on all orders if its seeds fail to germinate.

GG4, Northern Lights, and Bruce Banner are some of the most popular auto flower seed strains at ILGM, which you shouldn’t miss at all if growing for the first time.

ILGM ships to limited countries. And, for the USA growers, IGLM is one of the fastest seed banks to deliver seeds.

Averagely it takes 4-5 days to deliver seeds in the USA.

While ILGM has got your back in every situation, they offer you instant customer support, available at your fingertips.

Even if you are unsure which seeds to buy, the customer support team can even help you with that. This thing shows how reliable and supportive the team at ILGM is.

If you are a first-time buyer at ILGM, you can get their ‘buy ten seeds and get ten free seeds’ offer. That means 100% off!

Most seed banks don’t offer that.


  • One of the most popular auto flower seed banks
  • Premium cannabis seeds
  • Germination guarantees
  • Stealth shipping and delivery
  • Huge offers
  • Instant customer support
  • One of the most reputable seed banks


  • Not ships worldwide.
  • Premium cannabis seeds are slightly expensive.

What’s the best?

ILGM’s all cannabis seeds!

Doesn’t matter you are buying auto flower seeds or feminized seeds. ILGM is the cannabis seed company that has got the best of them. Thanks to their years of experience in the industry.

And that is why they are so confident in their seeds that they can even replace them for free if they don’t germinate.

While their fast, reliable, and supportive team help you to get over any situation leading to a better shopping experience from this virtual store.

3. Seedsman – Wide Seed Selection

Seedsman is one of the seed banks that ship worldwide while having one of the most extensive seed strains in its inventory.

Further, Seedsman has contacts with one of the top breeders from every corner of the world, which led Seedsman to stock more than 1500 strains at a time.

Therefore, you can easily find one of the rare and hard-to-find auto-flower cannabis seeds here. At the same time, all of the seeds at Seedsman are pretty affordable.

And that is why beginner growers love to buy seeds from Seedsman as they have high-quality marijuana seeds and have affordable pricing.

Additionally, Seedsman gives you free seeds with every order along with the reward program. That shows the care of the company towards its loyal customers.

Further, shipping is done worldwide at a very nominal charge.

While you will get almost every online payment method here to place your order, from check or money order to bitcoin or cards, Seedsman has got everything in one place.

Moreover, Seedsman has one of the most hassle-free return policies if you are not happy with its seeds somehow.

You can just ring their customer support team and return the order within seven days.

Therefore, Seedsman becomes the ideal seed store that you are looking for.


  • Largest stock of seeds
  • Best quality auto flower seeds
  • Worldwide delivery
  • One of the best customer support teams
  • Discounts and reward programs
  • Free seeds
  • Return policy


  • Slightly delayed deliveries for some locations

What’s the best?

If you are looking for the finest auto flower seeds to choose from, a large selection of your favorite strains, then Seedsman is the seed bank for you.

This marijuana seed bank has got almost every popular cannabis seed in stock while maintaining its premium quality. Thanks to the top-class breeders as importers.

On top of that, Seedsman will completely fit in your budget even if you are a newbie with limited investment in your growing project.

Further, it is one of the marijuana seed banks that ship worldwide with a guarantee.

4. MSNL – Auto-Flower Cannabis Seeds On Sale

Established in 1999, MSNL is one of the marijuana seed banks with the finest genetics of auto flower seeds.

Further, MSNL has experience of more than 20 years in breeding cannabis seeds.

No doubt, why marijuana seeds nl have a 5-star rating with over 1200+ reviews on their website.

While MSNL offers you seeds at a meager price, they regularly provide you. As of now, they are offering 30% off on their premium auto flower seeds.

Purple Hulk, Cherry Pie, and Auto Girl Scout Cookies are the most-demanded quality seeds that you can’t miss at MSNL.

However, you can dig further into their inventory with the help of filters like high THC, high yield, indoor or outdoor environment to find your favorite cannabis seeds.

Thanks to their user-friendly website. That gives you a smooth experience in navigating from one section to another.

