True North Seed Bank Reviews – Is it legit?


Are you planning to buy seeds from True North Seed bank?

Hold on!

There’s a lot to know before you buy from this seed shop.

True North is one of the cannabis seed banks located in Canada.

And the company has a lot of hit-or-miss reviews from the buyers that create a doubt even to trust True North seeds.

So, should you buy marijuana seeds from True North seed bank in 2022, or are there better alternatives available?

Don’t worry. I am here to help you out.

I will be sharing my own experience with True North seed bank.

And after this review, you will be sure whether to buy cannabis seeds from True North seed bank.

Let’s get started:


Is True North Seed Bank Legit?

Well, let me clear this first:

Despite that, True North is one of the new seed banks in the market and might have some controversial reviews, but still, True North is a 100% legit company.

The company is based out of Toronto, Canada, and operates as one of the online seed banks.

True North seed bank has been in the market for the past few years, and therefore, they have also got a decent base of loyal customers.

Therefore, all in all, True North seed bank is a legit and safe company.

However, you will find it next if this company can be your perfect seed bank from where you can buy cannabis seeds.

True North Seed Bank Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

Established: in Toronto, Canada.

Seeds Selection: regular, auto-flowering, feminized seeds with different varieties of Indica, Sativa, high CBD, high THC, indoor, outdoor, high yield, fast version, and many more.

Services: worldwide shipping, free seeds with every order, phone calls support.

Rating: 1.7 out of 5.0 from 300+ reviews at Trustpilot.

Review: I will not recommend this seed bank as there have been a lot of areas where the company needs to work on.

However, read the full review below to know more about the key areas where TNSB lacks.

And I found ILGM seed bank and Herbies Seeds better alternatives for True North seed bank.

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About True North Seed Bank

true north seed bank

There is not much information available on the official website of True North seed bank.

However, the company is based in Toronto, Canada, and operates as an online seed reseller of many breeders.

That means True North seed bank does not have its seeds in the inventory.

You will find only the breeders’ seed selection.

Further, the company is relatively new in the market, and therefore, it is not one of the popular seed banks around the country like Crop King Seeds.

However, the True North seed bank believes in selling only 100% fresh cannabis seeds bred by one of the world’s finest breeders.

Also, True North stocks seeds of excellent quality that help growers achieve their weed gardening goals.

Therefore, it maintains the quality of seeds. However, I’ll tell you about the quality in detail later on.

They are new to the market, and due to their legitimacy and consistent work, they are a reputable company in 2022 as one of the new seed banks.

True North Seed Bank Review – Detailed

It is the time to dive deep and find out the absolute truth about True North seed bank:

Seed Selection At True North

True North is one of the seedbanks with a large seed selection.

The company takes pride in stocking one of the widest varieties and seeds in its inventory.

True North stocks cannabis seeds from 40+ breeders across the world.

Therefore, you will find more seed variety here than in other seed banks.

True North has the best cannabis seeds designed for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growers.

You can also get the feminized, regular, auto-flowering, and auto-regular seeds.

And apart from the essential quality, the company provides you the better seed quality in Indica, Sativa, high THC, high CBD, and many more varieties.

The best part is that, for medical patients, this store has high CBD strains available.

That means you can directly access the medicinal seeds from the inventory.

Moreover, growers looking for high yield strains, fast versions, quick flowering, and short height strains will also find the strains here.

From more than 1500+ cannabis seeds to choose from, you are sure to find all of the favorite marijuana seeds variety at True North seed bank.

If you are not finding any specific strain elsewhere, do check on True North, you are more likely to find that here.

True North has a huge seed selection, variety, and grower-specific strains that make this seed bank unique from the other seed banks in the market.

Therefore, concerning the seed selection, True North has been excellent.

However, if you are one of the buyers who gets overwhelmed with many options and want a small selection, you can try the ILGM seed bank.

It has a limited strain selection, but all ILGM seeds are 100% premium and backed with a germination guarantee.

