Top 10 Best Strains For Female Arousal in 2022

Strains For Female Arousal

With today’s top 11 best strains for female arousal, be ready to get the extra pleasure of sex.

We all know weed has various effects.

From euphorically couch-locked to making you focused, hungry, motivated, energetic, and stress-free, cannabis strains are the new generation’s go-to therapy.

However, research has shown a positive correlation between weed and frequency of sex and better orgasm.

Therefore, I will take you through the top 11 weed strains for female arousal that can make sure you have the wildest of night and a heavenly orgasm!

Let’s go:


11 Best Strains For Female Arousal

You can’t predict when women get aroused the most.

However, you can surely help your lady to get horny more often with these chosen weed strains that perfectly makes them feel stress-free to have a better mood and ultimately have an increased sex demand:

Green Goddess – Best Strain For Female Arousal

Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: 17% to 20%

Flavor: Citrusy, spicy lemon, slight hints of blueberries

Be ready for a passionate night and get over cloud nine with Green Goddess strain.

The strain produces intense euphoria that slowly takes hold of your body, making you crave the touch sensations.

Further, the citrusy and lemony flavor profile makes it a unique strain to puff when you’ve already explored the other strains.

Additionally, this Indica dominant beauty will relieve the body-aches and reduce stress to boost mood, ultimately giving you a better perspective for intimacy.

Even medical patients have also reported a better result in symptoms of depression.

Therefore, Green Goddess also has medicinal benefits along with increased arousal.

Moreover, the high of this weed is not intolerable. Instead, this cannabis strain hits the sweet spot in your strain menu, where it adds up to a pleasant mood.

On top of that, the mouth-watering flavor profile is cherry on top.

Hence, all in all, Green Goddess is the ideal strain to puff in the evening when you want wild sex because this weed has got everything to set your mood up.

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Trainwreck – Best Strain To Have A Great Sex

Strain Type: Sativa dominant hybrid

THC: 17% to 22%

Flavor: Earthy, spicy, and sour

What if you got a strain that can sky-boost your mood with energizing buzz to have a wild night?

Well, Trainwreck is that potent cannabis strain that can make you go wild in bed. Especially to women. Thanks to its sky-level THC content.

This Sativa dominant hybrid strain can deliver uplifting effects to boost your mood to make you go a little kinky with your partner.

Therefore, this weed helps you get an increased libido to feel every touch of your partner’s body deeply.

Additionally, the enriched terpene in Trainwreck fetches a better aroma and flavor to cherish your taste bud with every smoke session.

That means, Trainwreck can ideally be your go-to strain before going to bed.

Moreover, this weed strain also possesses stress-relieving properties to make you feel lighter before getting intimate with your loved one.

That is why medical patients report this weed better for cutting off the stress and bursting anxiety leading to an extraordinary sexual experience.

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Sour Diesel – Strain To Have A Wild Morning Sex

Strain Type: Sativa

THC: Up to 26%

Flavor: Diesel, spicy, earthy

Sour Diesel is an ideal strain to kick start your day with fantastic morning sex.

This Sativa beauty comes under the best marijuana strains of the market and has a great potency to deliver one of the best euphoric effects.

Within just a few puffs, your desire for tactile sensations will increase, you will feel flying high. Your whole body will sink into a deep relaxation state while your worries and stress will slowly fade away.

Further, the taste of Sour Diesel aligns toward Diesel and spicy mix where notes of earthiness also take place during the climax.

The parental genetics of Sour Diesel is Chemdawg and Super Skunk, while Sativa is the dominant genetic lineage.

With that being said, this strain also thrives beautifully outdoors, where it produces a heavy yield.

However, indoor growers can also make the most out of HST, LST, or SoG techniques.

Above all, this weed strain is ideal for those who want to know the potency of Sativa, and therefore, if you smoke Indica before then, try out this weed to be a fan of it.

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Green Crack – High Energy Strain

Strain Type: Sativa

THC: Up to 25%

Flavor: Tangy, fruity

Better sex needs a better energy level.

And for that, Green Crack is one of the highly energetic weed strains that possess the potency to give you an energetic buzz to have a wild night.

Green Crack is a Sativa strain that fetches up to 26% THC, becoming one of the popular strains in the market among experienced stoners.