Additionally, MSNL has one of the highest success rates in delivering orders as they offer you a guaranteed delivery.

While this seed store is an expert in maintaining customer privacy, they discretely pack cannabis seeds (in random toys mostly).

Placing an order is easy with multiple payment options though you get an additional 15% off with the bank transfer option.


  • One of the finest auto flower seeds
  • Best priced auto flower cannabis seeds
  • Regular offers and sales
  • Stealth shipping
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Free cannabis seeds with every order
  • One of the most reputable seed banks


  • Average customer support
  • No germination guarantee

What’s the best?

MSNL’s experience in the marijuana industry has led them to store one of the most popular, premium, and highly-demanded auto-flowering cannabis seeds along with other strains.

And therefore, growers who are confused about where to start can directly buy any auto flower seed strain at MSNL and can rest assured of 100% success in growing marijuana.

All in all, MSNL is the hub of the finest genetics at very affordable pricing from breeders around the globe. Hence, you can get all of your popular seed strains in one place – MSNL seed bank.

5. Weed Seeds Express – High-Quality Seeds

Starting from a few years back, Weed Seeds Express has some of the top-quality seeds that you can buy online.

They have 29 seed strains as of right now.

Though it is a minimal stock, they combine popular, unique, and most demanded strains.

Northern Lights, Zkittlez, and White Widow, are the most popular and unique auto flower strains at Weed Seeds Express.

Additionally, this seed bank is an expert in delivering the best marijuana seeds in every country in the world. Thanks to their discrete packaging and stealth shipping.

While you get a guarantee on both germination of seeds and delivery of the order, that makes this seed bank one of the best auto flower seed banks in 2024.

Therefore, even if you reside within a suspicious country or region where buying cannabis seeds online is impossible, Weed Seeds Express can surely help you get that.

Further, you will get decent customer support here, along with a return policy on seeds as well. At the same time, you will place orders with cash and crypto.

Also, you can get some decent offers and discounts on their premium range of seeds during sales.

However, you have to regularly watch their website as their offer fluctuates consistently due to variations in-stock availability.


  • High-quality auto flower seeds
  • Germination guarantee
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Discrete and stealth shipping
  • Discounts available


  • Limited stock of best cannabis seeds
  • Limited payment options

What’s the best?

At Weed Seeds Express, their stock of premium auto-flowering marijuana seeds is of the best quality in the market.

Further, this is one of the best seed banks that believes in quality over quantity, making this store unique.

Considering all primary strains categories, this seed store has around 100 strains, but they are of the finest quality.

While their guaranteed delivery policy makes sure you get your cannabis seeds delivered anywhere in the world. Most seed banks don’t have a guaranteed delivery policy, though.

6. Seed Supreme – Seed Supermarket

Founded in 2013 in the UK, Seed Supreme has one of the most extensive stocks of marijuana seeds from the finest breeders around the globe.

Seed Supreme has got more than 4000 cannabis strains from 100+ cannabis seed banks worldwide.

It also covers Gorilla Seed Bank, Seed City, and Quebec cannabis seeds.

And this makes this seed store a one-stop store to buy all of your favorite feminized seeds and auto flower seeds.

Therefore, marijuana growers looking for a more extensive inventory must check Seed Supreme.

Though the quality of seeds at Seed Supreme varies according to the breeder, this seed store has fairly decent-quality cannabis seeds overall.

Seed Supreme has got 1100+ strains in the auto-flowering category making it possible to find most marijuana seeds here.

And, apart from auto-flowering, feminized seeds, and regular seeds, Seed Supreme has also got some of the best medicinal seeds, high THC, high yield, and wholesale cannabis seeds.

Therefore, you can call Seed Supreme a supermarket of cannabis seeds.

Further, Seed Supreme ships worldwide to most countries. Shipping is free if the order exceeds $90. And, the delivery of orders is guaranteed by the seed bank. Thanks to their stealth packaging.