Seed Quality

Concerning seed selection, True North is one of the top seed banks.

However, when it comes to providing consistent seed quality, True North leaves some space for improvement.

True North imports marijuana seeds from various breeders.

Some famous breeders at True North are Royal Queen Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, and Sensi Seeds.

Due to having most breeders as variety, the seed quality varies.

It is also why most reviews of True North are either hit or miss.

Germination Guarantee

The company does not give the guarantee germination of seeds.

Therefore, your seeds will not come with any backup from the company side.

However, Crop King Seeds and ILGM seed bank provides above 80% germination rates.

Undoubtedly, all the marijuana seeds are imported with a standard quality check from the breeders. However, maintaining and checking the quality of each seed becomes tough.

Therefore, to make sure every time you get the highest quality seeds, you will have one option:

To buy seeds from a reputable breeder.

You can choose which breeder’s seeds you want to purchase. In addition, it decreases the chances of having bad seeds.

For instance, Barney’s seeds are always top-notch and better quality than any other random breeder.

Therefore, at True North, you can simply purchase seeds from Barney’s farm to ensure you have purchased seeds from a reputable breeder.

Overall, the quality of seeds at True North can vary depending upon the strain and breeder you choose.

However, the company lacks a germination guarantee like ILGM and Crop King seed banks.

Pricing Of Seeds

True North seed bank is a bit pricey.

The pack of 10 seeds at True North can cost you $150 for a top-notch strain, which is comparatively higher than many other seed banks.

However, when you buy cannabis strains in bulk, you will have the price on the affordable side.

Moreover, True North seed bank has a loyalty program under which you earn loyalty points and can use those loyalty points for a further discount on the order.

Overall, True North seeds are expensive. However, you can indeed have some terrific deals for bulk purchases here.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly seed bank for growing marijuana, you must check an affordable seed bank like Seedsman.

Seedsman is the Amazon of the marijuana seeds and has a very affordable price.

Shipping Service

True North seed bank offers worldwide shipping.

They can deliver seeds to any corner of the world.

True North has one distribution center in Canada for Canadian buyers and one in the United Kingdom.

Depending upon your location, the company can ship your order from its distribution center.

Further, the company gives charges you a flat rate shipping on all the orders.

Therefore, according to the location, you don’t get charged for True North seeds. Instead, you need to pay a fixed shipping cost.

However, when you have an order having 420 dollars spent on the True North order, the company will cut off your shipping charge.

The company also offers additional guaranteed delivery insurance for Canada and USA orders.

You need to pay an extra charge for this highly safe shipping and delivery insurance option.

It is the best option for buyers ordering from a suspicious location. For example, if your seeds get lost during transit, the company will re-ship your seeds for free.

However, the “Guaranteed delivery insurance” option is available for Canadian and USA growers only.


True North seeds are packed in a stealth manner for discreet shipping.

The seeds are sent in the original breeder packaging to ensure the buyer gets what they have ordered.

However, you can also ask the company for the extra safe packaging method date in which the company will pack your seeds in a random object like T-shirts, wallets, hemp bags, or a toy.

This method avoids the cops at borders.

After packing seeds discreetly, your seeds will come in a bubble wrap package to avoid damage during transportation.

Further, to ensure the buyer’s privacy, the company does not mention any suspicious information about the box’s content.

There will be just the delivery address, and that’s it.

Overall, the packaging at True North seed bank is quite impressive. The company takes care of the privacy and security of the seeds.

Also, having multiple distribution centers allow True North to offer fast shipping and worldwide delivery.

Shipping & Delivery Time

True North’s delivery time varies according to the location you are buying from.

Also, you must check the local laws before ordering from True North. That will help the company to deliver your seeds successfully.

True North’s delivery method takes around 5 to 14 business days for the orders within Canada.

However, it can also vary depending upon the remote location, bad weather, and other factors.

In European regions, the delivery time varies between 3 to 15 working days.

The best part is that the company has proper storage of seeds at its distribution center, allowing them to deliver fresh and delicious seeds instantly.