Therefore, people finding potent strains have a direct answer – puff Green Crack.

At the same time, it can be a warning to newbies; you should start with smaller doses of it to not get overwhelmed until or unless you are a cannabis expert puffing weed for years.

Further, this cannabis possesses an enriched terpene profile inducing aroma and taste of tangy fruitiness.

As you puff this weed, your mouth will fill up with notes of citrusy fruit and earthiness, leading to a unique taste.

The potency of Green Crack can induce some symptoms of dry mouth and reddish eyes. However, you can keep eye drops handy and keep yourself hydrated to avoid that.

If you want to spice up your sex life with intense euphoria, then smoke Green Crack. This weed can deliver you one of the powerful highs that can lead you to have one of the most beautiful intercourse experiences as well.

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GSC Or Girl Scout Cookies – Weed For Better Sex Any Time

Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: 19% to 28%

Flavor: Mint, sweet cherry, and lemon

For Indica lovers, GSC is bliss.

Whether it is about male arousal or boosting libido in women, this weed is one of the few Indica strains with sky-level potency to make you get the best of the weed world.

With up to 28% THC in some of its varieties, GSC cannabis can make you overwhelmed if you have a low tolerance to THC.

Additionally, its effects also reduce anxiety, boost the appetite by bettering the digestive system, and give you complete body relaxation in the end.

Further, the aroma and taste of Girl Scout Cookies lie toward a blend of sweet cherry and citrusy lemon that overall gives you a mouth-watering experience.

Also, as a grower, you will find this weed strain much easier to grow, unlike Sativa ones that couldn’t fit in limited space because GSC can thrive in most climates.

In short, GSC is the weed that you need to start with if you are unsure about choosing the right strain for yourself.

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Purple Punch – Weed For Sex Date

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC: 18% to 25%

Flavor: Sweet, Grape, berry

Purple Punch is a cross of legendary Granddaddy Purple and Lary OG, becoming one of the best strains for sex dates when you need an energizing kick to initiate things.

As you puff Purple Punch, you will feel profound sedative effects making you feel uplifted and ready for action.

The taste aligns toward fruity sweetness and grape-like, with a fantastic aroma. Thanks to enriched terpenes.

Further, this cannabis also helps in various medical symptoms. It can alleviate pain, anxiety, and stress.

That is why it can boost your mood and give an energizing euphoria for better intimacy with your partner.

All in all, Purple Punch is the weed that can level up your action game on your sex dates.

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Granddaddy Purple – One Of The Best Indica Dominant Strains For Female Arousal

Strain Type: Indica dominant

THC: 17% to 23%

Flavor: Grape, berry

GDP is one of the best strains for females to arouse with cannabis.

This weed produces up to 23% THC, which is high from different strains in the market. Therefore, this cannabis leads to a better sexual experience with its potent effects.

The high GDP strain is both cerebral and physical, giving you the best weed experience of all time.

Therefore, whether you are into sex anytime or want a break and instant kick to start working again, GDP has got your back with its powerful effects.

Further, the taste of GDP is more likely to have a burst of a fruity mix of berries and grape that overall cherishes your taste buds.

Regular puffs of this weed can lead to dry mouth and dry eyes, which you can avoid by hydrating yourself and keeping eye drops handy.

All in all, Granddaddy Purple is legendary marijuana that stoners use to uplift mood and ultimately have better sex with their partners.

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Purple Urkle – Beautiful Cannabis To Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Strain Type: Balanced hybrid

THC: 18% to 20%

Flavor: Grape, skunk, sweet

Have you ever dreamt of having beautiful nugs of weed in your stash?

Well, Purple Urkle has that beauty which is a sight to behold.

As you might have guessed from the name, this cannabis has velvet calyxes, with green hues and orange pistils, making overall look fantastic.

Therefore, it is one of the best strains to cultivate for growers.

Apart from its look, this beauty is also known for delivering one of the best euphoric effects leading to a better sex session.

The high of Purple Urkle takes hold slowly on your mind leading towards a profoundly relaxing state where you can feel every touch sensation of your loved one intensely.

Moreover, the classic taste of this cannabis leads to a unique flavor of the grape, skunk combined with hints of sweetness.