  • One of the largest stocks of marijuana seed strains
  • High-quality cannabis seeds
  • 100+ online seed banks in contact
  • Free shipping over $90
  • Stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery


  • No cards or bank transfers accepted as the payment method 
  • No germination guarantee on seeds.
  • Average customer support

What’s the best?

Seed Supreme has got one of the most extensive stocks of the best cannabis seeds.

And therefore, if you can’t find autoflower seeds anywhere else, you are sure to find them here. Additionally, the marijuana seeds are priced relative to make them accessible by most growers.

While their shipping and delivery services are far better than any other seed bank, making it one of the best online seed banks in 2024.

7. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Cheap Seeds

Based in the marijuana capital, Amsterdam, AMS, or Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is a relatively new seed bank that offers high-quality auto-flower cannabis seeds.

This seed bank has a limited but popular selection of premium auto flower, regular, and feminized seeds. And, they offer jaw-dropping deals as well.

As of now, you can get 15 different marijuana seeds for free on the purchase of 15 seeds at AMS at the same price. Isn’t this a fantastic deal?

Well, AMS has also got some of the most rarely found auto-flower cannabis strains in the stock.

Priced affordably, AMS is a one-stop destination for finding some rarely heard auto flower strains.

Also, this seed bank promises you a guaranteed delivery backed with reshipment.

If you have filled in the correct address and still not got your order due to customs or anything else, AMS will re-ship your order without asking any questions.

And on top of that, AMS ships for free worldwide.

Though to maintain privacy, they can re-pack your seeds for successful delivery. However, the best part is their fast shipment.

Orders are shipped as quickly as possible after successful payment. And, usually, orders arrive within 15 working days to 31 days.

USA orders can arrive even earlier, though.

Further, their customer support is also decent. Queries are responded under 24 working hours.

All in all, AMS is known for its unique selection of auto flower seeds, along with its decent services.

Therefore, AMS has a brilliant 4.32 rating out of 5 from 9200+ reviews.


  • Some unique selection
  • Reasonably priced
  • Decent services
  • Free shipping
  • Guaranteed delivery


  • No germination guarantee on seeds
  • No free seeds

What’s the best?

AMS is one of the best seed banks online if you are looking for some unique and quality genetics that you haven’t heard of yet.

Additionally, their faster services in the USA, Europe, and other countries make this seed bank even better.

Overall, if you are an expert grower looking to step up your marijuana growing journey with some unique auto flower strains, then AMS can surely help you in that.

8. Nirvana Shop – Affordable Seed Bank

Beginner growers looking for cheap autoflower marijuana or feminized seeds can surely visit Nirvana Shop.

This affordable seed bank offers high-quality cannabis seeds for as low as $5 per seed.

And therefore, novice growers with limited budgets can find the best deals here. At the same time, all of their marijuana seeds are of top quality.

Amnesia Haze, Big Bud, and Blue Dream are some of the most demanded strains at Nirvana Shop.

Further, Nirvana Shop accepts multiple payment methods leading you to place the orders quickly and conveniently.

While you get 5% additional off on bank transfers and cash, this seed bank will also double up your seed if you order through bitcoin.

And, once your payment is received successfully at the shop, Nirvana Shop ships your order instantly within 24 working hours.

Further, the orders are delivered quickly within 3 to 4 weeks in USA and earlier in Europe.

If you need customer support, you can ring their team on the given numbers or raise a support ticket at the website. While mailing option is also there.

Therefore, multiple ways to approach their backend team are given to ensure you can get help whenever needed.

That means, in any case, Nirvana Shop has got your back to ensure you have the best experience to buy marijuana seeds online.


  • Finest auto flower seeds on sale
  • Worldwide faster delivery
  • Discrete packaging and instant shipment
  • Reputable seed bank
  • One of the oldest and best seed banks online


  • Limited seed stock

What’s the best?

Nirvana Shop offers the best seeds at a low price.

Their overall services and the best seeds make Nirvana seed bank one of the best online seed banks to buy auto flower seeds online in 2024, especially if you are a novice grower.