However, the delivery time can go up to 25 working days for countries other than the USA and Canada.

The good part is that you will get a tracking number that will allow you to track your seeds on every step in the transportation.

If you want a fast delivery time for the rest of the countries, then a seed bank like Herbies Seeds can help you.

Payment Methods

True North seed bank accepts orders via different payment methods.

You will have ample options to buy True North’s seeds via their website.

The accepted payment methods at True North seeds are:

  • Credit Card payments
  • Bank Transfers
  • E-transfer
  • International money order (USD or CAD only)

Apart from these available payment methods, the company also accepts payment via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Even I recommend you to place orders on the True North seeds via cryptocurrency as it is fast, secure, and instant.

The best part is that it is free from any processing fee like a credit card, in which you have to pay an additional 7.5% processing fee for the transaction.

Additionally, even the company gives you 25% off on the order if you place an order through crypto with more free seeds in your package.

In short, there are a lot of convenient payment methods available on the True North website. However, the recommended option is crypto, as it gives you multiple benefits.

True North Customer Service

True North seeds have good customer service.

There are various ways by which you can reach out to the backend team for any help.

Mainly there are three ways by which you can ask for help from the True North seeds:

  • Call on the given customer service number
  • Mail
  • Fill out the contact form at the website

However, despite the many contact ways, the customer service team of the True North seeds delays in responding to queries, according to many popular online forums.

In some cases, buyers have not even got any response from the company side.

That leads True North to improve its customer services.

Also, remember that the True North seeds have already given a legal disclaimer that they take no liability for their products.

Also, the company does not promote germination.

Therefore, most germination and cultivation inquiries are not responded to from the company side.

Moreover, suppose you email the company asking for quality or germination issues. In that case, they will not do anything because the True North seeds do not have any liability to their products.

It is the reason why they don’t discuss germination with their buyers.

However, in case of any other help, you can surely reach out to the company’s customer support team.

The preferred method must be calling on the given number as you get an instant response compared to the other ways. However, you need to call during business hours.

If you e-mail or contact through the website form, then you are likely to get a response within 24 working hours.

So, in a nutshell, True North seeds have decent customer service, but there is much space for improvement.

However, if you need 24/7 customer service with a friendly, fast, and supportive back-end team, no seed bank is better than ILGM.

Website Review

At first glance, the website of True North seed bank looks professional.

You get giant banners on the store telling about the ongoing deals, offers, and discounts on True North seeds.

Even the theme of the virtual store is eye-catchy that keeps you engaged. And most importantly, it is not dull!

Further, the virtual store is fully organized and categorized accordingly, which impressed me the most.

Cannabis seeds, accessories, seed banks, bulk seeds, promotions, and other services have a separate category under which you can quickly find what you have been looking for here.

For instance, if you are a commercial buyer looking to buy cannabis seeds in bulk, you can directly visit the bulk seeds section to get deals instantly.

On the other hand, the search box makes searching easy.

Further, scrolling down the page will get you through their various services sections, best seller seeds, new products, and blog sections.

If you are a newbie to marijuana seeds and cultivation, you must prefer reading True North’s blogs. It is good and has knowledgeable content.

Additionally, the company also has a separate section for clearance sales in which you can get some fantastic offers and deals.

At the bottom, you can find some essential sections like offers, services, payment methods, and more queries.

Overall, the interaction on True North’s website is smooth. Navigation is easy. At the same time, the best is their categorization which gives you instant access to the different product sections.

In short, you will have a great experience going through the virtual store of True North’s website.

Discounts And Promotions

Apart from having a tremendous virtual website, True North also has great discounts, offers, and promotional deals.

You can find the ongoing promotions under the ‘Promotions’ tab.

Apart from giving you free seeds with every order, True North’s store has got some impressive promotional deals.

For instance, if you join the company’s mailing list, you will be eligible for 30% off on the next purchase.

Additionally, you will also be entered into a monthly draw under which you can win a CA $140 voucher.