The effects of this beauty also relieve body pain, anxiety, and stress.

Therefore, it becomes one of the best weed strains you can enjoy with your partner to increase sex drive and have a better sex session.

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LA Confidential – Best Weed Strain For Increasing Sexual Desire

Strain Type: Indica

THC: 17%

Flavor: Earthy, woody, skunk

LA Confidential is one of the few marijuana strains that deliver a balanced high for increased sexual arousal.

When you are looking out for a weed that can perfectly balance the high to boost the mood for better sex, LA Confidential is the right strain that you have been missing till now.

Cannabis users have consistently reported an increase in sex drive when stress-free.

Therefore, this Indica dominant strain is one of the few specific strains that keeps the balance between delivering cerebral intensity euphoria and making you feel worry-free to make a better intimate time with your partner.

Further, the LA Confidential has Pinene as the dominant terpene, followed by Caryophyllene and Myrcene. That means be ready to get a better aroma and taste along with medicinal benefits.

Overall, it is one of the few cannabis strains perfect for both male arousals and boosting libido in women. Because it ideally helps achieve a better mood with its effects.

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Sour Space Candy – CBD Dominant Strain For Anxiety Relief

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC: 0.2% (CBD: 16%)

Flavor: Citrus, earthy, and Diesel

Well, THC can be overwhelming for some women.

Therefore, this is for those who are somewhat afraid to get stuck into THC effects.

Sour Space Candy has up to 16% CBD and THC as low as 0.2%. That means there’s no chance of getting couch-locked until or unless you take it as a challenge and overconsume it.

Instead, this cannabis strain will make you feel stress-free, relieved from anxiety, and elevate your mood for a better intimacy time.

It is one of the weed strains that helps in pain relief, depression, and other medical symptoms.

Therefore, from a medical perspective, Sour Space Candy is the strain you can’t miss to put in your weed arsenal.

Further, the taste of this CBD dominant weed strain is similar to Sour Diesel and GG4 marijuana strains that resemble you’re puffing THC prevalent weed.

However, effects are CBD-centered, making you feel better and aroused.

Also, this cannabis has enriched terpenes that ideally give a better aroma and delicious taste of citrusy skunk and sweet candy, making a wholesome experience for you to have a better sex life.

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Zkittlez – Strain For Extra Sexual Pleasure

Strain Type: Indica dominant strain

THC: 15% to 20%

Flavor: Sweet berry, earthy

Zkittlez is an award-winner strain with potency and flavor to lead to better sexual pleasure.

It results from a cross between Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and another unknown strain. The genetics of Zkittlez are of the Indica side, fetching up to 20% THC.

Therefore, the effects are relatively potent enough to increase the desire for touch sensations leading to a passionate night with your partner.

Further, the flavors of Zkittlez are sweet earthy, with hints of berry that work as cherries on the top because the mouth-watering taste of this strain will make you crave again and again for it.

Moreover, the high is not extreme, and therefore, it will not make you disabled to do anything. Instead, the slow head high will warm up the things before going intense.

Above all, the strain helps reduce anxiety and stress. That means you can expect a wild night with your loved one on a tiring office day, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best cannabis strains for female arousal?

Green Goddess, Zkittlez, Sour Space Candy, LA Confidential, Atomic Northern Lights, Green Crack are some of the best cannabis strains for female arousal in 2022.

Is Indica or sativa better for female arousal?

There’s no proven evidence that whether Indica or Sativa dominant strain is better for female arousal. However, various weeds can surely increase libido and help achieve better sex every time.

Is weed good for sex?

Studies have been continuously conducted to find if weed is good for sexual life. However, till now, there’s no clear evidence of direct relation.
Though, a 2017’s study has shown that people who use weed have been frequently indulged in sexual activities.

Weed For Female Arousal: Conclusion

Cannabis Science has been regularly shown hints for a relation between weed and better sex life. However, there’s no clear evidence yet.

But, finally, now you got to know the best weed strains for arousing women and have a better sex drive.

Keep in mind that weed can elevate your mood to have a better sexual experience, and therefore, it doesn’t promise the same effect on every person.

Instead, you have to find the ideal cannabis strain for yourself. However, you can start exploring with Green Crack and GSC.

Also, read Best Strains For Male Arousal.


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