Although this online seed bank has only 24 auto flower strains in stock right now, they are of a premium range.

And at the top of that, Nirvana Shop offers faster shipping, multiple payment methods, and great discounts.

That is why Nirvana Shop is one of the best seed banks for amateur growers.

9. Paradise Seeds – Premium Seeds At Low Price

If you are looking for one of the fastest auto flower strains to finish within just 60 days, then Paradise Seed bank is for you.

Established out of weed capital, Amsterdam, Paradise Seeds has potent, unique, and premium quality auto-flower cannabis seeds.

As a hub of top auto flower genetic strains, Paradise Seeds has won 50+ cannabis cups.

Also, this is one of the oldest and best seed banks in the market, and therefore, it has some of the hard-to-find auto flower genetics that can overwhelm growers with the results.

Pandora, Vertigo, and White Berry are some of the most bought auto flower seeds at Paradise Seed bank.

Also, you can easily find your favorite seed strain while filtering them out based upon high THC, high yield, indoor, outdoor, and more categories.

And their beautifully designed website makes it easier for you to search out cannabis seeds. The theme is attractive, user-friendly, and keeps you engaged with the information.

Shipping services at Paradise Seeds are excellent. However, they ship to limited countries.

However, you can easily find Paradise Seeds from nearly available resellers.

Further, the services at Paradise Seeds are brilliant. You can approach the backend team via phone and mail in case of queries. They are fast, reliable, and friendly.


  • Some unique, and powerful auto-flower marijuana seeds
  • Affordable pricing
  • Faster discrete shipping
  • Excellent customer support
  • 50+ cannabis cup winner seed bank


  • Doesn’t ship worldwide

What’s the best?

The rare and finest genetics at Paradise Seeds!

Suppose you are an experienced grower looking for the world’s finest and premium auto flower seeds to level up your marijuana cultivation journey. In that case, Paradise Seeds can surely help you with that.

Their auto flower seeds are of limited stock yet of premium quality, making this seed bank one of the best online stores to buy seeds from.

10. Mary Janes Garden – New Seed Bank

One of the new seed banks in the market, Mary Janes Garden, is the Canadian seed bank with a decent stock of cannabis strains.

Mary Jane Garden has a decent selection of cannabis seeds of all basic categories. At the same time, all of their weed seeds are priced reasonably.

Though their website is quite average, which requires improvements, the old school theme constructs difficulties sometimes.

However, their cannabis seeds are worth that hassle if you look for affordable auto flower seeds.

Mary Janes directly sell cannabis seeds from the source and therefore ensures freshness and high quality of seeds leading to a better germination rate.

They ship worldwide and provide discrete shipping. However, you get free shipping with orders of more than $135.

And, you get ten free seeds for free with orders above $420.

Further, multiple modes of payment allow you to place an order conveniently. For example, cash, MoneyGram, Interac E-transfer, Cards (with 10% fee), and bitcoin are the accepted payment methods.

For customer support, you can ring their backend team on the given number on the website. However, their customer service is average.


  • Some finest genetics of auto flower seeds are available
  • Free shipping over $135
  • Free 10 seeds over $420
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Decent services


  • No germination guarantee
  • No large stock
  • Average website
  • No free seed with every order

What’s the best?

High-quality auto flower seeds at affordable pricing attract growers to Mary Jane Garden.

While their services are relatively faster in Canada and the USA, making it one of the best auto flower seed banks that ship to Canada and the USA.

Overall, the stock of all seed strains at Mary Jane Garden is of high quality, which, along with decent services, makes this seed bank one of the first choices of newbie growers.

Buying Auto Flower Seeds Online: Guide

Buying marijuana seeds online is easy if you have one of the best cannabis seed banks.

However, before you directly opt or search for the best marijuana seed banks, make sure to look for certain things to ensure you get the right quality of seeds.

Also, to avoid any fraud or scams with you!

It will help you choose the right seed bank for you and lead you to get the most out of your investment.

1. Reputation Of Seed Bank

Check for the seed bank’s establishment and years of service in the industry.