You can spend that voucher to buy True North seeds.

The company offers up to 40% off on their seeds under the store’s clearance sale.

Additionally, you can get 25% off while paying through bitcoin.

That means you can have some of the cheapest deals on the True North website.

Also, you will be observing the ‘buy one get one free’ deals regularly in the store.

Therefore, True North is the seed bank with tons of offers, discounts, and promotions.

You can visit any time on this store and yond some of the best deals at their top-notch strains.

Market Reputation

True North has a wide range of services to offer.

However, as said before, True North has not an excellent reputation among growers as a new company.

The company has received several complaints regarding their various services department.

Therefore, True North has to travel a long way to come under one of the top marijuana seeds sellers.

The good part is that the company considers even the negative review and tries to solve the issue, which shows their consistency and responsibility.

However, compared to the other seed banks that are highly reputable and have one of the fantastic services, True North needs to improve a lot.

Customer Reviews

The customer rating and reviews of True North seeds are not good.

Due to this, the company has not a good reputation either. They have got a lot of complaints regarding shipping delays, no customer support, and many other sections.

However, the company is working consistently towards making its services better.

But to come under one of the top seed banks worldwide, True North has a long way to go.

Return And Refund Policy At True North

If you are not happy with any of True North’s products, you can return and ask for a refund.

Fortunately, the company has a return and refund policy on its website.

Even True North seed bank takes guarantees to refund if you have followed their policy to return the product.

According to their policy:

  • Returned goods must be new, unused, and in their original packaging.
  • You need to send it to the company’s postal address. Until they reach the company, they will be responsible for the customer.
  • If the return is lost during transit, the company will not be responsible.
  • You need to contact the company within 7 days of receipt to ask for a refund or replacement.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable.

So, if your order stands out on all the parameters for return, you will be eligible for a refund from the company’s side.

However, you can read the full policy here.

After a successful return, you can either ask for a replacement or a refund.

Generally, refunds are made within 14 days of receipt of returned goods.

If you do not want such a hassle-full return policy from the True North seed bank, you can check ILGM seed bank.

They have no questions refund policy if you receive damaged or faulty products or even if you are returning just like that.

Pros And Cons Of True North Seed Bank


  • 1500+ seeds to buy from
  • A variety of cannabis seeds
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Multiple payment options
  • Bubble wrap packaging and fast shipping
  • Decent customer support
  • Impressive website


  • No, germinate guarantee
  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Many complaints on various forums
  • Poor customer rating

True North Seed Bank Best Alternatives

Herbies Seeds: 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, large seed selection, worldwide fast delivery, lots of discounts and offers, 5-star seed bank.

ILGM Seed Bank: stocks premium marijuana seeds, 24/7 customer support, highly reputable seed bank, limited strain selection but all of them are top-notch.

MSNL Seed Bank: UK-based seed bank, worldwide fast and stealth shipping, large seed stock, one of the oldest seed banks operating since 1999, excellent customer rating.

FAQs About True North Seed Bank

What is the True North seed bank phone number?

The phone number of True North seed bank is:
844-843-7995 (Toll-free for USA & Canadian customers)
(+1) 416-679-0421

Where is True North Seed Bank located?

True North seed bank is located in Toronto, Canada. However, it operates as an online seed bank that offers worldwide shipping.

From where True North Seed Bank is shipping?

The True North seed bank ships from its two hubs. One hub is in Canada, from where it ships to the Canadian buyers and in the USA.
The second hub is for the European region, established in the United Kingdom.

True North Seed Bank Review: In Conclusion

At the end of this True North seed bank review, I will not recommend you to buy seeds from True North seed bank.

True North is a great seed bank with a large stock of seeds and quality breeders in contact.

However, the company has many areas where they need to work on. For example, their prices are pretty higher than other seed banks, and they have a lot of customer service complaints.

Therefore, it is better to invest in a seed bank like ILGM seed bank and Herbies Seeds, which is worth investing your hard-earned money in.


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