It will help you know how better the services and quality of seeds are at that store. For example, ILGM is one of the most reputed online cannabis seed banks.

That ultimately hints that the quality of seeds at ILGM is far better than any other seed bank. And therefore, simply, it is the best seed bank.

And also, digging out the history of online seed banks will make you get to know if they are legit stores and not just come up a few times back just to hunt the money from your pocket.

Hence, look for the market reputation of an online store.

2. Reviews

Genuine public reviews of a seed bank help you get a deep insight into the store in a few minutes.

You can look for reviews at forums, subreddit, and Trustpilot-like websites. It will help you distinguish between a genuine seed bank and a ‘scammy’ website.

You can also apply this method to find suitable strains for you. For example, just scroll down the strain page and search for reviews of previous buyers and their experience of growing it.

This thing will prepare you beforehand about that strain. At the same time, you can also get to know if that specific strain is right for you.

3. Services

Just imagine if you ordered your seeds two weeks ago, but the seeds are stuck in transit, and the seed bank is not responding to your emails now.

Sounds horrible? Right?

Therefore, ensuring that the services of seed banks are good enough for you is a must before choosing the perfect auto flower seed bank for yourself.

For example, Seedsman is the best seed bank for customer support which is available instantly to you. Therefore, most customer feedbacks about Seedsman contain zero complaints regarding their services.

Also, the availability of multiple payment methods, ways to approach the backend team, germination guarantee, and website interface are included in services, ultimately contributing to your online shopping experience.

So, these are the specific factors that you can ensure before choosing the right seed bank for yourself. And, this will surely make you get the best out of your investment.

Tips For Knowing If Your Seeds Are Of Good Quality

There are many things to look for in a genuine weed seed while growing marijuana.

Well, here are some tips that can help you know if you have got high-quality seeds and can ensure a higher germination rate.

(i) Look For Appearance And Color

Marijuana seeds of good quality usually have brown, dark color and appearance can also have some patches. On the other hand, immature seeds have lighter shades of hue like white and light green.

(ii) Size

Good quality marijuana seeds are round.

If seeds are out-shaped or broken, they are not of good quality.

(iii) Float Test

Well, to ensure that your marijuana seeds are of good quality, the float test can give you surety.

Get distilled water in a glass or similar container and put your marijuana seeds in bulk. Sources that get sinks are of good quality and ensure a better germination rate than those that didn’t.


What seed bank has the most auto-flowers?

Seed Supreme and Seedsman has one of the most extensive seed stocks. Seed Supreme has 1100+ auto flowers in stock.

What is the highest yielding auto-flower strain?

Zkittlez, Purple Punch, Northern Lights Auto, Bruce Banner, Wedding Cheese Cake, Moby Dick, and Blueberry Auto are the highest-yielding auto flower strains.

Do auto-flowering plants produce auto-flowering seeds?

Yes, auto-flowering plants can produce auto-flowering seeds that ultimately reduce the need to buy marijuana seeds online.

What is the best way to germinate auto-flower seeds?

Depending upon strain type, you can germinate them with any method. The traditional way of planting directly into soil works fine in most cases.

Is buying marijuana seeds legal?

Purchasing seeds from a cannabis seed bank is legal in most countries and regions. However, growing marijuana is not. Still, to not take any risk, ensure your local authorities know legal to buy cannabis seeds in your area.

Is growing marijuana seeds legal?

Growing cannabis seeds is regulated in the USA. You have to know your local laws before cultivating cannabis plants.


There are many auto flower seed banks in the market, but we filtered out only the best ones.

You can buy cannabis seeds online from any of the mentioned cannabis seed banks and be assured of 100% better results.

These seed banks ship to almost every corner of the world.

However, keep in mind that buying seeds from the cannabis seed bank and growing cannabis plants are different terms.

Further, both are regulated by the laws in most regions and countries.

And therefore, confirm about the same from your state or local authorities to be legally safe.

Also, check Dispensaries in Canada.


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